VS Episode 24 Chapter 6

Episode 24/Chapter 6: The Shinsoo’s of Earth (6)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isleidir

‘Idun’s warrior’ Tae Ho had first made was a combination of his saga and the geass.

He could activate a legendary ranked saga that amplified the amount of his power of a God by close to three times but instead, he couldn’t use the power of a God for 15 days.

But it was different this time. He could feel it the moment he activated ‘Idun’s warrior’.

The restriction of 15 days disappeared. However, the amount of power of a God was still tripled and he could activate a legendary ranked saga.

There were several reasons for this.

It was normal for the geass to disappear the moment he got a restriction. Because receiving a restriction meant that he would soon break the pledge.

However, Tae Ho’s geass didn’t disappear completely. It became one with his saga just like Tae Ho wanted at the beginning. It melted in his saga.

The driving force that allowed him to activate ‘Idun’s warrior’ was Kalsted’s strength and the saga ‘Idun’s warrior’.

The moment he reached 40% Tae Ho’s body and soul reached a new boundary as if he was shedding skin.

Everyone from Asgard and Midgard that saw Tae Ho’s battles held ‘Idun’s warrior’ in their mouths. Idun’s warrior was now like Tae Ho’s nickname.

Tae Ho’s basic capabilities increased. His saga got strengthened.

And the result for that was the current Tae Ho.

Golden light got emanated from Tae Ho’s entire body and he could feel another difference.

It wasn’t only because his basic capabilities had strengthened. Even though he was injecting the same amount of power of a God, he could feel that he was better than before.

‘My warrior Tae Ho.’

Idun’s voice was heard clearly. It was just like he was with Idun. He felt like Idun’s hands were overlapping with his.

It was a really warm light. Tae Ho looked at the front and saw Sigil’s contorted face. Tae Ho mumbled Heda’s name and charged forward.

There was no loud sound but he was fast. Even though he charged towards Sigil head on, Sigil ended up losing sight of him.

Tae Ho realized it the moment he crossed that distance. It was something he knew through the experiences of the past months.

It wasn’t that he could execute 40% of Kalsted’s strength just because the synchro rate had reached 40%.

Because Kalsted’s strength was the result of his physical abilities, the countless completed skills, items, and Tae Ho’s influence. Only when all those things were added could he execute a transcendent strength.

He still couldn’t reach to Kalsted’s power. He had merely reached a fourth of his strength but even so, there was still something Tae Ho could do.

Because the one that had made the strongest Kalsted was Tae Ho himself!


Tae Ho understood Kalsted’s swordsmanship better and received his techniques. He charged towards Sigil like an enraged dragon.

He was at the left of Sigil. Sigil, that had his left arm cut off, couldn’t react immediately. Because of that, the moment Sigil realized that Tae Ho was going to charge towards him he pulled back and tried to put Tae Ho on the front again.

It happened like he predicted. Tae Ho increased his speed even more and disappeared from Sigil’s sight, that was trying to put Tae Ho in front of him, once again.

It was also the left this time and Sigil realized that. However, that was trying to put Tae Ho in front of him’s attack was faster. The white sword Tae Ho was wielding slashed Tae Ho’s waist and at that moment Tae Ho swung his left arm from below. His posture was that of throwing a dagger.

[Saga: Warrior’s equipment]

He wielded two weapons at the same time. The dagger Tae Ho threw stabbed Sigl’s chest, that got slashed in his waist and was falling back. But Tae Ho didn’t end it there and held a new weapon with his left hand.

The dagger that was stuck in Sigil’s chest didn’t disappear. The dagger, Bloody Mary, that had a bleeding effect continued to do its task while being stuck in Sigil’s chest.

The ‘warrior’s equipment’ also got stronger. He could now operate several weapons at the same time.

Sigil cried and swung his fist. It was an overwhelming strength and speed. Even though he created a distance of a fist he felt like all the hair of his body was raising.

