VS Episode 24 Chapter 7

Episode 24/Chapter 7: The Shinsoo’s of Earth (7)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isleidir

Sigil got taken care by Tae Ho. Korga fled and the knights of Radetza succeeded in defending Radetza. They could also stop the destruction of the holy lands and the surrounding lands.

But it wasn’t that there were no damages. The damages the warriors of Valhalla suffered was especially severe.

Olmar, that was pierced in the mast, was right about to die. Even though he was a warrior of Valhalla that had a superhuman physique, in the end, his body was still made of flesh and blood. He would only die after suffering a lethal blow.

If Tae Ho had arrived a little later and if he wasn’t a warrior of Idun that handled the power of life, it was certain that Olmar’s fate wouldn’t have been the same.

“I saw Valhalla for a moment.”


Olmar mumbled with an almost dead face. Tae Ho pushed all his power into his wound and turned to look behind him. The Valkyries were roaming the battlefield with a half spiritual body as if retrieving the dead warriors. Although they couldn’t be seen by the eyes of humans, the warriors of Valhalla could see them.

“It’s still too early to become a steel warrior.”


Notung approached while limping and smirked. When the warriors of Valhalla died, their souls would become one with the steel dolls made by the dwarves and would turn to become steel warriors.

“Yeah. Thanks.”


Olmar expressed his thanks and then fell asleep after smiling without strength.

Although Olmar was the only one that was on the verge of death, the other ones weren’t safe either.

Notung lost one arm. Harabal got hit in his chest by a heavy blow and couldn’t breathe properly because of that and as Siri had her insides messed up and had even forced herself to run, she started to vomit up blood consecutively.

The one that could be said that was fine was Bracky but you could see that he was also really exhausted.

Garmr’s soul fragment couldn’t be discovered.Although they read a trace of the fragment from the corpse of the Shinsoo through the two fragments that Ingrid possessed, it really was just a trace.

It was unfortunate but perhaps an obvious thing. Because this time, the giants were various steps ahead of them. Just looking at this situation they could say that they had succeeded things beyond their expectations.

“You have done well warrior Tae Ho. You should also go to rest now.”


Tae Ho was already lying down even without having Ingrid telling him that. The warriors of Valhalla that returned with Rasgrid moved Tae Ho and the others to the lodging.

There was no divine message maybe because he was so exhausted he couldn’t even dream or perhaps Idun was being considerate of him. Tae Ho could enjoy a long and deep sleep.

And the next afternoon.

Tae Ho barely rose from his bed and smiled bitterly in the emergency room where the warriors of Valhalla were at.

Siri dropped her body with a strengthless face and Notung and Harabal were still asleep. Only Bracky was fine as he could use the ‘son of the God that has returned’ because one day has passed. He tore a well roasted chicken leg and checked on Olmar’s state.

Bracky heard Tae Ho waking up and then asked after checking on him.

“So you woke up. Are you able to walk?”


“If you give me a chicken leg.”


Tae Ho glanced at the big tray Bracky was holding and said. Bracky laughed and approached Tae Ho’s bed.

“I will also give you a cup of alcohol.”


Looking that he was offering alcohol to a patient, Bracky was also an exemplary warrior of Valhalla. Tae Ho, that has already completely become a warrior of Valhalla, ate the chicken legs recklessly and drank alcohol. They both tasted as honey.

And Siri, that was looking at the two of them, said with a dead voice.

“Eat outside, outside…..”


And don’t emanate the smell.

She wanted to eat something but didn’t have the strength to eat. It seemed like gulping was hard as her insides were rotten.

Tae Ho and Bracky got out of the lodging with a sorry face.

And how long had passed since they sat down in the hall and ate the chicken legs? Bracky finished eating with sucking his fingers and looked at Tae Ho and asked.

“Looking at how you eat, it seems like you are fine. Then let’s go to a place with me.”




There was a high possibility for there to be a banquet as it was the day after the victory.

As Tae Ho looked at him with slightly expecting eyes, Bracky smirked and said.

“Valkyrie Rasgrid said that she was going to give an offering. Um….what was it? Did she say that it was to soothe the soul of the Shinsoo and purify the holy lands? It will start in a little bit.”


“Let’s go together.”


He was moderately full. It would be good to go to sleep again but he couldn’t miss Rasgrid’s ceremony. There was the reason that he couldn’t miss Rasgrid wearing a dress but there was another proper reason.

“Idun’s warrior.”


“Oh, so that person is the one.”


“Bracky is also there.”


“For Idun.”


“For Thor.”


Just like expected, almost all of the warriors were gathered at the place. No, it wasn’t merely that. Almost all citizens of Radetza, be it men and women, were gathered in the holy lands and greeted them.

