VS Episode 16 Chapter 1

Episode 16/Chapter 1: Legend (1)

TL: Tsubak


The alpha name had a name. It was the name given by the ones that came to visit this forest, to the strongest one that led the strongest gryphon pride for 4 years.




Rolo was in a really enraged state. Actually, he was in a really good mood a few minutes ago. Because he had smelled the blood of horses. he saw the three female gryphons, that were the strongest even inside the pride, fly up and imagine the horse meat he would soon eat.


It was hard to wait because he hadn’t eaten horse meat for a long time. Although he remained calm because he couldn’t show an unsightly look to the remaining females, what he wanted was to go hunting with them.


When would they return? They wouldn’t be eating among themselves, right?


While he was thinking of such things he heard a cry. It was a rescuing request from a female. This sound was surprising enough, but the sound it heard next shocked him even more. A female of the pride was showing its cute side to someone else!


He couldn’t forgive it. If it was a new male, then he would peak its eyes with his beak. There was no way that the horse, that was merely food, threatened them.


Rolo flew quickly. After fluttering his strong wings, he saw a shocking scene. One of the females was collapsed on the ground, and another one was crying as if it didn’t know what to do. And the last one, the female he treasured the most was letting an unknown guy ride on her.


Rolo roared. His cry filled with rage shook the ground and sky. The female that requested help cheered as if telling him to come quickly.


However, Rolo wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t because it was afraid of the human riding on the female. The female was putting a relaxed expression and the one above her was smiling.


He would take him in an instant. After throwing him to the ground he would crush his head and chest with his beak.


Rolo charged towards the human like a thunder. However, he could only turn his direction before snatching him. It was because the human riding on the female jumped up.


The human couldn’t fly. So he could snatch him when he landed but this human was a bit different. He made a turn on the air and then transformed into a hawk and charged into him.


He was bewildered but Rolo rather felt pleased. Because a big hawk was more delicious than a human. In addition, it seemed like more places to eat has been added.


He was planning to teach the arrogant hawk that was attacking him, the head of the pride and the ruler of the forest, what an aerial attack was. However, it seemed like the hawk didn’t have any thoughts of fighting that the moment it was about to exchange blows with Rolo it twisted its body sideways as if running away.


Rolo wasn’t disappointed. Because making quick turns and chasing was Rolo’s specialty. If he fled in that state, then it would be better for him because he would be able to catch up.


But another disaster occurred. The hawk transformed into a human again instead of flying past him. Even before Rolo could do something the human got on his back.


Rolo roared again. He shook his body trying to make the human fall and tried to fly fast.


However, the human was a bit faster. The moment he was about to flutter his wings the hands of the human got placed in his back, and Rolo fell in a weird feeling.


‘My, my strength is getting drained.’


His body didn’t move as he wished. It didn’t stop there that his rage had weirdly subsided. Although it had certainly tried to fly fiercely, he was soon flying softly.


‘Thi, this isn’t it. I can’t be like this.’


His consciousness faded more and more. He just didn’t want to think about anything. However, Rolo tried his best to get ahold of himself. He remembered the rage burning in his chest.


‘Wake up! You are waking up Rolo!’


It was when he was telling himself to wake up.


A rope got laced in his neck. He was sure it was the arrogant human. But the moment it got tied in his neck he started to think of the human as the human master.


‘My, my strength is draining again…..’


His will to resist disappeared. And the cry of the bewildered female couldn’t make him feel anything


[Saga: The one that handles dragons]


[Strengthened hunter’s rope]


[The feeling to resist disappeared]

[Alpha male: Rolo]


The moment the red letters turned green, Tae Ho let out a sigh of relief. He maintained ‘the one that handles dragon’s that he had executed with all his strength and then took out the Beast’s saddle from Unnir.


As the Alpha male was flying too smoothly, it was also easy to place the saddle on it. When the saddle transformed into a suitable size, Tae Ho found it easier to control it.


