VS Episode 2 Chapter 1

Episode 2/Chapter 1: Legion (1)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Raigeh

The battle had concluded.


The battle finished as suddenly as it had started. After breathing roughly because of having killed the sixth or seventh monster, the sound of the horn trumpet was heard along with the cheers.


And how many hours have passed after that?


Tae Ho returned with the ship and was sitting in front of a big round table. The table was filled with alcohol and meat, and the warriors of the same table were busy eating, drinking and talking to each other.


‘Is this…..the night banquet?’


Tae Ho looked at his surroundings. He could see the men with really big frames that were all sitting close to each other and felt like the temperature rose by 5 degrees.


It was certainly a banquet. Because it had alcohol and meat.


‘Although it really only has alcohol and meat.’


It felt quite simple for it to be Valhalla’s banquet, that the Gods participated. And he couldn’t even see the Valkyries around. The only things he could see were the smelly and muscled men.


Tae Ho looked at his surroundings and drank alcohol. It wasn’t that he particularly liked alcohol, but he could only drink it as it was the only thing on the table. He thought that he wouldn’t have an appetite after the first battle of his life but that wasn’t the case at all. After he put some meat on his mouth, it kept going in well.


‘Let’s eat first.’


It wasn’t that delicious as it was merely grilled, but it was still meat. He had to fill his stomach first.


‘But where do I sleep?’


Will he eat and drink all night and then go to the next battlefield?


Even if this was the case, Valhalla was a place that had sent him to the battlefield without any explanations. He wondered, but it wasn’t that there were no probabilities.


‘But even so.’


“Young man.”


A voice was heard. As Tae Ho turned his head he saw a familiar face. It was the man he saw at the ship.


“So you survived. Then you can teach me your name now. I am called Bjorn.”

The man-Bjorn smiled and sat next to Tae Ho. He was so tall that Tae Ho had to raise his head to look at him in the eyes.


“I’m Lee Tae Ho.”

As Tae Ho revealed his name, Bjorn tilted his head.


“Huh? You have a peculiar name. Now that I see you are also wearing peculiar clothes.”

Bjorn opened his eyes sharply and then looked at Tae Ho from head to toes. Tae Ho wanted to yell that he realized that only now, but he forced himself to calm down and said with a calm voice.


“Something’s wrong. I’m sure there was a mistake.”

Actually he spoke these words without expecting for much. Because if these words did work, he wouldn’t have gone to the battlefield at all.


But unexpectedly, Bjorn nodded and agreed.


“It seems so. People with similar names to yours are supposed to go to the next town.”


He was right. Something was wrong even when looking at it with this place’s standpoint.


But most of all, the last words picked Tae Ho’s interest.


“Next town?”

“That’s right. Didn’t I tell you at the ship? About Asgard and the nine planets. People with similar names to yours shouldn’t be supposed to gather at Valhalla but at another place. What was the place called……temple?”

Tae Ho blinked. And then drank some of the beer.


If Bjorn’s words were true, then there were nine more planets aside of Valhalla, and the place called temple was the place where people with names similar to Tae Ho’s gathered at.


But that was everything.


‘No. At least’ it’s possible that there are Koreans over there.’


Of course, that may not be the case. Because it was only similar for Bjorn.


“Well, having come here is also fate, don’t you think? You are even able to write your saga. I’m certain you were destined to come here.”

Bjorn smiled as it was complicated at all. He wan’t to refute back but his words seemed right.


“Most of all, it looks like you have accomplished quite the merits. You have quite a bit of runes.”

“Can you see something?”

Bjorn laughed as Tae Ho asked back reflexively.


“Um, right. You didn’t even know what a saga was. Then I will explain it to you.”

Bjorn paused for a moment and then touched his chin as if he was choosing the correct words.


“You should also know it, but all of the existences that have life have mana in their bodies. Be it small or big. And that’s also the same for the enemies of Valhalla.”

The dog headed monsters were certainly living creatures. But even so, he didn’t feel rejection at the thought of having killed something right because it was a monster. In the first place, Tae Ho’s life was at danger.


As Tae Ho nodded slowly, Bjorn kept explaining.


“When the warriors of Valhalla defeat the enemies, they can take their mana and convert it to magical runes. Think of the time when you thought of your saga.”

It was an unreasonable request, but Tae Ho closed his eyes and tried it. And in the end exclaimed.




[Lowest rune : 7]


A new shiny message appeared below the saga category.


