VS Episode 7 Chapter 1

Episode 7/Chapter 1: Valkyrie (1)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Ren

A swan that had several golden feathers was flying in the sky as fast as a hawk.


Valkyrie Reginleif.


She, who had a special lineage even among Valkyries, was planning to fly all day and night. However, her flight didn’t last that long.


A group was advancing in between dawn and morning.


Reginleif discovered them from afar. However, instead of taking her distance and observing them, she decided to fly towards them a bit quicker. It was because it was impossible to judge by looking from far away.


They were overwhelmingly fast. You couldn’t even compare them to the normal advancing speed of an army. But that wasn’t the problem.


Reginleif couldn’t grasp their number.


A dense and huge mist was covering them. Reginleif looked at the mist moving at abnormal speeds and pondered. Was she going to approach more while taking the risk or grasp the number of the enemies just by looking at the size of the mist?


Reginleif closed her eyes. Originally, she would have chosen to valiantly enter the mist, but it was impossible to do so in this place. The restriction she had did not permit her.


Reginleif closed her beak tightly while pressing down her rage and then turned back gracefully. Reginleif’s wings fluttered faster to try to report what she had seen with her eyes.






“A bit ma tong.”


“Captain also bit yo tong?”


One part of them started to throw up and another part of them was conversing with them while bleeding from their mouth.


And in the middle of them, Tae Ho got down the black flash and let out a long sigh.


‘I really like the ground. Walking is really cool.’


Tae Ho was talking by himself and looked at the surroundings. The Black Fortress was busier than when they had departed yesterday. It may be his feeling, but it seemed like there were more people than before.


“Captain, are you okay?”


Siri just nodded while pressing her lips to Rolph’s question. But looking that she was still frowning, it seemed like she had bit her tongue really hard.


‘She’s slightly cute.’


She, pretending not to feel pain was rather cute, but Tae Ho pretended not to have seen that. It was because Rolph, who he thought was thinking the same thing as him, got hit in his shin.


“Captain, a Valkyrie.”


A warrior that was laughing at Rolph gestured with his chin. Valkyrie Rasgrid was walking towards them with quick steps.


“Your number decreased. Was there a battle?”


Rasgrid checked at the group when she arrived and then said in a low voice. Siri gulped once and then answered in a low voice.


“Yes, a Stragos had taken over the fortress.”


Siri reported what had happened on the mine briefly and then gave Rasgrid the unt she received from Isaac.


“It’s the unt the dwarves gave us.”


“I will receive it well.”


Rasgrid took the box that had the unt and then turned to look at all of the warriors.


“You have done well. You have performed greatly.”


She looked at each warrior once as if wanting to memorize their faces and then looked at the warriors that were lying on the Black Flashes.


“The souls of the warriors will transform to become metal warriors. I will take care of the remains.”


The warriors of Valhalla that had died on the battlefield would return to Valhalla be it slow or fast. Regardless of that, the reason they had brought the corpses was to make a funeral for them.


“Rasgrid, what happened with the army in the west?”


After she had almost concluded with her story, Siri asked carefully. The warriors were also curious that they turned to look at Rasgrid.


Rasgrid let out a short sigh and then explained with a hard but gentle voice.


“They are approaching faster than we thought. Reginleif returned this morning from her scouting and told us about the danger. You must have noticed but the reason the number of soldiers increased is that of that. 500 lowest ranked warriors came in support at noon.”


“Can’t we know the number of the enemy?”


“It isn’t clear, but I think that they are at least 6000.”


The number of warriors currently in Black Fortress amounted to 2500, even when counting the ones that came to support. If it was like Rasgrid had said, more than double their number was approaching.


“Originally, I should open a feast and reward you accordingly, but the situation is bad. I prepared a place to rest and eat so I would like you to rest even if it’s not enough. There’s a high probability for the battle to occur tomorrow morning or noon.”


She seemed like she really was sorry that her cold eyes became a bit warm. Siri answered while representing everyone.


“We understand.”


“Right, Ingrid will lead you. I will now return.”


Rasgrid fixed her expression after closing and opening her eyes and then hit her left chest lightly.


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”


As Siri returned the salute, Rasgrid turned back and left. Her fast steps represented the grim situation.


Ingrid, that was the Valkyrie that had come to Valhalla with Tae Ho and the one that told him that Heda came to meet him, entrusted the corpses to some warriors of Odin’s legion and then led the group.


“Over here.”