“Tae Ho!”


Heda’s voice was heard from below. As he turned around while smiling in a good mood, he saw that she was waving towards him. Siri was still vigilant of the remaining gryphon but her eyes were smiling.


“I got him!”


His strength was good just like its size. Although its physical capabilities weren’t as good as Siri that had transformed through the dragon wing coat his flight ability would be a level above hers.


‘In addition, it’s cool.’


It had the same eyes as a bald eagle. Even though it was calm because of ‘the one that handles dragons’ and the hunter’s rope, its eyes were still sharp.


“I just have to get reins and armor for it.”


The three set in Dark Age were the reins, armor, and saddle. Although it was vague for the armor, if you had the reins it would become easier to control it.


Tae Ho looked at the direction Rolo came flying from. Because of ‘the one that handles dragon’s he could read Rolo’s thoughts a bit. It seemed like there were some female gryphons remaining in this nest.


‘Let’s go down for now.’


It seemed like the first gryphon he had caught was released from the effects of ‘the one that handles dragons’ that was looking at them with bewildered eyes. He thought that he should capture Rolo and then capture the remaining female gryphons or not.


“Tae Ho!”


Heda’s voice was heard again. But it was different to before. Tae Ho got surprised at her yell that was close to a shout and turned to look at Heda hurriedly. Heda and even Siri and Ragnar were looking at the same direction. It wasn’t at Tae Ho but behind him.




The sound was heard late, just like what happened with thunders. A signal beam exploded from a far place. It was a red signal signaling an emergency.


In addition, it wasn’t only one. One more signal beam surged up from another place. It was also red this time.


Tae Ho hurriedly turned Rolo and went to the ground. As soon as they landed Ragnar approached and said.


“It’s an emergency signal. Looking that they set off at the same time, the troops that were searching the surroundings must have been attacked.”


It has already been a few days since Valhalla became aware of Garmr’s soul fragment. It was obvious for them to search a wide radius from the remaining traces of the Great War.


This place also belonged to a far place of Asgard. The closest post two days in a carriage to reach. The only ones that could help them right now were Tae Ho’s group.


“We are splitting the group in two.”


In the first place, as it was merely searching a wide area, only lowest ranked warriors and some inferior ranked warriors would have been dispatched. Although there may be an intermediate ranked warrior among them, even if that was the case Tae Ho’s group would still be of help.


Tae Ho nodded at the word of splitting their group. Because it was also the most effective method for him.


Ragnar got on top of Rolo. Heda transformed into a big and beautiful swan and made Siri ride her.


It was proper for Ragnar and Heda to go to different places. That’s why Tae Ho, that became able to fly because of the gryphon went with Ragnar that couldn’t fly and Siri getting on Heda was also a natural thing.


“Be careful.”


Heda left those words while looking at them and flew up. Siri was grabbing onto Heda’s neck and said something towards them really quickly. It seemed like she was wishing them to be safe like Heda.


“Let’s go.”


Ragnar grabbed Tae Ho’s waist. His arms were as strong as steel.


Tae Ho felt a strange feeling and urged Rolo. Rolo flew up with its big wings.




The traces of the Great War weren’t only present in Svartalfheim but were scattered in places where Asgard was in control of, just like Asgard, Midgard, and Vanaheim.


After passing through the mountains that were connected with the vast forest, a plain land appeared as if the scene he had seen until now was a lie. This landscape was the aftermath left by the Great War.


A signal beam exploded from a really far place. It was obvious that if it wasn’t a warrior of Valhalla with quite a lot of accumulated runes, they wouldn’t even have been able to recognize it properly.


Because of that, Tae Ho felt anxious even though he was already flying at a fast speed. He didn’t know who was in danger, but his heart was moved by the fact that it was fired by the warriors of Valhalla.


Perhaps it may be because he had seen the warriors in the trace of Great War in Svartalfheim.


The warriors of Valhalla that were prideful. Tae Ho had already become one of them.


