VS Episode 4 Chapter 2

Episode 4/Chapter 2: Rain of Steel (2)

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[ Hard ]

[ Giant bug ]


[ Fast ]

[ Giant bug ]


He could see words above the head of one bug. As bugs, that were more extraordinary than the normal ones that were mixed, it was obvious that they were the commanders.


‘So it really is red for the enemies!’


Maybe it was because it was made with the skill as the base that differentiated the colors like the foes and allies, similar to that of the Dark Age.


Anyways, the important thing was that Tae Ho could distinguish the commanders. Because of that, instead of charging towards the giant bugs that looked like a mix of an ant and a mantis, Tae Ho grabbed the Rolph’s arm next to him and said, “Rolph! I can distinguish the commanders!”


“I also can’t distinguish……what?!”


Rolph was about to answer reflexively and then looked at Tae Ho surprisedly. Tae Ho faced Rolph’s eyes that were filled with many doubts and then yelled again.


“I can distinguish them! I have a saga!”


And fortunately, it seemed like it worked. The veteran warrior Rolph didn’t ask anymore and then loaded his crossbow and looked towards the giant bugs. Tae Ho also understood what Rolph meant. He pointed at one of the giant bugs that was running towards them instead of explaining.


“That one! The second one from the left!”


At that moment, Rolph took in a breath and pulled the trigger. The arrow flew with a sharp sound and then hit the head of the giant bug. But that wasn’t the end of it.




The arrow exploded and sent the giant bug’s head flying.




Tae Ho was in awe. Actually, rather than the arrow being special, it seemed like the explosion attack was a saga of Rolph’s.


“I can’t use it a lot! Next?!”


Rolph loaded the second arrow and looked towards the bugs. The movements of the giant bugs that were near the one that had just died became clearly dull.


“It was true!”


Even when he was urging him for the second target, it seemed like he had a bit of doubt.


But as it was something obvious, Tae Ho tried to point out the next one instead of complaining. But then…


“Point them out for me!”


It was Siri. She, who had thrown away her grey cape, had her entire body covered with weapons. She had a small, machine-like crossbows on her wrists, and there were things like daggers and shurikens on her waist, thighs, and hip.


Siri closed in on Tae Ho and then quickly turned away to raise a big crossbow. If you saw them from the sides, you would see that Siri was leaning her back on Tae Ho’s chest and head.


Rolph was perplexed but Tae Ho noticed why Siri did that. He extended his arms beyond Siri’s shoulders and then pointed at the commanders.


“That one! That one! That one!”


The position Tae Ho’s fingers were pointing at and the direction Siri’s eyes were looking at overlapped. Siri fired the crossbow with a thunder-like speed.


Puk! Puk! Puk!


Three arrows precisely hit the head of a giant bug. It didn’t explode like Rolph’s arrows, so the giant bugs yielded for a moment but didn’t die.


However, her actions still had a meaning. Siri raised her voice and yelled, “Warriors! Concentrate your attacks on the ones that have arrows stuck on them!”




“Let’s go!”


The commander monsters didn’t look ordinary anymore. They all had a large sign on their heads.


“Keep pointing them to me!”


The battle between the warriors and the bugs became fierce. The warriors swung their swords and axes in between the bodies of the huge giant bugs that were several meters long.


The number of the warriors was approximately 200. And the number of the giant bugs was in the tens.


They had to eliminate at least one more commander to lessen the damages that the warriors would take.


“That one! That one!”


Tae Ho pointed at two bugs consecutively and then waved his hand widely. It was to fasten the pace.


[ Saga: The Sword of a Warrior ]


The thing Tae Ho gripped in the air wasn’t a sword but a crossbow. It was the weapon he used in Dark Age before receiving Runefang.


“Siri! That one!”


Tae Ho pointed at one bug with his empty left hand and at the same time, Siri pulled the trigger when he looked at another place. Then she pulled the trigger again.




The arrow shot out sharply and protruded out of a giant bug’s head. A small and blue spark flew out from the tip of the arrow.




It was the crossbow Thunderbolt, and that had a bit of a paralyzing effect. It was merely a rumor, but this weapon was famous for having a really good name for being an early game weapon that the developers lamented about.




That wasn’t the important thing right now. Tae Ho fired two more arrows with Thunderbolt and then pointed to Siri.


“That one!”


Siri’s marksmanship was precise this time too. Tae Ho retrieved Thunderbolt and yelled, “There are no more!”


The number of commanders was 8, and the number of the giant bugs amounted to 40.


The warriors exterminated the clearly weakened giant bugs and yelled, “Impressive! He’s really the warrior that a Valkyrie came to meet!”


“There was a reason for that!”


“It’s understandable!”


The warriors were really obsessed about their meeting.


‘If I leave for a night with Heda, the entire troop will turn upside down.’


To leave with Heda. Though, it was more probable that Tae Ho would be the one to get turned upside down first.




Right then, Siri nodded with an admiring face. Was Siri also obsessed about that?


