VS Episode 22 Chapter 6

Episode 22/Chapter 6: Saga (6)

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Helga’s three brothers were greatly moved at the fact that they got to ride the flying pirate ship. They giggled and talked like children would and that made Helga feel anxious.


However, that didn’t last that long. In the first place, as it was already night when they departed, Helga’s three brothers started to fall asleep and then fell into a deep sleep.


The warriors of Valhalla viewed them cutely, especially Siri, who took off her coat and covered the children.


“Do you have something on your mind?”

Siri caressed the head of the sleeping Gudrid carefully and then asked Helga. She flinched at that moment and then closed her eyes and said, “I’m worried about the citizens I left in Katren.”

Although they had said that it was unavoidable, they had still left behind close to a thousand citizens.


“It’s fine. Even if you or your brothers stayed behind, how much help could you be? Getting out of that place should be of more help to them.”


The one that answered while snorting was Bracky, who was seated nearby. Siri hurriedly called Bracky, as if telling him to stop, but he just shrugged his shoulders.


But it was at that moment that Helga, who had been refuted, asked with a surprised face, “Bracky? Are you talking about Bracky, the one that belonged to the Skald’s knights?”

“Right, that’s me.”

“My, my God.”

She was already experiencing the miracle of being together with the warriors of Valhalla, but it was impossible not to become surprised this time.


It was because Bracky was someone who had lived in the same time as her.


He had proved to her strongly that when great warriors die, they go to Valhalla.


Bracky scratched his nose as if it was embarrassing and then finished speaking.


“Just as you know, you are from royalty. If you are with us, Princess, you will suffer along with us, but if you stayed behind, you would have become the window that would listen to the complaints of the people. But that is all. Putting an end to this situation and finding a place for the citizens to return to is much better. And to do that, you and your cute brothers can’t stay behind in Katren. The evacuees without you are just a pain for King Catil… So, if we resolve this matter well, the citizens will soon be able to return to their homes.”

But of course, this was only possible because Kataron and Katren were small kingdoms.


Bracky glanced at Helga after finishing his speech and looked at her as if she understood. However, exclamations came from other people.


“Wow, you speak well.”

“Our maknae knows how to speak like that.”

The warriors of Valhalla let out admiring voices. Tae Ho also said with a surprised face, “So Bracky was a Prince. Let’s apologize to all the Princes in the continent.”

Siri nodded reflexively. For the man that was full of muscles and had a big beard to be a prince… It was too much.

Bracky frowned.


“What bullshit is that? And I’m not a Prince but a son in law of the King. One of my wives was a Princess. I don’t know if she’s doing well.”

It had merely been half a year since Bracky died. Bracky’s eyes became dim, as if he was thinking about his children and wives.


Helga looked up at Bracky for a moment and then gulped saliva drily and asked with a careful tone, “I’m really thankful for your advice. But… is Bracky-nim also a warrior of Idun?”

Helga’s eyes moved to the flag in the ship for a moment. There was a golden apple drawn on the white flag, just like the army flag of Idun. It wasn’t impossible to mistake all of the warriors of Valhalla as being Idun’s warriors.


Bracky stood up from his seat and shook his head fiercely.


“No, I’m Thor’s warrior. Thor’s warrior!”

Bracky raised the hammer, as if imitating Mjolnir. Siri laughed at him and then placed her hand on top of Helga’s and said, “In addition, I’m Ullr’s warrior.”

The God of Hunting, Ullr.


By now, the other warriors had also butted in and raised their voices.


“I’m Heimdall’s warrior.”

“I’m Hermod’s warrior.”

If they had stayed silent at that moment, they wouldn’t be warriors of Valhalla. As they started to reveal their legions with an elated voice, Ingrid, who was controlling the ship, said casually, “I’m the Valkyrie of Njord’s legion.”

Everyone turned to look at Ingrid and then she turned her head and added.


“I’m just saying.”

Everyone burst out into laughter. Ingrid also wore a small smile.


Siri said to Helga once again, “Helga, Valhalla is a really cool place. However, I hope you knock on the doors of Valhalla as late as possible.”

It was because one had to die first, to enter Valhalla. In addition, that death didn’t refer to dying in a comfortable bed but on the battlefield.


“Yes, thank you Ullr’s warrior-nim.”


Siri grabbed Helga’s hands tightly and then stood up and moved in Tae Ho’s direction.


“I’m sorry.”

It was because if seen from one side, she had spilled the cup when he had been working hard to get a successor. However, he just shook his head.


“No, I’m also feeling the same way, so it’s fine.”