“Over there!”


Ragnar yelled. A battle was occuring on the ground. Tens of warriors were fighting against a big monster, and you could even see three giants that were 7 meters tall at the center.


“I will take the giants. You take the sky.”


Ragnar spoke quickly and then loosened his arms that were holding onto his waist. Then he jumped down the moment Rolo passed over the battlefield.


Although it was tens of meters high, it wasn’t that big of a problem for Ragnar that had once been a top ranked warrior. Ragnar’s body, that was falling down, started to emanate white light and that sight was beautiful to behold.


Tae Ho looked below his feet instead of still looking at Ragnar. The reason Ragnar entrusted Tae Ho the sky was because the enemies weren’t only in the ground.


Now, there weren’t only the harpies he was accustomed to, but there were also wyvern riders which he hadn’t seen since Black Fortress attacking the warriors of Valhalla. Defeating them was Tae Ho’s role.


“Let’s go Rolo!”


If you got a new car you have to step on the pedal!


Although they hadn’t known for long, Rolo elevated Tae Ho from being a human to human-nim, was faithful to his orders. When he spread his big wings and let out a roar, all the harpies and wyverns turned to look at them.


“Tae Ho!”


“Idun’s warrior!”


The voices of the warriors burst out. Although Tae Ho couldn’t distinguish them one by one, there were many familiar voices.


Tae Ho created a strong wind through the ‘charge of the warrior’ and looked at the ground after passing by the harpies. He could see a familiar troop flag and familiar faces.


‘Thor’s legion!’


They were the lowest ranked warriors that had taken part in the expedition of Black Fortress with him. And there was also an inferior ranked warrior among them.






Bracky roared as if answering to Tae Ho’s call. He, who was facing one of the giants, had small blue sparks around his body and was also bigger than the last time he saw him.


[Saga: He’s the son of a God]


He was a warrior so outstanding he was called as Thor’s son in Midgard. Just like Tae Ho’s saga had evolved, his saga had also done the same.


Even though he was facing against three giants, he could know the reason Thor’s legion didn’t break down easily. It was because of he, who wasn’t excessive to call him as a little giant, was there.




Thunder fell down in that instant. Everyone covered their ears at the loud sound shaking the entire battlefield and turned their eyes. It was Ragnar. He fell down from the sky like a God and landed on the ground with a loud sound. The moment his sword that was covered with white light touched the ground, one of the giants collapsed. It was completely split from its shoulder to its groin.


It was a really superhuman scene. In addition, it didn’t stop there. Ragnar raised his sword and yelled.


“Ragnar Lodbrok orders you! Warriors of Valhalla! Fight!”


His shout covered the battlefield. And his yell woke up the warriors. It gave courage to the warriors and gave them strength.


Tae Ho admired.


Ragnar’s shout wasn’t a saga. It was really just a shout. However, this was the results of Ragnar Lodbrok’s strong charisma.




“Ragnar Lodbrok!”


The warriors of Valhalla chered. Just like what happened in Ullr’s legion, they also started to call his name.


Did you see?


Ragnar glanced at him. Tae Ho just smirked at his smile that seemed like telling him that he was this amazing and then he turned his head.


They were still in the middle of fighting. They could listen to the stories after the fight.


“Let’s go first.”


He could do more things as he had obtained a gryphon. Lance Charging wasn’t the only thing Tae Ho could do. The only thing that had advanced wasn’t only the ‘sword of the warrior;


[Saga: The charge of the warrior is like a storm]


Until now, the only wind was added to it. However, it was different now.


Because the storm that swept up the battlefield in the election of the national representatives wasn’t a normal one.


A sparking sound was heard at the wings of Rolo, that was gliding through the wind. The small sparks got connected and then mixed in with the wind.


And then, the thing that was made. The thing that occurred.




Tae Ho mumbled. He reproduced the battle of that day along with Rolo.


< Episode 16 – Legend (1) > End


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