VS Episode 4 Chapter 1

Episode 4/Chapter 1: Rain of Steel (1)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Raigeh

“Kill them!”






The sun was high and the wind was strong. The yells and the sound of weapons clashing from far away seemed to shake the entire field.


The number of warriors Rasgrid commanded was 2.000.


The group of warriors was composed of 19 troops, and 12 of them were attacking the front of the huge and black fortress. Although the number barely passed the thousands, each of them was the cream of the crop, and the siege weapons they were using also weren’t normal. The sight of several siege towers made of steel charging at the same time was really overwhelming.


The 5 reserve troops were hiding at the rear for the attack that would follow that. One troop, that had the task of escorting Rasgrid’s commanders, were observing the reserve troops at their back.


And the remaining one.


Siri’s troop, that was composed by 200 warriors, was located even farther than Rasgrid’s commanders beyond a small hill.


The commander Siri was glaring at the fortress while being on top of the hill alone. Her eyes were those of looking at her prey rather than the enemy.


It was time.


Siri took in a breath and then looked at the warriors that were lined up below the hill. She spoke with a low but clear voice.


“The siege battle has started. When the enemies are focused on defending the front, use that opportunity to attack their rear. Securing the rune magic control room and opening the gates is our task.”






The warriors hailed with a loud voice. They had already heard about it yesterday night and this morning. All of the warriors in Siri’s troop had studied the insides of the fortress really thoroughly.


‘But how?’


Tae Ho looked at Siri with nervous eyes.


It was because the most important thing, the method to reach the rear, wasn’t revealed yet.


‘Are we using something like magic?’


The probabilities were high. Because they had used mystical magic like a magic ship and a portal when he had been deployed to the battlefield twice.


‘Right, that should be it!’


Tae Ho talked to himself and tried not to look at the things that were lined up next to the warriors. But it was hopeless.


“The rain of steel has been prepared! Warriors! Get on!”




The warriors cheered with an even louder voice at the Valkyries yell.


Rain of steel.


As he turned his head, he could see an alcohol barrel that was stuck on a black and long steel pole that looked like a firing device.


There were 10 altogether.


The alcohol barrel, no, the structure that looked like an alcohol barrel had its doors opened, and inside of it were chairs that had safety devices like the ones you would see at theme parks.


‘That shouldn’t be..’


Tae Ho talked to himself once again. But however he saw, that seemed to be far from being magic.


“Get on!”




“I will get on first!”




The warriors charged towards the metal structure. Most of them should be riding it for the first time, but they entered it without any fear.


Tae Ho got on almost by force like the first time he came to Valhalla, and after seating on an empty seat he closed his eyes.


“Oh Idun.’


He had only seen her once, but Tae Ho thought of the name of the really beautiful and mystical Idun he wouldn’t be able to forget and prayed.


And then, regardless of Tae Ho’s praying, the Valkyrie outside of the structure yelled again.


“The safety devices is coming down! Don’t move from your seats!”




At the safety device that came down automatically from over their heads and pressed their shoulders, the warriors got amazed. At this point, it should be obvious but still, Tae Ho didn’t lose the last thread of hope.


‘It shouldn’t be.’


“Ohh! It’s moving!”


“It’s tilting!”


“Everyone grit your teeth. You can get your tongues bit.”


Siri’s voice was heard from behind him. It seemed like she got on the same structure as him.


“Huhu, it’s a real killer.”


Rolph, that was next to him, smirked and said. And Tae Ho accepted the reality with a surrendering face.


“Rain of steel! Fire!”


When the Valkyrie outside of the structure yelled, the ten structures started to get fired from the steel posts. It was similar to a cannon.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!






Although there were no windows, he could know what was happening.The steel structures were soaring to the sky at an amazing speed.


Most of the warriors yelled and threw a tantrum, but they weren’t cries. Most of them were cheering like middle schoolers riding on a ride.


But the time to cheer was short.


At most a few seconds.


Following the principle Newton proved, the head of the structure changed directions. Obviously enough, it wasn’t towards the sky but to the ground.


“Remember me!”


“Valhalla! I’m going for you!”


‘We are already at Valhalla!’


The warriors yelled, and Tae Ho also yelled inwardly.


The steel structures that were fired like cannons drew a track of the howitzers and passed over the fortress. It really was a rain of steel.


“Uwa! Ullr!”






While each of them was yelling the names of their Gods, only Tae Ho yelled the name of a Valkyrie. And a few seconds later, the shock arrived.


Baaaaaaang! Bang! Bang!


Thundering sounds were heard continuously. But still, it seemed like magic was activated at the last moment that the warriors and Tae Ho only received a shock similar to being thrown to the ground strongly instead of dying.






“I bit my tongue!”


While the Warriors fell to a groggy state, the safety devices automatically got up. And the voice of Siri was heard again.


“Prepare for battle! The walls will open soon!”


Siri didn’t lie. As soon as she had finished speaking, the walls of the steel structure started to crumble.


Fresh air entered the space. And at the same time, the smell of the dog-headed monsters pierced their noses.


They were certainly inside the fortress. The gnolls fell into a state of panic and a group started to run towards them.


“Let’s go!”


“Let’s fight!”


“Glory to Ullr!”


The warriors raised their weapons and stood up. Rolph charged his crossbow instead of drawing a sword.


‘They have things like this, but why are they using swords and crossbows!’


They should rather use artillery!


Even if that was possible, it made no sense whatsoever. Their objective was to take back the fortress, not to destroy it.


Because of that, Tae Ho yelled inwardly again and then unsheathed the new sword he had received. Although it was a little, it was a waste to activate the warrior’s sword that consumed your concentration continuously.


The fight between the warriors and the gnolls started. Siri fired her crossbow to get rid of two gnolls in an instant and then they saw brown monsters running towards them from afar.


“They are giant bugs! First get rid of the one commanding them!”


The monsters that were giant bugs just like its name moved into groups of five and one commanders. Actually, as the commander acted as the head for the other five, it was possible to greatly reduce their battle power just by getting rid of them.


But the problem was that the commanders looked exactly the same as the normal ones. Because of that, not even Siri that had given the order expected for much. Because it was impossible for her, the most veteran warrior, to differentiate the commander at a glance.

But just only one.


There was only one person that could differentiate them.


“I can see it.”


[Saga: The eyes of a dragon sees through anything.]


Tae Ho’s eyes moved over the heads of the giant bugs.




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  1. LOL i knew it was going to be something like this…it really gave me the feeling of mandalorians in star wars…”meteorizing” themselves right into their enemies and wreaking havoc

    thanks for the chapter!

  2. “I can see it.”

    [Saga: The eyes of a dragon sees through anything.]

    Tae Ho’s eyes moved over the heads of the giant bugs.


    Giant Bug: Red
    Giant Bug: Blue
    Giant Bug: Yellow
    Giant Bug: Green
    Giant Bug: Pink
    Go… gooo… Giant Bug Rangers…!!!!

    Tae Ho:…. are we the villain now??!!!

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