VS Episode 4 Chapter 4

Episode 4/Chapter 4: Rain of Steel (4)

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The room was big, but it was still a room in the end. It wasn’t as wide as a plain.


The gnolls were fighting against the wolf spiders. Red Eyes charged towards the wolf spiders as if trampling on them and then crossed almost half of the room with just two steps in an instant.


The weapon Red Eyes was holding was a big hammer. It was even bigger than Tae Ho’s torso. And the handle of the hammer seemed to be at least 3 meters.


Because of that, Tae Ho chose to close in instead of making some distance. The strong point of a long weapon was that it had a long reach, but that was only when there was some distance with the opponent. If you closed the distance, then the attack range became limited, and the attack speed would also drop. And even more, if the weapon was that long hammer. It was impossible to grab it shortly and fight.


The first attack came. If he couldn’t evade this attack, he would die before even fighting.


Will it attack from below or above?


He made the decision in an instant. And the time Tae Ho had to make a decision was also an instant.


It attacked from below. The giant gnoll utilized the long handle of the hammer the best it could to sweep up a wide range.


And Tae Ho jumped at the right moment. Although Red Eyes swept the hammer rather high as to prepare for Tae Ho jumping, Tae Ho jumped even higher than that.


The hammer ripped the air. And Tae Ho jumped high. So naturally, the distance of Red Eyes that was charging became shortened.


He would fight it now. He would need time to retrieve the hammer. Tae Ho also needed to charge again after landing, but it was different if he could charge in the air.


[Saga: The charge of a warrior is just like a storm]


He kicked the air. But in that moment, Red Eyes did something Tae Ho hadn’t expected.


Red Eyes dropped the hammer and then swung his fists that became free.


It missed the mark.


But it was fatal. Tae Ho got thrown to the ground. Rolph shouted something and fired his crossbow consecutively, and the other warriors also did the same.


Red Eyes lowered his posture and swung his left hand. Some of the arrows missed, and some hit its fur. The giant gnoll let out a pained groan and then extended his hand towards Tae Ho that was on the ground. It grabbed Tae Ho and then threw him towards the wall.


“Tae Ho!”


Rolph’s voice was heard again. An explosion was heard and then the cry of Red Eyes was also heard.


Tae Ho hit the wall and then fell down as if sliding down. Blood flowed from his broken head, and there was also blood left on the wall.


Heda’s words were right. That you didn’t know what could happen on the battlefield.


He wanted to close his eyes. He didn’t even feel pain.


No, it hurt like hell. And because of that, Tae Ho could reassure Heda’s words once again.


‘It will hurt so much that you will want to die, but you won’t die easily.’


Idun’s blessing.


It hurt like crazy. To the point that he didn’t know why he was still alive. But Tae Ho got a hold of himself. He started to hear once again through his numb ears and his faint vision returned to normal.


A bloodshed was happening. The gnolls were fighting for their lives against the wolf spiders, and Red Eyes that had some arrows stuck in its body swung its hammer. Blood and flesh that seemed to be from the warriors of Ullr’s legion were in his hammer.


He had to fight.


Because this place was Valhalla.


No, because if he didn’t fight everything would end here.


The dragon knight Kalsted said.


And the pro gamer Lee Tae Ho agreed.


Tae Ho forced himself to get up. There was no one focusing on him.


He breathed once. He saw Red Eyes that was completely showing his back.


He could do it.


He could still move his body.


But he had to wait. The perfect moment would come soon.




An arrow exploded near Red Eye’s shoulders. Thanks to that, the shoulder plate it was wearing flew off. As Red Eyes cursed and swung its hammer, you could hear that the air got split. Rolph rolled on the ground to dodge the attack and then raised his crossbow again. And in that moment Tae Ho charged forwards.


He didn’t yell. He just ran low and quickly with the strength of his saga.


The dragon’s eyes had found its weakness. Rolph noticed Tae Ho and then fired another exploding arrow towards Red Eyes instead of being happy. He had completely taken its attention.




This time, its right arm exploded. The arm became a bloody mess but it wasn’t cut off. It cursed and tried to swing its hammer.


Tae Ho saw its back. But he didn’t jump at it. He rather went to its left and charged in front of it when it was about to swing the hammer towards Rolph.


