VS Episode 3 Chapter 5

Episode 3/Chapter 5: The dragon knight (5)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Raigeh

“Oh, you came only now?”


It was about five minutes after he had finished his business with Heda.


Tae Ho stood in place. It was because a warrior whom he had never seen before was talking to him.


He was a handsome man whose nicely grown black beard suited him well.


The man, who was seated on a rock, stood up slowly and said, “Don’t be that defensive. We are on the same side. But first, did the Valkyrie go to another place?”


The eyes of the man moved beyond Tae Ho’s back. At the eyes that were filled with curiousness, Tae Ho questioned him with even more caution.


“Who are you?”


Maybe it was because his voice was slightly sharp that the man raised his two hands to calm him and quickly said,  “My name is Rolph. I belong to Ullr’s legion, and I’m a warrior of Siri’s troop that will be joining Ragnal’s troop.


‘It’s true.’


Tae Ho was inwardly impressed. It wasn’t because of Rolph’s dignified appearance or the name of a God he had heard of for the first time.


[ Wolf Hunter ]

[ Ullr’s legion: Rolph ]


He could see green words shining above Rolph’s head. It was the result of activating [ Saga: The Eyes of a Dragon Sees Through All Things ].


‘Is the thing showing the nickname and his current state?’


He saw different things when he looked at Heda.


Tae Ho decided to reveal more his saga’s power. Then, many words were added in several places of Rolph’s body.


[ Man ]

[ Skilled at using a bow and dagger ]


After he concentrated a bit more, he could see a red aura that was like smoke. He thought that it was the runes he had accumulated until now.


‘I can certainly see more than when I tried with Heda.’


Back then he could only see her name and her state.


‘The logical reason is that my level is still low…. So is it obvious that I can see a lot more with Rolph than with Heda?’


The difference between a lowest ranked warrior and a Valkyrie was huge.


‘And is it his weakness?’


Light shone on Rolph’s shoulders, chin, heart, and abdomen.


The ‘Eye of a Dragon’ was a skill that all dragon knights had in Dark Age. It didn’t only show the state of the enemy and their weaknesses, but also served as a scanning tool. Its usefulness was quite important.


It was possible to make a skill into a saga.


It was a really important point. It seemed like he could only make skills that had an anecdote to it into a saga, but even if he limited it like this, there were still a lot of useful skills.


‘I’m done with the scanning mode.’


This ability was meant to check the condition of the enemy’s equipment in the first place, so it was impossible to see everything he wanted.


‘Even if that was possible, there’s no reason to use it right now.’


“Hey, can you listen to me? Have you been hurt anywhere?”


He got a hold of himself when Rolph called him and then he saw that he was looking at himself with an awkward face. Tae Ho nodded and answered.


“Ah, I’m fine. I’m Lee Tae Ho. And….Rolph, what happened?”


Rolph was waiting for Tae Ho at the entrance of the camp. It didn’t seem like he was doing this for nothing.


“I have been waiting for you because I have something to transmit. All of the warriors from Ragnal’s troop have moved to our camp. It’s not that they completely moved the camps but it’s because of things like transmitting the merit awards and such things.”


“Then I should also go there.”


“That’s right. Aren’t you hungry though? We don’t have any food right now….It seems like our side and yours too devoured everything.”


Rolph said this with a troubled face. It seemed like the warriors that had a huge appetite had gotten rid of everything.


He had fought all day and he also had to keep fighting tomorrow, so not eating a meal was a devastating thing. He wouldn’t be able to fight properly if he was hungry.


“I’m fine. I have this.”


Tae Ho raised the basket he had in his hands with a calm face. There were sandwiches made with several vegetables and prettily placed meat.


“Huk, did the Valkyrie?!”


Rolph asked with wide eyes and Tae Ho answered slyly as if this much was a common thing.


“Well, yeah.”


At Tae Ho’s answer, Rolph looked at Tae Ho with jealous and envious eyes mixed with admiration.


Actually, it was obvious, because realistically speaking it was like an idol singer had come to meet you and gave you a packed lunch.


‘Heda really is the strong point of Idun’s legion.’


Tae Ho, who was satisfied, nodded once again. Rolph, who was looking at the basket more than Tae Ho, let out a sigh and said, “I heard that the Valkyrie would come at sunset, so there’s still time. You should eat for now. After that, I will lead you.”


Rolph pointed at the sky with his eyes. It was nearly nightfall, but not yet.


“Thank you.”


“There’s no need to thank me.”


Rolph smirked and then extended his hand. It was a big and hard hand.


“We will be fighting together starting from tomorrow. Let’s get along well.”


“Same here.”


After shaking hands, Tae Ho chose a nearby rock and sat on it.


If they were going to move anyways, there was no need to enter the camp.


