VS Episode 3 Chapter 4

Episode 3/Chapter 4: The dragon knight (4)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isalee

Defeated the grand orc warrior Graksha.


Defeated the Ogre Lord Gandoll.


Defeated the three troll brothers, the triple blue flame.


Conquered the Giant Hill.


Rescued the princess of Emelord.


Defeated the black dragon Ankelonia.


Fell down the fortress of Magino.


Suppressed the demon world.


Defeated the army of a dragon.




The achievements that were arranged simply seemed to have no end.


He defeated strong monsters alone and rescued the kidnapped princess. He defeated an army by himself, even defeated the demon lord, and rescued the world.


That was the dragon knight Kalsted.


Of course, that was all in a game though.


However, this saga was a ‘truth’ for Heda.


A saga could certainly become distorted, but manipulating it from start to end was impossible.


So even if these stories were distorted, the man in front of her, Tae Ho, was a legendary existence that could really be called as the hero.


“No, well….. um..”


Tae Ho scratched his head and faced Heda. He felt burdened by Heda’s eyes, which were filled with embarrassment, respect, perplexion, and etc, but at the same time, he enjoyed it.


As he just stuttered, Heda put on a teary face. She started to twist her body before lowering her head slightly and said, “I’m sorry for having been insolent until now. I was a….. No, no. Anyways.”


She had seen the achievements of the legendary knight.


Heda had seen quite a lot of warriors until now but had never seen someone with achievements as amazing as his. If Tae Ho was a human from Midgard, all of Asgard would have paid attention to his entrance.


However, that kind of warrior was asking about the basics of fighting!


“Hm, well. Mm.”


Tae Ho shrugged his shoulders as if behaving imprudently. As he turned to look down at Heda silently, Heda’s face, which was red due to embarrassment, flinched again.


“Ah, I can’t stand it anymore.”


Maybe it was because of the gap there was from her usual self and now that she seemed cuter, but everything still had its limit.


If these kinds of misunderstandings carried on, it would be harder to clear them up later. It might be different if you wanted to trick her, but if you wanted to state the facts just as they were, it would be better to clear it up.


“Heda, doesn’t something strike you as strange? The truth that I’m the legendary knight?”




Heda blinked while looking at Tae Ho as if he were implying something. Tae Ho smirked once again and then whispered in Heda’s ear.


“I’m telling you just because it’s you.”


Heda flinched once more at the unnecessary close distance and Tae Ho began to tell his story.


“So…….it was a game?”


“Yes, Dark Age was the biggest MMORPG game in the world. All of the achievements you saw were quests accomplished by my character, Kalsted.”


Tae Ho didn’t hide anything. The reason was simple: it would more helpful for him.


Heda was the teacher who had taught Tae Ho how to use his saga. He wouldn’t be able to learn to use the saga properly with Heda if she misunderstood everything like this. Because the saga was no different to Tae Ho’s lifeline, it was absurd to learn it sloppily.




What would happen if they sent him to a huge scale battlefield with the misunderstanding that he was the legendary warrior? In addition, the synchro rate was at a mere at 5%. Right now, being in the lowest ranked class was the most suitable for him.


Of course, Tae Ho had also done some calculations on his part. He could trust Heda. Although it was barely more than a day since they had met, he was certain about trusting her. You could say that it was his senses that told him that.


‘Of course, I may be backstabbed like this.’


Would Heda properly understand what Tae Ho had said?


Tae Ho waited for Heda’s reaction while hiding his anxiousness.


Heda frowned and groaned as if she was thinking hard and then laughed sloppily.


“Mm, I don’t know, but that does seem true. If it’s like you said, the achievements you have accomplished were quite famous in your world. Anyway, all of that did actually happen.”


Heda’s explanation was like this.


Although she didn’t know about games too well, the battles themselves did occur.


Although they were existences created by a program composed of zeros and ones, Kalsted and the monsters did exist. Their battles weren’t just setups either, they were real.


Kalsted was famous. The dragon knight Kalsted, Tae Ho’s character, had a really high recognition, be it in the game or the real world. To speak in Valhalla’s terms, countless people knew of Kalsted’s achievements and legends.


Tae Ho was also convinced. If it was as she said, everything made sense.


“Heda, you seem relieved.”


“Shut up.”


Heda pouted but her eyes were smiling. After that, she actually smiled brightly and then shrugged her shoulders.


“Well, whatever. This is a really amazing case. I have never heard of a case like this while working as a Valkyrie.”


It wasn’t simply about the thing that was related to the game.


Was there a warrior that had a saga as great as this? One that achieved all of this all alone?


“If you can materialize all of the stories in your saga…..”


Heda unconsciously gulped dry saliva. It  was also the same for Tae Ho. The two of them looked at each other as if they had made a promise, and the one that moved first was Heda.


“You really were a lump of luck!”


Heda hugged Tae Ho. A beauty hugging you was always a happy thing, but Tae Ho unconsciously made a painful groan. Because of the armor that Heda was wearing, instead of feeling the softness he was expecting, he only felt a hard and shapeless thing.