Ingrid took the group to a big room. There were plenty of alcohol and meat and of course warm and comfy beds inside the room.


“Don’t drink too much.”


Ingrid warned them shortly and then left the room. Naturally, everyone turned to look at captain Siri and she loosened her shoulders after looking at her bed that was covered with curtains.


“I will go wash first. Just like Valkyrie Ingrid had said, don’t drink too much. You have done well today.”


“Captain has also done well.”


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”


“We will leave food for you captain, so you can take it slow and enjoy.”


As soon as Siri’s permission was given, the warriors chose the alcohol and meat instead of washing themselves. And that was the same for Tae Ho.


‘Let’s eat first.’


Thinking about it, he couldn’t eat almost anything since morning.


After Tae Ho finished eating and drinking he went to wash and went to sleep. It seemed like his nervousness all faded away that as soon as he lied down he fell into a deep sleep.




“Why don’t you wake him up?”


“I will feel bad if I wake him when he’s sleeping. And the others are also sleeping.”


“But didn’t you come here on purpose?”


“I just came to see if he was fine, so that’s enough.”


A small voice.


One which Tae Ho couldn’t hear. However, the owner of the voice just looked down at Tae Ho as if it didn’t matter and then kissed him on the forehead.


“Let Idun’s blessing be with you.”


“Mm, Heda.”


Just what was he dreaming about?


The woman, Heda, flinched for a moment and then left the room quietly after laughing silently. And Valkyrie Ingrid followed behind that Heda.




“She came to meet you at night too.”


“But they say you were sleeping.”


“How regrettable, right?”


“Just say that you like it, please.”


As Tae Ho said with a tired expression, the warriors laughed freshly and then patted on his shoulder.


“You are a really good friend.”


And looking that they even raised their thumbs it seemed like they were having a lot of fun.


By now, Tae Ho could also laugh like them. It was regretful, but he did relax a bit.


‘It seems like Heda is fine.’


He was worried because she went to another battlefield, but looking that she came to meet him every time, it seemed like she was fine.


“Huh, he’s laughing.”


“What is it? Is it the leisure of the one that already has one?”


“So you are saying that one isn’t regretful, right?”


As the warriors started to speak, Tae Ho was about to say something. However, another sound took their attention before he could even speak.


They were in between walls, but the loud and clear sound made the warriors stand up.


“It’s the horn trumpet!”


“It’s a gathering order! Hurry up!”


Siri, that had already armed herself, appeared from beyond the curtains and yelled. Tae Ho and the warriors prepared quickly and then left the room following Siri.


The insides of the Black Fortress was completely busy. The warriors got on the walls while following the orders of the Valkyries. And Tae Ho, that had also gotten up along the warriors of Ullr’s legion, gulped dry saliva unconsciously.


The mist was charging towards them. You could only explain it like that. In addition, the mist wasn’t simply spread widely. It was also high that it looked like there was a grey pillar between the ground and sky.


“Put your battle stances immediately! They are attacking!”


“We will activate rune magic! Don’t get surprised!”


“Ullr’s legion! Prepare to fire!”


Several voices were heard at the same time. Tae Ho concentrated on Siri’s voice and took out Thunderbolt. He stuck closely to the walls of the fortress that started to shine with a blue light and could see the enemies charging towards them after having gotten out of the mist.


“Prepare to fire!”


Siri yelled. And similar orders were being sent in other places too.


Tae Ho felt his breath getting rougher. He had experienced it many times by now, but this was different.


The level of the battlefield he had seen until now was different. As thousands of warriors yelled and charged at the same time, it was understandable that that scene made you feel out of breath.


In addition, gnolls weren’t the only things charging towards them. There were huge elephant monsters that seemed to be acting like siege weapons among the gnolls.




Siri ordered. And Tae Ho reflexively pulled the trigger. Rain of arrows poured down from the fortress, and the gnolls that charged at the front cried and fell.


But there was still a lot of them. The ones that had passed through the rain of arrows and reached near the fortress threw their hooks. The huge elephant monsters headbutted the fortress, and the gnolls that climbed its back started to fire towards the fortress.


It became a dogfight in an instant. It was a competition between the ones that wanted to climb up and the ones trying to stop them.


Boiling water, rocks and wooden logs fell down the fortress. The arrows pouring downwards and upwards filled the sky and ground.


“Shield wall!”