Tae Ho decided himself and then took out a sandwich from the basket. It was nice to see that it seemed like Heda’s cooking skills were quite good.


“Thanks for the meal.”


Tae Ho said a short sentence and then took a big bite. It really was a cool flavor.


‘Is the sauce special? It’s really delicious.’


He felt thankful towards Heda once again and took one more bite.




He turned his head at Rolph’s sudden call. His handsome face was completely flushed.


“Can you give me a bite?”


Tae Ho glanced slightly upwards before answering. The green words above Rolph’s head had changed.


[ Got anxious because he wanted to eat ]

[ Ullr’s legion: Rolph ]


Tae Ho laughed inwardly and nodded.




“It’s over there.”


The camp for Siri’s troop wasn’t that far. Rolph laughed while pointing at the tents that were lined up and then Tae Ho nodded.


‘Is this the strength of a bribe?’


Even if he called it a bribe, it was merely half a sandwich. But the effects were great.


‘Should I ask Heda to make me more?’


Although it may be an excessive request, he thought maybe Heda would listen to him. How would you put it? She was going to play hard but would listen to you in the end?


“What are you thinking about?”


“No, nothing. There’s something I’m curious about.”


Tae Ho walked towards Siri’s troop and turned to look at Rolph. Rolph tilted his head as if asking what was wrong.




“What’s the blessing of Ullr’s legion?”


Tae Ho’s eyes moved to the broach that was on Rolph’s chest. It had the shape of a bow and an arrow. It seemed like it was the symbol of Ullr’s legion.


‘This much should be fine, right?’


They were on the same side, and looking at Bjorn’s attitude, it seemed like the blessing of a legion wasn’t particularly a secret.


Tae Ho knew very little about Valhalla. He didn’t know about the areas each God was in charge of, and their names even less so.


‘I need information.’


Knowing was strength. Even if it was a trivial thing, everything would have their uses when gathered together.


In addition, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that information about the people he would be fighting with was essential.


Tae Ho forced a calm face and looked at Rolph. He tilted his head once but then smiled as if it wasn’t much.


“You should also know this, but Ullr is the God of Hunting. His blessing is everything related to that. The warriors of our legion can choose a blessing between tracking and stealth. Of course, you are able to obtain the both of them later on however.”


Whenever a warrior’s ranked increased, the blessing they could receive was either increased or strengthened. Tae Ho thought of the words that were above Rolph’s head, which was ‘Wolf Hunter’, and nodded.


‘Is hunting Rolph’s specialty?’


After thinking that, he saw different weapons on Rolph’s side compared to the other warriors. He had small daggers on his waist compared to the other warriors that had a big swords or axes and he was carrying a big crossbow on his back.


“So what is your blessing?”


Rolph answered Tae Ho’s question this time too.


“It’s stealth. I’m still lacking now, but I heard that when you become a superior-ranked warrior, you are able to disappear in front of other’s eyes.”




If it was as he had said, it was a really an impressive blessing.


“What about now?”


“Uh….If I put all of my efforts in hiding, you won’t be able to find me that easily. Probably.”


His blessing was merely at the lowest rank.


“It’s still impressive.”


If the warriors of Ullr’s legion made an ambush, they would have the highest chances of succeeding.


Contrary to his expectations, Rolph found that Tae Ho was amazed. As if he became more spirited, Rolph added, “The blessing of tracking is tracking just like its name implies. All of the hunters learn to track, but if you get the blessing you become even more impressive. You are able to track someone even if there are no footprints.”




Tae Ho nodded and admired the blessing once again. Actually, there was no need to be that amazed, but this was also a conversation technique. Wasn’t Rolph happy right now?


After speaking of this and that with Rolph, they soon arrived at the camp. As one troop had about 100 warriors, when two troops were gathered in one camp, it seemed like the entire place was filled with warriors of Valhalla.


“It seems like this is the only hot place.”




After they smiled bitterly, the sound of a horn trumpet was heard in the center of the camp.


“We entered right on time. It’s the signal to gather.”


It wasn’t only Rolph, but the other warriors also started to move.


‘Don’t they distinguish the troops?’


They had joined together anyways, so maybe that was the reason why  it didn’t give him the feeling that they had separated the two troops.


‘Well, it’s good for me.’


It meant that he should just follow Rolph like this.


After following Rolph’s back, he could see a big place that was at the center of the camp. The warriors that came first were already in place in front of a wooden platform.


As he stood near the center, Rolph gestured above the platform with his eyes.


“Can you see that? That person is our commander, Siri.”


He could immediately recognize him as he was the only person above the platform. But Tae Ho’s eyes unconsciously widened.


‘A woman?’


[ Human Hunter ]

[ Ullr’s legion: Siri ]


It was the first time he had seen a woman in Valhalla besides the Valkyries.


‘But of course, it’s still only the second day for me.’


