VS Episode 32 Chapter 2

Episode 32/Chapter 2: The land of darkness (2)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Julsmul

It was their first meeting in two months since they hadn’t been able to after the battle at Kalliv Castle.


Heda, who’d been embraced by Tae Ho, shrank down as it if was embarrassing being in front of the other warriors but then bit her lips and then hugged him back.


‘Heda is certainly the best.’


Freya was so beautiful that one could imagine her just by closing their eyes, but for Tae Ho, Heda always came first.


As Tae Ho wanted to receive a blessing like that, Heda flinched once again and then blessed him in the cheek.


Heda had boldly blessed him in front of thousands of warriors at Kalliv Castle, but it wasn’t possible to always act like that.


After all, she had firmly steeled her resolve before doing that. No, rather than having done that, she had just went for it.


The newcomer warriors clamored while Heda was still feeling embarrassed.


Tae Ho placed his lips on her forehead and then looked at the warriors.


“You are familiar faces.”

“Ohh! So you remember us!”

“I am from Katar! I fought with you, commander, in recapturing Katar!”

“I was also there!”

Sob sob…For you to remember the names of the likes of us.”

One warrior that was overflowing with emotions said while his eyes got red.


‘I don’t remember your names.’

And he had never said that.


But Tae Ho decided to get past it as it was something good.


And actually, Tae Ho didn’t remember their faces either. He felt like he had seen them at first glance, but it was merely that.


‘Were you also like this in the world you used to live in? You said that you were a popular and famous person. Always pretending to remember your fans.’


Cuchulainn criticized him while clicking his tongue, but Tae Ho didn’t mind.


Because he didn’t do that with evil intentions.


Tae Ho remembered that time when a singer he liked when he was young acted friendly towards him in a signing conference. He had really liked that. Even though he knew that it was fan service and she didn’t actually know him.


“A King has to know how to catch the hearts of the public.”

Merlin realized the situation from a distance and tried to adorn Tae Ho in a good way, and Adenmaha looked at Tae Ho that was still hugging Heda.


On the other hand, Tae Ho removed his hands that were holding Heda’s waist and then hit his chest twice to express etiquette like a warrior.


“Welcome to Idun’s legion.”

It was a Valhalla-like etiquette that was now engraved in his person. The newcomer warriors put on moved expressions and then also hit their chests.


“It’s just like the commander had said.”

“We will devote ourselves for Asgard and the Nine Realms.”

“We will train earnestly so the seniors that are fighting outside don’t get embarrassed of us.”

Tae Ho’s eyes sharpened while the warriors stated their opinions.


“The seniors that are fighting outside?”

Tae Ho turned to look at Heda and spoke in a low voice, and Heda cleared her throat and looked at a distance place while mumbling as if making an excuse.


“Its…true? That you just returned after fighting, I mean.”

She didn’t lie. Actually, their senior, Tae Ho, had been fighting outside and just returned.


‘You really are perfect for each other.’


Cuchulainn clicked his tongue and remarked.


Tae Ho pinched the side of the embarrassed Heda and then put on a dignified expression towards the warriors.


“I will be anticipating your growth, and warriors, have some pride in yourselves. Being in this place is already proof of how great you are.”

It wasn’t that anyone could enter Valhalla.


It was easy to forget as Valhalla gathered great people, but even the lowest-ranked warriors were great warriors that had a high name in Midgard.


The warriors put on moved expressions at Tae Ho’s words and hit their chests. He really liked their shining eyes.


“Did you practice or what?”

“A bit.”

As Heda asked him in his ear, Tae Ho answered immediately.


And actually, this was something that he was quite accustomed to as he had led the warriors in Midgard for a month already. So the situation was different to when he was a lowest-ranked warrior.


“Now now, let’s leave it here and return. You guys were just training right?”

Adenmaha, that was looking from behind, stepped up and said. The warriors seemed to be accustomed to listening to Adenmaha that they returned to the training center without any complaints.


“Wow. How Valkyrie like.”


Adenmaha snorted like usual at Tae Ho’s admiration.


