VS Episode 31 Chapter 5

Episode 31/Chapter 5: Idun’s legion (5)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Julsmul

Each person had their own preferences, but there was always something universal.


When taking that into account, the most beautiful woman in Asgard was Freya no matter what anyone said.


In the first place, she was literally the Goddess of Beauty.


It would be weirder if there was someone more beautiful than her.


Tae Ho thought that Heda was much prettier than Freya because of the power of the bean chaff –of course, Heda was also an outstanding beauty among Valkyries– but he didn’t deny the fact that Freya was also really beautiful.


Because of that, Tae Ho could feel that he was more nervous than usual. It was different to when he called out Reginleif or Ingrid.


“Why are you checking the surroundings?”

Adenmaha opened her eyes sharply and asked.


Tae Ho cleared his throat at her eyes and then concentrated on his saga.


Because the thing that appeared would be a fake anyways. There was no need to be nervous.


[Saga: The Warrior that had a Valkyrie Meet Him]


As soon as Tae Ho activated his saga, a small magic circle appeared in front of him and then a beautiful woman appeared along with some light.


She was, of course, the Goddess of Magic and Beauty, Freya.


However, Tae Ho put a vague expression and Adenmaha let out a sigh of relief.


The fake Freya had been summoned, but her condition wasn’t good.


First, the transparency was too high. It wouldn’t be excessive to say that she was half transparent.


In addition, she just stayed still like a wooden doll and didn’t even move.


“Mm, I think that it’s not easy to summon a Goddess.”

In the case of the Valkyries, Tae Ho was able to summon a perfect fake after meeting once and receiving two blessings.


“I’m also a Goddess.”

Adenmaha pouted her lips and mumbled, but it was unavoidable. If one followed that train of thought, all the Valkyries were Goddesses.


‘The difference in their statuses is too big, but it seems like there is also a good point to learn from. If you are able to summon her properly, it seems like she will show a completely different strength from the Valkyries.’


Cuchulainn laughed as if it was funny while speaking.


The fake Valkyries that were summoned became quite influenced by the backgrounds and personalities of their real counterparts.


It wasn’t that noticeable when he’d first used it as the completion rate was too low, but for the ones whose completion rates were becoming quite high, their uniqueness was showing up.


In the case of the fake Reginleif, she had the best physical abilities among the ones Tae Ho could summon. Rasgrid was powerful in magic, and Ingrid was skilled in defense.


‘But of course, the most superior is Heda.’


For starters, her completion rate was the highest to the point where she couldn’t even be compared with the other Valkyries.


“Summon me too.”

Adenmaha, who was checking out the fake Freya, said as if urging him. Tae Ho was also curious about the completion rate of Adenmaha, so he released the fake Freya and activated his saga once again.



A fake Adenmaha appeared on the place the fake Freya was standing on. In the first place, as Adenmaha had quite a deep connection with Tae Ho, the completion rate was quite high even though it was her first time being summoned.


“Hm, so I am like this in your eyes right?”

Adenmaha examined her fake self as if looking at a mirror and then crossed her arms and spoke. Tae Ho also smiled and asked as she looked to be having fun.


“Do you like it?”

“It’s not enough.”

Adenmaha spoke harshly and shook her head a few times before approaching Tae Ho.


“So that completion rate increases as the number of meetings and blessings does, right?”


Just like the fake Adenmaha proved that the deep connections and interactions were also important, the most crucial things were the meetings and blessings.


“Hm. Well, it’s unavoidable then.”

Adenmaha glanced at a distant place and then cleared her throat a few times.


It seemed like she was requesting something, but as Tae Ho looked at her as if asking why she was postured so, she frowned.


“What did I expect?”

Adenmaha grumbled in a low voice and then approached Tae Ho a bit more and stood on her toes, but it was pointless.


The more the synchro rate increased with Kalsted, both Tae Ho’s face and physique were becoming more similar to his. When he first entered Valhalla, he was 180cm tall, but he was now 187cm.


In the case of Heda, she could barely reach Tae Ho’s cheek to give him a blessing after she stood on her toes, but it didn’t work for Adenmaha.


Her height was 161cm when he checked with the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’.


Adenmaha lived without thinking that she was particularly small among the Tuatha De Danann, but she changed her thoughts in Asgard. Everyone was just too tall.


