Welcome Xceed02! New Novel?! Grand Slam?!

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Hey, guys!

It feels like we’re having a lot of announcements recently!

This time, we are excited to welcome Xceed, the new addition to our Myoniyoni team!

He will be translating Grand Slam, the first sports novel on our site!

Please give him a warm welcome o/

You can read his post here!

We would also like to note that we are looking for an editor for Grand Slam to join our team!

Please read here for the recruitment details.

-Myoniyoni Translations

Note: We have received emails about wanting to be editors previously when there were no openings, however, we would like you to give Grand Slam a try and contact us again if you are interested in editing this particular novel. Thank you.

Edit: We have now found an editor for Grand Slam! Thank you to those who have applied for this position! 🙂

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