VS Episode 17 Chapter 2

Episode 17/Chapter 2: The God of Thunder (2)

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Tae Ho frowned. And then he thought about the situation and the place he was in just then.


‘Is it…something like a consciousness?’


Or, a meeting or a conversation occurring in his heart, just like what commonly happened in mangas or novels?


Gae Bolg had Cu Chulainn’s soul in it, and that soul was talking with Tae Ho inside of his heart.


Although it was all a guess, he could draw the situation in his head somewhat.


In the other hand, Cu Chulainn frowned and looked at Tae Ho. Then he nodded as if he understood and smiled calmly.


“Of course the current situation should be bewildering to you. Just the fact that you are facing none other than me, the Cu Chulainn of the Red Branch Knights, I understand that you aren’t able to calm yourself.”

Tae Ho couldn’t react at the misunderstanding. However, Cu Chulainn felt that it was also because of his nervousness, so he continued speaking.


“But you should calm down and receive it. You are Erin’s successor who was selected by me, Cu Chulainn.”

Tae Ho thought of what he should answer for a moment. Did he have to say that he didn’t know him well, just like what he did with Ragnar, or did he have to pretend?


‘Wake up, please…’’


He heard a voice at that moment. Tae Ho flinched and looked at his surroundings. He was sure it was Heda’s voice but it wasn’t heard near them.


From beyond the curtain.


He was sure it came from outside. There was anxiousness mixed in Heda’s voice.


“Do you…not know about me?” Cu Chulainn opened his eyes sharply and asked. It seemed like he was facing a person who couldn’t believe what was happening.


“No, I…do know you.” Tae Ho answered and then bit his lips. Heda got on his nerves too much. He wanted to wake up a bit faster to put her at ease.


But even so, he couldn’t just ignore the man in front of him.


Honestly speaking, he didn’t know much about him. Because he had only heard the simple details from Ragnar.


The strongest and greatest warrior of the destroyed world, Erin.


Although it was merely a sentence, the contents of it couldn’t be ignored at all.

Although he didn’t know it well, he was sure he was a hero comparable to Ragnar.


And that great hero was telling him that he would become his master. In addition, he had said that Tae Ho was the successor who would succeed everything.


‘I’m getting a feeling.’


In game terms, he had gotten a great hidden quest.


So he had to continue speaking with him for now.


‘I’m sorry Heda. I will finish the fastest I can and return, so wait a bit more.’


Tae Ho, who had made up his mind, took a deep breath and faced Cu Chulainn. He was wearing a confused expression but then shook his head and fixed his posture when he saw Tae Ho’s attitude change.


“Good, let’s talk about me later. The time is limited… I will speak of something more important now.”

The distance between Tae Ho and him closed. The two of them were facing each other behind a big tree. They were three or four steps from each other.


Cu Chulainn said with a serious face, “Warrior of Valhalla. I’m already dead. The one in this place is the remnants of myself, that is inside of the fragment of Gae Bolg… You could describe it as a soul fragment. Originally, I tried to leave all of my memories and consciousness behind but Gae Bolg got destroyed in the last moment, so it turned out like it is now.”


Although Cu Chulainn was certainly a great warrior, he also had such talent in magic that he had several mysterious magics.


The reason he left behind his soul in Gae Bolg at the last moment wasn’t because he was afraid of death. It was because of the responsibility resting on his shoulders.


“You have discovered a fragment of Gae Bolg. And Gae Bolg also recognized you. Because of that, it can be said that I also recognized you.”

He couldn’t say that it was mere coincidence. If they weren’t worthy at all, they wouldn’t even have been able to discover Gae Bolg.


“I will become your teacher and transmit everything from Erin. So, Warrior of Valhalla, gather the remaining fragments of Gae Bolg from the traces of the Great War. The fragment that is with you will tell you the path.”

It wasn’t only to return Gae Bolg to its original shape. There were the fragments of the soul of Cu Chulainn in each fragment.


Cu Chulainn was currently unstable. Just like it was a fragment, there were also defects in his memory. If he wanted to transmit everything about Erin, he would have to regain his complete memories first.


Cu Chulainn looked at Tae Ho’s eyes and then the scene changed.


It was a battlefield. There were black spots, as if there were missing holes in his memory, but he could recognize the battlefield.


The Great War.


The only way to express the Festival of Gods.


What Tae Ho witnessed was an explosion of a force. The great explosion didn’t simply stop at destroying the geography. It didn’t only destroy space, but also twisted the world and created countless cracks.


The battlefield, which had turned into pieces, followed the cracks that had been created and got scattered throughout the world.


Tae Ho realized why there was a trace of the Great War in the boundary between Asgard and Midgard, and not only in Svartalfheim.


‘So that was why.’


It was the reason why he had also discovered Garmr’s soul fragment in Asgard.


It was the same for the Unknown sword piece and Gae Bolg.


Their surroundings changed to a plain again. Cu Chulainn grabbed Tae Ho’s shoulders.


