VS Episode 19 Chapter 2

Episode 19/Chapter 2: Intermediate Ranked Warrior (2)

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ED: Ren

Tae Ho already had three masters.


Heda, who helped his growth in runes and magic.


Ragnar, who was in charge of the saga and the power of a God.


Cu Chulainn, who had said that he would transmit the geas and Erin’s power.


There was no one that had taught him spearmanship.


Tae Ho’s sword was Kalsted’s sword.


His swordsmanship and fighting style was all based on Kalsted.


Tae Ho had dug into Kalsted’s sword over the past three months. He had worked hard to execute the several techniques in reality that Kalsted had used in the world of Dark Age.


Ragnar and Heda helped him. Cu Chulainn also grabbed some important points and advised him.


Kalsted’s sword was completed inside the saga.


He had vaguely followed up. The synchro rate had increased up to 32%.


[Saga: The Warrior’s Equipment]


What Tae Ho was grabbing was the Sword of a Winter Wolf.


It was a sword that had strong magic engraved in it, which he had acquired after killing the three troll brothers and conquering Giant Hill.


Tae Ho executed Kalsted’s sword. Instead of slashing the Fomoires, which were like rock, with his sword, he aimed for the knots that connected the rocks. He slashed the Fomoires as quickly and naturally as water. His superhuman physique, which had reached the intermediate level, and the polished sword techniques of Kalsted made that possible.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Fomoires fell to the ground and cried out. The Fomoires couldn’t catch up to Tae Ho as they had become dull, thanks to the snowstorm. They simply got swept by the sword.


“Captain Siri!”

Siri was already emerging from the cave when he yelled. Catching the ones that had escaped was her role.


Siri pulled out the big crossbow she was carrying on her back and fired quickly. The arrows that were added with the strength of the saga hit 100 out of 100 times, but there were too many Fomoires. Siri charged the eighth arrow after having killed seven of the escaping Fomoires and perceived that the last one had already fled too far. Even if she hit it, there was a high possibility for the arrow to get bounced off.



A loud sound exploded in the cave. Siri ground her teeth and turned around. And just as expected, she saw Tae Ho, who was breathing roughly.


Siri opened her reluctant mouth with a sorry face and Tae Ho shook his head. Just looking at the seven Fomoires that were on the floor, he could realize that it wasn’t Siri’s fault. It was unavoidable.


‘Hurry up.’ Cu Chulainn said in a low voice. He could feel that he was suppressing the uneasiness the most he could.


‘Go to the treasury of the Red Branch Knights. There’s an object suitable for transportation there. You will be able to arrive faster than when riding on your ally.’


Tae Ho hurriedly made a hand gesture to Siri. After they returned to the cave again, he was led by Cu Chulainn and opened the secret door of the treasury.



Flashy and colorful words shone. The golden words especially blinded him because there were too much.


As Tae Ho raised his hand to reflexively cover himself as if covering from the sunlight, Siri looked at him as if asking what he was doing.


“Tae Ho?”

“There are a lot of treasures.”

Tae Ho evaded Siri’s gaze, which had turned a bit warm and then looked inside the treasury. There were many weapons: swords, spears and shields, but there were also several precious metals like pure gold and jewels.


‘Because someday… Erin was planning on making the second Ulster.’ Cu Chulainn said in a bitter voice. He was filled with prostration as if he had thought about his allies of the Red Branch Knights.


‘The thing you should take is the boat over there.’




It was a long boat that didn’t have a sail and was like a canoe. It didn’t seem that different to the boat that was in Idun’s legion.


‘It has no sail and oar but it is a magical boat that moves automatically. It will be able to fly over the plains, as if it’s slipping. You can also regulate the size, so order it to get smaller.’


When he placed his hands on it like Cu Chulainn had told him, the boat became small, like a toy. It seemed to be similar to the magical boat Skidbladnir, that he had heard of once from Idun.


Tae Ho took some more treasures that seemed useful and then left the treasury. He could always return at a later time, so he could retrieve the treasures then.


‘Hurry up.’ Cu Chulainn said again. The anxiousness in him could now be felt.


