VS Episode 23 Chapter 2

Episode 23/Chapter 2: Saga (2)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isalee

Idun was graceful and beautiful as usual. She extended her arms and put on a warm smile filled with affection. Although he couldn’t see her face well because of the light he could still know that. No, he could feel it.


Idun, spoke gently as she let out a sigh of relief and said, “My warrior Tae Ho. It’s nice to see you so healthy.”

“I heard about the battle from Adenmaha. And saw it myself from the middle.”

“You saw it yourself?”

Idun nodded as Tae Ho unconsciously asked in return.


“Right, Tae Ho. It’s because of that marvelous strength you used. Didn’t you also hear my voice?”

Mythology ranked saga, Idun’s warrior.


He felt like he could know. The voice he heard in the middle of the battle wasn’t a hallucination.


“Yes, I heard. I also felt your power.”

“Right, I also felt you Tae Ho.”

It was beyond simply transmitting power. The abundant power of a God had made that possible.


“Are Adenmaha and Rolo okay?” Tae Ho asked hurriedly as if he just remembered. He was worried about Adenmaha that returned completely exhausted but was also worried about Rolo that had returned while being completely petrified. Adenmaha was a strong sea serpent and a Goddess of Tuatha De Danann but Rolo was just a gryphon.


But of course, he wasn’t an ordinary one. It had a head so good to the point it made you think that it was an intellectual animal and also had a physical body that far surpassed the normal gryphons. Yet, he couldn’t help but be worried.


Idun slightly dropped his shoulders at Tae Ho’s question and said softly as if telling him to calm down.


“Adenmaha was so exhausted she would need to rest for a few days. But don’t worry as she isn’t greatly hurt. Rolo also suffered a bit of injury from the fall.”

It didn’t seem like she was lying to comfort him. Tae Ho then dropped his shoulders as if he had relaxed.


“I’m glad.”

“Right, it is. Also….Adenmaha is a really nice girl. She worries about you a lot.”

“She’s a good lady.”

Although she snorted or acted spoiled in front of him, she still did her best for Tae Ho at all times.


‘I feel sorry for her.’


He had treated her too roughly recently. He thought about giving her a small gift and thanking words the next time he met her.


While Tae Ho was still thinking about Adenmaha, Idun just looked at him without saying anything. Her eyes were filled with affection and worry.


“My warrior Tae Ho. I saw the strength you showed in the battle. It was a new strength created by……combining the strength of Asgard and Erin. Ragnar was also impressed.”

Idun caressed Tae Ho’s cheeks and said. Tae Ho was bewildered at her suddenly touching his cheek but then concentrated on her words.


“Ragnar did?”

“Yeah, I was also surprised.”

The geass Tae Ho had used was close to pushing it. No one from Erin used a geass like Tae Ho did. No, they couldn’t in the first place.


The reason it worked for him was simple.


It was because the myth rank saga ‘Idun’s warrior’ was a combination of his saga and the geass. It was the result of combining two strengths.


‘Perhaps it may be because Tae Ho didn’t belong to Asgard nor Erin.’


Those were the words Ragnar had said after hearing about ‘Idun’s warrior’. And Idun also thought that might have been the case.


He was able to handle the two strengths harmoniously as he didn’t belong to either side. And they had a special spot just like Ragnar had said previously.


The reason why Tae Ho came to Valhalla wasn’t simply coincidence but there may have been another reason behind it. His fate may be connected with the thread of fate made by the three sisters.


Idun shook her head. It wasn’t that she denied the thought she had. Because whether it was fate or coincidence that he entered Idun’s legion, he was still led to it. Tae Ho was the most precious warrior for Idun.


Idun organized her thoughts by taking a breath and spoke to Tae Ho again.


“It was certainly a surprising power. But the price it comes with is also big. Later on Cuchulainn or Ragnar will tell you in more detail, but it will be better not to use it that frequently.”

The restriction of Tae Ho’s geass was limited. Using a normal geass as an example, it was secured so that you would get punished after breaking your pledge. So although it had gotten outside the grasp of being a normal geass, there was no way it would only function well.


In addition, the price of not being able to use the power of a God for fifteen days wasn’t light.


