VS Episode 22 Chapter 3

Episode 22/Chapter 3: Saga (3)

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“Uh….is this for real?”

Tae Ho looked at his surroundings and asked. The scenery was the same he saw in Idun’s shrine.


Idun laughed soundlessly and then stood at a distance that was nice to speak.


“Precisely speaking, it’s inside your dream. But it will be so real there will be almost no differences.”

“It’s true.”

Tae Ho nodded after pinching his cheek once. The pain and the feeling of his skin was too real.


Idun looked at that Tae Ho and touched her hands. As Tae Ho blinked at her slightly relieved look, she hid her hands behind her back and said.


“It’s a method the Gods of Olympus like to use so I imitated them as I won’t be able to go to Midgard directly…..or send someone to meet you.”

The Gods of Asgard preferred to descend directly. Even Odin preferred to send an order himself when the other party was awake so he could welcome them himself rather than talk in sleeps.


Tae Ho listened to Idun’s explanation attentively. He had also heard from Heda that it would be difficult to come meet him in Midgard.


“It seems like Midgard is a bit special, right?”

In Tae Ho’s eyes, Svartalfheim and Midgard were in the end outside of Asgard. But compared to Svartalfheim, where he could come and go as he pleased through the space door, you could only go down to Midgard through Bifrost that was protected by Heimdall.


There was obviously a difference between the two.


“That’s right. My warrior Tae Ho. Do you know that Asgard and the nine planets are called by each mythology?”


He had heard it from Heda before. Each planet, including the mortal world, had several lands in it but they were generally called with the mythological name.


Just like Olympus, Erin, the palace.


“Midgard is the biggest land in Asgard and also the most important for it. Because the strength of the Gods is partially originated by the faith of the humans.”

If there are many people that believe, the strength of a God becomes stronger.


The more loyal your faith is, the more strength you could send to your God.


Just like Idun had said, the faith was merely one of the factors but still it wasn’t to the point you could ignore it.


“It’s similar to the sagas.”

“Right, perhaps Freya may have taken the idea from it.”

Because the stories and transmission was the same.


If there were more people that believed and transmitted it, the saga would become stronger.


“Actually….that’s only one reason from many. There are many more reasons why Midgard is important and we have to control who can enter and leave it. But unfortunately I can’t tell everything to you, Tae Ho. Can you understand me?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

He was rather thankful that she told him at least one reason. Just like Gandur had said at some point, he could clearly feel how much Idun treasured him.


“Right, thank you.”

Idun put on a bright smile and then said with a stiff posture.


“My warrior Tae Ho, I heard that the battle in the mortal world isn’t easy. Heda was really worried because Adenmaha returned greatly injured.”

“Is Adenmaha fine?”

Tae Ho raised his voice unconsciously. It may seem as a rude attitude but Idun didn’t seem to mind and answered him quickly.


“Heda healed her well. Although she did cry a lot, she’s fine. There are also no scars. Only……”


Tae Ho gulped dry saliva. Was there another problem?

Idun didn’t answer quickly and paused for a moment and then looked at Tae Ho with sharp eyes.


“There was an unexpected reason in why Adenmaha was safe.”


Idun’s blessing that had fallen on Adenmaha.


Idun smile.


“It’s fine. Isn’t that better? Because of that we could heal Adenmaha more easily.”

“Thank you.”


The only came out again. As Tae Ho flinched again, Idun said with a casual voice.


“Heda said. Just what do you have to do to create a saga like that? Actually even I am surprised.”

It was understandable. Because even Tae Ho himself got surprised at the moment.


But the problem was Heda rather than Idun.


“So that happened. He must have enjoyed it. I should now ask Ingrid. Siri will also become a Valkyrie- That’s what she said.”

Idum imitated Heda. It was surprising enough that a Goddess had imitated a Valkyrie but her voice and tone were exactly the same. It felt like Heda was in front of his eyes.


“Uh, mmm………”

He imagined Heda’s cold eyes and then Idun giggled and said.


“Don’t worry, she’s not angry. At least that seemed to be the case for me.”

Idun spoke up to that point and then glanced at the sky and turned to look at Tae Ho again.


“Time is limited so I will now have to bring out a heavy topic.”

Tae Ho fixed his posture. He could barely guess what Idun was going to say.


“Odin has received the report from Ingrid. Many Gods are surprised that Garmr’s soul fragment was discovered in Midgard.”


“Are there no traces of the Great War in Midgard?”

“No, there certainly are. Although there are a few of them we thought that they wouldn’t get discovered because they are a bit special.”

Although she didn’t specifically say what was special looking at how she spoke you could say that she was almost sure.


“Tomorrow Ingrid will probably say it but Tae Ho, the expedition you are in will get a bit longer. It’s a task to cross to the continent and search for Garmr’s soul fragment.”

It was as he expected. As there were eight intermediate warriors gathered, it was enough to make a searching team.


“Compared to before, you will travel while holding Garmr’s soul fragment. You should always be careful and do your best.”

“Yes, Idun-nim.”

As Tae Ho answered bravely as if telling her not to worry, she smiled brightly and looked up the sky again.


“Mm, there’s a bit of time. Then, let’s keep talking about the fun things.”


As Tae Ho asked back unconsciously, Idun giggled and then asked after approaching him.


