VS Episode 24 Chapter 5

Episode 24/Chapter 5: The Shinsoo’s of Earth (5)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isleidir

The front lines that were being held by Rasgrid and Korga turned to become the central focus. The warriors of Valhalla and Radetza charged forward while having their morale increased by Rasgrid, and Korga gathered the fomoires and formed a solid and square shield.

While the small scaled fights kept repeating, the battle between Rasgrid and Korga shook the earth and the two of them thought the same thing. The first one to curse was Korga.

He realized what was that Sigil had prepared and also understood why he had told the fomoires to fight on the front lines.

He was a murderer that had even killed his own race to accumulate evil deeds. He wouldn’t even see the fomoires, that were of a different race than him, as a meal.

Rasgrid fell in chaos. It was because she knew what was going to happen in the holy lands.

But what could she do? Did she have to tell the warriors to escape now? But if they did so, they would get caught by the fomoires. It was obvious they would suffer tremendous damage.

When she raised her head she saw Korga fleeing but Rasgrid couldn’t do the same as him. She gritted her teeth and ordered to push back the fomoires.


She believed in Ingrid and Tae Ho and continued fighting.



The flying pirate ship fell. Olmar trembled while being stuck in the broken mast and Siri was collapsed on the ground. Sigil stepped on that Siri and put strength in his leg. He crushed Siri’s abdomen and laughed.

However, Siri and Olmar didn’t die like that. Sigil lost his left arm, in addition, his wounds weren’t regenerating like before.

But he still looked at Bracky and Harabal, who were charging towards him, with a relaxed face. Notung, that had also lost one arm, was slow on running because he became limp.

But Sigil was prepared.

The holy lands had a main vein. He planted a vessel that was filled with the power of the giant of Earth Balgad deep in that vein and set up a magic circle using the Shinsoo of Earth as the catalyst.

The principle was simple. He would explode the vein to sweep up the surroundings and create a great earthquake.

It was obvious for the front lines but Radetza itself would collapse. It was fun to even enjoy how many would die.

By now, the Valkyrie would try to do anything and struggle to solve it. If that Valkyrie was quite experienced and intelligent she may somehow be able to remove the magic circle.

But Sigil didn’t worry about that. It wasn’t because he recognized Ingrid.

Because there was no time. They were completely lacking on time.

Sigil wasn’t dumb. The reason he chose this time to attack wasn’t only because he wanted to see a massacre in broad light.

Plenty of time had passed after installing the magic circle.

As the ground had started to shake, it had now entered the early phases.

Sigil closed his eyes even though the enraged Bracky was charging towards him. He listened to the groan coming from Siri that was under his feet and looked at a far place. The people that prayed looking at the warriors of Valhalla and believed that they would protect them.

The death that they wouldn’t have imagined.

“It’s the best.”


Sigil opened his eyes. He kicked Siri towards Bracky and then threw a punch towards him that reflexively grabbed her.

And at that moment, the earth shook for the second time.



Ingrid breathed roughly. She read the structure of the magic circle and realized that the great earthquake would occur on the third time the ground shook.

If they measured the time, they didn’t even have 5 minutes left. If Ingrid hadn’t flown herself after becoming a dragon, then they would have faced the great earthquake as soon as they arrived.

However, Ingrid felt powerlessness. They were lacking on time. There was nothing they could do immediately.

Tae Ho didn’t explain anything to Ingrid. He just glared at the magic circle with his ‘eyes of the dragon’. He understood the structure of the magic circle, precisely speaking the great bomb Sigil had prepared, with the knowledge of Tuatha De Danann he had learned.

It was a really simple structure. It was just exploding the vessel that contained Balgad’s power deep in the ground. Balgad’s vessel was the key to create the earthquake.

Tae Ho closed his eyes. He breathed deeply and then smiled bitterly. It was crazy even though he thought of it but it was the only method.

‘Gordius’s knot.’

If he just untied it he could have become the king of Asia but the knot was too complicated and tied up tightly.

King Alexander decided to completely cut the knot to solve this challenge.

It was similar. It was crude the only method.

Tae Ho placed his hands on Ingrid’s shoulder and then said. Ingrid put on a dumbfounded face and looked back at Tae Ho but there was no time to stay like that.

Ingrid turned into a dragon again. Tae Ho rode on her and Ingrid, that had become a Valkyrie leader, surged up to the sky.

They weren’t escaping from the earthquake. She, who had surged high, took a great turn. She started to fly like falling to the ground and sent all of her magic power and strength to Tae Ho through the ‘one that controls dragons’.

Tae Ho breathed deeply. He looked at the ground that was approaching them and pulled on Liberatus, that he received from king Ivar and activated his sagas in consecution.

[Saga: The charge of the warrior is like a storm]

[Saga: The one that controls gale and thunderbolts]

The reason they had surged up high to the sky was to gather wind and lightning. If they flew faster, they could gather a stronger wind and lightning.

Tae Ho used his attributes to finish up the wind and lightning. He concentrated his strength on Liberatus and activated another attribute. It was none other than the attribute of death.