Tae Ho was a warrior. That meant that he was someone that had to fight and would get deployed to the battlefield at any time. Decreasing their forces by fifteen days wasn’t something they could do easily.


But of course, as the price was high as the effects he could obtain through ‘Idun’s warrior’ was also big.


He could defeat a strong opponent because he used ‘Idun’s warrior’.


‘Idun’s warrior’ was a double-edged sword. And the performance of these kinds of weapons changed depending on the user.


Adequate techniques at adequate times.


Tae Ho remembered a phrase he used to hear when he was a pro gamer and nodded heavily.


“Yes, I will take it into account.”

“Right, I believe in you.”

Idun took off her hands from Tae Ho’s cheeks and then continued speaking with a worried tone.


“I investigated about the Tyrant Bress. He’s a really stubborn guy. It would seem like he won’t show himself but….There’s a possibility he may keep attacking you.”

In Bress’s position, he had worked for nothing twice. In addition, the resentment and rage Bress felt towards Tae Ho was bigger than he had imagined.


“It won’t be easy for a giant of Jotunheim to appear like before. Ragnar said that Bress must have spent quite a big force for this so he won’t launch an attack immediately. Also….Valhalla won’t also stay still. As Bress is also a big enemy of Asgard, we are planning to track him down in this opportunity.


Bress showed the tail he was hiding to attack Tae Ho. In addition, Midgard was a special land for Asgard. You wouldn’t know if he had acted in Svartalfheim but since the fomoires appeared in the middle of Midgard, Asgard wouldn’t forgive his actions.


Even if they couldn’t find Bress immediately it would still have some effect. Because he would be hiding all the time. He wouldn’t even have the courage to touch Tae Ho.


“Only…. there’s a high probability for the giants to show interest in Midgard because of what happened. That’s why reinforcements will be sent from Valhalla.”


“Right, as we can’t send a big army to Midgard we decided to send an additional Valkyrie and some veteran warriors. You will be able to meet them in about two days.”

It seemed like not even Idun knew exactly who they were going to be since she didn’t mention any names.


‘It isn’t Heda.’


Then will it be Rasgrid or Reginleif? Or Gandur.


Or perhaps a completely new Valkyrie.


When Tae Ho was concentrating on the Valkyries rather than the warriors. Idun put on a gentle smile and changed subjects to bring out a joyous story.


“My warrior Tae Ho, you have been working hard in Midgard. My influence in the mortal world has multiplied by a few times.”



Tae Ho asked back reflexively. He was working hard but it hadn’t even been ten days.


Even if the reaction was fast, it was too fast.


Idun flinched at Tae Ho’s question and then checked her surroundings and approached Tae Ho. As if whispering to him, she said in a low voice, “Um….It’s embarrassing to say this but I will tell you just because it’s you. In the first place, my influence is too small so it’s easy to notice it even if it increases by a bit.”

Tae Ho still couldn’t see properly because of the light but he was certain. Idun’s cheeks and ears were red due to embarrassment. He didn’t know if he could say this to a Goddess but her uneasy side was just too cute.


“I will work harder.”

Idun put on a complicated smile when Tae Ho spoke but then nodded.


“Thank you. But still you should rest at times. I’m worried about what kind of reward I should give you if you raise that many achievements. Do you know how long I have been thinking before you came here? But of course, it was a really fun thinking.”

The mounting set was already coming to an end too.


Tae Ho smirked at her mumbling that seemed to be a complaint and then expressed his manners a bit more excessively.


“I will receive it with a happy heart regardless of what it is.”

“It’s more burdensome if you speak like that.”

“I believe that you will pick it well.”

Idun giggled at Tae Ho’s answer and then put on a serious expression.


“But Tae Ho, my warrior, I realized something when watching your fight directly.”

“You realized something?”

“Yeah, you called Heda’s name a lot.”


He did do that a lot. Because he got strength whenever he called out her name.

As Tae Ho dodged her eyes and dimmed her words Idun opened her eyes sharply and then spoke while imitating Heda.


“So you really did. My warrior Tae Ho doesn’t call my name but calls Heda’s name when he’s in danger to gain strength. So that was the reason.”

“Id, Idun-nim?”

“I’m joking. A joke.”

“But your eyes are scary.”

