VS Episode 16 Chapter 2

Episode 16/Chapter 2: Legend (2)

TL: Tsubak


Rolo’s flight was fierce. And the storm and lighting that followed up were even fiercer.


The harpies that got swept let out cries. Their feathers got burn and they got burnt.

The harpies weren’t the only ones that fell like leaves. Tae Ho had also charged through the wyvern riders. As it flew like it was about to body slam them but changed the trajectory at the last moment, the wyverns couldn’t withstand it. There were some that fell because they had lost balance and there were even some that got burnt by the lightning and yelled.


Rolo gained more strength the more he flew. Tae Ho scattered the storm and the thunder that was in the tip of the wings and increased his speed.




The remaining thunder exploded in consecution. Tae Ho cheered at Rolo’s big wings and looked at the battlefield.


Ragnar’s sword was cutting the head of a giant. It looked like there would be nothing that the sword with white light couldn’t cut.


Bracky didn’t stay still either. He was able to concentrate solely on the giant in front of him thanks to Ragnar and Tae Ho and then dealt a massive blow with his big hammer.



The first attack was at its ankle. The giant lost balance and Bracky crushed the knee of the giant. As the giant lowered his body with a yell, he hit his hip now.


The sound of bones getting crushed was terrible be it a human or a giant and it also couldn’t endure it.


The giant that couldn’t endure the pain laid down on the ground. Thanks to that, his head got low and Bracky smiled brightly and hit the chin of the giant.


A cry exploded out instead of a yell. As blood started to pour down from the mouth of the giant, Bracky took a big breath. He moved to show compassion to the giant.



The last attack hit in the crown of its head. The giant didn’t move anymore.




Bracky let out a long breath. White steam was surging from his hot body.




It really was Bracky. He wasn’t called the son of a God in the mortal world for nothing.


Tae Ho looked at Ragnar again. He didn’t let the fact that the aerial forces and a giant, two factors that caught your eye the most, had disappeared.


He raised his sword. And it was naturally followed by the gazes of the warriors and their cheers.








“The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie!”


The warriors yelled the name of the new warrior and a nickname. Tae Ho, that was called with the long nickname, let out a laugh and turned in the air. There were some monsters, that had lost their will to fight, that gave up on fighting and started to flee. It was a complete victory.


“Tae Ho!”


The call that was like thunder came from Bracky. Even if that wasn’t the case, Tae Ho was going to land on the ground, and then he landed next to Bracky.




Bracky started to laugh refreshingly when Tae Ho called him and then he turned to look at Rolo and asked.


“And her? To which legion does this Valkyrie belong to? Is she from Idun’s legion?”


Bracky even bowed towards Rolo while waiting for an answer. It seemed like he completely thought that it was a Valkyrie.

However, Tae Ho answered with warm eyes.


“No, it’s just a gryphon.”


“What? It’s not a Valkyrie?”


“It really is just a gryphon. In addition, it’s a male, male.”


“Impossible! Then you aren’t the warrior that rode on a Valkyrie anymore?”


“It wasn’t a Valkyrie.”


“You are too much!”


The warriors near Bracky started to say. Just what was too much?


“Anyways, Tae Ho. It’s an important thing. We can’t stop here.”


Bracky took one more step towards Tae Ho and said hurriedly. His eyes and voice were completely serious.


“What are you talking about?”


Ragnar, that had soon approached them, asked naturally. Bracky looked at Ragnar reflexively and then cheered with round eyes.


“Ragnar Lodbrok!”


“Right, I’m Ragnar. So speak. Why can’t you stop?”


Originally Ragnar would have accepted Bracky’s surprise, but they were in the middle of a battle right now. As Ragnar came out heavily Bracky also got a hold of himself and said quickly.


“We found a thing called Garmr’s soul fragment. However, we found it at the same time the Giants did.”


“Are you saying that the Giants have already retrieved it?”


“Um, it’s a bit different but it’s similar. Anyways, they left some forces to stop us and that force was the one we just fought against.”


Looking at how he spoke, it seemed like they were chasing at Garmr’s soul fragment as a competition.


“We did a request for assistance, but it’s not the time to be waiting. We have to chase them immediately!”


Bracky pointed a direction with his hammer that was stained with the blood of a giant. The majority of the monsters were fleeing to the same direction.


As Bracky and the Warriors finished their explanation of the situation, they turned their bodies to depart. However, Ragnar grabbed him.


“What about the scale of the enemy? Simply chasing them isn’t always the best option.”


