VS Episode 8 Chapter 2

Episode 8/Chapter 2: Inferior ranked warrior (2)

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ED: Isalee

The wooden boat arrived at the lodgings in Idun’s legion thanks to the fast winds. Heda, who had paid close attention to Tae Ho during the entire trip, said with a spirited voice, “Let’s eat something delicious after meeting Idun. I will show you my skills.”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Living is just like that.”

As Tae Ho replied with melancholic eyes, Heda laughed sloppily without strength and then anchored the boat to the dock.


Looking at her, Tae Ho raised his head to look at a place far away.


‘Now, if it’s Ullr’s legion….Did Rolph also get his vacations cut?’


You couldn’t really count how many inferior ranked warriors there were in Ullr’s legion, but thinking about what Heda had said, if he was going to be with the allies he had been with previously, it was highly probable that Rolph also had been summoned.


‘That’s a bit better.’


Because then he wouldn’t be dying alone. No, not that, but the fact that he would have a comrade to be with.


Whatever the case, Tae Ho felt better and asked Heda a question while Heda was still closely eyeing Tae Ho.


“Um, Heda. Will we have time to learn rune magic?”

She did tell him that he would be learning rune magic the next time he returned to the legion. She said that it required a strenuous procedure and consciousness so he was doubtful as to whether he could do it in one night or not.


Maybe it was because Tae Ho’s voice had gotten brighter or he because he had changed subjects that Heda smiled brightly and said, “We will only be learning the basics, so it’ll be enough. Let’s have rune magic class after eating dinner.”

Thinking about it, most of the times he spent with Heda were filled with classes.


‘Is she an enthusiastic teacher?’


They even had classes when she had come to meet him.


When Tae Ho nodded, Heda spoke quickly in fear Tae Ho that would lose his spirit again.


“Okay, so let’s go meet Idun first.”

Tae Ho went to the shrine just like the first time he had visited. Even the part where Heda stayed behind stayed the same.


‘I’m getting nervous.’


It still was a meeting with a Goddess after all. Even now, he was imagining Idun’s beauty and things like a sacred halo above her head.


‘She wouldn’t say anything just because I called for Heda instead of her, right?’


Tae Ho cleared his throat because something weighed in his heart and then entered the shrine. Every time he took a step, the inside of the temple seemed to darken and then a wide plain with golden apples opened up.


“My warrior Tae Ho.”

The voice that came from the sky rang in his ear. Tae Ho reflexively kneeled down. No one had ordered him, but his head lowered on its own.


Idun, the Goddess of Youth and Life.


“Raise your head.”

It was Idun’s voice that sounded like a whisper. Tae Ho slowly raised his head and then faced Idun who was covered in a golden light.


He couldn’t see her face this time either. The only thing he could see was the golden light and the beautiful lines of the body that was covered by a sky blue cloth.


It was enough with just this. Tae Ho felt Idun’s beauty and dignified appearance.


Idun faced Tae Ho’s eyes filled with admiration and said while laughing lowly, “Warrior Tae Ho, so you are called the warrior that rode on a Valkyrie?”

Tae Ho flinched at the unexpected attack. Had the rumors spread to the world of the Gods?


‘No, that can’t be. Idun should only be the one that knows.’


While he was denying that inwardly, Idun continued to talking.


“I heard that you have performed greatly. Tae Ho, you are my pride.”

“Thank you.”

No matter what anyone said, it was a compliment directly from Idun, one of the real Gods of this world. Even if he was from another world, he could feel a sense of accomplishment.


As Tae Ho expressed his manners again, Idun looked down on Tae Ho and then said with a worried voice, “Tae Ho, my warrior. You look dispirited. Did something happen?”

“No, nothing.”

Something did happen, but even he couldn’t say it. Idun wasn’t the one that had given the order in the first place.


‘I can’t say that I’m depressed because my vacation was cut short.’


As Tae Ho hid his thoughts and shut his lips, Idun didn’t press him anymore and said, “If there’s anything you need, then ask Heda. She will always take your side.”

“She’s already doing really well.”

“Right, Heda also complimented you a lot.”

Idun finished speaking with a smile and then approached Tae Ho. She extended her hand.


“I can’t leave my prideful warrior empty-handed. I will give you a stronger blessing. Close your eyes for a moment.”

Tae Ho closed his eyes as he was told. Then, a holy light covered Tae Ho’s body. He felt Idun’s blessing becoming stronger.


As Tae Ho slowly opened his eyes, Idun turned back to the place that had returned to normal and said, “I will give you a treasure the next time you return from an expedition. It will be something you want.”

“Something……..I want?”

“Right, it’ll be a really good thing.”

Idun smiled once again.


“Warrior Tae Ho, my pride. Let glory be on your path.”

The world turned to a golden light. Then it became dark again.



Tae Ho unconsciously let out a sigh and then left the shrine. As he was looking at his surroundings for a moment, Heda approached him with quick steps.


“Did you have a good conversation?”


“Are you more spirited now?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Those weren’t empty words but the truth. It wasn’t even Heda’s fault in the first place.


However Heda apologized again and said, “I’m also sorry. I don’t know if it will work but I will protest.”

“Don’t uselessly do the impossible.”

Complaining to the superiors would generally return in a bad way for you.