However, Heda didn’t seem to know about Tae Ho’s pain and embraced him with even more strength.


‘I like it, but at the same time, I don’t.’


It was a bit weird, but Heda’s scent was really pleasant.


After Heda finished her short and thick embrace, she patted Tae Ho’s shoulders and then put on a harsh face.


“Anyways, you should take care of your body. Don’t overdo it. Heroes with amazing sagas can lose their lives with just one mistake on the battlefield.”


The scariest thing about a battlefield was an arrow coming from a long distance; it was something that made your awareness useless.


“Don’t worry about that. I was planning to even if you didn’t tell me.”


He answered with a playful tone, but Heda smiled as if she was satisfied.


“Tae Ho, are there more people like you in your world?”


If it were like this, it was highly probable that the pro gamers would have really amazing sagas, but Tae Ho shook his head.


“There are….but I don’t think there are more like me.”




“Well, because I was the best in the world.”


He said that naturally. It was just as he had said so.


“Ugh, I don’t like you.”


Heda frowned, but it only lasted for a moment. Rather, she nodded as if she were convinced.


“I think that you are right. You seem special in various ways. How should I put it…. this are just my feelings, but I don’t think another person from your world with the same kind of achievements would be able to manifest a saga like yours.”




Most of Tae Ho’s achievements were ‘the first in the server’, or ‘the first in the world’, or ‘solo’. Compared to clearing a quest normally, people could only recognize them.


“Um, can you also show me your other sagas?”


“Of course.”


Tae Ho closed his eyes while Heda’s eyes shined with curiosity at the thought of his sagas.


[ Saga: The Charge of a Warrior Is Just Like a Storm ]

[ Saga: The Sword of the Warrior ]


After examining the two sagas, Heda let out a sigh.


“The two of them seem useful, especially the sword of the warrior. It seems like a cheat.”


The number of weapons recorded in the sword of the warrior wasn’t one or two. Most of all, each of them were magic weapons capable of growth. He would be able to summon those weapons with his saga. On top of that, the strong point of the sword of the warrior wasn’t simply just ‘summoning a weapon’.


‘A weapon I need for each situation.’


He would take out a weapon based on the opponent he faced. For the ones that were weak towards fire attacks, he would take out the heat sword, Ifrit. For opponents that were strong against weapons that had blades, he would take out the thunder hammer.


He didn’t need to carry the countless weapons he could use in each situation. If this wasn’t a cheat, then what was it?


“I will have to develop it well.”


Tae Ho dismissed the conception he had in his head and smirked.


Heda also smiled and continued talking.


“Hm, the higher your synchro rate becomes, the more sagas you’ll able to use? This is quite stable.”


“Heda, how many sagas can you normally use?”


“There’s no particular limit to sagas. High ranked and superior ranked warriors each possess more than 10 sagas. It will be easy to think of it as the stronger you become, the more sagas you will be able to use. If you don’t become strong in the first place, it’ll be hard to produce the anecdote that will become the root of your saga.”


It was a rather convincing explanation. To make a saga, you had to accomplish feats. Strong people would accomplish feats and make sagas, and use those sagas to become even stronger.


“There’s not much time left so let’s go to a resting place.”


Heda linked arms with Tae Ho and said this.


“You still have one empty slot in your saga. It’s good to make a saga that’s suitable for the battle you are in, but that won’t be too certain. A coarse one might appear because you made it hastily. Actually, making a saga in the middle of a battle is an abnormal thing.”


“So let’s make a thoroughly thought out saga?”


“That’s right.”


Heda smiled brightly and lifted up three fingers.


“Tae Ho, you already have three sagas. There’s a high probability that you won’t be able to make a new saga after making this one. So think well. A saga that protects you and isd as useful as the other two should be good, right? And of course, it should be a saga that you are capable of making with your current level.”


All of the things she said were right. And because of that, Tae Ho asked questions like a diligent student.


“So what about teacher Heda’s answer sheet?”


Heda was more of an expert at sagas than Tae Ho.


However, Heda shook her head.


“That won’t do. The saga is your story. The best thing is for you to do is to think about it yourself. I will just listen to you.”


After she told him to think about it himself, Tae Ho nodded and looked up the sky.


If Tae Ho had to classify the sagas he possessed right now, it would be like this:


One general buff.


One movement saga.


One saga that provided you with equipment.


‘Looking at it normally, I would want an attack skill.’


If he had an attack skill, he would then have an all-around saga.


However, Tae Ho thought of another thing.


What would be of immediate use to him on the battlefield? What could be of more help for an inexperienced warrior like him?


There was something he thought of as it flashed across his mind. Right as it connected, he thought of a saga that seemed to be the most suitable.


[ Saga: The Eyes of a Dragon Sees Through All Things ]


Tae Ho looked at Heda. He took a step back, looked at her, and then said with a flushed face,


“I can see it.”


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