VS Episode 22 Chapter 1

Episode 22/Chapter 1: Saga (1)

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The sea was a scary place.


There were hundreds of meters of the water below one’s feet and it was impossible to see what was below from the surface.


The unknown meant fear. Even Adenmaha, who had lived in the sea, couldn’t avoid feeling uneasy when creatures which emanated killing intent approached her from a place she couldn’t see.


Adenmaha could feel the slight changes in the ripples of the water. The monsters had gathered after sensing the scent of blood.


Adenmaha wanted to flee immediately. She just wanted to get out of that place.


However, Tae Ho didn’t allow her to. He placed his hands on the scales of her neck, as if telling her to calm down.


Adenmaha could feel about five monsters with her senses. She felt as if there were more, farther away, but it seemed as if they were trying to make out the situation.


They needed to be drawn in more aggressively.


“Adenmaha, let’s lead them. It’s good if you go underwater.”

‘Under the water?’ Adenmaha asked, as if he was out of his mind. Tae Ho nodded quickly and then said, “Ingrid-nim helped me out. It’s fine.”

Tae Ho’s neck was covered with the temporary rune carving Ingrid had set up. It was the rune magic which was characteristic of Njor’s legion, which allowed underwater breathing.


Adenmaha took a deep breath and said in a tone of enjoyment, ‘Fine. I will show you my real skills.”

She hadn’t been able to swim properly, because she had to take care of Tae Ho, who was riding on her.


Tae Ho also took a breath and stuck closely to Adenmaha, and then she twisted her body for a moment and dove underwater.





As soon as they entered the water, Tae Ho let out a sound, as if he was short of breath. As the surprised Adenmaha tried to rise to the surface again Tae Ho hurriedly transmitted his thoughts.


‘I, I’m fine.’


He had simply drank a bit of water because he wasn’t accustomed to breathing underwater. As Tae Ho transmitted his will through ‘The One That Controls Dragons’, Adenmaha looked doubtful but then nodded.


‘I will go then!’


Adenmaha started to swim earnestly. And Tae Ho understood why Adenmaha was a sea serpent.


She was fast and free. She was above Siri, who rode on the plains, or Rolo, which flew on the sky.


Adenmaha reached a deep place in an instant and then shook her tail, as if seducing the herd of sharks, and started to swim away again. The six sharks, which had gathered after sensing the smell of blood, started to chase Adenmaha closely.


Adenmaha moved really simply. It wasn’t that she was stupid, or she that was fleeing from the sharks. She, who was also a Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, was really wise and knew much about sharks.




As she simplified her path, the other sharks that were checking on the situation blocked her path and encircled her.


There were twelve monster sharks that had gathered.


That number was enough.


‘Surge up with your fastest speed and to the highest possible!’ Tae Ho ordered. He transmitted more of his thoughts with ‘The One That Controls Dragons’.


Adenmaha changed her direction in an instant with a rough movement and then started to swim towards the surface quickly. It was just like a water missile.


The herd of sharks chased Adenmaha. They also surged up and Adenmaha broke the surface before them.



A great amount of water splashed. Adenmaha twisted her body after jumping close to forty meters and the sharks, which jumped much lower than her, only bit the water.



‘Take responsibility!’


Adenmaha transformed into the shape of a woman. There was a feather decoration, which characterized a Valkyrie, on her head in her long white hair..


Tae Ho got from the Beast’s saddle which was placed on Adenmaha’s thin waist and then kicked the air. Then he grabbed Adenmaha’s neck with one hand and threw her high.


“Kyak?!” Adenmaha yelled. She told him to take responsibility, so what was this treatment?

However, Tae Ho had his own thoughts. He checked Adenmaha’s location in the air and recited a chant.



He transformed into a big hawk and caught Adenmaha in the air. Precisely speaking, he made her ride on him.


Adenmaha just blinked and twisted her body at the sudden happenings, but then fixed her posture solidly. And when she loosened up the reins she had on herself and tried to put it on Tae Ho, it happened.



“Even if it’s for a moment, I have to ride on you properly!”

At her yell, which was an obvious revenge, Tae Ho started to do stunt flying. Adenmaha yelled again and grabbed onto Tae Ho’s neck more tightly.


“You really are bad!”

“Leave it!”

Tae Ho looked at the sky. While he had been bickering with Adenmaha, the warriors of Valhalla were doing what they had to.


The flying pirate ship charged towards the surface. They intersected with Tae Ho, who was flying up, and Siri, who was at the front, took a deep breath.

Siri wasn’t standing alone. The warrior Harabal, of Njor’s legion, was standing behind her as if grabbing her. And once again, warrior Notung of Heimdal’s legion was behind him.


[Saga: The Arrows of a Witch Never Miss Their Target]


[Saga: One Harpoon Pierces Ten]


[Saga: Not Seeing With Your Eyes But With Your Heart]


Three sagas were activated at the same time. Siri was holding a huge crossbow that had ten harpoons which were linked with a steel chain loaded to it, and Harabal placed his hand on Siri’s. Notung just grabbed Siri and Harabal at the same time.


“Fire!” Valkyrie Ingrid ordered. Notung’s saga grasped the location of the ten sharks that were closest to the surface, and Harabal’s saga sent strength to the ten arrows.



Siri pulled the trigger. The ten harpoons, which could be appropriately described as thunder, split up and they hit the monster sharks with the help of Siri’s saga.


And that wasn’t all. Ingrid made the flying ship surge to the sky once again. As the warriors pulled on the steel chains, the monster sharks rose up, as if they were fishes caught on a fishing rod.