Tae Ho hurried up and thought. He was sure that he would also be in a hurry if Heda was in a dangerous situation, but Scathach was none other than Cu Chulainn’s master. He was sure that she would be really powerful.


‘That’s not the case. Master is more of a teacher than a warrior. She’s more specialized in teaching.’


Although she certainly had some strength, she wasn’t as strong as Tae Ho had imagined her to be.


Cu Chulainn thought of the first time he met Scathach. It was a ridiculous first meeting that was about him sneaking into her bedroom and threatening her that he would kill her if she didn’t teach him.



Cu Chulainn shared his thoughts because he wasn’t in a good condition and Tae Ho asked unconsciously. They had been lovers and other things, but their first meeting was that dramatic.


‘I, I was small back then.’ Cu Chulainn said with a bewildered voice.


Although you couldn’t forgive someone having threatened you after sneaking in to your bedroom for being young, Tae Ho just nodded for the time being.


“Tae Ho?”

As Siri asked as if there was something wrong, Cu Chulainn cleared his throat and begged him to keep quiet about it. Tae Ho also promised to keep it a secret.


‘Thanks to that, I was able to calm down.’


Cu Chulainn became a bit calmer than before. Tae Ho placed down Scuabtuinne outside the cave and thought.


Although he couldn’t know for how long the Fomoires had been hiding in ambush, he could vaguely know how obsessed they were. They couldn’t be in too much of a hurry but it was certainly a situation in which they should hurry.


‘Master is in Nidavelir. I will be the one to control itm so place Gae Bolg to Scuabtuinne.’


Tae Ho got onto the boat and placed Gae Bolg at the front of the boat. Siri released a magical bird, which was provided on becoming an intermediate-ranked warrior, before getting onto the boat. It was to give notice to Gandur of the news the fastest they could.


Scuabtuinne departed. Their destination was Nidavelir, the world of the dwarves.




Just like the giants in Jotunheim, the Fomoires also had several kings.


The tyrant Brass, who was born between the Tuatha De Danann and a Fomoire, opened its eye sharply and looked into the distance.


It had already passed a hundred years since Erin was destroyed. And in that time, Bress and the Fomoires had reduced in numbers.


What the Fomoires wanted wasn’t the destruction of Erin. What they truly wanted was to take over Erin and rule it.


However, it was too late. The King of Muspelheim, Surtr, had destroyed Erin with his flames. Erin didn’t exist anymore.


Because of that, the Fomoires became obsessed with the survivors of Erin, because they were the only ones that could fill their empty, conquering greed.




The Queen of the Land of Darkness. The witch that raised not only that exalted Cu Chulainn, but also several other heroes.


A new flame surged up in Bress, which was almost cooling down and becoming ash.




Bress burst out into laughter. He expressed joy and amazement at the same time.


It was good news that it was far away from Asgard for the Fomoires. There were several of their race in that place that Scathach was said to be.


She really was Scathach, the Shadow Witch. She had hidden really well.


Bress rose his body from the throne made of rocks.




Scuabtuinne was really fast.After they passed the boundary connecting Svartalfheim and Nidavelir, the sky turned from white to black. Siri opened her eyes widely, as if it was marvelous.


“It’s a white night. Master’s words were true.”

The snowstorm that had been falling until then, also stopped, like a lie. It seemed like they would turn blind because of the white scenery.


The dwarves of Nidavelir all lived underground. Because of that, it could be said that the real Nidavelir was underground.


However Cu Chulainn and Tae Ho had something to do above ground.


‘We are almost there. We are not that far.’


“Tae Ho!” Cu Chulainn and Siri spoke at the same time. Tae Ho looked at the location Siri pointed at and ground his teeth.


Fomoires of various shapes were flying in the sky. They were certainly moving in the same direction as Tae Ho’s group.


In addition, they weren’t the only ones. After looking a bit farther he could see Fomoires that had already arrived. They were attacking the place that was in between the boundary of the white night and black night.


Cu Chulainn thought of Scathach, who was in the Land of Darkness. He was sure that the thing was similar to the fortress that was being protected by an unseen wall.