If it was someone else he would have just ignored him. But these words came from none other than Ragnar. Bracky seemed to have endured himself and answered quickly.

“It’s similar to the ones that were here.”


“Wait, then what did they move for?”


If they had a force like that, wouldn’t have been better to massacre Bracky’s force?


Bracky hit his chest as if Tae Ho’s question made him frustrated.


“Ugh! The fragment of a soul is moving! Precisely speaking it’s stuck on the head of a hog!”


It was a bit difficult to understand but Ragnar seemed to have understood it. He nodded and said.


“So the beast transformed because of Garmr’s soul fragment…..So you are saying that not even the giants could completely capture it.”


They may still be chasing it by now.


“Let’s hurry. If it’s like Bracky had said we still have a chance.”


Ragnar got on Rolo right after that and grabbed Tae Ho’s hip. However, Tae Ho looked at Bracky and the others instead of flying up.


Although the situation was urgent, the difference in mobility was too big. Did he have to go first with Ragnar and buy time?


It seemed like Bracky felt Tae Ho’s worry that he brought out bones of a monster from his waist and spread it on the ground.




When he yelled a weird name, the bones that were on the floor started to connect with each other and formed the shape of a small goat. And when Bracky took off the leather that was covering his shoulders and put it on top of the bones, a surprising thing happened.


The bones and leather got connected and flesh started to be created inside. It then became a real goat and then transformed into a huge goat in an instant.


The goat was so big that several warriors would be able to get on it.

While Tae Ho was looking at the goat with a dumbfounded face, Ragnar let out a low exclamation.


“Impressive. For an inferior ranked warrior to have Tanngnjostr.”


Tanngnjostr was one of the treasures of Thor’s legion that was said that it was able to revive itself countless times if you just had its bones and leather.

It was a bit terrible to say this, but there was a time that they traveled with Tanngnjostr and fed on it as they could revive it whenever they wanted.


The Tanngnjostrs Thor’s legion had wasn’t only one. But even if that was the case, it was too precious a treasure for an inferior ranked warrior to possess it.

You could know with this how extraordinary of a warrior Bracky was and how Thor’s legion thought of him.


Bracky’s mood turned good at Ragnar’s admiration and then rode on Tanngnjostr. Followed by him, seven warriors that looked especially strong, hung on its back.


“We will go first! Some of you will stay back to treat the injured and the remaining one shall follow us!”




The warriors replied at Bracky’s order. Lastly, Bracky looked at Tae Ho and Ragnar and Ragnar nodded. Tae Ho made Rolo depart.


Rolo flew up high. Tanngnjostr crossed the land with a speed that didn’t lose to Rolo.

And how much had passed since that? Tae Ho, that was looking at a far place, could discover the enemy forces. He also heard Bracky’s voice from the ground.


“Over there!”


A hog that was as big as Tanngnjostr was lying down on the ground, and orc shamans were gathered near it. Just like Bracky had said, almost a hundred monsters were along a giant.

The giant, that you could know was the leader at a glance, looked at them.The monsters also started to raise their voices and took on fighting postures.


Tanngnjostr raised its speed without a hint. Ragnar glared at the armored giant and then spoke towards Tae Ho in a low voice.


“It’s only the giant. I will entrust the rest to you and Bracky.”




“Go to the fragment! I will take the giant!”


Ragnar threw himself into the air after yelling just like he did in the last battle.

Tae Ho looked at the ground while throwing the lingering attachments. Bracky’s group started the fight while still being on top of Tanngnjostr. It seemed like they didn’t fear anything even though they were twenty times their number.


“Tae Ho! We are going to the hog!”


Bracky jumped down Tanngnjostr and then started to charge towards the hog.


“Thor’s legion! Destroy the monster!”




The warriors that were riding Tanngnjostr started to throw their axes or fire arrows while circling around it. Tae Ho looked at Bracky, that had an axe and a hammer in his hands, and thought of the machine that cut grass. Although it was a weird comparison, his reckless charge towards the monsters and cutting them down was just like that.


Ragnar started the battle with the giant. He took a peek with the ‘eyes of the dragon’ and saw that it was weaker than the one Rasgrid had fought, but it was by no means easier to handle.


However, the one battling was none other than Ragnar. Tae Ho focused on his fight once again.


The orc shamans surrounding the monster hog started to hurriedly recite chants. Although he didn’t know what they were doing, it didn’t seem good to leave them alone.


“Let’s go Rolo!”