The average height for the warriors of Valhalla was 190cm, and the Valkyries were all slim and tall and at least 170cm.


‘Now that I see, all the members in the residence are tall.’


The female members excluding Adenmaha; so to say Heda, Siri and Scathach were at least 170cm tall, and Tae Ho and Ragnar were well past 180cm.


Ingrid and Bracky, who hung out with them frequently, were also tall. Bracky was a giant even among the warriors of Valhalla at more than 2m tall, and Ingrid was more than 170cm.


Whatever the case, the important thing was that there was a difference of 30cm between Tae Ho and Adenmaha, and even if she stood on her toes, she wasn’t able to bless Tae Ho if he didn’t lower himself.


“Ah, sit down a bit!”

Adenmaha got angry while struggling to be on her toes and then hit Tae Ho’s arm.


It would have been good if he lowered his posture by himself, but he just stood there stupidly.


Tae Ho bit his lips at the rebuke of Adenmaha. It was because he felt like he would burst out of laughter.


“Here, done?”

As Tae Ho sat down on the bed and shrugged his shoulders, Adenmaha pouted once more and then blessed Tae Ho’s forehead and both cheeks.


“May Idun’s blessing accompany you.”

‘It seems like she really wanted to bless you.’


To see that she blessed him two more times in quick succession.


Cuchulainn was the casanova of Erin, and he laughed as if Adenmaha was too cute. It was different for Tae Ho, however. It was because he hadn’t imagined that she would bless his forehead and both cheeks.


As Tae Ho looked at her with surprised eyes, Adenmaha snorted like she always did and said,


“It will fight better the higher the completion rate is. It’s bothersome to go look for another master….well, something like that?”

Adenmaha turned around at the last sentence and Cuchulainn burst out of laughter at that and Tae Ho smiled in a good mood.


It was because Adenmaha worrying about him was commendable and thankful.


‘How spoiled.’


Cuchulainn clicked his tongue when Adenmaha turned around once again.


“Now that I see, I heard that you will be participating in an important conference tomorrow. Did you prepare everything?”

“Uh….somewhat? It’s not that i’m going to give a presentation.”

Ragnar and Merlin had already reported how he had defeated the Giant of Earth, Balgad.


In addition, the main subject for this conference would be on the results of the battle and the movement of the giants.


Because of that, Tae Ho just had to listen attentively and not speak.


But Adenmaha let out a sigh as if it was absurd and then spoke with sharp eyes.


“Your clothes and things like that. Are you planning to participate like that?”

“Uh….is there a problem? Master Ragnar didn’t tell me anything.”

Tae Ho looked at himself and said. He was wearing the Hawk Wing coat on top of his armor like usual.


Haa, really. What would you have done if I hadn’t come?”

Adenmaha mumbled and shook her head a few times and then said with a stiff voice.


“I heard that it’s a place where you get accompanied by a Valkyrie of your legion and boast how great you are so you obviously have to dress well.”

It didn’t seem like one should mind their attire that much as it was a conference being held in a fortress, but still, it was a conference that existences above the commander rank participated in. There was a high probability for it to be formal.


‘Well, it’s not really in the front lines. I think she’s right.’


Tae Ho was at a loss for words as Cuchulainn agreed with her.


Actually, it was obvious for Tae Ho not to think about how he would dress.


The only thing he wore was the team uniform.


When Tae Ho nodded absentmindedly, Adenmaha placed the big bag she had brought with her on top of the bed. It was a trunk-like bag meant for travelling, but as she opened it, Tae Ho could see cool clothes and a black cape with golden lines.



“It’s the uniform for the commander of Idun’s legion. One that you use on ceremonies and special occasions.”

Tae Ho could see the symbol of Idun that was engraved in several places of the clothes.


Tae Ho looked at the uniform with an admiring expression, and Adenmaha smacked her lips as if she was hesitating about something and then opened her mouth with a sigh.


“Heda started to make it a few days ago before you became a commander. I also helped a little. Like that decoration on the shoulder.”

Adenmaha spoke as if she were proud of herself.


Tae Ho nodded a few times in affirmation and then checked his uniform once again. He could feel the care and effort Heda had made in the needle work in the crest of Idun.