“You have to look at it in the long term. What use is there if you only hurry?”

Tae Ho also wasn’t a fool. Even if he worked hard right now, the probability of a new warrior entering his legion was really low. Because, just as Siri had said, one had to die first.


Tae Ho was just spreading seeds, as if he was harvesting. Although the hard times would be long, the time of harvest would surely be sweet.


‘And for now…I like it as it is.’


That was because Idun and Heda were all focusing on him.


As Tae Ho smirked while thinking of the two of them, Siri’s eyebrows twitched.


“It seems like you are thinking of something bad.”

“How can that be?”

Tae Ho put on a bright expression and Siri looked at Tae Ho with the same eyes Rolo had.



Kataron was a small kingdom, composed of three cities and six towns.


The town that Hella’s curse had started to spread from was in a city adjacent to Katren, which was the second biggest city and the land where the small kingdom was first originated.


Tae Ho’s group had discovered the troop of King Ivar faster than they had expected. It was because King Ivar, who had heard that Hella’s curse had spread, had turned their horses around. It was just like Helga had predicted.


The troop of King Ivar was stationed in a hill which looked down upon a city. Although a few days had already passed since Hella’s curse had spread, the city didn’t seem that different from outside. However, the particular liveliness of the city couldn’t be felt at all.


“Ivar, son of Grim, greets you, warriors of Valhalla.”

The man, who had a great build, greeted Tae Ho’s group with a face filled with joy. Compared to King Sven, Ivar had been a warrior before becoming a king. For him, Valhalla was a place he had to go to and the warriors of Valhalla were the seniors he respected.


It was the same for the knights of Kataron, who were the pride of King Ivar. Although their hometown had become a ghost town, they all couldn’t hide their happiness and excitement.


“I’m Valkyrie Ingrid. I thank you for welcoming us.” Ingrid replied with the business-like expression, as always and then proceeded to talk.


The contagiousness of Hella’s curse wasn’t that high. If the attacks of the dead ones could be effectively blocked, the situation could be solved easily.


The strategy was simple. They would attack the city together with the knights King Ivar led and send back the dead ones to their resting place and secure the city.


The warriors of Valhalla stood on the front again. The knights all exclaimed when they saw the warriors of Valhalla stand ahead of them. Their eyes were shining with respect and envy, and it seemed like they would praise them if they slept, saying that it was a cool sleeping position.


That was why Ingrid had approached the warriors to speak to them in a low voice, instead of giving the order to charge immediately.


“The time has come.”

She wasn’t talking about attacking.


It had already been some time since the warriors of Valhalla descended to the mortal world.


Although it had merely been a few days, it was enough for rumors to spread. In addition, a lot of people had witnessed their fight.


The people in the island that saw the battle remembered the warriors of Valhalla. The evacuees and the defense team continued to repeat that the warriors of Valhalla had fought for them several times.


The soldiers of Kataron thanked the miracle that they had appeared before them.


This wasn’t Asgard but Midgard.


The existence of the warriors themselves that had appeared riding a flying ship was a miracle by itself.


So it wasn’t merely a few days. It was plenty of time for a new story to be made.


The warriors of Valhalla looked at each other, and then turned to look at themselves.


Tae Ho, who had the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’ knew. All of the warriors had a new saga.


[Saga: His Courage Calms the Waves]


[Saga: The Kraken Doesn’t Have Remaining Legs]


[Saga: Warrior of the Sea]


Most of them were related to the sea.


While all of them were smiling satisfactorily, Siri flushed when she checked her saga.


[Saga: She Is A Beautiful And Proud Flower That Bloomed Alone In The Battlefield]


Because compared to the other warriors, who had told their story every day in the island, she had just silently raised her cup in a corner.


In addition, excluding Valkyrie Ingrid, as she was the only woman in the battlefield, she was really eye-catching.


Tae Ho hurriedly blocked his mouth to stop the laughter from coming out and then lowered his head and pretended not to have seen it.


And Bracky, who was next to him, burst out into laughter.


[Saga: He’s The Son Of A God That Has Returned]


The legend of Midgard had returned from Valhalla. That alone was enough to be transmitted extensively and remain as a legend. The part saying that he was the son of a God made him feel especially satisfied.


Tae Ho was the last one to check his own saga.


[Saga: The One That Wields Lightning and Gales]


Every time Tae Ho fought, he used the Charge of the Warrior. It was appropriate to say that the scene of Tae Ho running on the sky while being accompanied by lightning and storm was a myth by itself. In the eyes of the people of Midgard, it would seem as if Tae Ho had been the one to wield it.


