VS Episode 18 Chapter 1

Episode 18/Chapter 1: Anaheim (1)

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“Tae Ho! Heda!”


They were that glad to see Ragnar, rather than the sense of incongruity towards Tae Ho, that Heda smiled brightly and answered his call.


Ragnar was running towards them with a frowning face. It seemed like it was even hard to run like normal.


“Pant…pant…I’m too…decayed.” Ragnar barely managed to reach them and cursed out. It was because Tae Ho was lying on Heda’s lap.


However, his eyes were laughing, compared to his expression.. He clearly showed that he was happy that Tae Ho was alive.



Right then, thunder descended.. Heda and Ragnar turned their eyes hurriedly and Tae Ho also turned his head with difficulty.


“That was the case? The policy of immediate destruction Odin laid down…” Ragnar said in a low voice. The sound that had been heard seemed to be made by destroying Garmr’s soul fragment.


“Heda, Thor is coming.” Ragnar added in a low voice and fixed his posture. Heda pressed Tae Ho’s shoulders slightly, as if it wasn’t necessary to stand up and looked at Thor, who was coming to them.


Thor flew with his red cape fluttering and then landed a bit far away from them and started to walk towards them. He was certainly being considerate about the dust flying because of him.


“He’s really delicate.” Heda smirked and mumbled in a low voice. Thinking about it, Heda had said something similar the first time they met.


‘He has a lot of affection and is a considerate man.’


And then Thor finally entered Tae Ho’s eyesight. He was a handsome beauty that had perfect muscles to the point that he could be called a moving sculpture.


He had gold hair and a beard and was wearing silver and black armor and leather pants, but his arms, which were like steel, were on display, so one’s attention was diverted.


‘So that is Mjolnir.’


A throwing hammer that had a short handle.


The way it looked was really simple. It seemed like it was a rectangle with a handle on it.


However Tae Ho stopped breathing the moment he activated the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’. Thor and Mjolnir were both amazing. Mjolnir’s letters were obviously rainbow-colored but it was emitting a strong light, perhaps for having shown its strength recently.


And Thor was more than that. He could see his name and the green color because he clearly knew that he was an ally, but that was all.


‘Well, it was obvious.’


Because Thor wasn’t a normal God. He was the God of Thunder, who stood on the peak along with Odin and was the best fighter.




As Thor greeted her with a smile, Heda bowed slightly and returned the greeting. Looking at Thor’s expression, it seemed like they were quite friendly.


“I’m greeting Thor-nim.”

“Ragnar Lodbrok. It’s been a while.”

Ragnar hit his chest twice as if expressing his manners to Thor, who had greeted himinjoy.. Then Thor also hit his chest while laughing.


When they finished the greetings, Thor looked at Tae Ho lying down in Heda’s lap and asked, “Right, is this Idun’s warrior that’s rumored that you treasure him?”

‘What should I say…’


Did he have to stand up now? But it was hard. Honestly speaking, he had barely managed to call Heda before.


Perhaps Heda had felt Tae Ho’s conflict, as she pressed down his shoulder once again and then nodded with a flushed face.


“You are still cute.” Thor laughed and looked at Tae Ho again. “Idun’s warrior, I heard that Ragnar is teaching you. This is a really rare case. I’m waiting for the day we stand on the same battlefield.”

His smiling face was really friendly.


As Tae Ho expressed his thanks with his eyes, it seemed like Thor understood, so he made a light gesture with his hand and let him rest. Then he looked at Ragnar and Heda and said, “I want to have a deeper conversation with you but I know there are more warriors that need help. Also, I will have to report what happened to Father the fastest I can. It’s unfortunate but we will leave it to another opportunity.”

“Thank you for assisting us.”

As Ragnar expressed his manners again, Thor shook his hand as if that wasn’t the case.


“It was an obvious thing. I’m the one that should be thankful to you and Idun’s warrior. Thank you for protecting my warriors from the giant of Strength.”

Thor moved his eyes to look at Bracky and the warriors of Thor’s legion and grabbed Mjolnir tightly.



Heda blinked her eyes as if she was surprised that she had been called and then pulled herself backwards a bit and exposed Tae Ho. Then Thor knelt next to Tae Ho and hit Tae Ho’s shoulders lightly with Mjolnir.


