VS Episode 20 Chapter 2

Episode 20/Chapter 2: Scathach (2)

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The woman that spoke while facing Heda had the appearance of a girl. However, she was someone that had lived far longer than Heda.


She, who was special even among the three sisters, was the youngest and was in charge of the future among the past, present and future. Untying the knots of fat that Verdandi and Uld worked hard to make was her role.


Skuld was also at the same time a Valkyrie. Because of that, she wore feather decorations like Heda, Rasgrid or the other Valkyries and armor that covered her arms, chest and shoulders.


As the Valkyries of Valhalla were all mature or beautiful women, the girlish-looking Valkyrie was really eye catching. But marvelously enough, there was no one who could see Skuld standing on the wooden dock. It was because of the future attribute she possessed.


Compared to the past or present, the future, which was said to be covered in mist, was something not just anyone could see through.


Heda hurriedly stood up. Then Skuld waved her long hair, which reached her waist, and grabbed Heda’s hand.


“Shall we walk for a moment? That’s fine, right?”

“Of course.”

The one who had trained Heda as a Valkyrie was none other than Skuld. In Heda’s position, she was meeting her teacher for the first in a really long while.


Although they had met a few times after that day, this was the first time they had spoken alone since then. However, even if that hadn’t been the case, Heda and Skuld didn’t bring out a serious topic. They only asked trivial things like how they have been, the weather, etc.


After walking around the hall, Skuld finally said her farewell.


“It’s really good, meeting in a long while. Let’s meet again at another opportunity.”

“Yes Skuld-nim. I also had a good time.”

As Heda hit her chest as if expressing her manners, Skuld opened her two arms widely. Heda understood the meaning behind that and then embraced Skuld while wearing a small smile.


The one that was embraced was Heda but because of the difference in height, it seemed as if Skuld was the one being embraced. But Skuld still caressed Heda’s head and then whispered in her ear.


“And this is a secret, but you should have some determination.”


“You will know in about two days.”

When Skuld laughed playfully, Heda made an uneasy face but then also smiled brightly. In the first place, there was no way Skuld would laugh and tell her this if it was something serious.


The wooden boat departed from the dock of Idun’s legion. Skuld, who was seeing off Heda with a valiant face, could feel that much time had passed. Before that happened on that day, the ship of Idun’s legion wasn’t that small. They had a big ship, just like the other legions.


“In the end I wasn’t able to say it.” Skuld mumbled while waving her hand at Heda. The reason she had come to meet Heda wasn’t to share her thoughts. Although she had warned her about a small thing, that really was closer to a prank.


After Ragnarok had started, Skuld and her other sisters had to remain in their seats in order to respond to Odin’s requests. But the reason why she had still come out like this was because of a strong impulse.


The thread of fate was touching Idun’s legion.


The three sisters didn’t tie personal fates together. What they did tie was the fate of the world.


There had also been a time in the past when the thread of fate had touched Idun’s legion. And that day had come. It would be the most miserable day for Heda.


But still, saying that the thread of fate had touched somewhere didn’t always mean something negative. It merely meant that it was related to the fate of the world.


Because of that, rather than being a misfortune, it could also be a great one.


Heda wasn’t visible anymore because of the fog that was there. However, Skuld still remained in the same place and looked at the place she had left from.


Although she was in charge of the future, she couldn’t see through it clearly. There were also unknown territories in the future for her.


‘Let blessings accompany you.’


Skuld gave her a small blessing and slowly turned around.



“Skuld-nim’s words were right.”

Two days later, Heda stood on the wooden dock of Idun’s legion while crossing her arms and with sharp eyes. Next to her were Rolo and the female gryphons, lying on their stomachs and looking at them.



She hadn’t even gone to bring him back but Tae Ho had appeared in a big, outstanding ship which was comparable to the ones in the other legions with a bright smile. However, the things inside the ship were a bit strange.


‘This is the home I will be staying at? As I’m a sea serpent, I prefer the sea rather than a lake or river.’ (Speaking politely)

A sea serpent that was so big it made one wonder how the ship could sail was on top of it, and inside of it there was a woman so beautiful even Heda was surprised.


The woman, who had abundant black hair, was covered by the leather of a black beast and she emanated a really weak aura. It was because of her white face, which was close to being pale and her two eyes, which were so deep it made one think of an abyss.