Rolo answered with a big cry at Tae Ho’s order. Tae Ho grabbed the Executioner’s sword after passing over the heads of the monsters in an instant. He swung his sword in consecution on top of Rolo that was flying low and the orc shamans didn’t have a means to resist him.


Rolo was certainly an Alpha Male that led a pride. It didn’t simply fly that it could run on the ground with its four legs and it even started to take down the orc shamans with its sharp beak and claws.


As the number of the orc shamans got halved, a change occurred from the hog. The hog that was breathing roughly raised all of its furs and rose up and then started to bite and crush the orc shamans.




The monster hog roared. Just like Garmr’s soul fragment was in the trace of the Great War, the chest of the hog was dyed in blood. It checked the battlefield with its yellow eyes and then focused his target. It was towards the one charging towards it.




Tae Ho called Bracky. Even the monsters that had gathered to stop Bracky however they scattered because of the monster hog.

However, Bracky didn’t stop. He also charged towards the hog and raised his hammer high.


“Tae Ho! A big thunder!”


It was a sudden request. However, Tae Ho seemed to have understood it a bit. No, he felt like he just had to do it even if he didn’t know what he was talking about.


“I’m going!”


[Saga: The charge of a warrior is like a storm]


Rolo, that had Tae Ho on top of him, passed over Bracky. He spread a thunderstorm and Bracky got satisfied. He laughed and activated his saga.


[Saga: Thunder enters his hammer]


It was a thing of the past.


However, Bracky remembered clearly.

The day that a rainstorm fell down. The day that the rage of the God of lightning fell from the sky.


He was fighting against a huge monster. It was a terrible bear monsters that were made by the shamans.


The moment Bracky’s hammer hit the chest of the bear, lightning fell down. And the lightning that fell down from the sky finished the bear.

It was a coincidence.


However, Bracky didn’t think it that way. And the ones that had been present that day also didn’t think that way. He believed in the miracle that happened in front of his eyes and that was made as a story and transmitted.


The hammer that calls for lightnings.


The one that has been blessed by Thor!




A thunderstorm entered Bracky’s hammer. Bracky, that was swinging thunder and lighting that was even bigger than his hammer, made him resemble the God of thunder Thor.


The monster hog tried to stop its charge. But it was too late. In addition, Bracky wasn’t planning on letting the hog go at all.




The attack hit the mouth of the monster. Thunder exploded and the monster hog let out a cry and fell sideways.


The monsters froze at the amazing sight. However, Bracky cursed inwardly. He had attacked with all his might but he wasn’t able to beat it. In addition, he wasn’t in a good state. Thanks to the blow that contained the thunderstorm behind it, there was an aftershock in his body even though it was strengthened. It seemed to be temporary but his arm didn’t move at all.

The monster hog that had become bloody raised its head. The monster that became mad because of the pain tried to crush down Bracky however it could.


He would die.


It was for a moment but he did think of that. Thanks to that Bracky just glared at the monster instead of closing his eyes.


But he could see it because of that. He could hear.

The thing that crossed the sky. The small voice that was heard like a miracle.

It’s fine Bracky.


This wasn’t the end. There’s still more remaining.


Because Kalsted’s storm hit twice!


[Saga: Dragon’s charge]


Bracky looked at the second lightning. He saw the beautiful trajectory that was drawn in the sky.


The thing that fell down was a lightning.


Draconic Ballista!




A loud sound exploded with the lightning. The monster, that was hit on its side, rolled on the ground roughly. It could stop after rolling for a while and crushing down the other monsters.

It was the result made by one Lance Charge. Bracky admired the miracle that occurred in front of his eyes.




Tae Ho heard his yell in the sky. He didn’t use the Sword piece on purpose. The Heavy Lance got destroyed and Tae Ho’s right arm wasn’t fine either. If it wasn’t for Idun’s blessing his arm would have been twisted or broken even if it was strengthened by the runes.

Rolo let out a groaning sound while fluttering its wings. The attack was that powerful.

But it was enough with this. The satisfied Tae Ho looked at the ground again. He saw Bracky that was running to retrieve Garmr’s soul fragment, Ragnar that had slain the giant, and the warriors of Thor’s legion that were driving Tanngnjostr recklessly.


That’s why he could see it.


Ragnar, that had slain the giant, opened his eyes widely and looked at the sky and then turned to look at Bracky and yelled.


“Bracky! Stop!”




Tae Ho also looked at the sky and could know then.


A black calamity was approaching.


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