“Complete Gae Bolg and find my master, Scathach.”

At that moment, strong desire appeared in Cu Chulainn’s eyes. Tae Ho, who had seen part of his memories, thought of the cat-eyed lady with black hair.


Cu Chulainn loved her. However, telling him to find her wasn’t because of a love he couldn’t fulfill. It was for a real completion.


The day Erin was destroyed, many things were destroyed along it. Even the last survivor of the Red Branch Knights, Cu Chulainn, could be described as the successor of everything left. But he hadn’t really received everything.


“Get the teachings of my teacher. Then you will be able to succeed Milesians and Tuatha De Dannan.”

Milesians and Tuatha De Dannan.

It was the first time Tae Ho heard those words, but he could vaguely know what they were because of Cu Chulainn’s memories.


They were the race that could be described as the owners of the destroyed Erin, Tuatha De Danann and their Gods.


As well as the strong human race, the Milesians, that drove Tuatha De Danann to the underground.


The only thing Cu Chulainn could transmit was the power of the Milesians.


To receive the power of Tuatha De Danann, he needed the assistance of the Queen of the Land of Darkness.


Their surroundings changed again. It was the world filled with darkness.


“We don’t have time anymore. I will wait for our next meeting.”

Cu Chulainn looked at the sky with dim eyes. Tae Ho could hear Heda’s voice that had been interrupted.


“But I can’t just leave the successor I have just met empty handed.” Cu Chulainn laughed and then grabbed Tae Ho’s hands. Tae Ho looked at him reflexively and flinched. It was because he had closed the distance in an instant and placed his lips on Tae Ho’s forehead.


It was certainly a blessing. No, it had to be.


Cu Chulainn looked at Tae Ho, who was bewildered, and then smiled as if he was also bothered since he let go of Tae Ho’s hands.


“Erin’s strength will accompany you.”

Cu Chulainn was covered in darkness. Tae Ho also closed his eyes. He could hear Heda’s voice.


“Tae Ho!”

He opened his eyes. Then he let out a breath. Heda was right in front of him.


Even though she was crying, she was still pretty. Her golden eyes were brilliant but as sad as the morning glory.



He let out his voice. And then Heda’s face distorted. She started to smile and then embraced Tae Ho’s head strongly.


It would have been nice if he felt something soft and warm, but it was hard because of the armor and it hurt. However Tae Ho let out a small smile. Even though he didn’t have strength and it hurt, he realized that he was alive. Seeing that the senses were returning to his body, it seemed as if Heda had given him a piece of a golden apple while he was speaking with Cu Chulainn.


‘Wait, how did she feed me?’


He must have lost consciousness and so wouldn’t have been able to chew properly.


There was something he remembered. Perhaps it might be his body remembering it. However, he couldn’t remember how it felt. He just felt that it was unfortunate.



Right then, the world became white, along with thunder. The transparent barrier that was covering Heda and Tae Ho shook violently. Heda embraced Tae Ho even tighter and Tae Ho somewhat realized the situation they were in while being pressed by the armor.


It was the God of Thunder, Thor. He was executing his last attack on the giant of Strength, Harad, with the strongest weapon in Asgard, Mjolnir.


The thunder ripped away the darkness and the fire.


The sound of the thunder faded away. As the world found its light again, Heda slowly let Tae Ho go. She looked into the distance and then put a bright smile.


“Thor will come. Ragnar is also safe.”

He wanted to ask about Bracky but his lips didn’t open. It seemed like he was really exhausted.


‘Rolo…should also be fine right?’


Thinking about it, they had gotten swept away by all of this when they had come to obtain Rolo.


Tae Ho let out a sigh of relief. Although he felt sorry for Rolo, it meant that the situation was so chaotic, it caused him to have such thoughts.


The surroundings became quiet.


A thunder exploded, just like the storm after the calm, and then it seemed like even the wind was silent.


However that didn’t last long. It was because the cheers of the warriors of Valhalla were heard.




“God of Thunder!”


Based on the last shout it seemed like Bracky was also fine.


“I’m glad. Really glad.” Heda smiled brightly after speaking in a low voice and then placed her lips on his forehead again. It was to give him the blessing of a Valkyrie.


But it was at that moment… The moment Heda placed her lips on his forehead she flinched and trembled, and then blinked with a surprised face.


It wasn’t because she sensed the scent of an unfamiliar man from Tae Ho’s forehead. It was because she felt something strong that had been added on top of the blessing of a Valkyrie.


And Tae Ho also knew. What Cu Chulainn had given wasn’t a simple blessing.


‘Because I can’t leave you empty handed.’


The thing he had left, what he had transmitted to Tae Ho…


Cu Chulainn didn’t speak empty words. He had really passed over Erin’s power to him.




Erin’s power, which was comparable to Asgard’s power.


Heda turned her head again. Ragnar and Thor were approaching.


< The God of Thunder (2) > End

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