“He returned after a long while and only brought a lot of women.” Ragnar said righteously and Heda nodded unconsciously. Even Siri, who could now be described as an honorary member of Idun’s legion, was wearing a bitter smile and that made Heda feel uneasy.


However she ended up smiling. It was because Tae Ho’s healthy appearance made her feel at ease.


Tae Ho jumped down from the ship and made the sea serpent get in the lake and then waved towards the beautiful woman. Then the small boat that the woman was in moved on its own and reached the dock.


“She’s Scathach-nim, the Queen of the Land of Darkness.”

Tae Ho hurriedly presented Scathach. Then the faces of Ragnar and Heda changed. Ragnar put on the same dignified face he wore in front of the warriors of Valhalla and then hit his chest twice and expressed his manners.


“It’s an honor to be able to meet the beautiful and wise queen of the Land of Darkness. I’m Ragnar Lodbrok.”

The face of Scathach didn’t change that greatly, because she had already known that Ragnar was in that place. Then she placed her right hand on her left shoulder and bowed slightly. It was the etiquette of the Land of Darkness.


“I’m glad to be able to meet the King of the exalted Vikings. I’m Scathach.”

She, who treated even Gandur inhospitably, treated Ragnar politely. As Ragnar also treated everyone excluding Gods inhospitably, it could be said that it was an honorable treatment between Kings.


“I’m Heda, the Valkyrie of Idun’s legion.”

Heda also hit her chest and expressed her manners. And then Scathach blinked a few times and started to laugh.


“I have heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you.”

Just what did she hear about her? And why was she laughing?

There was a possibility that it didn’t mean anything but she started to worry about that. No, it was obvious to do so.


When Heda turned to look at Tae Ho, he pointed at Adenmaha, seemingly as if he didn’t know how Heda was feeling.


“Heda, Ragnar. This is Adenmaha. She’s a sea serpent from Erin.”

‘Nice to meet you.’ (Politely)


Adenmaha lowered her neck to be at the same height as everyone. It seemed as if it was Adenmaha’s way of showing her sincerity.


It seemed as if that worked well, as Heda’s expression became softer. Ragnar also seemed to find her cute.


“The names of Rolo’s wives, who are over there, are Porsche and Benz.”

Tae Ho pointed at Rolo and his wives, who were looking at her with cautious eyes. Adenmaha snorted at their gazes and then said with an offensive voice, ‘Their names are a bit weird.’ (Politely)


She didn’t know about Rolo but the names of the other two were certainly weird.


But Tae Ho paid no attention to that and said, “They are your comrades, so get along well.”



She was a bit displeased to be treated as being the same rank with beasts that couldn’t speak properly but she nodded for now. Obeying the words of her master was her geas.


“It has become a complete zoo. What is next, a lion or an elephant?” Ragnar mumbled, as if it was absurd. Heda got a hold of herself and then spoke towards Scathach.


“Scathach-nim. Let’s go inside. Sorry Adenmaha, but can you stay there for a bit? I will give you a place to rest soon.”

The Valkyrie of a legion was also a landlady. She couldn’t keep a guest waiting forever.


“Over here.” Ragnar escorted Scathach. Heda glared at Tae Ho for a moment and then hurried her steps.


‘What can I say? Her eyes are those of a wife that’s glaring at her husband for having brought his friends to his house without giving advice or prior notice.’


How much time had passed after Cu Chulainn had left that life metaphor? As Ragnar and Scathach started to speak between them, Heda treated her with snacks and then left the house and approached Tae Ho.


“How did it turn out like this?”

Perhaps it was because of Cu Chulainn’s metaphor, but Heda seemed scarier than usual. No, her eyes were actually scary.


“No, um…” Tae Ho explained the things that had happened two days before very briefly. Heda, who had finished listening to everything, nodded.


“So it really was unavoidable. And looking at the big picture was a gain for you.”

Scathach was Erin’s celebrity. In addition, just as Gandur desired her, she was an outstanding teacher. If she chose to stay in Idun’s legion among the several legions, then it wouldn’t only help the reputation of the legion, but it would also be a great help for Tae Ho.