The Fomoires were a bit faster. Just counting them roughly, they were more than a hundred. It wasn’t a number Tae Ho and Siri could face alone.


However Scuabtuinne didn’t stop. Siri looked into the distance with the eyes of a hunter, as if looking for her prey.


It was then that a huge existence crossed the white plains and appeared. The thing that had surged up by charging forward was truly white and beautiful.


‘Adenmaha!’ Cu Chulainn said in shock. He could only do so. It wasn’t only because Cu Chulainn knew its name.


‘It’s the servant of the Tyrant Bress. It’s a strong sea dragon that can move freely anywhere that has water.’


The fact that Adenmaha had appeared meant that the army that was in front of them was sent by the Tyrant Bress.


However Tae Ho paid attention to another thing.



“You are talking about a dragon?!” Tae Ho and Siri said at the same time. The two of them looked at Gae Bolg as if they were going to devour it and Cu Chulainn answered in his bewilderment.


‘That’s right. Precisely speaking, it’s a sea serpent, but it does belong to the dragon category.’


That was enough. Tae Ho nodded and Siri transformed into a golden wolf after smiling sharply.


Tae Ho rode on Siri and activated the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’. It was just like Cu Chulainn had said.


[The Poor Servant of the Tyrant Bress]

[White Adenmaha]

[Sea Serpent(Dragon Race)]


‘Why are they like that? Is it different if it is a dragon?’


It was obvious for Cu Chulainn to not know. As he hadn’t always been with Tae Ho. He didn’t know much about Tae Ho before they met.


“It is different.”

“By a lot.” Tae Ho and Siri said in consecution. Tae Ho glared at Adenmaha instead of explaining more and got ready.


[Saga: The Hammer of the Blacksmith Doesn’t Slip Off]


[The Shining Hunter’s Rope]


[The Beast’s Saddle That Covers You Comfortably]


[The Suppression Reins That Have the Love of Idun]


And the last one.


Just like what happened with the ‘Sword of the Warrior’, the moment the synchro rate reached 32%, Tae Ho’s saga improved one more step.


[Saga: The One That Controls Dragons]


Controlling instead of handling. Kalsted’s saga showed a particularly strong power when used against the dragon race.


Siri, who had Tae Ho on her back, jumped down from the boat. Tae Ho made Siri faster with the strength of his saga.


The Fomoires discovered Tae Ho and Siri. The Adenmaha, which was about to fire an ice breath towards the invisible barrier, also turned to look at Tae Ho and Siri.


He saw one warrior riding a small but beautiful wolf. Compared to the Fomoires surrounding Scathach’s fortress, they were really unshapely.


However, Adenmaha trembled unconsciously. The warrior and the wolf smiling while looking at it was really frightening.


What was it? What did they want to do?

Adenmaha breathed out for now. But it didn’t work at all. Siri was accompanied by thunder and storm and charged over with an amazing speed and passed it from below. She kept running like that in order to jump over the Fomoires and then she got on top of Adenmaha.


At the same time Tae Ho jumped down from Siri. Although it was huge, it was a normal sea serpent. He ran on the neck of the Adenmaha, which had a long neck, long body and long tail, and reached its head in an instant.



Tae Ho transformed into a hawk. Adenmaha shook its head to try to shake off Tae Ho but it got bewildered once more and Tae Ho transformed into a human once again in the air and threw the wide Hunter’s Rope.


Adenmaha’s neck got caught in it. Tae Ho kicked the air to stick to its neck and after taking out the Beast’s Saddle he activated the ‘One That Controls Dragons’. In addition, he threw the suppression reins he had received from Idun in the last expedition. The magical reins enlarged on its own and hooked Adenmaha’s neck.


Tae Ho inserted more strength into the ‘One That Controls Dragons’ once again. And then something that shocked even Cu Chulainn occurred.


[The Really Bewildered]

[The One That Has Changed Owners]

[White Adenmaha]


While Siri was smiling while growling, the ice breath of the Adenmaha fell down onto the heads of the Fomoires.


< Intermediate Ranked Warrior (2) > End

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