VS Episode 16 Chapter 4

Episode 16/Chapter 4: Legend (4)

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He was an exalted king.


He was a brave navigator that had sailed to seas no one had ever dared to and had never been defeated once until Odin called him.


People remembered him.


And those people transmitted his name to the generations to come.


The start of the Vikings.


The king of all Vikings.


He carried a big round shield on his back and held the Viking sword Ulfberht with one hand.


The blue and red pigments painting his face made him look more flashy.


Ragnar took a deep breath. The cold air reaching his lungs cleared his head.


His eyes, resembling those of a wolf, that held mysteriousness and madness, flashed. A face was drawn in his face.


He was the one that was an explorer, plunderer, warrior, king, navigator, farmer and a strategist.


The images people believed in, imagined and remembered became one and created the first and most powerful Viking. The current Ragnar was an existence like that.


It had been a really long while. Nearly a hundred years. It was the first time after the Great War.


The giant of Strength, Harad, shivered and then smiled. Although he had come to this battlefield as if chased by anxiety, he was still a warrior. Now that he was facing a Great Warrior, he had also become a Great Warrior.


Red and black fire surged up from Harad’s body. The self that was behind his fist was difficult to imagine.


“Damn.” Ragnar cursed like a joke. It seemed as if he looked at another place for a moment and then charged forward.



Harad laughed freshly and punched. Ragnar also swung his sword.


And at that moment Tae Ho knew why this battle had reached the boundary of mythology.



An earthquake shook the ground. The ground split tens and hundreds of times with the epicenter at the center. The monsters that were near it got swept up and were shredded. This wasn’t a fight between individuals anymore. They would have to rewrite the map because of this one attack.


The aftershock of the attack also affected the air. Rolo, which had lost consciousness for a moment, let out a cry but then regained consciousness. It got pushed back because of the strong wind.


Ragnar cursed while being inside the big dust cloud that arose. The clash just now wasn’t simply an exchange of a fist and a sword. It was a competition of complicated and mysterious techniques that had the essences of them both melted in it.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

A loud sound exploded in consecution. The fist of the giant of Strength was able to shake the ground and sky. Just looking at strength, he was the best among the five fingers of the magician King.


Ragnar was small and he was big. However this wasn’t a problem anymore. Harad’s fists were precise and Ragnar dodged Harad’s attacks, using his senses that were as sharp as a sword. He fended off his fists with the Viking sword and at the same time threw the axe he had taken out.


It was small but strong. Not even Harad could see the meteor-like attack easily. The axe that had grazed Harad’s waist split the ground with a white light. Smoke surged up from Harad’s waist instead of blood.


It was merely 10 seconds. However, after the battle that was enough to kill thousands of people, Ragnar let out a curse. He had already reached his limit. He didn’t even have the strength to use the small sagas inside the big ones.


It was really awful. He just had to stall for time but he couldn’t even do that. The only way was to win with one attack.


‘One sword.’


Ragnar distanced himself from Harad. It was a really short interval but that was enough. Ragnar prepared the best attack he could execute.


But Harad also felt it. It was a terrifying thing. Even though he had fallen, he was still the Viking King. Even though the attack Ragnar was preparing hadn’t been executed, it still made Harad really nervous.


Because of that Harad moved faster. He remembered the fact that Ragnar wasn’t a simple warrior, but a King, and then attacked.


What he fired was red and black fireballs. And a strong wind, which was like hail, was added to that.


It wasn’t towards Ragnar, but towardsThor’s legion, the small existences that were overwhelmed at the mythical scene that was occurring in front of them and at Harad’s appearance.


It was also a gamble for Harad.


If Ragnar ignored his attack, he wouldn’t be able to dodge a fatal wound because his defenses were low since having executed the earlier attack.


Ragnar moved and Harad smiled.


The black fireballs were cut off. The hail-like wind was split in two and scattered.


The warriors of Thor’s legion realized instinctively that death had just passed in front of their eyes. Ragnar was standing in front of them while holding the Viking sword Ulfberht.


Ragnar couldn’t ignore them because he was the Viking king. He was someone that led warriors.


Ragnar closed his eyes and forced a laugh. His strength had left his body. His mythical-ranked saga was leaving his body.


‘Damn it.’


He couldn’t beat Harad. Although he had spent quite a lot of strength, that was all.


If only he had chosen to attack instead of defending.


Ragnar threw away his regrets. He saw Harad rushing at him. He looked at him, laughing and extending his fist and said as if lamenting, “I told you to flee.”

Ragnar’s eyes moved to the sky. At that moment Harad knew.


Harad’s eyes moved upwards. It was also to the sky. He saw the thing that was falling down towards him from the sky.


Harad swung his hands. The black fire became raging billows and covered the sky. However, the arrow coming from the sky didn’t stop.


“Hu! Ah! Hu! Ah!” Bracky breathed out weirdly. It was a method he had come up with to not get buried by the myth in front of his eyes.


The raging billow covered them. Just a normal billow was terrifying enough, but this one was made of fire. But they couldn’t dodge it. They had to overcome it just like the storm.


[Saga: He’s The Son of a God]

[Saga: Thunder Gets Immersed in his Hammer]


Bracky jumped down from Rolo. He charged into the raging billow and swung his hammer, which had thunder in it.