Siri had her long blonde hair tied up — her body was covered with a grey cloak and her eyes were closed. It was really a strong and cold impression.


‘She’s an inferior ranked warrior.’


She may have been the most veteran warrior among the ones that went out to battle today.


“It’s the Valkyrie!”


“Ohh! Valkyrie!”


The warriors raised their voices. The reason why they raised their voices even when they could see a Valkyrie frequently was simple. It was because she came down from the sky.


The sunset was behind her and she was stepping down as if there were stairs. That scene really looked like a movie.


[ Ice Princess ]

[ Odin’s legion: Rasgrid ]


Tae Ho shut his mouth in an attempt to not burst out in laughter. Ice Princess. It did suit her, but he was curious as to who had given her that nickname. Did the warriors in her legion give her that nickname?


He didn’t have long to guess. It was because the Valkyrie had stepped on the platform and had started talking.


“I’m Valkyrie Rasgrid. I belong to Odin’s legion. I’m in charge of this battlefield.”


It was a low and calm voice, but the voice mystically spread across the entire field. It was as if she was whispering right next to you.


“You should already know but Ragnal’s troop has lost its commander and will be joining Siri’s troop. The commander of the two troops is the inferior ranked warrior, Siri.”


The warriors all concentrated on Rasgrid’s words. What she was saying was important, but it was also because of her voice. It made you want to keep listening to it as if there was magic behind it.


“Inferior ranked warrior Siri, I will entrust it to you.”


“I will follow your order.”


As Rasgrid turned to look at Siri, Siri hit her left chest with her right hand.


“I will believe in you.”


Rasgrid also hit her chest as if it was a manner, and then spread a piece of paper towards the warriors.


“I have seen your performances. So I will proceed with the merit awards for the ones that had the biggest merit. The ones I call should come to the front.”


Rasgrid’s eyes moved to the paper, and the warriors raised their ears while shutting their mouths. It was small, but nervousness flowed on in the area.


“Warrior Lee Tae Ho.”




Tae Ho realized his mistake when the other warriors turned to look at him. As he approached the platform hurriedly, Rasgrid turned to look at the warriors and said, “He beat the giant gnoll that had killed the commander of his troop alone. He outstandingly fulfilled his revenge, and he’s a good example for a warrior of Valhalla. I will give you a pocket of gold coins and runes each as a reward and I will also give 10 points to your legion.”


“Oh. Glorious avenger.”


“He’s more amazing than he looks.”


The warriors admired him with low voices. In Tae Ho’s place, it wasn’t particularly a revenge, but he could somewhat understand this situation.


‘When the source of the saga becomes an anecdote.’


Rather than just having slain the giant gnoll, having taken revenge for his commander was more glorious and valiant of a story.


‘Well, is this how it works?’


Tae nodded and then received the two leather pockets. They were fist-sized, but they were heavier than he thought.


“He has a normal body, are his skills the real deal?”


Meanwhile, the warriors were still speaking among themselves. Then, someone broke the flow.


“There’s something more amazing than that. A Valkyrie came to exempt him.”


“What? Really?”


The voices of the warriors grew louder. The eyes looking at Tae Ho began to be filled with admiration.


“Ohh, he really was amazing.”


“He’s no joke.”


“I’m jealous, so jealous.”


They were really heated reactions. It wouldn’t be strange if a saga like ‘The Warrior That Had a Valkyrie Exempt Him’ was made.


However, Tae Ho could only make an awkward expression. It was because Rasgrid’s cold eyes were looking right at Tae Ho.


“That’s all. Everyone return to your places.”


Tae Ho hurriedly returned back. Then, the warrior next to him laughed and said, “Tell me your secrets later.”


‘The secret is to play roulette.’


Tae Ho answered inwardly and then looked at Rasgrid.


A few more warriors were awarded and after the merit awards were finished, Rasgrid took a deep breath and looked at the warriors.


“Starting from tomorrow, we will be doing a siege warfare to take back our fortress. We will be especially using the ‘Rain of Steel’ in this battle. Think of it as an honor as you have been chosen to ride in that rain.”






“Rain of Steel!”


The warriors started to cheer. However, Tae Ho didn’t know what that was. Just what was the Rain of Steel? In addition, why did she use the expression, ‘ride’?


“What’s the Rain of Steel?”


He grabbed the arm of the warrior right next to him that was cheering even more than others. He turned to look at Tae Ho and laughed loudly.


“I also don’t know! But doesn’t it sound amazing?!”


At that moment, Tae Ho was dumbfounded; but he then remembered that this place was Valhalla. This place was originally like this.


“Rolph, you don’t know either?”


With a bit of hope he asked Rolph, but Rolph just smiled bitterly and raised his thumb towards Tae Ho.


“It’s a killer.”


With what meaning was it a killer?


The next afternoon.


Tae Ho found out.


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