“Thank you.”

Tae Ho caressed the uniform and said in a low voice. Adenmaha let out a sigh again and opened her shoulders.


“Anyways, I will sleep in Siri’s room, so you should know that. You should go to sleep early.”

“Right, have a nice sleep.”

Because it was already late.


“May Idun’s blessing accompany you.”


“May Idun’s blessing accompany you.”


Adenmaha added another blessing on Tae Ho’s forehead, and Tae Ho also returned it to her.


The next morning, Adenmaha inflated her cheeks with a displeased face.


“Why are you laughing?”

“It suits you well.”

“How cute. She looks like a baby Valkyrie.”

The first voice was Tae Ho’s, and the second one belonged to Bracky.


Adenmaha was wearing the uniform of a Valkyrie instead of the white dress she usually wore.


An armor that covered her shoulders and chest and a white dress that secured the mobility of her two legs.


In addition to this, she was wearing a headband with the wing decoration characteristic of Valkyries and a sword at her waist. She was also carrying a round shield that seemed to be too big for her.


As Adenmaha didn’t have any relation with the armor, sword, shield, or other pieces of gear and was even smaller than the average Valkyrie, there was, unavoidably, an awkward vibe coming from her.


As Bracky kept laughing, Adenmaha kicked Bracky’s shin as if she couldn’t endure it anymore; however, Bracky was someone that could even endure a giant’s attack. He just chuckled as if it didn’t even tickle.


Adenmaha turned to look at Tae Ho as if telling him to take revenge for her, but it seemed like he didn’t plan to do that at all.


Fortunately enough, it wasn’t that there was no one that sided with Adenmaha.


Siri pinched Bracky’s side to make him stop and then spoke to Tae Ho.


“Have a safe trip, Tae Ho. Don’t get nervous over nothing. Adenmaha, it also suits you really well, so don’t worry too much.”

“We will return soon.”

Tae Ho and Adenmaha said their farewell to Siri and Bracky and then moved to the conference room with a Valkyrie that had come for them.


If they were with Ragnar, they would have been more relaxed, but unfortunately enough, he was a warrior of Odin’s, not Idun’s.


He also couldn’t go to the conference with Tae Ho as he’d participate in it alongside other warriors of Odin’s legion.


‘Don’t tremble. It’s nothing much. In the first place, aren’t the people you meet more special?’


Cuchulainn and Ragnar were warriors that could represent a world.


In addition, Tae Ho had also met Freya and Thor a few times.


Just like Cuchulainn had said, Tae Ho grew more resolute and then followed the Valkyrie with a more comfortable heart.


And after some time-


“If you go inside, you will see a place for Idun’s legion.”

The Valkyrie that finished her role expressed etiquette towards Tae Ho in front of the door. Tae Ho also hit his chest twice and answered her.


“For Asgard and the Nine Realms.”

As Adenmaha hit her chest sloppily, the Valkyrie put on a smile and turned around.


“It doesn’t seem to be a place here but a separate room.”

There were several rooms connected in the hall that drew a circle. Tae Ho thought of an opera house he’d once seen in a movie. The VIP room was separated from the normal spectators, and it seemed to be similar in this instance as well.


Tae Ho took a breath and opened the door of the room. The structure he had expected appeared in front of him.


A wide, thick table stood in the middle of the room, and the seats of the commanders surrounded it.


One difference this room had with an opera house was the height of the seats. It seemed like they were so large because they were meant to seat Gods.


Adenmaha entered the small room and gulped dry saliva and grew pale. It was because of the heavy atmosphere that pressed down on the conference room.


The strong auras of the commanders emanated naturally as if they were breathing.


The divine power each representing Valkyrie held also mixed into the air.


When those things gathered and were mixed in one spot, it created a volatile environment.


Tae Ho shared the power of Idun to Adenmaha and looked towards the seats. He could see Freya covering her face with a veil and Thor that was laughing like always.


And one more person-


A warrior was next to those two people.


Tae Ho looked at him for the first time, but he knew who he was the moment he saw him.


The pinnacle of the warriors of Valhalla.


The strongest warrior that had even far surpassed Ragnar Lodbrok.


[Top-ranked warrior]



His eyes moved towards Tae Ho.


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