“Idun’s warrior, my blessing shall accompany you.”

It was Thor’s blessing. A spark and small blue thunder appeared on Tae Ho’s shoulders.


‘How glad.’


Tae Ho thought of Cu Chulainn’s blessing and was relieved; Thor seemed to have read that expression as thanks, and laughed again.


“Then, let’s meet on another occasion.”

Thor finished saying his farewell and then walked a few steps and flew up. He raised Mjolnir and yelled, “My warriors! Let’s meet in the residence again! For Asgard and the nine planets!”



“For Asgard and the nine planets!”

The warriors of Thor’s legion raised their weapons and cheered. Thor swung Mjolnir for those warriors and then turned his body and flew away. The sound of thunder getting farther away was really pleasing.


“He’s still the same.”

Ragnar, who was looking at Thor like a mountain going farther away, smiled bitterly and said. Heda also smiled and then looked down at Tae Ho.

“Now rest. Sleep well.”

Although he had regained consciousness, he was too tired. In addition, it seemed as if it was thanks to Heda, but it was really comfortable and warm even though he was lying on the ground.


But Tae Ho forcefully grabbed his fading consciousness. He still had something he had to do.



Ragnar hurriedly understood his meaning as he mumbled in a low voice.


“I will take it. I will be able to discern it even without your Eyes of the Dragon, as it had emitted a strength like that.”

Heda couldn’t see how Tae Ho used Gae Bolg.


Heda opened her eyes widely at Ragnar’s answer but didn’t ask any questions. She caressed Tae Ho’s head, as if telling him to sleep.



Ragnar also spoke and then Tae Ho closed his eyes. He thought about Rolo briefly but he really was at his limit.


‘Let’s sleep.’


Tae Ho relaxed his body.



Tae Ho had received a full body anesthesic once.


It was a surprising experience, since he received the drug, lost consciousness, and when he woke up, several hours had passed.


‘It’s the same.’


He had slept really deeply, to the point he didn’t even dream.


Tae Ho opened his eyes slowly and smiled unconsciously. It was because he saw Heda falling asleep while sitting on the bedside.


Just watching this scene made him happy, so Tae Ho just stayed down.. And after some seconds, Heda raised her head, perhaps having felt something.


“Uh, huh?”

Heda wiped the saliva from her mouth groggily and she stuttered for a moment and then became aware of Tae Ho’s gaze.


“If, if you woke up you should have told me. Really.”

It seemed like she was quite embarrassed; her stuttering was really cute.


“I should have.” Tae Ho answered shamelessly and Heda flushed even more. It was really nice to see this scene but compared to before, there was a voice cutting in.


“Do it in moderation. We are also here.”

Ragnar’s voice was heard from behind Heda. Followed by that, Siri’s voice was also heard.


“Tae Ho, drink some water.”

Siri approached while laughing and gave Tae Ho a glass of water. Tae Ho got up without much difficulty for having slept deeply and then looked at his surroundings and accepted the glass.


“Thank you, Siri.”

It seemed as if they were at a hunter’s hut or something of the sort. The group was gathered in a small wooden house that didn’t have any separations.The fire burning in the stove made the air warm.


“I heard that it was a really big battle. I’m glad that… You aren’t safe, but I’m glad that you are alive.”

Siri retrieved the empty glass and smiled bitterly. And Tae Ho could also smile back.


“You too, Siri.”

Because she had also been on the battlefield.


‘Well, I feel like being alive.’


Tae Ho closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief. After drinking cold water he felt like his head had become more clear.


“Ragnar, what about Gae Bolg?”

“I brought it.”

After he asked the most urgent thing, he lightly shook Gae Bolg’s fragment. Even when he looked with his ‘Eyes of the Dragon’, there seemed to be nothing wrong.



He was glad. He had been worried about losing it because the ground had been a mess after all those earthquakes, but it really was Ragnar.


Ragnar placed down Gae Bolg’s fragment in the table next to Tae Ho with a sound and then started to speak about other things.


“Garm’s soul fragment was destroyed by Thor. The members of his legion returned and the giant got taken care of by Thor.”

“What about Rolo?”


“The gryphon we caught.”

“You already gave it a name?”

Ragnar laughed as if it made no sense and Tae Ho quickly shook his head.