Activating three attributes at the same time wasn’t something to be compared to juggling with three balls. However, Rasgrid’s hard training had its effect. Because his body remembered instead of his head. That was the reason Tae Ho could activate three attributes at the same time.

‘Concentrate. Don’t lose the moment.’

Cuchulainn said and Tae Ho looked at the center of the magic circle. He then threw Liberatus to the ground, that was now close to them.

The gale and lightning tore up the magic circle. Libertus, that was holding Ingrid’s magic, fired off an incredible amount of magic power. She negated the magic contained in the breaking magic circle with a greater magic and erased it.

Liberatus got stuck deep in the ground. But that was all. It couldn’t reach Balgad’s vessel.

But Tae Ho still had one more card. The moment he threw Liberatus he took a great turn and clenched his fist when Ingrid started to fly up again. He activated the real strength of Liberatus, the power to liberate.

The reason why Tae Ho activated the death attribute and the reason why he used Liberatus!


The blades of Liberatus opened up and then Gae Bolg got fired from it. It had already left Tae Ho’s hands but the magic and attributes recorded in Liberatus activated Gae Bolg.

‘Kill everything.’

Balgad’s vessel, the magic circle, and the strength of the earthquake itself!


Three of five fragments were gathered.

In addition, the power of Tuatha De Danann was added. And although faint, the attribute of death and the charge of Ingrid, that had transformed into a Valkyrie, was also added.

The curse of death got activated from Gae Bolg. The deadly curse got spread in the earth just like Cuchulainn wanted and just like Tae Ho ordered.

The earth cried and the sound it made was a soundless one. Balgad’s vessel got destroyed and the power that was inside of it got extinguished. The vein, that reacted due to the strong power of death, created an earthquake but that was merely a small one. It merely shook the holy lands a little.

Tae Ho cheered. Ingrid, that had depleted her magic power, landed almost as if crashing down but she also put on a smile.

And at the same time.

Korga, that looked towards the holy lands, frowned. Rasgrid put on a smile as if she knew that they would be able to do it this time too.

And that enraged Sigil. He heard the third earth shaking that was a bit sloppier and realized that something was wrong.

It was a perfect plan. Although he took a detour in the middle the plan was proceeding like normal. But everything crumbled in the end.

Sigil didn’t look at the warriors of Valhalla anymore. He started to run towards the holy land like crazy. He would first kill the Valkyrie and the warrior no matter what they did. And would create the great earthquake however he could.

Notung and Harabal couldn’t give chase to Sigil and collapsed. However, Bracky gritted his teeth and rose up. Siri vomited blood and then activated her saga. She transformed into a wolf and turned to look at Bracky.

Sigil charged forward and Siri and Bracky chased him back.

Ingrid, that had depleted all her magic and stamina, couldn’t fight anymore. She was now leaning on the hog Shinsoo that had now died completely and Tae Ho felt Sigil’s existence charging towards them fiercely.

He called Adenmaha and Rolo by using a summoning rock. He took Ingrid on Rolo’s back and then said to Adenmaha.

“If things don’t go as expected, flee.”


Adenmaha transformed into a woman instead of replying and looked at the direction where Sigil was charging from. She wanted to step forward to try to buy a little bit more of time.

However, Sigil was a step ahead of her. Sigil, looked at Tae Ho and Adenmaha when he reached the entrance of the morest. He looked at Ingrid riding on Rolo’s back that was escaping from far away.



Sigil roared and Bracky yelled more loudly behind him.

Lightning fell down. Siri collapsed out of exhaustion and couldn’t move anymore. She transformed into a human again and started to sweat out like rain, and Bracky charged towards Sigil, that got hit by the lightning.

Bracky was also exhausted. He was already at his limit but he still swung his hammer towards Sigil. He extended his arm to grab his leg the moment he got hit by Sigil’s fist and fell.

Sigil kicked Bracky. He breathed out roughly and glared at Tae Ho. Sigil released all of his strength and sneered at Siri and Bracky as if provoking Tae Ho.

Stupid warriors of Valhalla.

Trying to hang on looks so pitiful. It’s so funny that they would be facing the death of one of their allies and the great earthquake after having chased him all the way here.

Bracky laid on the floor and didn’t move. He had already lost consciousness. Siri gritted her teeth and gulped dry saliva. She looked at Sigil’s back and smiled.

Because their actions weren’t meaningless.

The short time Bracky had bought was really precious.

The sky turned dark as if it would rain at any moment. It was when midday was approaching.

Just like that day.

Just like when he fought against Balzak in the winter tree forest.

Sigil charged towards Tae Ho and Tae Ho didn’t wait for him anymore.

[Synchro rate: 41%]

The accomplishment he had made by stopping the earthquake. In addition, the saga that got strengthened.

It was time. A white blade surged up from the Unknown sword piece. Tae Ho charged towards Sigil and activated his saga.

[Legendary ranked saga: Idun’s warrior]

A light as bright as the morning glory shone. And at that moment Tae Ho could feel it.

That ‘Idun’s warrior’ had transformed.


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