Red Eyes saw Tae Ho. But it was already late. Red Eyes swung its left fist reflexively and Tae Ho dodged that by ducking and then took out a beginner’s dagger and grabbed it inversely. And then he stabbed it in its groin without mercy.




Red Eyes let out a terrible cry. However, Tae Ho didn’t stop there and transformed the dagger into Runefang. And then, it’s reproductive organ that had become a bloody mess fell with a thudding sound. Rolph and the warriors yelled inwardly.


Red Eyes lost strength in its legs and kneeled. Tae Ho jumped with a yell and then stabbed at its neck with Runefang.


It stabbed deeply. Instead of pulling Runefang with difficulty, he just let go of it. After he landed on the ground he removed Runefang.




After Runefang, that worked as a stopper, disappeared blood started to flow down like a fountain. Red Eyes couldn’t yell anymore and was gasping for air. It pressed on the wound with one hand and bent its torso. Its head became so low it seemed like it would touch the floor.


It was just like Tae Ho wanted.


Tae Ho activated the sword of the warrior once again. But this time a hammer came out. The one the Orc Great warrior Graksha used. He had used it a few times as a commemoration, but it had a different for his saga. The weapon you took from your enemy would become memorable.


Skull Buster.


A huge hammer fell down on the head of Red Eyes. The sound of bones breaking was heard, and Red Eyes couldn’t endure it anymore. It completely fell to the ground.


The noise the huge body made was unexpectedly low. But all sound in the room disappeared.


Rolph and the warriors and even the gnolls that were fighting against the wolf spiders looked at Tae Ho.


Tae Ho, that got covered with the blood of Red Eyes, didn’t fall. He leaned down Skull Buster and then let out a long sigh. And then, Skull Buster returned back to being Runefang.


“Glory to Idun and her warrior.”


Rolph said in a low voice. Joy and marvel were seen in his eyes.






“For Idun!”


The warriors started attacking the remaining gnolls. A part of them fired arrows towards them and the others raised their axes and swords.


Tae Ho didn’t close his eyes. He glared at the gnolls and the wolf spiders that were fleeing as if being chased by the warriors and then extended his hand towards the corpse of the giant gnoll. A big red smoke arose and started to get sucked in Tae Ho’s palm. He was exhausted because he used his saga continuously, but he felt like he was recovering a bit.


[Synchro rate: 7%]

[ – ]


The synchro rate that increased. A new empty slot for a new saga.


Tae Ho smiled bitterly while feeling the power of the goddess that was still covering his body and said as if he was whispering.


“For Idun.”


In addition, for Heda too.


The battle didn’t end yet. Tae Ho charged on the ground.




The crow Hugin flew on the sky. Blood and death filled on Black Fortress when seen from above.


The warriors of Valhalla fought valiantly. A number that wasn’t low died, but they killed even more enemies. The warriors that survived accumulated experience and obtained more runes, so they became stronger.


Hugin flew a bit lower. It was to see the warriors that were cheering for victory a bit more closely.


Bracky, that belonged to Thor’s legion, had killed the leader of the enemy. Bracky, that had a huge body that resembled that of a giant, was even famous when he lived in Midgard.


Siri, of Ullr’s legion, completed her task successfully. The reward hunter, that was famous for not missing her target,  showed her skills even in Valhalla.


Even aside from them, several others performed excellently. They had made a new story on the battlefield.


Rasgrid, that was standing on top of the castle wall, turned to look at Hugin. Her hair fluttered and her blue eyes shone like a jewel.


Hugin also looked at Rasgrid. But it flew even higher instead of sitting on her shoulders.


Who was the one with the highest merits today?


Whose story will spread the farthest? Who would the people glorify?


‘Lee Tae Ho.’


The warrior Rasgrid had paid attention to. How did she name Lee Tae Ho instead of Bracky? What had moved her heavy heart? What kind of stories had he made in this battle?


Hugin twisted its beak and smiled. That smile resembled that of the king of Gods, Odin.


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  1. The warrior Rasgrid had paid attention to. How did she name Lee Tae Ho instead of Bracky? What had moved her heavy heart? What kind of stories had he made in this battle?

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