VS Episode 24 Chapter 4

Episode 24/Chapter 4: The Shinsoo’s of Earth (4)

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ED: Isleidir

Sigil was starving for evil deeds.

Maybe it was because he was imprisoned for a hundred years that Radetza was a tasty feast for him.

But he was patient. Because he had to instill a big fear in order to raise evil deeds the most effectively.

He was planning on entering the center of the city. When the battle intensified and the warriors in the battlefield were praying for victory, that was when he was planning to sentence death on everyone in Radetza. As dogs and pigs believed that they were safe, they would cry more loudly in front of a butchering knife.

Sigil smacked his lips several times in that short moment when he crossed the gates. He endured the urge to extend his hand and rip off every one that passed next to him.

And he finally passed the gates. The complete view of the great city of Radetza welcomed him. And at that moment Sigil hurriedly turned around and exerted some strength.



Thunder fell from the sky. Precisely speaking, it was a huge arrow. The thing that was close to a javelin fell down precisely aiming for Sigil’s head and Sigil could barely push back the javelin by a hairsbreadth.

The javelin got stuck in the ground and a loud sound exploded. There were sparks in it and right after that the second arrow flew towards him.

It was a terrifyingly precise aim. The ones that were near the gates let out bewildered noises at the first explosion made by the first javelin. There were some that looked around without knowing what had happened.

Sigil didn’t mind them. He just looked at the arrows flying towards him. There was a flying pirate ship beyond the feather of the arrow.



He just moved his hand instead of asking. He grabbed the arrow that was moving following his head. He turned his body like that and threw the arrow in the direction it came from.

Imagining the expression his enemies would put at the unexpected counter-attack made him feel joy. Sigil clenched and loosened his hands that had turned numb because of the thunder and breathed out. He released his rage because his plans had gone astray.

The ground exploded. A radius of 30 meters around Sigil exploded and everything got destroyed. The gates broke and the ones that were on top of the gates burst out and died.

The tens of people that gathered to pass the gates had died in an instant. Silence came first and then screams were heard. Sigil let out a smile at the fear that poured down. The action just now was the greatest insult to the ones that had fired arrows towards him.

Come. Right, come.

Just how many will come? How many of you will come down to stop me?


Siri, that was on top of the flying ship, gulped down dry saliva. She, that had fired arrows by combining strengths with Tae Ho, was at a loss for words at the terrible scene that occurred below.

‘You weren’t wrong. If he had entered the center of the city, a more terrible thing would have happened. You did nothing wrong.’

Cuchulainn said. And Siri and Tae Ho agreed with his words but it was hard to recognize it.

When the flying ship passed above the gates.

Tae Ho casually looked down the gates and discovered a red word among the white words. When someone that had a name that was written in a more clear red than Balzak appeared, Tae Ho could only make one decision.

Bracky parried away the arrow that returned. He, that was glaring as if he would jump down at any moment, turned to look at Ingrid.

Six of the eight warriors that had originally come to Midgard were following Ingrid in the flying ship. As for the other two and the four warriors of Odin’s legion, they had followed Valkyrie Rasgrid and went to the front lines.

Bracky’s question was clear. Who will stay here?


There was no time to think. Ingrid ordered immediately.

“Bracky, Harabal, and Notung will stop him from the front. Siri and Olmar, keep him in check on top of the flying ship.”


She left five of six warriors and also left them with the flying ship.

But it wasn’t enough. The strength he had displayed on the ground wasn’t normal. Even though they were hundreds of meters high in the air they felt like all the hair in their bodies stood up.

Ingrid couldn’t stay herself. She had to go to remove the danger of the holy land the Shinsoo had spoken about. The Shinsoo couldn’t precisely say what it was but it was certain that it was a magical power. Because of that Ingrid had to be the one to go.

Siri turned to look at Tae Ho but she didn’t say her opinion. Bracky glared at the ground once again and then started to swing his hammer to gather thunder as if he couldn’t endure it anymore. Notung and Harabla also looked at the ground and took on fighting stances.

Ingrid turned to look at Tae Ho. He nodded immediately and took out a summoning rock. He was planning to call Rolo to go with Ingrid.

However, Ingrid grabbed the hand of Tae Ho. She shook her head and said while smiling bitterly.

“So the time has finally come.”


There was a need to lessen time as much as they dispersed their forces. They had to resolve the thing in the holy land as fast as they could and had to come back to help Bracky’s group.

Ingrid took out a dragon wing coat from the air. It was the item Rasgrid had given her before going out to the front lines.

There was no more time to waste. Ingrid wore the dragon wing coat and recited the chant. She transformed into a golden dragon as if following her golden hair. Although it was a bit smaller than the white dragon Rasgrid had transformed into, her wings were rather bigger.

“Let’s go warrior Tae Ho.”


Tae Ho also didn’t waste time. He hurriedly rode on Ingrid and activated his saga.

“Go warriors!”


Ingrid flew from the ship after yelling, Olmar moved the ship to the surface of the ground and Bracky fired thunderbolts towards Sigil and jumped down.

Notung and Harabal also left the ship. Siri looked at the huge catapult that was installed in the pirate ship and then looked behind her for the last time. Ingrid, that was carrying Tae Ho on her back, was flying at an unbelievable speed.

