VS Episode 24 Chapter 1

Episode 24/Chapter 1: The Shinsoo’s of Earth (1)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isalee

The warriors of Valhalla decided to stay in Kataron until reinforcements would arrive from Asgard.


And it was obvious to say this but King Ivar and his retainers welcomed them with both hands.


After they were notified about the reinforcements were coming, Tae Ho gathered Siri and Ingrid to talk about his situation after thinking about it for a long time.


“So you aren’t able to use the power of a God for fifteen days right?” Ingrid asked with a really serious face. Lowering her voice calmly in this situation was too much like her.


“Yes, now it’s 13 days and a few hours.”

Tae Ho laughed awkwardly and replied and Ingrid fell in her thoughts while shutting her mouth and Siri nodded as if she knew how it turned out like this.


“Well. I was wondering what had happened as your power increased by several folds in an instant.”

That day Tae Ho had used a power of a God was several times more powerful than what he usually used.


Compared to Ingrid, Siri knew that Tae Ho had geass seed. Because of that, she took it in faster than Ingrid.


Tae Ho didn’t speak about the geass and Ingrid also didn’t ask him about the cause.


The important fact for Ingrid, that got to lead the warriors in Midgard, was that Tae Ho wasn’t able to use the power of a God for a time.


The myth ranked Idun’s saga was certainly strong. However it had the weakness of not being able to use the power of a God for fifteen days after that.


It was obvious to say this but it was better to not tell others about the weakness of his technique. Regardless of that, the reason why he told the both of them was because he needed to.


It wasn’t that Tae Ho was weak to the point he became a commoner just because he couldn’t use the power of a God. His physique, which  was strengthened by the accumulating runes remained, and the usage of rune magic that was engraved in it also remained the same.


Although he couldn’t strengthen himself with the power of a God, Tae Ho still remained a strong warrior.


However, just like Ragnar had said before, the power of a God was also the power of permission. If enemies that you could only face with the power of a God appeared, then the current Tae Ho wouldn’t be able to do anything.


If no one knew of this then an unexpected accident may occur. And Tae Ho wouldn’t be the only one to get swept up in that accident. All the warriors would also be swept up.


Knowing the capabilities and the strengths of your allies was a really important thing.


Because of that Tae Ho decided to only reveal his secret to Ingrid, who was the current leader, and to Siri, the comrade he trusted the most.


Ingrid nodded slowly.


“Well. If possible it would be good to keep it as a secret. I understand. I will remember it. Also…..”

Ingrid paused for a moment and put on an awkward smile and then looked at Tae Ho fixedly and said, “Thank you for trusting me.”

Because it would have been hard to reveal his secret willingly.


Tae Ho smiled brightly and answered, “It’s because it’s you Ingrid.”

“That reason puts me in a good mood.”

If it was Gandur or Reginleif, they would just have laughed at it but Ingrid just drew a smile. It was a smile that was so like her and it was a good one to see.


But it didn’t last long. She closed her eyes for a moment and then put on a serious face again.


“Warrior Tae Ho, honestly speaking I want to send you back to Valhalla immediately. But coming and going to Asgard from Midgard isn’t an easy thing. Taking the souls of the great warriors and going to Valhalla is a different problem.”


The warriors of Valhalla had received a new body in Asgard. The situation was different with the Valkyries that had half dematerialized to take the souls or the dead ones that were in soul form.


In addition, if you returned to Asgard it wouldn’t be easy to come down to Midgard again.


“I hope you are careful for the time being, understood?”

“I understand.”

Tae Ho also answered with a serious expression.


Ingrid was making things more convenient for Tae Ho. Although it was hard to come and go, it wasn’t that it was impossible.


A long expedition like this one in Midgard wasn’t common. Ingrid was worried about Tae Ho but she didn’t want to take away his opportunity to spread Idun’s name and create a new saga.


“Right, I will also believe in you.”

Ingrid finished speaking in a low voice and kissed Tae Ho’s forehead to give him a blessing.


‘The collection of blessings from Valkyries increased.’


Cuchulainn, that was silent until now, said as if teasing and Tae Ho didn’t refute him.


“Then I will return.”

Ingrid also gave a blessing to Siri and then put on the same business-like expression and left the room.


Siri just looked at her back leaving the room and then looked at Tae Ho and said, “I’m saying this just in case, but.”


“Keep it a secret from Bracky. Rumors will spread in all of Midgard.”

It seemed like Siri had suffered because of him and thus she was really serious. Because of that Tae Ho laughed unconsciously and nodded.




As rumors that Kataron had been seized back spread, the evacuees that were spread started to gather.


But the evacuees weren’t the only ones that had gathered.


Warriors from various places gathered. Among them, there were kings and their guards that had a force comparable to Kataron.