In addition, didn’t they obtain a flying pirate ship and the magic boat, Sgaba Tune?


However, the only thing she was worried about was that they had gotten involved with the Tyrant Bress, because his obstination and stubbornness was so great, it was even famous in Asgard. Although he was still their enemy, it wasn’t that good to think about it.


Tae Ho smiled brightly, oblivious to Heda’s worry and then pointed at the pocket he was carrying at his waist.


“And I also obtained this.”

“A magic tool from Erin?”

Tae Ho hurriedly took out a rock from a pocket and gave it to Heda.


“It’s something called a Summoning Rock, and you are able to summon a subject you have made a contract with. The farther the distance, the more magic power is spent, and the summoning time is also short, but it’s useful in many ways, right?”

It was a story that made one nod on its own. Because Tae Ho had gotten stronger when he rode on something, it made sense that he had brought Adenmaha to Idun’s legion.


“Hm, then you don’t need to ride on Siri or the other Valkyries anymore, right?”

“Uh… Probably?”

As Heda asked with a gentle voice, Tae Ho answered with a bewildered voice. Then, the silent Cu Chulainn raised his voice.


‘That’s impossible. Impossible. He even rode on Gandur in this expedition. He was in a really good mood, saying that he added one more trophy to his shelf.’


Even though they were inside of Idun’s legion,which amplified one’s power, he was certain that he was concealing the fact that he could emit his voice outside of Gae Bolg.


“Wh, when did I!”

Tae Ho hurriedly denied the fact but his voice trembled, because he did feel a bit proud, just as a collector did, when he gathered the blessings of the Valkyries. Using game terms, it felt as if he was doing a challenge.


“Hmm. So you did that. You rode on a Valkyrie again. You raised your name of the warrior that rode on a Valkyrie once again.”

Heda spoke with a voice that had no intonation. When Tae Ho flinched, she started to laugh like a child.


“It’s a joke, a joke. I’m happy with you having returned safely.”

His opponent was an underling of the Tyrant Bress. Tae Ho, who had faced a strong opponent, just did his best as always.


Heda grabbed Tae Ho’s hands gently and then closed the distance to him. Then, Tae Ho also lowered his body towards Heda. It was to receive the blessing he was now accustomed to.


Heda had changed the place in which she gave her blessing to him when Cu Chulainn had started to bless Tae Ho on his forehead.


Tae Ho had recently gotten taller, maybe because the sync rate had increased, since Heda had to stand on her toes to bless him. But it was when she was about to place her lips on his cheek that it happened.



Heda’s nose moved. She smelled the scent of an unfamiliar woman – no, a woman she had seen once, close to his lips.


“Tae Ho?”

Heda asked and Tae Ho just rolled his eyes.



There were only two lands that were directly connected to the mortal world, Midgard.


The land of Gods, Asgard, and the land of the Dead, Niflheim.


But of course, that was only a normal connector. If one wanted to invade it, a door connecting to Midgard could be opened forcefully, just like what had been done in Erin.

But that couldn’t happen, because it would make a big commotion. Everyone would be aware of what had happened.


Loki, the God of Fire and Lies, stood in Asgard. He crossed the land he couldn’t return to since the Great War and walked towards the rainbow stairs, Bifrost.


Loki, who was hidden in the shadow of the night, walked towards Asgard’s castle. He reached the fortress that Heimdal was guarding by hiding his existence with skills that were so impressive even the God of Magic, Freya, was amazed by.


The sincere Heimdal couldn’t see Loki. The darkness, which completely filled the night, made even the rainbow stairs turn dark. Because of that, even if someone used the Bifrost in the deep night, the existence of a human in it wouldn’t be noticed.


Loki walked towards Midgard. He was holding several fragments of Garmr’s soul.



And Thor.


Loki wore a faint smile after calling the names of the ones he grieved. He gulped cold air above the land of Midgard that he had reached.


He felt as if he could feel the gaze of the giant of Night, Avalt.


But what if he was watching him? Loki hid himself once again in the curtain of darkness and walked. He scattered Garmr’s soul fragments in order to create a big ruckus.


“Let everything happen as the king wishes.”

Loki smiled like a theatre actor and turned around.


And the next morning…


The planned chaos started to burn down Midgard.


< Scathach (2) > End

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