[Saga: The one that controls dragons]

[Saga: The warrior that rides on Valkyries]

Ingrid trembled while flying at a high speed and got shocked. It wasn’t only because she was sharing senses with Tae Ho.

[Valkyrie Leader: Ingrid]

The power of Idun was added to her, who was a Valkyrie of Njord. It promoted her to a higher rank.

“How surprising.”


Ingrid said in a low voice and Tae Ho started to think about another thing.

What will happen to Heda, that was already a Valkyrie of Idun, if she was added with Idun’s strength? Will she also become a Valkyrie leader? Or will she become something beyond that?


Thunder fell down. It was the signal that the fight between Sigil and Bracky had started. Ingrid turned all the power she had obtained to flying. She flew towards the holy land like a blade crossing the land.

Sigil saw that while blocking Bracky’s hammer and smiled. Because he knew very well that it was pointless. It wasn’t something that one Valkyrie and one warrior could solve.

‘And it’s the same for this place.’

To merely send five intermediate ranked warriors.

Bracky swung his hammer once again with all his strength. Sigil didn’t dodge it and faced it head on.

Thunder exploded it and Sigil’s chest also exploded.

However, Sigil didn’t die. He didn’t even step back, he just stood there.

It was a thrilling pain. Sigil realized that he was alive even though his flesh was crushed, his bones broke and the veins exploded. He laughed magnanimously and swung his fist towards Bracky.

Bracky bounced back. He reflexively threw his body back the moment the attack connected, but it was still meaningless. The fist that had all of Sigil’s strength behind was that powerful.

Bracky clashed against the remains of the broken gate. The moment Sigil put back his fist, the wound that was on his chest had already healed.

“He’s a regenerator! Use the power of a God!”


Harabal yelled and Sigil smiled once again. He clenched his fists roughly as if telling them to try.

Harabal and Notung charged at the same time and Siri pulled the trigger from a distant place.

A rough wind blew. Tae Ho looked down the ground. The fomoires and the warriors were still battling on the front lines. Rasgrid looked at Ingrid, that had transformed into a golden dragon, and frowned. The loud sound and the sound of thunder she had heard from far away weren’t a mistake.

But she couldn’t pull the warriors away easily. The reason why the front lines were maintained was because the warriors of Valhalla were there.

The fomoires that were at the front lines were certainly weak but that was compared to the standard of the warriors of Valhalla. The fomoires were really wicked and overwhelming monsters for the warriors of Midgard.

They had to hurry. Rasgrid unsheathed her sword and glared at the rear of the line. Korga, that was leading the fomoires, noticed the gaze of Rasgrid.

He had the same nature as the Tyrant Bress. He placed countless underlings in front of him as if telling her to come if she wished.

Rasgrid charged towards him and two warriors of Odin’s legion chased her back. Ingrid continued to fly and passed the front lines.

The black cow, that was a Shinsoo of the earth, had said. There was an overwhelming amount of strength concentrated in the center of the holy land, that was the place where Loki and Thor had adventured together. It had said that the giant was planning to use the hog Shinsoo that had turned crazy to plot something and the Shinsoo was no different to a part of the holy land. That’s why the Shinsoo could know that the entire holy land had fallen in fear.

The black cow spoke again. If they weren’t able to stop it, it would be the end. That he got a premonition that could only be explained in that way.

Ingrid hurried even more. When they entered the forest, that could be said to be the entrance, Tae Ho activated the eyes of the dragon one more time. He glared towards the center of the holy land.

He could see a Shinsoo that was dying and a huge and powerful magic circle.

The knowledge of Tuatha De Danann told him that. That there were techniques of the fomoires in that.

Ingrid also noticed that there were techniques of the giants used on it.

There were some fomoires around as if guarding it, but rather than facing Ingrid they just escaped. Because of that Ingrid was able to save time and hurriedly landed in front of the magic circle.

The hog Shinsoo was actually cut out from its breath. It was actually alive because it was needed as a part of the magic circle in order to activate.

How much time had passed since flying to this place? Ingrid hurriedly turned back to a Valkyrie and glared at the magic circle. Tae Ho also used the ‘eyes of the dragon’ and checked the center of the magic circle.

And at some point they realized. Even Cuchulainn let out a shocked voice.

The card Sigil had prepared.

Just as if they had promised.

The ground started to shake.


Sigil punched Notung’s face. He grabbed his shoulder and arm and pulled it. It forcefully tore off his arm as if tearing the leg of a well roasted chicken.

Notung couldn’t hold back screaming. Harabal yelled and charged towards that Sigil, and Sigil swung Notung’s arm towards Harabal.

Notung, Harabal, and Bracky, that were facing Sigil head on, were a mess. In addition, Bracky had already used the ‘son of the God that has returned’.

But of course, Sigil wasn’t fine either. His fighting method, that could be called to be self-destructive, spent a lot of energy. He always sought the most effective way but he became a wild beast the moment he fought.

The ground shook from far away and Sigil laughed. The Valkyrie must have reached the magic circle by now and should feel the most extreme of despair. There was nothing she could do but could feel what was going to happen.


Sigil surged up into the air. He kicked Siri’s arrow flying towards him and then jumped towards the flying ship. He was like a cannonball flying to the sky.

Siri fired her second arrow hurriedly and Siri grabbed that once again and landed on the flying ship.



Sigil said while smiling and Siri and Olmar moved at the same time.


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