VS Episode 21 Chapter 4

Episode 21/Chapter 4: Midgard (4)

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‘It is indeed bewildering.’


For something he thought of more as a joke to really turn into a saga.


While it was unlikely, such an event wasn’t impossible, however, as it had already been a few months since the nickname, deeply engraved into the minds of the warriors of Valhalla, was first used. There was a high probability that it got created in this place because King Sven and his people had witnessed Adenmaha’s transformation, followed by the shock of the warriors.


‘Although it’s embarrassing to show it to others.’


You could somewhat hide your saga if you didn’t want to show it to others. Of course, it was still unknown if there were others that could see the sagas of others.




He was curious as to what effects the saga had, since he couldn’t exactly tell by its name alone.


‘The contents of the saga….are as I expect them to be.’


The saga had effects that he wouldn’t question if someone like Rolph or Bracky used it.


But it was when Tae Ho was still reviewing his saga.


The warriors of Valhalla were debating whether they should grill or boil the Kraken meat. Bracky, that was chewing a sashimi piece of the Kraken as a test, was putting on sharp eyes.


They had defeated the Kraken.


King Sven and the people were happy on the flying ship and the sea and sky had turned calm.


But the warriors felt something they couldn’t see.


Siri sniffed, feeling something other than the sea and the Kraken.


The scent, the very feeling of danger — something only a veteran hunter could feel.


Siri frowned unconsciously. It was only for a moment, but even she doubted her hunter side.


The Kraken wasn’t a hunter; it was more a piece of bait.


It was an impossible thing. After all, if that huge Kraken wasn’t the hunter, then what could the real hunter possibly be?

Siri stood up, hurriedly looking below her feet. Bracky and the other warriors also did the same, albeit with a bit of delay.


‘My God! Master!’


Adenmaha yelled quickly. The moment Tae Ho heard her urgent yell, he also yelled towards Siri.


“They are coming!”


Explosions occurred inside the sea. No, precisely speaking, it was the aftershock generated by something surging up and out of the water.


There wasn’t one explosion, but several. The current of water started to flow backwards with the Kraken in the center as drops of water scattered to the surroundings.


As this was all happening, a gargantuan, opaque shadow covered the warriors. When they looked up to see what had eclipsed the sky above them, they could identify the shadow.


Huge sharks.


No, sea monsters that you couldn’t even call sharks!

Saying that they had surged up wasn’t an exaggeration. Some of them bit down on the corpse of the Kraken and some others threw themselves against the warriors.


Siri quickly moved in order to dodge the attacks of the sharks, as they were large enough to be able to bite down her slim waist in one bite. No, they were big enough to be able to gulp her down entirely!


Bracky didn’t dodge them and chose to swing his hammer. Although he was on top of the unstable and slippery corpse of the Kraken, he managed to hit the side of a shark and push it back with his overwhelming strength.


It was similar for the other warriors. Most of them chose to evade them like Siri, but some of them were also able to push them back with their shields or split their stomachs apart with their swords.


The frenzy of sharks also appeared in the side of the flying ship. King Sven and the other people couldn’t even scream, as they were frightened out of their wits. Fortunately, however, Ingrid was the one on the flying pirate ship, as she maintained her business-like expression and fired a harpoon to pierce the head of a shark before increasing the altitude of the ship and preventing the sharks from attacking her.


Meanwhile, Tae Ho jumped down into the sea. What he was looking at was Adenmaha, who was strengthless before the fierce sea creatures.

“Adenmaha! Return!”

When he yelled by extending the summoning rock that was almost out of magic power, white light started to cover her. She fired an ice breath towards the sharks that tried to attack her and yelled,


‘Be careful!’


Adenmaha disappeared. The frozen shark hit the surface, creating a big wave as Tae Ho kicked himself into the air and surged up. Adenmaha’s last warning was to warn him about the shark that would attack him from below.



Tae Ho twisted his body in the air and transformed into a hawk. The shark that had surged up only bit down on air as Tae Ho flew over it.


‘Retreat for now and reorganize yourself. The ones on the flying ship are a hinder to your fighting strength.’


Cuchulainn spoke quickly. While those were harsh words, he was speaking the truth. Now that there were several enemies, it was better the more boats they had.


Siri jumped into Scuabtuinne and yelled, “Tae Ho!”

Bracky and the other warriors also got on the boat as Tae Ho looked at Ingrid. She seemed to have made the same decision as Cuchulainn and yelled in a loud voice,


“We are retreating! Protecting the humans is our priority!”