The smallest one was five meters long and the biggest one seemed to be ten meters. But even so, the moment they got out of the water it was the end for them. The warriors riding on Scuabtuinne threw spears and finished them off.


“My god.” Adenmaha said with a tired expression. The warriors had instantly reduced the number of the monster sharks to half in an instant.


But it was then that it happened.


Adenmaha looked at the surface and yelled towards Tae Ho.


“It’s coming!”

Tae Ho also felt it. He fluttered his wings reflexively and then turned his body and yelled towards the flying ship.



But it was impossible to do so. They were currently hanging on ten monster sharks. In addition, they had already changed directions hurriedly once, so they could merely twist it a bit.



The surface exploded. A splash bigger than when Adenmaha had surged up occurred.


A monster which had big horns on it surged up like a rocket. There was only one place its horns aimed at.



The monster which flew in the sky slammed into the ship and the ship was destroyed at his overwhelming charge.


“Grab on tightly!”

The ship, which was flying up, shook greatly. The monster wasn’t satisfied with that and grabbed onto the ship tightly with two of his feet. It then split the deck with its horn.

King Sven screamed. Ingrid grabbed Sven with one arm and worked hard to control the flying ship. The warriors that were riding on Scuabtuinne threw spears, but it wasn’t enough. Most of them bounced back without being able to pierce it.


They got closer to the surface. The monster writhed and then started to gather strength in its horn. It started to spark and then transformed into a strong thunder.


It spread thunder on the deck and at that moment, Bracky jumped and activated his saga.


[Saga: A Thunderbolt Enters His Hammer]


The thunder the monster fired gathered in Bracky’s hammer. It was just like a conductor gathering the thunder.



Bracky stuck his fist in the deck to gain some balance and then flung his hammer to spread the lightning.



Thunder was heard. The warriors on top of the deck held their positions and started to attack the horned monster.


Then, it emanated a roar with ultrasonic sounds and twisted its body. It intended to get off the deck and return to the sea.


The flying ship shook greatly. It threw its body into the air and Harabal grabbed onto Siri’s waist tightly. Notung threw a new crossbow to Siri.


[Saga: The Arrows of the Witch Never Miss Their Target]

[Saga: The Arrows of the Witch Are Like a Curse]


Siri hurriedly pulled on the trigger. The harpoons, which were connected with steel chains, flew at an overwhelming speed. It was the effect of having developed a new saga through the classes with Ragnar.


In addition, Siri once more proved that she was a veteran hunter. Even though it was a short period, she grasped her target exactly.


“Kaak!” The monster, which was hit in its gills, cried.



When it entered the sea, the water splashed once more. Ingrid turned the deck of the flying ship horizontally and Harabal and Notung grabbed onto the chains that was connected to the harpoon. As they pulled on it they were able to slow down its movements a little bit.


“Tae Ho!” Siri yelled and Tae Ho knew what she was requesting him to do.


“Let’s go!” Tae Ho said to Adenmaha. Even though he hadn’t activated ‘The One That Controls Dragons’ she understood what Tae Ho wanted to do. She released her arms, which were grabbing onto his neck, and threw herself.


“Get on!”

Adenmaha transformed into a sea serpent. Tae Ho rode on her neck and activated sagas in consecution.


[Saga: The One That Controls Dragons]

[Saga: The Warrior That Rode on a Valkyrie]

[Saga: The Charge of a Warrior is Just Like a Storm]

[Saga: The Eyes of the Dragon See Through Everything]


[Sea Monster]

[Karagul, which can fire torpedoes]


He could see red letters. And it was really slow, as if it had soon went deep into the sea.


The storm generated by the charge of the warrior split the surface. Compared to Karagul, Adenmaha dove in swiftly and increased her speed.


It wasn’t the sky, or the ground. At that moment Tae Ho only thought of one thing.


[Saga: The Warrior’s Equipment]


Light began emanating from the Unknown sword piece. A Burst lance appeared in the hands of Tae Ho, which was one stage higher than the Heavy lance.


Adenmaha also knew Tae Ho’s thoughts clearly. She followed the will of her master, even though she was cursing. She charged towards Karagul with all her strength.


[Saga: Dragon’s Charge]


Draconic Ballista!

Thunder also fell underwater. It could only be expressed that way.. The Burst lance pierced the head of the surprised Karagul. It let out a soundless cry.


But Tae Ho hadn’t finished. He still had one more thing.


‘Full burst!’


A strong magic exploded from the blade of the Burst lance. Just like the snow which was created from the Sword of the Winter Wolf, it was an innate strength the Burst lance possessed.


Tae Ho dispersed the Burst lance. Then an overwhelming amount of blood started to flood out from the wound. As its insides had become a mess because of the explosion, pieces of its intestines and bones also came out.





The red words transformed to white. Tae Ho laughed and Adenmaha let out a cry.


‘My neck hurts!’


It was because he had executed the lance charging on her neck. It was fortunate that her neck hadn’t broken.


‘I will get you a pain-killing patch later.’


‘What’s that?’ Adenmaha let out a cry once again at Tae Ho’s words. He thought of her as being cute, even though she was a sea serpent; perhaps it was because he knew how she looked when she had a human form.


But it was then that a red word appeared from below the white words. It wasn’t a monster that was near them.


[Garmr’s soul fragment]


A huge image surged up from the fragment that was deep in the body of Karagul. It thrust its rough teeth towards Tae Ho and Adenmaha.


‘Adenmaha!’ He yelled but it was too late. It was too close to them.


Adenmaha yelled. The teeth of Garm roughly bit Adenmaha’s neck.


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