VS Episode 9 Chapter 3

Episode 9/Chapter 3: Svartalfheim (3)

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ED: Isalee


Regenerator Makus couldn’t believe what had happened to it. Blood flowed endlessly through its fingers. The pain caused by the wound was too unfamiliar.


It was something he wouldn’t forget.


Everyone here was an inferior ranked warrior. It wasn’t something it had heard, but Makus itself had confirmed it.


It had observed them entering the Mollo family from a distant location and he ascertained his assumptions by fighting them.


The runes they had accumulated were all at the inferior ranked level. There were no intermediate ranked warriors here.


Yet the thing that had ripped open the blessing of the Giant and had suppressed the regeneration was certainly the strength of a God.


In addition, the power of a God felt unfamiliar. It was a strength he hadn’t experienced on the battlefield until now.


It wasn’t only Makus, but Siri was also surprised. However, it was different from Makus’ shock. There was delight in Siri’s reaction.


Tae Ho said, “I’m going.”


That sentence sliced through everyone’s thoughts. Regenerator Makus flinched, and Siri and the warriors of Valhalla knew what they had to do. They all started to attack, starting with Rolph.


Arrows poured down. It still didn’t work. However, Makus couldn’t ignore them anymore with the leisure it had previously.


It focused its eyes on Tae Ho. Tae Ho faced Makus and let out a long breath. He thought while maintaining a calm expression.




It was hard. Maintaining the strength of a God wasn’t an ordinary thing. He finally he knew why Heda had told him not to use it if possible.


He felt like his magic power, stamina, and concentration were quickly being drained from him.


‘Let’s fight wisely.’


Fighting while maintaining the strength of the God was a stupid thing to do. There was a high probability of him collapsing before the monster if he did that.


Tae Ho observed Makus. He remembered the moment Runefang ripped its abdomen.


The strength of the God ripped open the force that was covering it. Idun’s strength overpowered its regenerability.


He would use the power of the God when he attacked, and he would attack differently from how he had done so until now.


“For Idun.”


Tae Ho mumbled in a low voice and then charged. Makus flinched again. Then it took its hand off its abdomen and raised its sword.


However, Tae Ho didn’t enter its range. He believed that there would be an opening sometime.


Siri replied with his thoughts.




Makus’ stance crumbled as it had been entirely focused on Tae Ho. It was the result of Siri slamming herself against it instead of firing her crossbow. The monster could regenerate its wounds and even ignore pain, but it couldn’t do anything about being pushed.





At that moment, Tae Ho cut through its arm. The monster let out a low scream and then fell into despair once again.


It didn’t simply just hurt. Being cut by the sword wasn’t the end of it — the wound seemed to deepen everytime.


‘It works.’


What Tae Ho was holding wasn’t Runefang. It was the Executioner’s sword, which was especially effective towards enemies that could regenerate. It was a magic sword that inflicted a bleeding effect and sustained damage.


He would only wield the strength of the God the moment he attacked. The special effect of the weapon would activate just like it normally did in game.


The monster became even more flustered. The pain he had felt for a really long time made it numb.


Tae Ho charged again. The monster raised its sword hurriedly, but it didn’t have the same ardor as before. Rather than exerting pressure, it had shrunk down.


The monster was still strong. However, it started to mind Tae Ho’s attacks. It started to defend, and its posture worsened.


The Executioner’s sword, which was covered in gold light, passed by its body several times. More blood flowed, and its movements became even more dull.




The monster swung its sword widely while roaring. It was because it had realized that it couldn’t continue like this. He swung his sword that wielded unbelievable strength several times.


Tae Ho was calm. He dodged the attacks that had become simple as they were strong. It was the same in the game. You needed to be calmer the grimmer was the situation. You had to observe the enemies’ attacks to properly counterattack.


Makus’ sword passed over his head. The excessively strong attack broke Makus’ stance and Tae Ho realized that the time had come. He jumped as if entering its grasp.


At that moment, a sharp stab attacked Tae Ho. It was Makus’ tail. It was the secret card it had prepared.


Tae Ho gritted his teeth and endured the pain. Instead of twisting his body to dodge the attack, he surged forward.


Makus’ tail stabbed Tae Ho’s shoulder. At the same time, Tae Ho’s sword deeply stabbed its abdomen.


Curses came out on their own. Tae Ho gulped down Heda’s name and then twisted the Executioner’s sword. Before he let go of his hands, he activated the warrior’s sword once more.




The Executioner’s sword transformed to a heavy metal hammer. As it was inside its body, it broke down before perfectly transforming, but it was enough. The insides of the monster had become a mess.




The monster vomited blood. Tae Ho let go of the sword and then powerfully hit its stomach with his right palm.


The monster lost its breath. It fell back and Tae Ho activated the warrior’s sword with the last of his strength. He inserted the God’s strength in the Executioner’s sword one more time.


The sword that was swung from a high place severed its head. Blood flowed endlessly from the deep wound.


Tae Ho plucked and threw down the tail that had stabbed his shoulder. Curses and screams came out at the same time but he endured it by gritting his teeth.


The monster fell on its butt.


Tae Ho also fell on his butt. He let out a sigh that was mixed with a groan. At that moment, the warriors all cheered.


“Tae Ho!”


“Idun’s warrior!”


Starting with Rolph, the warriors came running towards Tae Ho. Some of them stabbed Makus’ corpse as if to ensure that it was dead.


“Uwa! You are amazing! Really amazing!”


Rolph was especially excited and hugged Tae Ho. Honestly speaking, it hurt. If he had to choose, he would prefer Siri’s embrace.


