Welcome Warriormonk! :D

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Hi, everyone!

Myoniyoni Translations is happy to introduce Warriormonk, our new translator! 😀 \o/

He is new to translating but is willing to dedicate his time to translate a novel called, “Spirit Sword” aka “SS”.

We would like to thank Paul and WuxiaLovers for letting us continue this project!

Warriormonk will be releasing two chapters every week (Monday and Friday)! To check out our schedule click “here” please!

Please try his novel and all supports (including comments and likes) are appreciated! 😀

Again we truly welcome Warriormonk and hope you will enjoy his translated novel as much as us!

-Myoniyoni Translations

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    1. Opps I mistook the name sword-spirit and spirit-sword and assumed they were the same my mistake both seem very different but good either way my bad.

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