Tae Ho saw with the ‘eyes of the dragon’. He looked at Sigil’s name and his weaknesses. They were weaknesses he couldn’t see when he was at the gates of Radetza.

It wasn’t only because Tae Ho got stronger through ‘Idun’s warrior’.

The warriors of Valhalla.

They were the wounds made by each one of them. The weak points. Their battle exhausted Sigil.



The gale in the sword sped up. The weapons Tae Ho was holding with his two hands hacked Sigil without stopping. Tae Ho concentrated and concentrated once again after stopping breathing. He stabbed his weapons in each and every weakness of Sigil.

The number of weapons he could currently make was five.

Excluding the one he was wielding with his right hand, four daggers got stuck in Sigil. The moment Tae Ho clenched his fist, it acted in concert and created a strong curse.

Sigil cried. The four daggers exploded at the same time and several shards of blades tore up Sigil’s insides.

Tae Ho let out a breath and then realized that it was too early. Sigil roared like a beast and swung his fist towards Tae Ho. Sigil’s attack, that seemed like it split the air, exploded in front of his eyes.

He parried back with his left arm. Sigil’s fist, that got its trajectory distorted, hit the air and a thunderous sound was heard. Tae Ho’s left arm got twisted in a vague trajectory and didn’t move. Tae Ho swung his fist that was gripping the swords and hit Sigil’s sides. Sigil let out a groan but didn’t fall back. He swung his head and tried to headbutt Tae Ho.

Tae Ho couldn’t dodge it completely. The attack that held magic power behind it pushed Tae Ho far away.

Sigil cursed out. He looked at his right arm that had become a mess and activated his regenerative power. Right then, the dagger Tae Ho threw struck his right arm once again.

Sigil tried to ignore it. He tried to push away the dagger with the explosive regeneration characteristic of regenerators. However, the dagger shone at that moment. The power of life strengthened Sigil’s regeneration.

Sigil was different to Balzak. He sensed danger instinctively and tore off his right arm by his own. It was possible because the power of a God held in the dagger was an amplification. The time needed to amplify the regenerative power and kill Sigil was longer than Balzak’s.

Sigil’s right arm fell to the ground. He charged towards Tae Ho instead of looking at his half-destroyed arm. Although he had lost his two arms, he still had his two legs and his teeth.

Tae Ho moved quickly once again but Sigil didn’t miss him completely. He read his movements in an instant and grasped the direction Tae Ho was moving to. He executed a kick that had an overwhelming strength behind it.

But Tae Ho also saw that. The wind pressure made by the kick was like a storm. Tae Ho concentrated even more. He lowered his posture and dodged Sigil’s kick. He then surged up and slashed Sigil’s chest.

Sigil vomited blood but he also didn’t fall back this time. He laughed with a face having become bloody. His yellow eyes goggled out.

Sigil was enraged. He resented the hundred years he was imprisoned.

For him to stop the great earthquake and push him to this point.

Sigil could feel the eyes of the giant of earth, Balgad. He looked at Tae Ho that was glaring at him and was preparing to launch the final attack.

Not yet. You are still far away warrior of Valhalla.

Sigil spat out blood. He laughed once again and released all his evil deeds. He awakened the full strength that he had gathered by slaughtering his own race.



Adenmaha yelled. Tae Ho, that was preparing his attack, reacted immediately. He dodged the evil deeds that were expanding as if exploding out of Sigil and moved like thunder.

It was a red and dense aura. That aura tried to take the shape of a giant.

The giant that had dyed his hands with the blood of his own race.

Sigil was at its center. Although the giant still hadn’t manifested completely, it emanated an unbelievable strength.

The torso of the giant that had surged up the forest was seen well even from the battlefield. The warriors and the fomoires forgot about the fight and turned to look at the holy land because of the chill that gave them the evil deeds.

Sigil laughed. The giant cried tears of blood and looked at Tae Ho. But Tae Ho didn’t stupidly wait for his transformation to end. He also didn’t get overwhelmed by Sigil’s evil deeds.