However, Siri just smiled at him. No, in the first place it seemed like she was also exhausted like Tae Ho. She was breathing roughly while sitting down.




Tae Ho pushed Rolph back.  Only then did Rolph get a hold of himself and let go of Tae Ho.


“First, the runes….”


He thought he would fall unconscious any moment now.


Tae Ho extended his palm towards Makus’ corpse. Familiar runes and runes with attributes he’d never seen before entered Tae Ho’s palm.


Life attribute rune.


In addition, the amount was large.


“Did you absorb it all?”


Rolph asked again and Tae Ho nodded. Then Rolph embraced him again. The other warriors did the same.


It also hurt this time. Honestly speaking, it was even hard to breathe.

Tae Ho closed his eyes. Since he was tired, it was reasonable for him to feel sleepy.


He didn’t lose consciousness though. Perhaps it was because he had absorbed life runes or because he had yelled Heda’s name instead of Idun’s at a decisive moment that caused Idun’s blessing to catch Tae Ho’s consciousness.


‘Oh, Idun.’


Tae Ho felt like he was being crushed by Rolph and closed his eyes. He couldn’t sleep, but he was planning on resting even if it was just a little bit.


Tae Ho thought of Heda’s face instead of Rolph’s to calm himself and he slowly fell asleep.




The Giant that was in the darkness sensed Makus’ death. This situation was also beyond the Giant’s expectations.


Just what had happened? How had this come about?


He would ponder about that later. The Giant thought of the things he had to do right now.


He would stop the excavation that was being realized by the Mollo family. The moment the congress of the dark fairies asked for help from the warriors of Valhalla because they had woken up a Basilisk while excavating was also Mallus’ mistake. He would also get rid of him.


However, he wasn’t planning to just fall back.


The basilisks Makus had called before it died became a stronghold for him.


The Giant closed his eyes and darkness covered him again.




The first who sensed a change was Siri. She stood up from her place and then looked at her surroundings before biting her lips.


She, who had the senses of a veteran warrior, could feel it. Things that were emanating killing intent were gathering.


Her side was already quite exhausted. It was right to flee instead of fighting them head-on.


However, they didn’t have the white silences anymore. Escaping from their reach like they had done so until now was impossible.




One of the warriors called Siri. It was because he had also noticed the same thing as Siri.


Siri looked at the corpses of the warriors. It was unfortunate but now wasn’t the time to retrieve their corpses.


“Garm is still alive!”


The warrior that was treating the warrior that had received the first javelin attack yelled in joy. Siri was also happy, but she didn’t refute the fact that he would be a load to carry with them.


What could she do?


Siri closed her eyes. She felt the enemies closing in even now and made a quick decision.


“We are going to scatter.”


The first thing they had to do was to regroup with Gandur. But it didn’t mean that all of them had to do that.


The warriors showed rejection at first but no one opposed it. It was because they also knew that was the best course of action.


Siri divided the groups. The remaining warriors would flee in three groups.


“Let’s meet in Valhalla again.”


“Those are the correct words, but it’s somewhat ominous.”


If they were in the mortal world, it meant for them to meet again after they died.


The warriors laughed in a low voices. Siri put on a smile and mixed it with a sigh before speaking again.


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”


The warriors didn’t turn to look at each other anymore. They started to run with all their might.


Time passed by.


Tae Ho opened his eyes. What he was expecting was the bedroom he could see the ceiling of, but weirdly enough, what entered his eyes was still a forest.


Tae Ho blinked in a half-awake state and then woke up completely. He was lying down on a bulky and big root and Siri was next to him. It seemed like it had really become night as it was darker than the afternoon. He could see Siri’s white skin.


“Captain Siri?”


Siri turned to look at him. She was putting an exhausted expression but then placed a finger on her lip and started explaining the situation after silencing Tae Ho.


Basilisks had gathered not long after he had defeated the regenerator. Siri’s group had come to hunt the basilisks but the situation was bad. In addition, they hadn’t expected for the basilisks to come in a group.


In the end, they chose to scatter and flee to increase their survival rates. Siri was in charge of the exhausted Tae Ho.


She activated the stealth blessing while fleeing because she was cornered, but it was a matter of time before they’d be discovered.


“Why didn’t you wake me?”


Then he wouldn’t have been extra baggage.


Siri answered with warm eyes at Tae Ho’s question.


“I tried everything but you didn’t wake up.”


Perhaps it was the aftereffect of having excessively activated the strength of a God.


Tae Ho just raised his body instead of asking what she had tried. As he concentrated, he could hear leaves shuffling near them.


Just like Siri had said, they were really cornered. In addition, it seemed like the sound was coming closer. If they were closing the gap, then getting discovered was really only a matter of time.


What would they do now? Would they hide until they were discovered and then fight?


He couldn’t think of anything in particular. He had the hawk wing coat, but it was impossible to fly properly in this place that was filled with branches as the ceiling.


Tae Ho gulped dry saliva and then looked at Siri. Siri answered with a low voice at his eyes that were asking if she had a solution.


“Now that you’re up, the number of choices has increased by one.”


Siri spoke up to there and then stood up after letting out a breath. She loosened up her cape and then also started to take off her armor.


“Captain Siri?”


Tae Ho opened his eyes widely while looking at Siri who had stripped herself naked.


With a bitter voice, Siri said, “I’m not a Valkyrie, but take good care of me.”


[ Saga: Wolf Witch ]


White smoke instantly covered Siri, and a wolf with golden fur appeared in front of Tae Ho.


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