“No, um…it already had a name when I looked with the ‘Eyes of the Dragon.”

The wyverns he had rode on the battlefield didn’t have any names. Already having a name proved that Rolo was special.


“Anyways, the gryphon is sleeping outside. It’s really exhausted but it isn’t that hurt.”

“I’m glad.”


They had gone to that place to catch Rolo but if it died it would have been for nothing.


Tae Ho and Ragnar shared the same thought and smirked while looking at each other. This time Heda was the one that shook her head and then she grabbed Tae Ho’s hands and said, “Tae Ho, what about resting a bit more?”

“I’m fine. Look at me.”

“That’s obviously because you ate a piece of a golden apple.” Ragnar said once again with a taciturn voice. He had his doubts, but he had really eaten the piece.


“Thank you Heda.”

“Huh? Ye-yeah.”

It was a normal thanks, but Heda flushed as if she was embarrassed. And she even dodged Tae Ho’s eyes for some reason.


‘So the maybe became a really!’


The way she fed him the piece…


However, he couldn’t remember clearly.


“Anyways, let us ask something as you are fine.”

Ragnar, who was sitting down, fixed his posture. His eyes and his voice weren’t joking like before.


“What happened since you were out?”

Heda looked at Tae Ho, because she had been the first to feel a sense of incongruity.


Tae Ho touched his forehead before answering. He could feel another force other than Heda’s blessing.


Ragnar didn’t urge Tae Ho. Heda also waited for Tae Ho, while grabbing his hands.


Tae Ho gulped saliva drily and looked at Ragnar’s and Heda’s eyes and spoke.


“I met…the prince of light, Cu Chulainn.”

“Erin’s successor…” Ragnar said in a low voice after listening to Tae Ho. His voice was mixed with wonder and lamentation.


On the other hand, Heda blinked with a really surprised face and then asked after approaching Tae Ho, “Really? Cu Chulainn really told you that?”

“Yes, he also said that he would become my teacher.”

It was all true. In the first place, he didn’t have a reason to lie to Heda and Ragnar.


“Ragnar.” Heda turned to look at Ragnar. It seemed like she was asking what they should do.


“So that was why.” Ragnar nodded slowly instead of answering and turned to look at Siri. “Siri, what we spoke up to now is a secret belonging to Idun’s legion. Can you keep it?”

“Yes, Ragnar-nim.” Siri nodded with a stiff expression. It wasn’t that she would betray Ullr’s legion only for Ragnar. Each legion had secrets that couldn’t be revealed to other legions. Keeping it should be something obvious for a warrior.


“Yes, thank you.”

Ragnar caressed Siri’s head once and then looked at Tae Ho again. “I will first say the most urgent thing. It seems like you are aware of it, but Cu Chulainn left you a power.”

“You are talking about…the geas, right?”

“Right, it’s Erin’s force, which is comparable to the saga of our Valhalla.”

Ragnar paused after he spoke. He smacked his lips as if wondering what he should say and then continued speaking.


“Tae Ho, do you remember my explanation about geases?”

“You said that it’s a method that gives you strength instead of a restriction.”

“It’s just like you said. What Cu Chulainn left you is a sentence of a geas. It’s like an empty contract to make a new geas.”

The saga was the life of a warrior. Because of that, every warrior had different sagas.


It was the same for the geas. Because it was like a warrior’s pledge. It wasn’t something others could decide for you.


“I will tell you as your teacher. Seal the geas for the moment. It’s not something that should be used too hurriedly.”

“I spoke about many things with Ragnar while you were asleep. I also think that it’s still too early.” Heda stepped up.


Ragnar looked at Tae Ho’s eyes fixedly and said, “The geas gives you a greater strength, the stronger the restriction is. Because of that you can become strong quickly if you use a strong geas. But it’s too dangerous. Just like it’s a strong restriction, it’s also hard to keep it. In addition, the counter-reaction that happens when you don’t keep a strong geas is also big. I know a few warriors of Erin that perished because of the geas.”

One could become strong quickly but it was that much more dangerous.


Compared to that, the saga, which was something that had to keep accumulating anecdotes, was close to being progressive. Although the growth might be slow, the base it gave was solid and the danger was also low.


“However, it’s true that the geas is a useful power. If you use it in a suitable level without being too greedy, it will be of great help to you. But just like I said at the start, it’s too early for you.”