Siri’s troop covered their heads with their shields and then fired their crossbows. In the midst of the heated battlefield, Tae Ho was breathing to calm his stance and his fingers that were about to pull the trigger stopped. Tae Ho’s eyes moved towards the mist instead of down the fortress.


Red letters.


It wasn’t on the ground but in the sky. Tens of red letters appeared out of the mist.



[Wyvern Rider]





Tens of harpies, that were monsters with the torso of a woman and wings and legs of a bird, flew over the fortress. And between them, massive wyverns roared towards the ground.


“Fire towards the sky!”


Someone yelled. And at the same time, the harpies descended like a flock of birds and attacked the warriors on the fortress. The strength in their legs and their sharp claws were threatening enough.


Shields broke and their formation also broke. Because of the attack in the sky, a hole appeared in the defenses, and naturally, the number of gnolls climbing the fortress also increased.


However, the biggest problem was certainly the wyverns. The dragons that were covered with grey leather breathed out fire from a distance the swords and axes didn’t reach them. And the riders on top of the wyverns also fired crossbows or poured acid.


Tae Ho breathed in and thought. He thought of a method to reverse this situation.


There were many harpies but few wyverns. The things that were more troublesome were the wyverns.


It was crazy.


But he had to do it. Tae Ho breathed in deeply and then got out of the shield wall. He didn’t pay much attention to Rolph’s perplexed voice and then kicked the ground and air consecutively and surged up.


The harpies focused on Tae Ho. And Tae Ho received their gazes and yelled inwardly.


‘If you got a new item you have to use it!’




He yelled and turned. And then Tae Ho discovered himself having become a hawk. He flew higher with one more flutter of his wing.


The harpies got perplexed at the sudden transformation. That made an opening, and Tae Ho discovered his target with his eyes of a hawk. He quickly got out of the harpies while being covered by Rolph’s and Siri’s arrows.


He had wings instead of arms. And had claws instead of his legs.


Tae Ho took a big turn. He flew higher than the wyvern and the objective for that was simple.




He yelled once again and the claws of the hawk became Tae Ho’s two legs. His kick, that held the momentum of his flight, attacked the back of the rider.


And the rider fell down while yelling. Tae Ho rode on the back of the wyvern instead of the rider.


[Saga: The one that can handle dragons]


The wyvern flinched and then accepted its new owner. It was different with the case of Maguros. Even the letters had changed to green.




Tae Ho also yelled. This wyvern had a saddle and reins.


He fixed his posture automatically. He knew what he had to do the moment he grabbed the reins.


“Tae Ho!”


Siri yelled.


The wyvern took a big turn and flew near the fortress and Siri jumped on top of the wyvern boldly. She sat behind Tae Ho and started to fire her crossbow towards the harpies. Four harpies cried and fell in an instant.


The wyvern fluttered its wings once more. It soared higher, and then Tae Ho looked at a place. His eyes looked at a wyvern rider charging towards him.



[Wyvern Rider]


How will he attack? Will he order wyvern to spit fire? Or slam with its body or tail?


It was certainly effective, but there was something more effective than that.


“Grab tightly!”


Tae Ho said. Siri flinched and then grabbed Tae Ho’s waist. Tae Ho took in a deep breath and then activated the warrior’s sword.


A long spear used for charging. He couldn’t make something beyond Runefang yet. It was merely a normal weapon like the most basic beginner’s dagger.


But it was enough with this.


Tae Ho knew and the dragon knight Kalsted agreed. And the pro gamer Lee Tae Ho smiled.




The opponent’s wyvern spat fire. Tae Ho’s wyvern flew vertically and dodged the fire.


Siri grabbed on Tae Ho’s waist more tightly. Tae Ho controlled the wyvern-like his limbs and the wyvern drew a beautiful line.


Something close to vertical diving. And the attack exploding from the end of that!




Thunder clashed. The lance charging spear got destroyed, and the rider on top of the wyvern also got destroyed. The wyvern that couldn’t withstand the shock fell to the ground.


But Tae Ho’s wyvern was different. It flew to the sky once more as if it was a surging flock of birds.




“Idun’s warrior!”


“Finish them!”


The warriors cheered. The remaining harpies and wyvern riders all focused on Tae Ho.


And in the middle of their gazes, Tae Ho made a new spear. He glared at his next target and kicked his wyvern. The wyvern surged up once again.


And in that instant.


Tae Ho realized. He could know.


The dragon knight Kalsted’s lance charging. The change that occurred by having recreated that.


[Synchro rate: 10%]


New strength surged on Tae Ho’s body.


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