Because the warriors of Valhalla and a Valkyrie were staying in Kataron.


The rumor that started in the island of King Sven coincided with the rumors that started in Kataron and Katren. The warriors of Kataron kept repeating the miracles they saw and new legends started to come out of the mouths of the people.


A moving forest and the warriors that fought against it.


Idun’s warrior that defeated a giant.


It has been three days after taking back Kataron. More people were gathered in Kataron than before Hella’s curse had spread. It was because rumors that the Valkyrie will hold a ritual were going around.


King Ivar piled up a big offering in front of the royal castle, in the middle of Kataron. The ceremony held by king Sven was flashy but the ceremony king Ivar prepared was even more flashier.


“It’s a bit burdensome.”

Ingrid stood in front of the door that led to the offering and mumbled in a low voice. There were big fires at her sides and an altar made of wood between that. The altar seemed to be at least 10 meters high.


The warriors of Valhalla followed Ingrid’s back. The people that gathered near the altar let out impressed voices and observed the ceremony.


Thousands of eyes gathered in Ingrid. The ceremony started after the warriors of Valhalla stopped in the center of the altar and only Ingrid climbed to the highest floor. As they yelled the names of the Gods and prayed, a reaction occurred in the sky.


“It’s a rainbow stair!”


“Ohh! Odin!”

Breathless exclamations came out from everywhere. It was obvious as they saw the sky splitting up and rainbow stairs spread out. But that wasn’t all. There were people coming down the stairs.


The one at the front was a beautiful Valkyrie. Four warriors that were completely armed followed her.




He hadn’t seen her for such a long time. It seemed like Rasgrid also recognized Tae Ho as they exchanged gazes for a while.




The two Valkyries exchanged short greetings and then hit their chests to express etiquette. The crowd shut their mouths and gulped dry saliva by the scene that would only be seen in legends.


The warriors that came with her all belonged to Odin’s legion. One of them greeted the warriors below the altar with his eyes and then yelled when he saw Tae Ho.


“Ohh! So you are the one that rode on the Ice Princess….No, the warrior that rides on Valkyries!”

As a veteran warrior that had a white beard laughed, the other warriors of Idun’s legion also showed interest in Tae Ho.


And that interest also spread to the ones that were looking.


“A warrior that rode on a Valkyrie?”

The people looked at each other and spoke to each other. Then, the warriors that were at the place started yelling as if they were having fun.


“The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie!”

Bracky had already spoken about him a lot.


Tae Ho would have tried to calm down the situation normally but he decided to just take it in this time. He wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he stopped them and he already had a saga. If stories spread and got strengthened, then the saga would also get strengthened.


“Ohh! The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie!”

“The warrior that rides on Valkyries!”

The people that were near the altar yelled excitedly. Their eyes, that were looking at Tae Ho, were filled with respect.


“I also heard that you defeated a giant. I’m happy as we will be able to fight together.”

“I’m also happy.”

Tae Ho hit his chest and then glanced at Rasgrid. She was looking at him with a slightly resigned face.


“Are you done?”

“We are done.”

The warriors of Idun’s legion scratched the back of their heads and then followed behind Rasgrid again. Just looking at them it seemed like an intelligent grand daughter and shameless grandparents.


Ingrid showed a smile towards that Rasgrid and finished the ceremony. The rainbow stair disappeared and Rasgrid and the warriors of Odin’s legion expressed their manners towards King Ivar.


King Ivar had a really satisfied expression. It was because he was facing the Valkyrie and the warriors of Valhalla but also because Kataron’s fame would spread everywhere. In addition, the fame of King Ivar himself would get higher.


As the warriors and king Ivar entered the palace again, several bards started to sing about the tales of the warriors. The warriors of Kataron talked about the things they had witnessed themselves and not long after that the city started to get filled with stories about the warriors of Valhalla.


And about an hour after that.


Rasgrid revealed that their first objective in this objective was to gather information about the third fragment of Garmr’s soul and chasing the tracks of the fomoires and after that she called Tae Ho and Siri separately. It was because there was something important she had to discuss with them.


“I’m happy as both of you seem healthy. I heard that you raised quite a lot of achievements.”

“Thank you.”

Rasgrid and Siri already had connections from before Tae Ho entered Valhalla and they smiled while looking at each other.

Rasgrid took a deep breath and then said while looking at Tae Ho.


“Warrior Tae Ho, do you remember that I said that I would repay you?”

Tae Ho tilted his head as if he didn’t know what she was talking about but then remembered what it was about. He had certainly heard something similar when he was at Svartalfheim.


“I’ve decided to repay you now. It’s something Ragnar Lodbrok requested for me to do.”

Although he only stayed in Idun’s residence and had retired, he still belonged to Odin’s legion.