They weren’t escaping. Actually, there was no need to intentionally emphasize that, but Ingrid had specifically chosen those words because there King Sven and the humans were there.


The flying ship turned around first. Scuabtuinne followed its back and Tae Ho flew up once again and looked at the corpse of the Kraken again. While the sudden frenzy of sharks was strong, he felt that there was something else lurking beneath.


And his prediction wasn’t wrong.


Siri was holding her breath while controlling Scuabtuinne when she realized which scent was the scent of the hunter. Bracky opened his eyes widely and cursed.



An explosion that seemed to be a crack of thunder and lightning burst out.


It was because an existence that couldn’t be compared to the sharks at all had appeared.


Something similar to a shark had landed on top of the Kraken. A monster that was much bigger than all the sharks combined stood on its four legs and glared at Scuabtuinne.


It had big,  sharp horns on its head. Small sparks flickered and exploded about from its horns, as if they warned of a big crash thunder beforehand.


It was the leader that led the herd of sharks. It was the one that had made the Kraken escape to the surface.


The real cause that had destroyed the ships.


It roared loudly as if it was declaring war. Different to the roar of normal beasts, the strong roar that resembled a shockwave spread widely on the sea.


Ingrid opened her eyes sharply and glared at it. However she didn’t turn around the ship. The flying ship flew towards the port and Scuabtuinne, that was controlled by Siri followed back with great speed.


Tae Ho, that was left last, glared at it from the sky. It also seemed to have realized Tae Ho’s gaze that it raised its head. It had blue and black eyes that resembled the sea.


‘Let’s go.’


Cuchulainn said. Tae Ho fluttered his wings once more and moved towards Siri and her group.



As the warriors of Valhalla started to return to the port, the people of the port started to cheer passionately. They had witnessed the warriors defeat the Kraken, but they didn’t fear anything. What should they be scared of when they had the warriors of the Gods at their side?


After King Sven also got a hold of himself to a certain extent, he expressed his thanks to the warriors.


Although they did retreat, it wasn’t that they had escaped after fighting.


Their retreat had a meaning behind it.


In addition King Sven had witnessed the mythological fight of the warriors himself. The battle that split the sea and called thunders. As they had defeated the fifty meters big Kraken and had even rescued his people he couldn’t have any complaints.


They would also defeat the herd of sharks soon. They will open a path for the ships.


The advisor Ube expressed a bit of concern but King Sven ignored him. He opened a big banquet for the warriors of Valhalla, that had died and returned.


“It was then. The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie……”

King Sven started to relate what had happened today with an excited face and voice. He was already repeating the same thing for the seventh time but no one seemed to be tired of listening to him.


Tae Ho approached that Sven and said silently.


“I’m Idun’s warrior. Idun’s warrior.”

“Ah, yes! Of course! Idun’s warrior! The warrior of the beautiful Goddess of youth!”

“The ship also belongs to Idun-nim.”

“Ohh! The ship that can fly on air!”

“Idun-nim’s treasure!”

As the people of Midgard started to proclaim her name, Tae Ho put on a satisfied face and returned to the place that he originally was at. Siri, that was leaning back on a window and drinking alcohol, laughed.


“You are working hard.”

“You have to whenever you can.”

Actually, Tae Ho felt more confused when he saw that the other warriors weren’t as earnest as he was on promoting his legion.


‘No, is it the leisure the big legions have?’


Because they would still get newcomers even if they stayed still and did nothing.


Tae Ho looked towards the warriors of Valhalla. Although the excited warriors were speaking with the beautiful ladies, they weren’t particularly emphasizing the name of their patron Gods like Tae Ho did.


Siri laughed once again and then looked at Tae Ho. Although she stayed silent because Tae Ho’s actions seemed cute, she also wanted to tease him.


Because you had to first die to enter Valhalla.


How long would the people, that had started to believe in Idun after listening to Tae Ho, need to enter Valhalla?


There may be battles at any time, so it could be faster than what he thought, but having faith in Idun wasn’t something that could be achieved in mere months.


“Why are you laughing like that?”

“It’s funny.”

Siri laughed once again and then patted on the shoulder of Tae Ho that seemed like he didn’t understand and then said while looking at the warriors.


“I heard that we look different for the people of Midgard. Just like we are covered in light. Should I say that it’s a glory? It seems like we become much more pretty, handsome, cool, and flashy. So anyways, it seems like we get beautified.”

Siri was laughing more than usual perhaps because of the alcohol. She laughed once more and then pointed at the women next to Bracky with her eyes. It seemed like they had completely fallen for Bracky and were putting embarrassed faces while flushing.