Heda then treated Tae Ho to a formal dinner with her great skills just like she had promised. Perhaps it was because it was more delicious than what he had at the banquet, Tae Ho was greatly satisfied.


At night, Heda sat in front of Tae Ho who was sitting above a big magic circle with his t-shirt off.


The reason why he took it off when it was cold was simple.


“The easiest way to use rune magic is to engrave it in your body.”

“Like a tattoo?”

“Yeah, we call that a carved seal. However, as easy as it is to use, it also has its defects, so I don’t greatly recommend it. It’s a method warriors that want to learn one or two rune magics use.”

Heda paused for a moment and then looked at Tae Ho. It looked like she was telling him to guess the reason.


“Isn’t the number of rune magic you can engrave limited? Like rune magic can only be engraved on the bodies of strong warriors?”

As Tae Ho spoke what he had thought of quickly, Heda nodded.


“That’s right, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t recommend it for you. You can’t engrave magic on the bodies of weak warriors. You can’t easily erase it, so it will be troublesome later on when you become strong, right?”

“That makes sense.”

The magic used at the lowest rank may become an useless thing when advancing to become a superior class warrior. In addition, if you lacked space because of a rune you engraved, it would really be troublesome.


Regardless of that however, Heda wanted to engrave runes on Tae Ho’s body. Of course, it wasn’t a normal one but a special one.


“What I’m teaching you is a temporary engraving. Although you need more runes than normal, you can remove it whenever you want. It’s a small amount, but you can retrieve some of the runes.”

This method consisted of accumulating runes on your skin and engraving it after covering it with a transparent membrane.


‘So it’s like a sticker tattoo.’


As Tae Ho nodded, Heda took in a breath and spoke with a serious expression.


“There are three types of temporary engravings I will be doing this time. I will put each type on your chest, back, and left arm.”

After Heda said that she took out a pen made with a big feather of a crow. She had an ink bottle in her other hand and it was filled with ink made with Tae Ho’s runes.


“Now, shall we start? It will be dangerous if something goes wrong, so don’t move.”

Heda spoke seriously and then approached Tae Ho while dragging her butt. Tae Ho gulped dry saliva.


The crunching sound started from his chest.




The day after Odin’s day was Thor’s day.


Tae Ho crossed the door as he was led by Heda and then a familiar hall appeared.


It was the hall where he had departed for the Black Fortress.


As he saw that the wide hall that could hold thousands of people was empty, several emotions rose in his chest. However, Tae Ho could only smile.



There were about ten or so people gathered in the hall, and there was someone he didn’t want to meet today that was there.


“I feel like crying.”

Rolph said this in a low voice, and the other inferior ranked warriors put on a happy smile while the others put on a smile of sympathy. However, Siri seemed to be in a really good mood.


Siri faced Tae Ho with a smiling face and then introduced him to the other warriors.


“This is warrior Tae Ho, the one I talked to you about. He has just become an inferior ranked warrior, but he is really outstanding. Don’t look down on him.”

“Oh, so you are the warrior that rode on a Valkyrie?”

“I heard the rumors as well.”

“So even a Valkyrie comes to meet you?”

The warriors of Ullr’s legion all felt good will towards Tae Ho. However, Tae Ho could only turn to look at Siri.


“Um, Siri?”

“I also told them that you beat a giant.”

As Siri made an excuse in a low voice, the warriors burst out of laughter.


‘They aren’t ordinary.’


As he glanced at them with the dragon’s eyes, the amount of runes they had weren’t normal. The one that had the least had about twice the amount that Rolph had.


‘Am I in between them?’


He could clearly see the amount of runes that Siri had when he couldn’t do so previously. Surprisingly enough, she had the most runes out of all the people here.


‘Perhaps, what I saw before at the plains wasn’t all of it.’


As he started thinking about Siri fighting, a voice came from behind him.


“Is everyone here?”

The owner of the voice was a Valkyrie. She was wearing black wolf leather armor, and her wavy brown hair left a deep impression on him.


“We have all gathered. This one is warrior Tae Ho of Idun’s legion.”

Siri hit on her chest, expressing her manners and then introduced Tae Ho. The Valkyrie that also expressed her manners turned to look at Tae Ho and said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Valkyrie Gandur, the one that will lead this expedition.”

“I’m Lee Tae Ho.”

“I also heard your rumors. I will be expecting your performances just like the rumors say.”

Her smile was as ill natured as Reginleif’s.


Tae Ho was afraid of asking what kind of rumor she heard so he just answered and took a step back. Fortunately, Gandur looked at the warriors and started talking to them instead of pressing him further.


“This expedition is a small one in which only Ullr’s legion and Idun’s legion will be participating. However, just like it always has been, don’t drop your guards. This expedition won’t be that easy.”

“We don’t have anything easy!”

“Isn’t that too much?”

“So, the inferior ranked warriors are only here to fool around?”

As the warriors protested playfully, Gandur also answered back playfully. Not having formalities between the Valkyries and the warriors made it a really free atmosphere.


“Anyways, let’s stop with the jokes. I will tell you the details after we arrive. Any questions?”

One of the inferior ranked warriors asked, “Where is our destination?”

Gandur turned back and flicked her finger to operate the dimensional door. She answered while touching the space door that started to spread like water.



The land of the dark fairies. The land of endless night.


A really black and dense violet space door welcomed the warriors.


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