Tae Ho was a warrior of Valhalla. In addition, he had an unparalleled saga that never had been heard of. It was right for him to prioritize the saga instead of the geas.


“First, grow your strength as a warrior of Valhalla in your saga and the power of a God. Rather than using the geas now, using it at a later time will be more effective. Do you understand?”


Tae Ho also understood what he was saying, as he simply nodded. And then Ragnar turned to look at Siri.


“Siri should be fine, because she’s an exemplary student.”


As she replied unconsciously, Ragnar softly caressed her hair and then asked Tae Ho, “Right, what did you think about having seen a myth-ranked saga?”

“It really seemed like mythology.”

A saga that was added to the power of a God.


The power that reached the boundary of mythology after having passed the normal legends.


“Right, but it’s a boundary you should reach one day. You have to surpass it. Because it’s the power of a superior-ranked warrior.”


“The power of a top-ranked warrior is obviously a secret. Skipping the grades two times is enough.” Ragnar shook his head bluntly and then smiled again. “Now that it turned like this, I will train you with the myth-ranked saga as the objective. Use the geas after you have reached the myth-ranked saga.”

“I understand.”

The myth-ranked saga was the power of a superior-ranked warrior. Although he would soon become intermediate-ranked, it was a power the inferior-ranked Tae Ho couldn’t see lightly.


But not even Tae Ho or Ragnar thought like that, because he would surely reach it in no time.


“Explain it to Siri as well. We will talk about Gae Bolg and Cu Chulainn when we return to the residence.”

Even if that wasn’t the case, Siri, who was curious as to what they were talking about, flinched. Ragnar patted her head once again and stood up.



“I will take some air for a bit.” Ragnar gestured with his hand to Heda and thought while getting out of the hut.




Although he had spoken calmly, each and every word was impressive.


The geas, which was the power of Erin.


Cu Chulainn, who was the strongest warrior of Erin.


Scathach was alive. The weapon of the destroyed planet was waiting to be revived in Tae Ho’s hands.


In addition to what Cu Chulainn had said with his own mouth.

Erin’s successor.


The one who would inherit the power of the Milesians and Tuatha De Danann.


And one more weapon that hadn’t revealed its identity.


‘I will go crazy.’


Just thinking about the myth-ranked saga that Tae Ho would reach some day made him excited.


It would be good to describe Tae Ho’s saga as already being mythology itself. Then what would happen if that saga became mythology-ranked?

And if Erin’s power was added on top of that…


It was night outside the hut. The cold night air was good to clear one’s head.


‘What do you think will be the best?’


The words Heda had asked.


‘Perhaps I may have to upgrade the adjustments a bit.’


A smile appeared on Ragnar’s face.




“The myth-ranked saga of Ragnar-nim…” Siri said in a low voice while breathing roughly. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were looking into the distance.


“Ah…for his name itself to be a saga… How cool.”

She was completely dreaming – no, she was a girl who had fallen in love.


Tae Ho looked at Siri smiling merrily and asked Heda in a low voice, “She is Captain Siri, right?”

“That seems to be the case.” Heda laughed soundlessly. It was funny to look at Siri’s transformation.


“Cheer up, Rolph.”

Because Siri’s feelings towards Ragnar should only be admiration. That would probably be the case.


‘Right, probably.”


“Um, there’s someone. My comrade that belongs to Ullr’s legion.”

Tae Ho explained about Rolph in moderation and then checked on Siri and looked at the sky. It was because he had remembered something after thinking of them.


“Now that I understand, Heda. What are our plans for tomorrow?”

“Originally we were planning to stay here for a few more days and train, but we will return to the residence immediately. Although you look well because of the golden apple, you still need stabilization and rest. You are forbidden to train and everything for a moment. Looking for Gae Bolg also comes after you rest. You just have to rest for a few days, okay?”

Her last sentence and eyes were quite firm. However, Tae Ho grabbed her hands instead of answering and said something else.


“Then Heda, what about sightseeing with me now that we are resting?”


“To Anaheim.”

The place Siri had said to go with Rolph.


If he would be resting anyways, it would be better to rest earnestly.


Heda blinked with a surprised face at Tae Ho’s request.




“Why are you that excited?”

“I, I’m not. I’m not excited at all.”

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