VS Episode 7 Chapter 5

Episode 7/Chapter 5: Valkyrie (5)

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“So you fought above Rasgrid that transformed into a dragon?”


“Yes, there was that thing called dragon wing coat.”


As soon as Tae Ho entered the small meeting room he first cleared the misunderstanding. Heda spoke in a low voice after listening to Tae Ho.


“How peculiar.”


For none other than Rasgrid to let an inferior ranked warrior get on top of her. For Heda, that normally knew Rasgrid, that was a difficult thing to even imagine.


However, Tae Ho that didn’t know that just tilted his head and asked.


“The dragon wing coat?”


“No, not that.”


Heda shook her head slowly and just let it end there. Tae Ho looked at her as if it was weird but decided to ask another thing.


“Um, Heda. Do you also have dragon wing coat?”


“No, I just have a swan wing coat. The dragon wing coatisre really precious things.”




The capabilities of the dragon wing coat were really amazing. Because it let you transform into a dragon just like its name implied. But it wasn’t that he wanted to particularly ride on Heda after she transformed.






“No. Nothing.”


As Tae Ho also spoke ambiguously Heda didn’t ask further. But instead, she asked something once again just like Tae Ho did.


“How is your body? Just from what I heard it seemed like it was a really big battle.”


“Uh, actually…..”


Tae Ho paused and then showed Heda the pocket he had in his waist. It was obviously an empty pocket.


Heda raised her voice at the part that Tae Ho cleared up all of the apple pieces in an instant.


“My God! Are you really fine?”


Heda approached Tae Ho and hurriedly checked the state of his body. And fortunately, she didn’t find any big wounds. No, rather he was healthiness itself.


“I ate all of the pieces at once. I also have this. Oh, also your blessing.”


Tae Ho smirked and then pointed his forehead and Idun’s necklace.


“Ha… Really.”


Heda let out a sigh of relief and stepped back and after that, she spread the empty pocket she took from Tae Ho.


“I should ask for some more however I can.”


She was obviously talking about the pieces. Tae Ho saw Heda’s look and asked carefully.


“Isn’t that going a bit far?”


The pieces of golden apples were really precious items. However, Heda shook her head.


“The only warrior I’m in charge of is pushing himself, so I also have to do the same. However precious it is, what worth is there if you just store it? The people that need it should use it, am I wrong?”


If the other Valkyries had heard her, there would have been a fuss but Heda really thought like that.


“Anyways, it seems like your body is fine because you ate it all at once. I think that you probably won’t even be able to sleep for 3 days. You are overflowing with strength.”




Even though he had gone through an all-day battle and the night was deep he didn’t even feel the slightest bit of exhaustion. And he thought that it would stay the same if he didn’t sleep this day.


‘It certainly isn’t a normal item.’


It didn’t only revive him right before dead but it also had this amazing effect.


While Heda saw Tae Ho admiring it she clapped and said.


“Then, let’s go with classes.”


“You are thorough.”


“That’s the task of a Valkyrie.”


Whether others said they were having a meeting or not, they couldn’t waste the precious time they had.


Heda said bluntly and then grabbed the most important point.


“You said that the synchro rate increased a lot, right?”


“Yes, it’s already at 13%.”


“Did you realize something new?”


“It seems like the completion is different for each saga. Although the immortal warrior is 13% the charge of a warrior is just like a storm feels like 20%~30%. Or even more than that.”


“Mm, that’s plentily possible. Because there are other smaller sagas below the big saga, immortal warrior.”


There was no rule that said that the synchro rate increased in groups. And for the first time, the length of the contents of each saga and how famous it was, was also different. It would be stranger for it to increase at the same rate.


“There are also changes in the completion rate increased, right?”


“I feel like I can do more things with them.”


He could see more things with the eyes of a dragon and the charge of the warrior started to get accompanied by wind. For the warrior’s sword, he would be able to make a stronger weapon than Runefang.


“I’m expecting for its completion.”


Tae Ho also nodded. Because differently from Heda, he could more or less guess the completion of his saga. Especially, the thing he expected the most was the warrior’s charge.


‘Because of that day, Kalsted was really a storm.’


He wasn’t merely accompanied by wind. The charge of the warrior is just like a storm had a strength beyond that.


As strength was put in Tae Ho’s eyes Heda smiled once again.


“There is no news of a new saga?”


“There was one more empty slot added. But I’m thinking of saving it. It seems like the saga I can make is influenced by the synchro rate.”


When his synchro rate was below 5% he couldn’t create the saga the one that handles dragons. Although he couldn’t know the exact standards, he just sensed when he could make it or not.


Heda also nodded.


“Well, listening to you, you overcame the crisis through the one that handles dragons. If you don’t have a saga you need immediately, it also won’t be bad to create one at the spot.”


Although it was different to what she had said previously, the two things she had said had logic behind it.


“But you should still think thoroughly about it. Understood?”


“Of course.”


Thinking about things like this was the specialty of the progamer Lee Tae Ho.


At the fresh answer of Tae Ho, Heda nodded in satisfaction.


“Good, so let’s calculate. You earned a lot of runes, right?”


“An overwhelming amount.”


Tae Ho smirked and spread his chest as if telling her to check quickly. Heda gulped dry saliva as if preparing herself and then placed her palm on his chest.


“Wow, really.”