Tae Ho activated his saga. Then lightning and gales were created in his hands. He could use it rather freely compared to when he used the Charge of the Warrior.



He spread lightning in the air as a test. Although it wasn’t that big, a loud sound exploded and white light shone.


The warriors that were checking their own sagas raised their heads at the sudden noise. The warriors who were looking from behind became overjoyed.


“Ohh! Thor!”

“Thor’s warrior!”

Because thunder and lightning had to be Thor.


But compared to the reaction of the warriors there were some that refuted it immediately.


“He’s not?! The warrior of Thor is me, Bracky?!”

“I’m Idun’s warrior!”

Bracky and Tae Ho yelled at the same time. Bracky swung his hammer to create lightning as if telling them to see, and Tae Ho spread thunder once again to create the shape of a golden apple.


The warriors became dumbfounded looking at that lightning and the lightning with the shape of a golden apple that had been created repeatedly, but then cheered. They really were simple and bright, just like warriors of Valhalla should be.


“Don’t waste strength on useless things and concentrate.” Siri, who couldn’t keep watching them, said to Tae Ho. Cu Chulainn also added some words.


‘How will you see lightning in the afternoon? Even if so, you will only get misunderstood as being Thor’s warrior.’


They had both said right words. Because of that, Tae Ho didn’t argue anymore and used the last Summoning Rock to call Rolo. As the warriors started to concentrate on them because of the gryphon that had suddenly appeared, the warrior of Idun took out the army flag and placed it on the saddle.


“Can we charge now?” Ingrid asked with a lukewarm expression.


Tae Ho discovered that the Summoning Rocks, which were in the pocket, were recharged, along with Heda’s reply and then smirked and nodded.


“Whenever you want.”

Tae Ho covered the Sword of the Winter Wolf with lightning. Bracky imitated him once again to cover his hammer in lightning and Ingrid, who was looking at the two of them, slowly unsheathed her sword. She said a phrase that would tie up the warriors that belonged to the different legions.

“For Asgard and the nine planets.”


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”

The warriors of Valhalla said in one voice. They all charged towards the battlefield at the same time.



Kataron was a city built next to the big Olhen river, which was connected to the Kalic Sea.


Just like all the cities that were built next to rivers, it was good because they were spread widely but it was also easy to get invaded.


King Ivar marched his troop from south to north instead of surrounding it. This composition was to push back the dead ones in the direction of the winter tree forest, which was thought to be the origin of the dead ones.


The intentions of King Ivar worked well. The dead ones that had lost their will couldn’t become opponents for the knights. Although they were numerous, they weren’t impeded at all because the warriors of Valhalla were in front of them. In addition, the place was like a hometown for the knights of Kataron so that they could use the structure of the city effectively.


The superior races, like the vampires and Stragos, appeared when the dead ones started to get focused and led the dead ones and fled to the winter tree forest.


Tae Ho flew in the sky while riding Rolo. He could clearly see how the group was progressing, as he was looking down from a high place.


‘He’s accustomed to leading an army.’ Cu Chulainn praised King Ivar. Tae Ho nodded as if he agreed and then looked at the direction the dead ones were headed to, as if they were fleeing.


Just counting roughly, their number easily passed one thousand. Adding the number of the dead ones they had defeated in the city, it seemed like they would be two thousand. Although the number of the evacuees that had scattered was much bigger, it seemed like it would take quite a long time for Kataron to recover from this.


Tae Ho, who was looking at things from the distance, tilted his head. It was because he had felt a sense of incongruity.


Saying this was obvious, but it was the first time Tae Ho came to Midgard. Because of that, he had memorized the terrain near the Kalic Sea with the map.


The winter tree forest was certainly a forest that was next to Kataron. But there was actually a long distance between them, to the point that it could be realized just by looking at the map.


However, the forest was closer than he thought. It was at a distance that could be reached in a moment, even without riding a horse.


Tae Ho wasn’t the only one that felt that way. The soldiers of Kataron, who had gotten outside the city, also felt that something was strange.


They could see the forest beyond the dead ones. But the forest was too close. Originally, it should have been seen as the size of a fingernail, but it was the size of a thumb.


King Ivar opened his eyes abruptly. Ingrid, who was checking on Garmr’s soul fragment alone on top of the flying ship, stood up.


Tae Ho realized it then.


The Unknown sword piece and the fragment of Gae Bolg that were in Tae Ho’s hands vibrated at the same time.


It wasn’t something comparable to the Kraken or the monster sharks.


The winter tree forest was approaching the city.


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