Idun just smiled evilly at Tae Ho pointing that out and then crossed her arms and said.

“Well, I don’t actually care but Heda was really satisfied. That’s enough. Isn’t that like that for you too? Am I wrong?”

Just what answer did he have to give right now?

But fortunately Idun didn’t tease him too much.


“It’s really a joke so don’t worry. Whoever you call, it’s enough for me if that gives you strength.”

The important thing was that Tae Ho had returned safely.


Idun spoke with a gentle voice and then changed subjects.


“You absorbed quite a lot of attribute runes this time. Ragnar said that you should expect classes soon since he’s going to start a new lesson.”

The amount of attribute runes Tae Ho had gathered until now amounted to thirty.


The conditions to become a superior ranked warrior wasn’t only the mythology ranked saga so it was now time to start an earnest class about attributes.


As Tae Ho nodded Idun raised her head to look at the sky.


“My precious warrior Tae Ho, it’s unfortunate but it seems like it’s already time to return.”

Happy times always passed quickly.


Tae Ho hit his chest lightly and lowered his posture to express his etiquette and Idun placed her lips on his forehead and blessed him.


“Let my blessing accompany you.”

A faint and warm golden light covered Tae Ho.




Tae Ho opened his eyes in a good mood. It seemed like it was thanks to Idun’s blessing that his body felt refreshed just like when you just took a bath.


‘You woke up? It’s already sunset, Princess Helga came four times to see if you were awake.’ Cuchulainn said immediately. When he looked out the window the sun was really setting. It seemed like he had slept for quite a long time after the meeting had ended.


Tae Ho thought about Helga for a moment. As the princess of Kataron, she was a beauty and in addition held a really good will towards Idun. Because of that she was the strongest candidate to become the most important existence in creating the national religion in Kataron.


‘It seems like the latter is more important than the former.’


“Ey, how can that be? Before that, why did she come?”

‘I don’t know exactly but it seems like it’s because of the banquet. Because the warriors of Valhalla that were supposed to be stars were all injured so they couldn’t celebrate victory properly. She would probably speak about the plague and how they got rid of it at the celebratory banquet.’


It was an understandable reasoning. Actually, excluding Bracky, that had completely recovered through the effects of his saga, and Harabal that only suffered minor injuries all the other warriors were lying on the bed.


“Is Captain Siri fine…?”

‘Don’t worry. She already came once when you were sleeping. Although she did seem a bit dispirited it seems like she’s fine. She rather looked prettier than normal.’


Tae Ho thought of another thing instead of asking how being safe and having become prettier was related.


‘Is it the effects of a new saga?’


Siri’s new saga, which even made the enemies turn to look at her.


Bracky’s saga was like that too and all the new sagas that were created in Midgard seemed to be quite useful.


“Ah, you woke up.”

Helga entered the room at that time. She, who was wearing a blue dress instead of armor, looked like a princess from a fairytale.


‘She really is a princess. A royal princess.’


Cuchulainn spoke as if he had read Tae Ho’s thoughts and then Helga started to speak. It was related to the celebratory banquet just like Cuchulainn had expected.


“Then I will be waiting for you.”

Helga expressed her manners gracefully and left the room. As it was a small kingdom to begin with, no one had followed her back. Tae Ho washed himself with the warm water that was brought by an apprentice female knight and then went to the banquet Helga had told him about.


“Idun’s warrior!”


“Idun’s warrior!”


As soon as he entered the banquet hall, the warriors raised their cups and yelled. After calmly looking at the place he didn’t only see Bracky and Harabal but also saw Siri, Notung, etc seated in the seats of honor.


Tae Ho wasn’t someone to neglect them, as were calling out Idun’s name. He was about to wave his hand widely and answer.


But it was at that moment. Tae Ho unconsciously turned his eyes. He didn’t wave his hand widely, he didn’t even do it properly.

That was because something other than that had caught his attention. In addition, the Unknown sword piece that was hanging in his waist had started to vibrate.


‘Why did that appear here?’ Cuchulainn spoke in a bewildered voice as if he were reading Tae Ho’s thoughts out loud.


Tae Ho’s eyes landed on it. Something that was well adorned in the middle of the banquet.


Rainbow colored letters entered Tae Ho’s eyes.


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