The thunder opened a path. Although it merely split it for a moment, that was enough.



Bracky yelled as he fell. Rolo passed through the path of flames along with Tae Ho.


[Saga: Charge of the Dragon]


Harad stopped his charge and stepped on the ground. And then he extended his fist.


It was an attack that could split the sky in two. It was impossible to face him head on.


‘Just like I expected!’


Tae Ho jumped down from Rolo. Rolo drew a sharp trajectory as planned and moved towards Ragnar and Tae Ho twisted his body in the air.



He fluttered his wings after having transformed into a hawk. He passed over Harad’s fist, which was covered in flames and made him think that he was riding on a wall.


It was hot. No, he felt like dying. He felt as if Tae Ho’s existence was getting crushed just by being close to him.


But he had to endure it. He activated the Strength of a God. Idun’s power covered Tae Ho’s body and Heda’s blessing that remained in his forehead protected him.


Tae Ho fluttered his wings again and flew. Rolo was being controlled by Ragnar. Bracky fell to the ground after having become a mess and then Tae Ho realized.


They couldn’t escape.


Dodging Harad was impossible now. Harad had already pulled his fist back. Even if he flew up like this, he would only get crushed by his fist.




He got some strength just by thinking of that name. Tae Ho cursed himself, saying that he was crazy, and charged forward. Whether he became porridge or rice, he could only attack now.


“Chant!” He yelled and transformed to a human again. He could feel Harad’s eyes chasing him back. Tae Ho ground his teeth and activated the strength of his saga.


[Saga: Immortal Warrior]

[Saga: The Charge of a Warrior is Like a Storm]


He gripped the sword piece. Then he tried to kick the air, followed by a thunderstorm.


Just then, when he was about to yell Heda’s name for the last time, Gae Bolg’s piece, which was at his waist, moved.


‘I will help you.’


It entered Tae Ho’s hand by its own.


It wasn’t the time to understand it with his mind. Tae Ho grabbed the piece of Gae Bolg tightly. At that moment, white light started emanating from the piece.


Shining Spear.


The incomplete thing was certainly Gae Bolg.


Tae Ho could feel Cu Chulainn. Perhaps it may only be playing his memories again. However, he knew what he had to do and how he should use Gae Bolg!

He kicked the air. Then he threw himself to the ground and fired Gae Bolg with all his might.


He felt as if his left arm might explode. Gae Bolg emanated a strong light.



Gae Bolg hit Harad’s right shoulder. The strong force of destruction that had been inserted by Scathach, the Queen of the Land of Shadows, was activated. A white light started to shine in the shoulder that it had hit and gulped down the black fire.

Ragnar opened his eyes widely. Harad was also shocked. Tae Ho cheered in the midst of his pain.


But it only lasted for a moment.


Harad tore off his shoulder. He had cut it down with his left hand. He got rid of the force of destruction, along with his right arm and then gritted his teeth and laughed.


A fierce fire surged up. Tae Ho couldn’t listen the sound made when Harad’s right arm fell. Ragnar’s yell and Bracky’s despair also didn’t reach him.


Tae Ho, who was bounced back, rolled on the ground. All the bones of his body were crushed. He coughed out blood while laying on the ground. His left arm that he had used to throw Gae Bolg didn’t move, and he couldn’t even feel it.


Tae Ho rolled his eyes absentmindedly. It seemed like veins had exploded, since his vision was red. He could see Harad approaching him.




His lips didn’t move. He felt like Idun’s blessing was barely holding onto his life.


It was the same as Black Fortress. No, it was worse than that. He didn’t even have a piece of a golden apple now.


Harad clenched his fist.



Heda breathed roughly. Sweat flowed down like rain. Idun’s blessing had activated from a place not that far away. There was only one person in the land that could activate Idun’s blessing.


‘No, no.’


It was the first time since that day.


He couldn’t repeat what happened on that day.


Heda turned back to a Valkyrie from a swan. Rather than cursing at her immature self, she tried to bring out a greater strength.


But right at that moment, Heda turned back reflexively. Unconsciously, she started to let out tears of joy.




Ragnar ground his teeth. Even though it was hard to even stand, he was raising his sword.


Because he couldn’t let him die in this place.

He wasn’t someone to die here.


He opened his mouth to try to get its attention for even a moment. He was even planning to tell him to kill him first.


But then Ragnar saw it. He laughed pleasingly with his mouth which had been about to yell angrily.



Harad thought in the middle of his strong pain. He had to kill him. It wasn’t because he had inflicted a wound as big as that.


He didn’t know into what he would turn. He didn’t know how Gae Bolg had appeared or how he could use it but he had to finish him here. Perhaps, it might be more important to do than killing the already broken Ragnar.


The unknown warrior.


He was covered in a golden light as he died. He was sure that the blessing of a God was holding on to his life.


He would kill him. He would remove a root that would be a calamity in the future.


But right before he swung his fist, Harad turned to look back.



Tae Ho vomited black blood. Idun’s blessing took care of him. Heda’s blessing was trying to extend his life however it could.


[Saga: Immortal Warrior]


Tae Ho opened his eyes again. His vision was still blurry. However, he could vaguely hear through his ears.


Tae Ho understood why Harad hadn’t finished him off. And why Bracky was cheering like that.


In a distant place, where Heda was supposed to be, the sound of thunder was approaching.


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