A smile appeared on Heda’s face. When she had checked for the last time, he now had about four times since then.


Even though the runes were divided by everyone that had defeated it, it was still this much. In addition, the things Tae Ho had weren’t normal runes.


“There were also special runes, how do I use them?”


Among the ones he had accumulated, there was one green rune. And this was the real reason Heda put on a smile.


“It’s an attribute rune. If you accumulate them, the respective attribute becomes stronger so it is of help when you use magic or saga. This one is earth attributed.”


“Oh, attributes. How many are there?”


“Gathering them all, 9. Earth, wind, fire, water, thunder, light, darkness, life, death.”


Heda extended one finger every time she named one attribute and mumbled in a low voice. After that, the shape of the green rune appeared on Heda’s palm.


“If your attribute becomes stronger, then its characteristic is reflected in you. The earth attribute is related to health and defense.”


It was something he understood in an instant. Because the giant he faced was really sturdy.


“Anyways, it’s a good thing.”


“Yeah, it’s also precious.”


As Tae Ho resumed it simply Heda nodded quickly.


“And…..um, Tae Ho. Don’t invest all of the runes this time, will you save some?”


“It seems like there are other uses for it?”


“Yeah, I was thinking about making you learn rune magic. Immediate strengthening of your stats if good, but there are several rune magic that is plentily useful.”


Heda didn’t tell Tae Ho to become a magician. Tae Ho understood Heda’s words and nodded.


“It would be good to learn as an assistant. It seems like we can’t learn it right here, right?”


“We need a ceremony or a procedure. I will teach it to you later when you return to the legion.”


“Yes, I will bother you with that.”


As Tae Ho agreed, Heda started to speak about the how many runes should he leave. After investing the remaining runes equally, Heda let out a sigh and then fixed her expression.


“Let’s end the classes here and talk about the path you should take.”


‘She’s really like a teacher from school.’


But of course, there was no one like Heda when Tae Ho went to school.


‘If there were, I would have gone to Seoul University.’




“Nothing, nothing. Let’s do that.”


As Tae Ho showed the will to do it so suddenly, Heda tilted her head for a moment but then started to speak again.


“When you return, you will be promoted to an inferior ranked warrior. To become an inferior ranked warrior you need a number of merits and a set amount of accumulated runes, but you already far surpassed that.”


“There are no tests for that?”


“There’s none when you become an inferior rank. You can say that achieving merits and accumulating runes is a test by itself.”


‘Well, doing a test or an interview would be weirder.’


Tae Ho laughed when he thought of the warriors of Valhalla solving their test sheets. It was also the same for the interview scene.


As Tae Ho laughed, Heda also laughed and then proceeded with what she was saying.


“There will be more warriors that will be promoted this time. They should probably be your brothers.”


The first one he could think of was Bracky. He had achieved more merits than him in the expedition of the Black Fortress, and he had clearly achieved big merits when defeating the giant.


“There’s a high probability for you to go to the next battlefield with them. Of course, there may be some that got promoted in another place and also warriors that were originally inferior ranked so you will see unfamiliar faces. Even so, the situation should be better than this time.”


‘Will I be able to keep seeing captain Siri?’


If possible, he wanted to keep being with her.


“It seems like you have comrades you want to stay with, right?”




“It will turn out well. For them to have been with you means that they have also performed greatly.”


This was also a right word. In addition, Rolph wasn’t a lowest ranked warrior that went to his first expedition. He should have the merits and runes he had collected previously, so there was a high probability for him to get promoted this time too.


“Okay, so we finished everything.”


“Thanks for your trouble.”


After he bowed playfully, Heda didn’t end the meeting or bless him as usual but instead put on a troubled face.


“Uh, but you know.”




“I’m saying this just in case……”


Heda turned her head as if checking her surroundings and then approached Tae Ho and whispered.


“You musn’t go over Odin’s legion even if Rasgrid seduces you. Understand?”


At her voice that was filled with earnest and embarrassment, Tae Ho opened his eyes widely.


“You can even move legions?”


“N, no. Not normally. But Rasgrid is a Valkyrie Odin treasures and also has a high position. So she can push things.”


‘I don’t think she would.’


It was none other than Rasgrid. He couldn’t imagine Rasgrid humiliating herself that easily.


“Anyways, you understood right?”


Heda grabbed Tae Ho’s hand and said. It seemed like she was really troubled about that.


But she was worried about nothing. Because Tae Ho didn’t even have one reason to move over to Odin’s legion.


‘There are so many good points here in Idun’s legion.’


He had saved his life twice thanks to Idun’s blessing. The pieces of the golden apples were things he could receive it because he belonged to Idun’s legion and most of all Heda was in the legion.


However, Tae Ho said another thing instead of nodding immediately.


“It depends on how you do.”


Heda opened her eyes widely at that moment but then she seemed to have read Tae Ho’s thoughts that she smirked.


“Then there shouldn’t be any problems.”


She smiled brightly and after that stood on her toes and kissed Tae Ho’s forehead. It was Heda’s blessing that had even saved him once.


“Let Idun’s blessing be with you.”


“Let Idun’s blessing be with you.”


Tae Ho repeated those words and the meeting ended like that on that day.


And after one week, the moment the expedition team returned to Valhalla.


Tae Ho returned to Idun’s legion.


< Episode 7 – Valkyrie (5) > End


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