That wasn’t the case. She put on a sharp smile that was suitable for a warrior, got out of Tae Ho’s chest, and quickly said, “Rolph! We will mobilize a detached force! Take warrior Lee Tae Ho.”




“A detached force?!”


The last one was Tae Ho. Wasn’t Siri’s troop itself the detached force? Would they be splitting once again?


Siri smiled sharply instead of explaining.


“I’ll entrust it to you, Idun’s warrior.”


Then, she turned around and joined the warriors. They had almost gotten rid of all of the giant bugs, but then the gnolls were flocking like a herd of dogs.


“Tae Ho! It’s over here! I will use Ullr’s blessing!”


Rolph grabbed Tae Ho’s shoulders and yelled this to him. Hearing ‘Ullr’s blessing’, Tae Ho could understand what Siri and Rolph were about to do. It was fine if it was even instinctive.


“Detached troop! Move!”


As Rolph yelled with a loud voice, about ten warriors from Ullr’s troop covered their heads with their cloaks. Rolph also pulled Tae Ho towards him and covered themselves with a cloak.


Ullr’s blessing, stealth.


The warriors of Ullr’s legion mixed down on the surroundings. Normally, they would be able to distinguish it instantly, but this was a battlefield. It was enough with this level of stealth.


“While captain Siri is grabbing their attention, we will take over the control room.”




Tae Ho nodded at Rolph’s explanation. Even if it was Valhalla, they didn’t just fight thoughtlessly. And didn’t pick a commander however they pleased.


Tae Ho and the ten warriors belonging to Ullr’s troop moved quickly. The gnolls couldn’t notice the movements of the stealth warriors because of Siri and the troop.


“Over here! There’s a hidden path here!”


Rolph manipulated a device that was stuck on the wall, and a hidden door appeared. At first, it looked like the landing spot of the rain of steel was designed to be this place because of the hidden path.


The hidden path was no different from a cave. Maybe it was because they hadn’t used it for a long time after being made that it was full of spider webs and dust.


“Let’s go!”


Rolph made a torch instantly and then started to run at the front. The path split on some occasions, but Rolph didn’t hesitate even once and chose a path.


He was really reliable. He must have put the entire map in his head.


But after running for five minutes like that, however…




A cry was heard at the rear. They couldn’t grasp immediately the situation because they were inside the dark passage.


“It’s a wolf spider!”


“It moved through the ceiling!”


They yelled at the same time. Tae Ho and Rolph raised their heads urgently. A huge spider that had bitten a warrior was right above their heads.




Rolph yelled and Tae Ho gulped down what he was about to yell. The moment the warrior fell to the ground, the wolf spider threw itself towards Tae Ho.




If a black, disgusting, and haired spider came charging towards you, it was impossible to not curse. In addition, the bastard was huge.


He had barely blocked the first attack with his sword, but pushing it back was impossible. The spider that was much bigger than Tae Ho pushed him back towards the wall.




His back hurt a lot. But it would be the end if he closed his eyes or lost strength. Looking at the state of the warrior that was hurt by the monster, it was obvious that it had some kind of poison.


[ Specialty: Paralyzing poison ]

[ Weakness: Fire ]


“Tae Ho!”


It seemed like Rolph had attacked the wolf spider as it roared out and fell back. In that moment, Tae Ho threw his sword and gripped at the air.


[ Saga: The Sword of a Warrior ]


He grabbed Runefang. Tae Ho stabbed at the wolf spider from below. He aimed for the head, but unfortunately, he hit its chest.


‘It’s enough with this.’


That really was the case. The flames that surged from Runefang burned the wolf spider from the inside and from the outside. The wolf spider cried out and struggled, and Tae Ho rolled on the ground to distance himself from the wolf spider.


“Haa. Haa.”


The wolf spider that was on fire hit the wall and then burned down with the spiderwebs. Rolph helped Tae Ho.


“Tae Ho! You were a magician?! And what about the sword?!”


The last question meant that he had to retrieve the sword. But that was unnecessary for Tae Ho.


“It’s fine!”


He just had to get rid of that and make it again!


As it wasn’t an appropriate situation to explain, Tae Ho started to move. However, Rolph grabbed Tae Ho.


“At least retrieve the rune! You just have to extend your hand!”


While Tae Ho and Rolph were exchanging words, it seemed like the other warriors had killed the wolf spider. Tae Ho extended his hand as Rolph told him and then, red smoke started to get sucked onto Tae Ho’s palms.


“Let’s go now! It seems like there are more monsters!”


Crunching sounds could be heard from behind them. Tae Ho wondered why it decided to face them alone when there were several of them, but it seemed like they were following it.




Rolph took the lead again. The warrior carried the poisoned warrior on its back and followed him, and the others also started running. The crunching sound became closer.


And how many minutes had passed again? Rolph pointed to a door that was at the end of the passageway and yelled, “We just have to get past that door!”


The magical control room which you could call the core of the fortress.


Tae Ho opened the door.


< Episode 4 – Rain of Steel (2) > End




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