Because for them, Rasgrid’s ceremony was an event they wouldn’t be able to see in their lives again.

Tae Ho answered with a smile and waved his hand towards the ones that were looking at him with moved expressions.

“Let Idun’s blessing accompany you.”


As he spoke like that with a gentle face, the people got moved even more and held Idun’s name in their mouths. If there was something like a belief gage, it would have already been filled.

Bracky looked at Tae Ho and the people of Radetza with an absurd face. Tae Ho heard his soundless laugh and looked up at Bracky.



“It’s nothing. I just remembered of the enlisting officer of Skald’s knights.”


That friend also sold stuff really well.

There were really comfortable things if he hung out with Bracky, that was easily spottable thanks to his big body. As the sea of people split up with just having Bracky walk in the front, it wasn’t that hard to walk up to the altar.

“Did you come?”


King Harpdan greeted Tae Ho and Bracky while smiling. Next to him were the warriors of Valhalla that had arrived first.

It seemed like some of them didn’t see Harpdan in a good light as he just stepped back in some of the fights but it was different for Bracky. Because the king had a role for himself. The king that only fought on the front lines wasn’t the only good king.

In the first place, Tae Ho didn’t even think much about the king having to fight on the front lines so he just received the greeting of king Harpdan like Bracky. And then king Harpdan seemed to have sensed the cold eyes of the warriors of Valhalla that he got really happy and offered them to take a seat.

Rasgrid’s offering started.

She, who was wearing a white dress, was really beautiful and resembled a Goddess.

The warriors of Radetza focused on each and every movement of her hands. It was also a special case for Rasgrid to wear a dress that the warriors of Valhalla also opened their eyes widely as if they couldn’t miss a single moment. Especially the warriors of Odin’s legion showed colorful expressions as if they were grandfathers that have come to look at their granddaughters in a festival.

Rasgrid burned down the corpse of the hog Shinsoo. She purified the body that got dirtied by Garmr’s soul fragment and the work of the giants and stepped to stop the soul of the Shinsoo to become an evil one.

Bracky’s nose twitched as if he was expecting the smell of pork meat roasting, but unfortunately enough all of the smoke and smell rose to the sky.

The cry of the hog was heard in all the holy lands as if answering to the purified soul.

Rasgrid sang with a gentle face. It was the song that soothed the souls of the warriors and led them to Valhalla.

“It’s a Valkyrie.”


“A Valkyrie!”


“Ohh Odin!”


The warriors of Radetza yelled. It was because the sky opened up and half spiritualized Valkyries came down to retrieve the souls.

As Rasgrid’s short but thick offering ended, the remaining cow Shinsoo expressed its thanks. It turned to look at the warriors of Valhalla and Rasgrid, that were seated in the upper seats and said.

‘If you need my help come to me at any time. I will certainly go running towards you to give you the little strength I have.’

The name of the black cow was Rousseau.

Bracky and the other warriors just nodded as if casually accepting it but Tae Ho engraved its name firmly on his head.

And on that night.

Rasgrid and Ingrid gathered the warriors of Valhalla. The meeting took place in the lodging of the warriors as if being considerate of the warriors that couldn’t move properly yet.

Ingrid said without hitting around the bush.

“Valhalla decided to deploy the warriors in Midgard for a while longer. However, the warriors are currently really exhausted. Because of that, an order came down saying that the warriors that first came down with me should return to Valhalla.”


Simply said, it was an exchange.

“We are planning to give an offering to call Bifrost three days later. Until then, you are free to rest.”


Rasgrid added.

They were all actually exhausted and it seemed like they had plenty of benefits they had gained in Midgard that none of them had complaints and just nodded. Siri had a somewhat relieved expression.

‘Now that I see, her expression was rather bad when she came down right?’

Did she have several bad memories of Midgard?

Tae Ho just turned his eyes instead of asking recklessly or imagining things by himself. If it’s something he had to know, then Siri would tell him first.

The three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Rasgrid wore the armor of Valkyries along with Ingrid and started the offering. As the fire in the altar became so big it could touch the sky, a rainbow stair fell from the sky.

“For Valhalla.”


“For the saviors of Radetza.”


“Ohh Odin.”


“For Idun.”


Several voices were heard. They were all excited.

Tae Ho, that was climbing the stairs with Siri, waved his hand towards the people of Radetza that were cheering them fervently. And then he opened his eyes widely and looked at a place.

“For Idun.”


Not being able to hear the low and gentle voice in the middle of the cheering was the normal thing, but he could hear that. As he exchanged glances with Helga, that was calling the name of Idun, she started to blush and put on a brighter smile. The familiar warriors of Kataron were next to her.

When will he come here again?


