VS Episode 16 Chapter 3

Episode 16/Chapter 3: Legend (3)

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The Giant of the Night, Avalt, was inside the darkness. However, he could see several things at the same time.


One of the five commanders of the magician King, Utgard Loki.


That name wasn’t low at all. It was a place a normal giant couldn’t climb to at all.


Because of that, Avalt recognized his allies. Although each of them had their own defects, they were strong enough, even when taking those into account.


The Giant of Strength, Harad, disliked Avalt. And it was the same for Avalt. However, just like it was said previously, they recognized each other and they had a comradeship, even though it was weak.


Because of that, he was feeling regret.


‘We were too rash.’


He knew what had caused that one big mistake. And the Magician king was not responding to it. It would be that he didn’t tolerate two mistakes. He would have wanted to make some achievements, even when forcing it. Even though it was a compliment or a scolding, he must want the attention of the magician King.


The Giant of Strength, Harad, was strong. If an existence like him moved, Asgard wouldn’t stay still. His existence could be felt from a distant place.


“So hurry up.”


Finish it quickly. Retrieve the fragment of soul and return.


The Giant of Night, Avalt, spread the darkness. It hid the existence of the Giant of Strength when he descended to Asgard, even though it was by a small amount.




Heda climbed to the chest of a giant and then looked at her surroundings.


They had won the battle. She could arrive on time and defeat a giant, and the warriors of Valhalla defeated the monsters.


Siri had also performed well. After she had a short conversation with an inferior-ranked warrior of Thor’s legion, she started to approach Heda.


She already knew the general situation. It was because she had overheard the conversation Siri and the inferior-ranked warrior had. The sensitive ears of a Valkyrie could differentiate several sounds ringing in the battlefield at the same time, one by one.


And the place Tae Ho went to would also be fine. Based on the words of the inferior-ranked warrior, the best forces had been gathered there. In addition, Ragnar was with them. Although he had retired because of a fatal injury, he was still someone that had once climbed to the top rank. He would be able to crush down ordinary danger.


That’s why she was able to do it. She pressed down her anxiousness and it wouldn’t be too late if she flew again along with Siri and the warriors.


But it was at that moment that Heda raised her head and knew. That was why she was shocked..




How did an existence of that caliber-?


Siri became flustered at Heda’s sudden change but then she wore the same expression. It was because she could also feel it. Even if one wasn’t a Valkyrie that Gods were dependent on, the uneasy aura could still be felt.. It felt like that strength was enough to cover the entire plains.


The warriors of Thor’s legion turned to look at the same direction at the same time. They could also feel it now. Even if one was dull enough, they couldn’t not know about it.

A storm was approaching. It could only be expressed that way..


“Tae Ho!”


Heda, who yelled like thunder, couldn’t endure it anymore. She jumped up and transformed into a swan. Even before Siri could yell something towards her she had already flown up high.


Please, please, please!


Don’t let Tae Ho be at that place. Let him be at a distant place just like Siri and the others!


Heda’s wings started to move faster, and golden light started to shine on the tips.




That had been a really sudden change.


The sky had been dyed in black, as if an eclipse had occurred.


The ground shook. The ground which was already devastated started to scream.


He could see it but he couldn’t react. It seemed as if time had stopped.


A black meteorite fell to the ground. It was just like looking at a star falling down.


There was no sound. Nor an explosion.


It just existed there on the ground.




The one that looked down at everything and the ones that were as proud as the sky.


It was a black and red giant.


It was really tall. It seemed to be the same size as the giant that had appeared in Black Fortress.


However, they weren’t the same.


Different from the lowest-ranked giant, which seemed to have been made by gathering rocks, it couldn’t be compared to the complete giant in front of them. It was a workpiece made to have a shape that could exert the most strength, and the most battling one.


Its shoulders were broad and its arms were hard. The muscles that showed from beneath the black and red armor resembled metal.


His eyes were burning from between the helmet, which had no decorations or symbol.


The Giant of Strength, Harad. One of the fingers of the magician King.


Thor’s legion, that was running to that side, stopped in their tracks. They couldn’t charge forward anymore. They could only stare, as if they were looking at a fierce storm.


And that was lucky for them.


Because they couldn’t reach the battlefield. Because they could distance themselves a bit more from the giant.


The giant swung his arm. It was a light movement. However, the ground and the sky shook with just that. What exactly it did couldn’t be grasped, but the result was in front of them.


Tanngnjostr disappeared.


Precisely speaking, it broke into pieces and was scattered. The warriors riding it disappeared along with it without even being able to scream.


Bracky couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t even feel that he was out of breath.


Just what had happened?


What was the existence in front of their eyes?


The giant looked at Bracky and swung his arms again. Bracky couldn’t move. It was the same for Rolo and Tae Ho.


The battlefield had stopped excluding the giant.


Bracky was fated to disappear just like the Tanngnjostr.


If only he wasn’t in this place.


There was no sound.


However, the ground split up. The strength of the arm that was swung by the giant got offset and was dispersed.


When everyone had stopped, he moved. He stood in front of Bracky and swung his sword.

The crack had been made like that.