And then Heda laughed and whispered towards Tae Ho.


“Did you hear about Rolo and McLaren?”

“A little bit from Adenmaha. I was planning on going to see them after I met Idun-nim….but it isn’t that they’ve been weakened right?”

“Yes, they are fine. They have rather improved. There are also good notices for Rolo.”

“Good notices?”

“He became a father.”

Tae Ho blinked his eyes at Heda’s answer. It was because he couldn’t understand it immediately.


Adenmaha pulled on Tae Ho’s arms as if it was unavoidable and said.


“Rolo’s wives laid some eggs.”

“Eggs? Did they hatch?”

“Not yet, but I believe that it won’t be long.”

“There are three eggs.”

Heda added to Adenmaha’s words.

“Ohh Rolo. Ohh Rolo!”

Tae Ho became sincerely happy. He could only do so.


For Rolo to have become a father and to have had kids. For there to be more gryphons that could be used in Idun’s legion!

‘You should keep working hard. Fighting, I mean. Do I have to bring back the females we left in the forest?’


‘This…there’s no worse slave than him.’


The first one to speak was Tae Ho, and the last one was Cuchulainn.


Tae Ho cleared his throat a few times and then asked Heda,

“I’m looking forward to meeting Rolo. You are able to fix the wing, right?”

“Yes. It will take some time, but it is possible. It has already grown by half.”

Tae Ho let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t only because he had lost Rolo’s mobility. The advantage that flying held when facing flying monsters was really big, so he was sincerely glad that Rolo would be able to fly again.


“Ah, look at myself.”

Tae Ho raised his head and then turned around.


“Heda, this is Merlin. Merlin, Heda.”

Tae Ho introduced Merlin with a sorry face. Merlin flashed a smile at Tae Ho and approached Heda, and Heda expressed etiquette first towards Merlin.


“Representative Valkyrie of Idun’s legion, Valkyrie Heda, greets the great magician of Camelot. Welcome to Idun’s legion.”

“You are quite like the King has described you. Nice to meet you.”

Merlin also greeted Heda with a bright face. Heda greeted back Merlin with her eyes and then spoke to Adenmaha.


“Adenmaha, can I entrust you with showing him the residence?”

“Yes, it’s fine. Merlin, over here. I will first introduce you to your lodging.”

Adenmaha answered Heda instantly and then approached Merlin. As they had become closer after having known each other for a long time, the way they spoke was very comfortable.


When Merlin and Adenmaha left, Heda grabbed on Tae Ho’s hand.


“Now, let’s go greet Idun-nim.”

That was the first thing he had to do when returning to the residence.


However, Tae Ho pulled on Heda’s arm instead of following her.


“Before that, don’t you have something to do?”

Heda tilted her head at his words, but she soon understood his meaning. She checked his surroundings with a flushed face and then stood on her toes.


“Did you really have to do that in front of the shrine?”

Idun said, and Tae Ho cleared his throat.


Idun giggled in front of the apple tree in the plains like always and then sat in a boulder and gestured Tae Ho.


“My warrior, Tae Ho. Come closer.”

Tae Ho sat next to Idun as he was already accustomed to it. Idun placed her hand on top of Tae Ho’s and said,


“You have overcome a really difficult fight. I’m extremely proud of you.”

“It was all thanks to you….are you okay?”

“I did overdo it a bit….but it’s only a minor issue. I’m fine now, so don’t worry.”

Idun put on a bright smile, but she looked more exhausted than usual.


Thinking about it, it was an obvious thing as she had even collapsed out of exhaustion for having sent too much strength to Tae Ho.


As sorry and worry appeared in Tae Ho’s eyes, Idun hurriedly shook her head and spoke bluntly.


“I’m really fine. For me, collapsing out of exhaustion isn’t the most fearful thing to happen. Something happening to you is what scares me the most, so from now on, don’t hesitate on using my strength, understand?”

“Thank you….”

He couldn’t think of any other words than that. Idun nodded once and then said something as if trying to change the subject.


“Now, take this.”

The item Idun took out from the air was something Tae Ho knew well.