Tae Ho waved his hand towards the good junior he would get someday, but that would be good to face her the later possible and looked at his front again. He climbed to Valhalla while being led by Ingrid.



“It’s been a while, a really long while.”

As they reached the hall of Valhalla, Bracky put on a fresh face and said. Although the expedition lasted for less than a month, the sensation it gave was different perhaps because it was in Midgard.

“You have done well. I heard that there was a banquet prepared so enjoy it to your hearts contents.”


Ingrid said with her business like face but her eyes and voice were quite soft.

The warriors of Valhalla nodded with an accustomed face. Because it was a really obvious thing for them to participate in a banquet after an expedition.

But there were always exceptions.

Tae Ho looked towards the wharf instead of thinking of enjoying himself in the night banquet. He could see Heda just like he expected, waiting for him.

“Tae Ho.”




“I’m also here.”


Adenmaha said behind Heda. He didn’t call Heda after Sigil’s battle as he was really exhausted and was focusing on resting.

Tae Ho participated in all the night banquets after an expedition when he was an inferior ranked warrior but after he became an intermediate ranked warrior he never participated in it.

Maybe it was because of Murphy’s law that every time he returned, something urgent occurred. The most recent example was Scathach. Because taking her and returning to Idun’s legion was the top priority. The situation wasn’t one that he could participate and slowly enjoy the night banquet.

Tae Ho breathed deeply and looked at Heda. It was really nice to see her maybe because they saw each other in a month. He wanted to return quickly and tell her the remaining story and also eat the food made by her.

However, it was when he was about to move towards Heda.

“Hey, hey.”


Bracky grabbed on Tae Ho’s neck. He then pulled him towards him and said in a low voice.

“You aren’t planning on returning like that, right?”


“He shouldn’t.”




“Will he?”


“That’s nonsense.”


The warriors said in a low voice with Notung having started it. Their eyes all weren’t normal and Siri just laughed soundlessly.

It seemed like he would get stabbed if he didn’t participate in the banquet.

‘Well, we all suffered together.’

Tae Ho made a gesture with his hand towards Bracky as if telling him to calm down and then approached Heda.

“Um, Heda?”


As he said rather sloppily, Heda turned to look at the warriors of Valhalla and nodded as if she understood.

“Interaction with the other warriors is also important. I will come later.”


The Valkyrie Heda could participate in a night banquet whenever she wanted but it was different for Adenmaha. He couldn’t just leave her standing on the wharf so she had to return along with Heda for now.

It seemed like they had become obstacles unexpectedly that Heda appeased the dispirited Adenmaha and returned to the dock.

Bracky placed his big arm on Tae Ho’s shoulders that was looking at the two people leaving regretful eyes.

“Now, let’s go. It’s your first time on a banquet for intermediate ranked warriors, right?”


“The class is different compared to the inferior rank.”


“If there’s another expedition that would return today, they will join us.”


“Is that the only thing? In this banquet, every warrior or Valkyrie that is on their day off can participate. Starting from the intermediate rank, not only Valkyries of other legions participate but shieldmaidens are also seen frequently.”


The warriors of Valhalla talked as if they were in a good mood.

And just like they said, the night banquet for an intermediate ranked warrior was special.

When they reached the banquet after being led by Ingrid, several warriors were already drinking among themselves.

Tae Ho thought that the banquet for the inferior ranked warriors was already amazing but the banquet for the intermediate ranked warriors was beyond that. There were more kinds of food and the decorations were also flashy.

“Ohh, so Bjorn is over there.”


Bracky found Bjorn, that seemed like he would be at all the places, and said. Bjorn also seemed to have recognized the group that he raised his cup high.

It was then.

There was someone approaching the group.

It wasn’t a warrior but a Valkyrie. She, that had long black hair was beautiful and confident like a Valkyrie should. Each and every step of hers was filled with energy.

It was a Valkyrie they saw for the first time. It seemed like that was also the case for Bracky and the others that they blinked and looked at the Valkyrie with expecting eyes.

But the one the Valkyrie had business with wasn’t Bracky, Notung, Harabal nor Siri.

The black haired Valkyrie shared a greeting with Ingrid and then approached her and smiled.

“Warrior, do you remember me? I told you that I would be waiting in the night banquet.”


Just who was her?


Tae Ho tilted his head but then opened his eyes widely. She wasn’t a Valkyrie he saw for the first time. He had certainly seen her before.

“Do you remember now?”


Tae Ho nodded. He could only do so.

Because it was her. The first Valkyrie Tae Ho faced since being born and the one that led him to Valhalla.

“I’m Valkyrie Hildegarde. The ones close to me call me Hilde.”


She smiled brightly and then hugged Tae Ho.


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