Bracky could finally breathe. Rolo, which was falling from the sky without strength, also got a hold of itself and started to flutter its wings. Tae Ho also breathed roughly and looked at the one that stood up against the giant.


“Ragnar Lodbrok.”


The Giant of Strength, Harad, spoke. Ragnar smiled faintly.


“You are crazy. For you to come here yourself!”


“You have fallen down.”


The Giant of Strength recognized Ragnar. It was impossible to not recognize the top-ranked warrior that had battled in the Great War and there was also his legend in his times as a Viking.


That’s why he couldn’t act, even though time was precious right now. He put on a smile that had joy and compassion behind it.


Ragnar Lodbrok had fallen. He was too weak. In addition, Tae Ho and Bracky didn’t know, but Harad did.


Ragnar was now at his limit. Even though he had merely faced inferior giants, he was already exhausted.


He did have the strength, but he couldn’t display it properly.


That was the reason why Ragnar could only retire.


‘There’s no time.’


Ragnar and Harad thought the same thing.


However, the meaning was different.


Harad needed to hurry. And Ragnar had to extend this confrontation for as long as possible.


The two exchanged glances. Ragnar and Harad laughed together and moved at the same time.




Harad’s fist hit down the hog, and he hog was extinguished at his attack. Its leather and muscles burnt down and Garm’s soul fragment also disappeared, as if it had evaporated. The fragment that was stuck on its head rolled on the ground.


Ragnar swung his sword. Although he was at a distance that wouldn’t reach the giant, it did. The force which could only be expressed as a sword slash, aimed for the arm of the giant and prevented him from picking up the fragment.


“Run.” Ragnar smiled bitterly and said. Harad swung his fist once again as Bracky couldn’t react.


The ground exploded. The monsters near it got swept up with just the wind generated.


Ragnar picked up Bracky, who was standing dumbfoundedly instead of resisting and started to run. He entrusted his body to the wind.


And the giant started to chase Ragnar. The chasing speed coming from its huge body was amazing.


“Ragnar Lodbrok!”


He had fallen. He had already retired. But his head still had value. The legendary head of the Viking King could become the best offering to the magician King.


Harad’s fist hit the air again. Bracky got ahold of himself at the feeling that a huge hail was approaching.


Actually, Ragnar wasn’t that different. However, he rolled his body instead of breaking down at the hail. He tried to create some distance while riding in the wind.


Ragnar surged high into the sky. Harad glared at the sky, and the monsters that were unable to breathe properly fell to the ground. And Rolo fluttered its wings while it began to lose consciousness.




It was Tae Ho. He controlled Rolo with the ‘One That Handles Dragons’. He made Rolo fly up forcefully and tried to grab Ragnar.


Tae Ho extended his hand. Ragnar looked at his hand and then looked at Tae Ho’s face. He was smirking, even though it was a serious situation.


“You really are extraordinary.”


At the very least, Sigurd.


He wasn’t someone that should die in this place. He couldn’t die.


“Flee.” Ragnar spoke again. He threw Bracky instead of grabbing his hand. Tae Ho stumbled while grabbing Bracky reflexively and then hit his chest lightly.


“Ragnar!” Tae Ho yelled again. Ragnar smiled and turned back. He threw himself towards Harad, just like Tae Ho could do.


He would save Tae Ho and Bracky.


He would also stop the giant from taking the fragment of a soul.


And he would buy as much time as he could.


Harad swung his fist once again towards Ragnar. It was different from the ones until now.


There was a strong force behind the wind. This time it could really be said that the hail could destroy everything.


Ragnar breathed out. He swung his sword, trying to find an opening in the hail. And then he passed through it like a lie and landed on the ground as if he was dancing.


How much could he endure? How many more breaths did he have?


Harad used a greater strength. His underlings started to descend from the sky.


Just what the hell was happening when he had just come to catch a gryphon?


Ragnar opened his lips and then whispered while storing the strength of magic. He told Tae Ho, who didn’t flee even though he was told to do so.


It was the first thing Tae Ho asked when they first started with the classes.


If the intermediate rank is the stage where you handle the Strength of a God, what did you do at the superior and top rank?


It was still too early.


Even more than he thought.


But the situation was special. It wasn’t the time to be saving it.


“I will teach you.”


The strength of a superior-ranked warrior.


The new boundary he would have to face then.


Harad’s strength had become the best. The fire that was covering his entire body made him look like a God of Fire.


And Ragnar raised his sword against Harad. He used the white Strength of a God, the strength of the King of Gods, Odin.


‘The inferior rank is the process to reach the intermediate rank.’


It was also the same for the intermediate rank. It was all to reach the superior rank.


It didn’t only stop in inserting the Strength of a God in your weapon. It even surpassed the level of holding it in your body.


The origin of the strength of the warriors of Valhalla was their saga.


They added the Strength of a God to their stories.


Led their sagas to a higher place.


‘Passing through the anecdotes.’


Surpassing the legend to finally reach the myth.


[Mythology Ranked Saga]


[King of Vikings: Ragnar Lodbrok]


On top of the destroyed land, on the traces of the Great War, another myth began.


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