The white flying horse wing coat.


It was an item that didn’t enter his hands as he always chose the other item when he had to choose.


“I have missed the opportunities to give it to you, so I want to give it to you now.”

Oddly, it seemed to weigh on Idun.


Tae Ho received the wing coat with a happy heart.


“Thank you. I will use it well.”

“Right, then shall I rebuke you for a bit?”

Idun said while smiling and Tae Ho blinked as he didn’t understand her words because of her bright smile.


“Right, rebuke. What in the world is this ‘Idun, Heda. Idun, Heda’ nonsense? You aren’t able to give up Heda at all?”

“Uh, um…….”

“You are too much. For me, you are the best, but for you, it seems like Heda is the best.”

Idun lowered her head as if she was really sad and then spoke with a childish voice. You could clearly feel the desolation and sadness in her even though her expression wasn’t showing because the eye cover was covering half of her face.


Tae Ho grew baffled once again and didn’t know what to do. Idun laughed as she was satisfied and said.


“I’m joking. You still can’t tell? And well, I will forgive you as my name comes first.”

“Th- thank you.”

He never knew when she started joking, but he was glad as she got over it.


Idun smiled brightly and then put a bit of strength in her hands that were on top of Tae Ho’s.


“Now, now, let’s talk about how we will operate the legion. Honestly speaking, I was really looking forward it.”

The Goddess and the commander of the legion would speak about the future nurturing of the legion.


It was new for Tae Ho, but actually it was also new for Idun.


Idun said with an excited voice,


“New warriors entered our legion. Although we have only five, it will increase from here on out. Based on what Freya-unnie said….about ten more warriors will arrive in about fifteen days.”

“Only in our legion?”

“Right, only in our legion.”

Midgard was facing a Valhalla boom because of the descent of the warriors of Valhalla. Thanks to that, the recruiting speed was also becoming faster.


It wasn’t that good of a situation looking at the entirety of Asgard, but it was good news for Idun’s legion.


“There are many things we should prepare as new warriors will enter our legion suddenly. You should check the residence at a later time. There are also places that have been started to be reconstructed.”

A mold of the residence formed from light after Idun drew a rune in the air surged from the ground.


“The lodging has certainly gotten bigger.”

“Right? Thanks to you, a lot of funds entered our legion, so we are quite relaxed on the expenses.”

The lodging had gotten four times bigger since Tae Ho first entered the legion. Tae Ho looked at the other places and asked,


“But is it only for the lodging?”

“I left the other places intact on purpose. I wanted to listen to the opinion of the commander.”

As Idun waved her hand once again, all the buildings excluding the lodging and the shrine disappeared, and then, several buildings started to appear instead.


‘It looks like a simulation game.’


One could freely adjust the size of the molds, and as there were several variations, it was fun to place them in alternating spots.


“The recruiting of Valkyries is also an urgent matter.”

It looked enough with two Valkyries for sixteen warriors, but that wasn’t the case.


A legion needed at least three Valkyries to function properly.


One to administer the residence, another one to train the warriors, and the last one to lead the warriors that were dispatched.


Actually, that meant that the minimum number of Valkyries one needed was three. In addition, taking into account that Adenmaha may get called at any time by Tae Ho, there was a need to recruit two more Valkyries.


“Where do we recruit Valkyries from?”

“Normally, from the Valkyrie training school of Freya’s legion, but we prioritize the opinions of the Valkyries, so we can’t just bring them.”

“But we will still have to apply for it. Shall I go myself?”

“There’s no need. Leave it to Heda. Also, the training center for Valkyries prohibits entry to men. As you have those rumors around you, there’s a high probability they won’t let you enter.”

Just what kind of rumor was she talking about?

As Tae Ho asked with his eyes, Idun put on an expression as if she really had to tell him.


“First of all, I have something to request to you. I have someone I really want to recruit as a Valkyrie, but she said that she would like to speak with you first.”

“Someone you want to recruit?”

“Right, we need her to train the warriors.”

Idun offered more information, and Tae Ho couldn’t help but know who she was talking about.


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