“It’s really surprising. It’s barely been two days but there are much more humans calling my name. In addition, there are even some with strong faith in me. Just what magic did you perform?”

There was no way Idun could know what Tae Ho had done specifically.


Tae Ho smirked once and then started to tell his story of the past two days briefly.



“Yes, they will probably get built in a short time.”

Tae Ho said confidently. The ones with strong faith in her Idun had spoken about should be king Sven, Ube and the prophet. As all of the ones that had the greatest power got united in mind, the construction of a shrine was only a matter of time.


Idun dropped her shoulders as if it was absurd and said.


“Perhaps I will have to pick Heda’s junior.”

Because the warriors may increase exponentially.


“I will work a bit harder.”

“To get new Valkyries?”

“That’s obv….Idun-nim?”

“I’m joking. Joking.”

Idun laughed merrily and then asked with a concerned voice.


“I’m saying this just in case, but don’t spread that much gold. It’s not permitted for items of the mythological world to circulate in the mortal world…..but also it’s your expense in the end.”

Looking at her tone it seemed like she emphasized the latter.


“When you return from this expedition……you can expect it. I will prepare a cool reward.”

Idun said as if assuring it herself.


In Tae Ho’s position, she really was worthy for him to serve.


“I’m always thankful. ANd you should also expect for it. I still have trump more card to spread your name.”

Tae Ho’s eyes shone. Although Idun’s face was covered in light he felt like he could see her blinking.


“I have a really good warrior.”

Idun exclaimed shortly and then kissed Tae Ho in his forehead after fixing her posture. It was because it was time to end the meeting.


“Let my blessing accompany you.”

The world changed and Tae Ho woke up from his dream.



‘Why is your face that bright? Did you dream of something erotic while sleeping?”

It was Cuchulainn, that was like the bully of the town when he wasn’t fighting. Tae Ho just shook his head as he didn’t feel the need to answer him and then asked another thing.


“Before that, Cuchulainn, will the flying ship be fine?”

‘It will be fine only if you gathered the good materials just like I said yesterday.’


The flying pirate ship had gotten partially destroyed because of Karagul’s body slam. Although it could somehow return to the port, it was only to that point.


While Ingrid was worried that she would have to ask the humans to repair it Cuchulainn came out with a solution. if they cut down good timber and placed it on the damaged places, the ship would repair by itself.


And actually the ship did start to repair a little bit, although it was a little slow. It was just like adding clay to a ceramic ware and they start to become one.


“It really is a magical ship.”

‘It’s Erin’s treasure.’


Ingrid started to tell the story to the warriors in a little more detailed way.


It seems like Garmr’s soul fragment is in the continent. It was the first place Garmr’s soul fragment pointed a certain direction so they should take extra precaution.


There was an opinion that the reason Garmr’s soul fragment reacted in a different way this time was because the soul fragment was at a close place, but it seemed like there was no clear reason that has been revealed.


A day passed once again. The warriors of Valhalla, that were waiting for the ship to repair itself, left the port when the sun reached its peak.


“For Idun!”



It seemed like the propaganda he had done the past three days had some effect that there were many that called Idun’s name among the one that came to see them off. As Tae Ho waved his hand with a satisfied face, Bracky raised his hammer.


[Saga: A thunderbolt enters his hammer]


Thunder fell from the clear sky. And then, the name of the God the people called, changed.



“Ohh! Thor! Thor!”

“Son of a God, Bracky!”

“He’s a strong contendant.”

Siri laughed lowly and said. Tae Ho wanted to say that he was interfering in his business but he just shrugged his shoulders. In the first place, the warriors of Valhalla didn’t envy or hate themselves.


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”

Tae Ho looked at the people and said. And then Bracky swung his hammer once more and smiled. Siri and the other warriors also yelled.


That was the definite reason they fought.


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”

The flying pirate ship left the port.



Time flowed quickly.


When dusk was approaching they started to finally see land.


The warriors of Valhalla, that were strong warriors and outstanding seamen, liked the land they were facing, a lot. All of them hung on the sides of the ship and looked at the land they would land on.


But something didn’t feel right.Close to hundred people were running towards the port, that was blocked with a fortress. It felt like they were escaping from something.


Tae Ho looked a bit farther. And then a scene he only saw in movies entered his eyes. Hundreds of corpses were chasing the people that were alive.


“They said that there was a disease spreading. So are they the evacuees?”

Notung, of Heimdal’s legion, frowned and said. The other warriors also put on expressions and voices as if they had seen something gruesome but didn’t feel doubts at this situation.


“There’s a kind of disease that moves the ones that had died by it. It’s the most terrible type of disease.”

Siri explained lowly and fast. She said that cremation was one of the reasons it got developed in Midgard.


Whatever the case, it wasn’t the time to just be watching. Valkyrie Ingrid increased the speed of the flying ship. The warriors also took battle stances. Tae Ho took out a summoning rock and called Rolo.


It seemed like it was also in the middle of its meal like Adenmaha that it bit the air when it appeared. Tae Ho placed the Beast’s saddle on the back of Rolo and took out the things he had stored in Unnir.


It was Idun’s battle flag that had the symbol of a golden apple in it.


“Let’s go.”

Tae Ho got out of the flying ship. Siri and the warriors looked at the waving flag and put on absurd faces.


“For Idun.”

Tae Ho said in a low voice and charged towards the group of zombies.


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