It was still incomplete. He had an opening.

So he would slash it. Now that he had dropped his guard by having burst out in laughter before it got complete.

He gripped his sword.

It was the first unique ranked weapon Kaslted had obtained.

Sword of light. A simple but strong weapon that transformed the power of the user into a blade.

It was epic ranked right now. He could do things that not even Kalsted could do.

‘My warrior Tae Ho.’

He could hear Idun’s voice. She grabbed on Tae Ho’s hands, that was holding the grip of the sword.

Her warmth was transmitted to him. The power of a God overflowed. He could feel her love.

Let’s go.

Tae Ho surged up. He didn’t save his strength and poured all of it to the Sword of light. A golden light shone greatly and everyone that was looking at Sigil turned to look at Tae Ho.

Tae Ho swung his sword. At that moment a blade of golden light surged up from the cross shaped sword of light.

That thing was really huge. It kept becoming longer even while swinging it. It became thicker.

A huge sword that was longer than ten meters, or perhaps more than twenty meters.

Sigil fired his evil deeds but Idun’s power protected Tae Ho. The sword Tae Ho swung slashed the body of the huge and red giant.

The evil deeds scattered. The thing split up before completing itself and then crumbled down and scattered.

Sigil roared and Tae Ho kicked the air. He transformed the Sword of light into the Burst lance and stabbed Sigil’s chest.



Sigil and Tae Ho became one and crashed on the ground. The first that touched the ground was Sigil. He glared at Tae Ho with eyes full of veins and cursed him.

Tae Ho didn’t hear that as Idun protected him. Heda’s blessing protected Tae Ho.

Full burst.

The last attack.

Sigil’s body exploded. Red light surged up from the broken body and then it split up into several lights and scattered towards the warriors of Valhalla.

Tae Ho received the baptism of runes and extended his arms. Golden light appeared from Tae Ho’s body. The voice of Idun that he could hear clearly became even more clear.

[Synchro rate: 43%]

The new saga that was added to that. The stories of Tae Ho and Kalsted that became one and created one more story.

[Saga: Giant slayer]

In Black Fortress, Svartalfheim, in the winter tree forest and right in this place.

Tae Ho turned to look at Siri and Bracky. Although Siri was breathing roughly while lying down, Bracky was laughing while groaning and was enjoying it.

“Are you okay?”


She had originally come to help him.

There was no opening to butt in Tae Ho’s and Sigil’s fight. So Adenmaha became a spectator from beginning to end and sat in front of Tae Ho and asked.

Tae Ho pinched on Adenmaha’s cheek with his right arm that could be said that was fine and said in a low voice.

“Let me borrow your strength.”


So that he could finish it properly.

Adenmaha looked at Sigil’s fragments and didn’t see anything to finish it up. Tae Ho explained things to her that was tilting her head, and Adenmaha put on a difficult face but then laughed as if she couldn’t do anything about it. She fulfilled Tae Ho’s wish.

The red and huge evil giant got cut off by the Sword of light.

Korga and the fomoires started to flee and Rasgrid controlled the warriors of Radetza along the warriors of Valhalla and started to chase after fomoires recklessly. Because of that, the warriors of Radetza that remained on the battlefield could see it.

The huge apple tree made with golden light that surged up in the place where the evil giant was at and the symbols of Valhalla that were above it.

Rasgrid blinked unconsciously. The warriors of Odin’s legion burst out of laughter.

Because they could clearly know with just that. Just who was the one that had slain the evil giant with the Sword of light, who was the one that removed the uneasiness felt from the holy lands.

“Idun’s warrior.”


“For Idun.”

“For Idun.”

“For the warriors of Valhalla!”


The warriors of Radetza said and that soon became a big cheer that filled the battlefield.

“Are you satisfied now?”


Adenmaha turned to look at the battlefield and Tae Ho nodded at her question. He lied down on the ground and smiled.


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