“I heard that you have accumulated quite a lot of attribute runes. Ragnar requested me to teach you the basics of the attributes.”

Earth, wind, water, fire, thunder, light, darkness, life, death.


Although he had gathered the nine attributes of runes, Tae Ho still hadn’t used them properly.


“It can already display some effect just by possessing them. But if you want to use them properly you have to learn about attributes.”

The ones that had thunder attribute runes could strengthen the power of their thunder or lessen the damage coming from thunder attributed attacks.


In Tae Ho’s case, he had Idun’s strength that had the power of life and had several sagas that could handle thunder and wind, so if he learnt about attributes then he would be able to greatly increase his fighting prowess.


“The time I can teach you is short. But you will certainly get some achievements as I’m the one who will teach you directly. Get ready for it.”

Rasgrid smiled coldly. It was a really fearsome expression.


Cuchulainn snickered and said, ‘There seems to be bones in her words. But cheer up. Even if it’s hard, it will be much better than the master’s classes.’


His words weren’t wrong at all.




Rasgrid’s classes were difficult. After only listening to Ragnar’s free classes, it was like he was suddenly receiving hardcore Sparta-like classes.


Ingrid decided to be in charge of finding Garmr’s soul fragment, and they decided to be on standby before getting clear clues about Garmr’s soul fragment so Rasgrid had a lot of time.


“Starting from tomorrow I will teach you from morning to night. I will leave you with energy to spare so don’t worry.”

She, who was frying Tae Ho and Siri until late at night spoke like that and stepped away, and Siri had become tattered after being squeezed out all the attributes for several continued hours. She returned to her room with an exhausted face.


Tae Ho also returned to the room and washed himself up before lying down on his bed sleeping.


Yet Tae Ho couldn’t sleep that easily.


“Hello again?”

Idun appeared in his dreams. He was accustomed to it as it was already the third meeting. He also thought of the days when Heda came to meet him everyday.


“You have a really exhausted face. Did something happen? It seemed like I gained more followers today…..”

As Idun asked with a worried voice, Tae Ho just laughed and shook his head. Although it wasn’t that it had no relation at all, it was just a separate case.


Tae Ho fixed his expression and said, “I’m fine. Is it a meeting today again?”

Whatever the case, a meeting with Idun was just as fun as a meeting with Heda.


However, she put on an awkward smile and shook her head.


“That’s not the case. There’s someone else that said that she has business with you.”


Was it Heda?

As he asked with a voice filled with expectation, Idun started to laugh and stepped back.


“That’s not the case. Now, come out.”

As Idun spoke, someone new appeared above the plains. She was a woman as beautiful as Heda, but it wasn’t her.


It was a woman with long black hair, and she was covering herself with the fur of a black beast and she had cat-like eyes.


“Idun’s warrior Tae Ho, I heard the story. So you got attacked by the Tyrant Bress?”

Scathach went down to business immediately. Although she was still resting by sleeping, it seemed like her consciousness was already awake. As soon as she heard that Tae Ho was attacked by the Tyrant Bress, she had stepped up because she couldn’t leave her benefactor in danger. Because the real reason why Tae Ho was resented by Bress was because of Scathach herself.

“You may get attacked by the fomoires again in Midgard. And I heard that you aren’t able to use the power of a God right now. Because of that I decided to hurry a bit.”

Just what was she going to hurry at?

He did have a vague idea however. Normally he would welcome it, but the situation was a bit different now.


“I will teach you the power of Erin, and the power of Tuatha De Danann. I hope you understand even if the classes are harsh as we don’t have that much time.”

The maybe became true. Tae Ho flinched and Idun, who was standing behind, clenched her fist as if telling him to cheer up.


“Let’s start immediately.”

Scathach approached Tae Ho and he smiled while crying inwardly.



‘To have personal lessons at night and morning by beauties. I’m jealous.’


Cuchulainn laughed but Tae Ho couldn’t laugh with him.


Rasgrid’s lessons were hard, and Scathach’s lessons were even harder.


It seemed like Ingrid had told Rasgrid that it was fine if he made him train all day as he wasn’t included in the main force for not being able to use the strength of God. Because of that, compared to Siri who had strength left to fight, Tae Ho had to squeeze out all his strength.


In addition, Scathach’s lessons started at night.


As Scathach’s lessons happened in his dreams, it was closer to being a mental training rather than physical training. Because of that he didn’t spend stamina but the mental strength that was consumed was overwhelming.


If the power of the Milesians was an ability to strengthen your body and fight directly, then the power of Tuatha De Danann was closer to a mystical magic.


After about one week since Tae Ho started the classes with the two people.


Tae Ho passed the days wondering if it wouldn’t be faster to die at the hands of the two people rather than dying against the giants or fomoires and then a rain of hope fell down.


It was a notice that came from the north.


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