“So that was the reason.”

It was kind of weird.


“Then I will also be going.”

“I will cheer for you.”

Siri seemed like she wasn’t planning on intervening that she just slightly raised her cup. Tae Ho toasted with her and then started his promotion again.



After listening to the stories of the epidemic that had started to spread in the continent and how the routes of the ships got blocked, the night had soon deepened.


Bracky and the warriors wanted to have a close time with the women but Ingrid didn’t permit them. As they had enjoyed themselves it was time to prepare for tomorrow.


Although they had enjoyed the banquet for a few hours the warriors of Valhalla were all clear headed. When they gathered on the room King Sven had prepared, Ingrid started their strategy meeting.


The real cause that blocked the route of the ships was the herd of sharks.


Their objective wasn’t the annihilation of the herd. The first thing they had to aim for was the leader. If they just removed him, the herd would breakdown naturally.


In the first place, the sharks weren’t monsters that formed a group like this. As they were a kind of sea monster, if they just removed their leader that was the center of the group there was a high possibility for them to go their own paths.


“The problem is how we should fight.”

The warriors of Valhalla were proficient in operating a ship, but using a normal ship and fight was like commiting suicide. With one body slam of the monsters the ship would turn to pieces.


Although they were big, they weren’t as big as the kraken so it was impossible to fight on top of them.


Then how should they fight?

“There’s a method if we get the preparations.”

Ingrid said in a low voice. Some of them had curious faces and the others seemed to know what it was.


One of the warriors that was on the latter laughed and said.


“Ingrid-nim is the Valkyrie of Njord’s legion.”



The warriors understood immediately and exclaimed. But Tae Ho was the only one that didn’t understand and asked by whispering Siri.


“Captain SIri, who is Njord-nim?”

Cuchulainn started to laugh at Tae Ho’s question as if he was flustered and Siri just blinked as if she was bewildered and then pulled on Tae Ho’s ears and answered in a low voice.


“The God of Sea.”

The father of Freya and Freyr, Njord.

Ingrid proposed a method to fight in the sea.



The night passed and morning came. The warriors of Valhalla had a solid breakfast and finished their preparations and then went to the port that was looking at the noon.


The countless people wanted to go together with the warriors of Valhalla but honestly speaking they would only be a baggage to them. Ingrid only allowed King Sven to accompany them.


‘They will also be thinking of battling. Having appeared that confidently is proof of that.’


Ingrid and Cuchulainn thought similarly. So they would be able to allure them with some kind of momentum.


‘So, this is how it turned out?’


Adenmaha, that got called back again in one day, grumbled.


The flying ship, that was carrying Scuabtuinne, was so high you couldn’t even see it. The only ones floating in the sea were Adenmaha and Tae Ho.


“Because I believe in you.”

Tae Ho caressed Adenmaha’s scales and then she snorted as if telling him not to spout nonsense.


There was a lot of blood of cows and pigs spread near Adenmaha. It was to lead the sharks that were sensitive to the smell of blood.


“I really do believe in you. I’m really thankful for yesterday. You were really pretty. No, really beautiful.”

‘Le, leave it. Do you think i’m a kid?’


Adenmaha grumbled but Tae Ho could read her emotions because of the ‘one that controls dragons’. She was actually really happy because of the compliment she hadn’t heard in a long while.


‘Now that he thought about it, just what had happened?’


He had only heard the general outline from Cuchulainn.


She was one of the Goddesses that had submitted herself to protect their loved ones.


What kind of story was there? And what was the reason she chose the geass ‘obey your master’.


‘I think they came.’


Adenmaha, that was forcing back her smile, said with a sharp voice. Tae Ho, that was sharing his senses with her, could also feel it.


The second wave in the sea, and perhaps the real game by now.


Tae Ho took a breath once and activated ‘the warrior that rode on a Valkyrie’. This saga affected the one he was being accompanied just like ‘the one that controls dragons’.


‘Uh, huh?’


Adenmaha got surprised blinked and then realized what had happened to her.


‘Va, valkyrie?’


Granting the strength of a Valkyrie to the one that had let him ride on.


A feather decoration made of light appeared in Adenmaha’s head. Her body, that was strengthened by ‘the one that handles dragons’ was strengthened once again.


And it didn’t stop there. Idun’s blessing spread over Adenmaha’s body.


[Idun’s Valkyrie(Temporary)]



What would happen if he used it on Rolo.


Tae Ho smiled bitterly and erased his idle thoughts.


He focused his consciousness on feeling the enemy that was approaching him from below.


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