Bjorn pinched Tae Ho’s chest with his big fingers and said.


“You can use the runes and strengthen your abilities. There are some conditions but you will be able to learn magic and a new saga.”

‘Simply put, you upgrade your stats and level up your skills right?’


He felt like he knew what he had to do. Bjorn kept speaking.


“First is physical abilities – and among them I recommend you strengthening your stamina. Your body is the first thing that will get spent on the battlefield.”

Tae Ho nodded but he didn’t use the runes immediately. He had too little information right now. If he had to go to the battlefield again he would have used the runes, but he still had time.


“Um, but why aren’t the Valkyries here?”


The black haired Valkyrie that led Tae Ho to Valhalla. She had certainly told him to meet at the night banquet again.


At Tae Ho’s question, Bjorn clicked his tongue and then patted Tae Ho’s shoulders.


“The Valkyries aren’t here. They are at another banquet.”


“Another banquet?”

“This is the lowest banquet were the lowest class warriors and newcomers gather at. That’s why the food and the alcohol is like this. If you want to drink with the Valkyries you will have to work hard. Because you will have to at least climb to the intermediate banquet.”

So that was why the food was like this. For there to be ranks at the banquets.


‘How petty. They discriminate with food.’


Anyways, it seemed like the privileges of a high class wasn’t only the banquet. Perhaps you may receive better equipment or get a special technique.


“What about you?”

Bjorn said that this was the place for newcomers and the lowest class warriors. Then was Bjorn also a lowest class warrior?

At Tae Ho’s question, Bjorn laughed.


“I just came down to see you.”

In other words, he wasn’t a newcomer.


“I’m really thankful.”

Tae Ho bowed towards Bjorn. It wasn’t a face action, but his true feelings. If Bjorn hadn’t taught him the saga at the ship, he would have died in today’s battlefield.


“You do know some manners. I like you.”

Bjorn nodded and placed a hand in Tae Ho’s shoulder.


“You have talent. You will be able to climb up fast. If you have to fight anyways, isn’t it better to get good treatment and then fight?”

He was certainly encouraging him, but why was strength leaving his body? Tae Ho forced a smile and then asked another question.


“Um, but where will I sleep today?”

He was curious about many things, but for now, he had to take care of his basic needs the most urgently.


“Ah, you were sent to the battlefield as soon as you came so you wouldn’t know. It will be announced later on anyways, but your lodging will depend on what legion of a God you follow.”

“A legion?”

“Yeah, the Valkyrie warriors are all under a legion of the Gods of Asgard.”

He thought of something. Tae Ho opened his eyes sharply and asked.


“I’m just asking but do the blessings differ regarding on what God you follow?”

“Oh, you are quite fast to catch on. That’s right. It’s the same for the affiliated Valkyries.”

He was right. He still didn’t know what blessing gave each God, but he felt like it was up to luck.


“It’s starting now.”

Bjorn pointed to the middle of the hall with a gesture of his chin. He turned to look reflexively and then saw a gold haired Valkyrie. It was Reginleif.


“Warriors! I have seen today’s performance well! Valhalla welcomes you, exalted warriors!”




The warriors raised their cups and claimed the name of the God of thunder. Reginleif put on a proud smile and then raised her voice again.


“Starting from now, I will teach you your affiliation! Everyone, look at your cups! Now, you will remember the name of the you will believe and follow!”

Reginleif swung her sword on the air after she finished speaking. Then, light started shine and was poured over the heads of the warriors after having split to hundreds and thousands of pieces.


“Hurry up. Check it.”

Bjorn urged. The warriors at his surrounding also looked at their cups.


Tae Ho, that was amazed at the particles of light, looked down at his cup. Shiny words started to appear where there was nothing before.


‘Please! Please!’


Although he only knew about Odin, Thor and Freya in norse mythology, Tae Ho still had a legion he wanted to be affiliated.


Odin or Thor.


A strong God!



“Ohh! Thor!”

The warriors started to talk among themselves. Tae Ho gulped dry saliva and then looked at his cup. It was the first time he had seen these symbols, but he could clearly read it.




Obviously, it was a name he didn’t know. And because of that, Tae Ho turned his head and looked at Bjorn.


And then, Bjorn clicked his tongue and patted Tae Ho’s shoulder.


“Cheer up.”

What did he mean with that?


Tae Ho wanted to ask when he already knew the answer.


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