VS Episode 15 Chapter 1

Episode 15/Chapter 1: Alpha Male (1)

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Ragnar yelled like a thunder and stood up. He hurriedly extended his arms and stopped Heda and then calmly checked Tae Ho’s state. Tae Ho was standing with a surprised expression while still holding onto the fragment of equipment. He seemed to be more surprised at Ragnar’s shout rather than the light of the fragment.


However, Ragnar pushed Heda and then asked as if he was relieved.


“Are you okay? Your strength didn’t get sucked into the fragment or anything?”






Ragnar let out a sigh of relief and then released Heda. She realized that Tae Ho was fine and then asked a bit quickly.


“Tae Ho, did you see something?”


“A….Memory. From the owner of this spear.”


Tae Ho started to think back and answered slowly. Then Ragnar opened his eyes sharply.


“You said it was Gae Bolg?”


“Yes, I’m sure. Gae Bolg.”


He was certain because he could still read the rainbow colored words through the eyes of the dragon.


[Gae Bolg’s fragment]


It wasn’t an unknown equipment anymore. Tae Ho knew the name of the weapon.


“My God, it was a weapon of Cu Chulainn.”


Ragnar said with a voice that was filled with excitement and exclamation. Tae Ho asked Ragnar.


“Ragnar, just who is Cu Chulainn?”


Although he did remember something, it was too short. Because for Tae Ho, Cu Chulainn and Gae Bolg were completely unfamiliar existences.


However, that didn’t seem to be the case for Ragnar and Heda. The two people, especially Ragnar, put on a bewildered face and then let out a sigh.


“Right, you were this kind of bastard.”


Because he didn’t even know about Ragnar.


“He was a warrior that was called to be the strongest in Erin….and now the destroyed planet. If you were to compare him to someone in Valhalla, he would be like Sigurd.”




He did hear that he was one of the strongest warriors in Valhalla. If he was at a level that he could massacre tens of dragons, then it was understandable for Heda and Ragnar to show those expressions. Because he was so famous his name spread even on Valhalla.


Ragnar calmed himself a bit and then looked at the fragment of Gae Bolg that was in Tae Ho’s hand.


“Gae Bolg is the strongest weapon among the ones Cu Chulainn had. It was made by the monarch of the land of shadow, Scathach, with the bones of a sea creature. It’s also the first time I see it.”




He had certainly heard that name in the memory of the man.


She was the owner of the fortress that was surrounded by seven layers of walls and nine wooden fences. The only woman Cu Chulainn loved more than himself and his teacher.


Tae Ho closed his eyes and tried to think of Scathach’s face. Cu Chulainn thought of her until the end, without letting go of his spear. Because of that, he could remember her face too clearly.


The lady with cat-like eyes. The queen of the land of darkness that only showed a kind smile to Cu Chulainn.


“If it’s really Gae Bolg, it’s understandable that your saga doesn’t work.”


Ragnar said in a low voice. After he stopped talking, Tae Ho opened his eyes and continued to speak.


“It should be that it doesn’t allow you. To take the shape of another weapon even if it’s temporary. Gae Bolg is a weapon of that caliber.”


It couldn’t tolerate over putting the shape of another weapon in it.


This was something that could happen if this weapon belonged to a warrior that represented a whole world.


However, Heda spoke with a careful tone.


“That’s all a probability. Don’t try your saga on Gae Bolg for now. Perhaps, it may not be something like permission but it may have a strong geass in it.”




Ragnar explained immediately at the word he heard for the first time.


“Geass means pledge. It’s the strength in Erin, just like the sagas in Valhalla. You obtain a strength instead of pledging something with a restriction.”


Each world had a magic that represented it.


Erin’s geass was a power as strong as Valhalla’s saga.


“Cu Chulainn possessed several geasses, just like the strongest warrior. And among them, there are some that become stronger when the owner dies, so you have to be careful.”


A geass was a two-edged blade. It gave you a strong force instead of putting you a restriction, however when you ignored the pledge you had to face a punishment that was greater than the strength you obtained through it. Because of that, a strong geass was compared to a strong curse.


However, Tae Ho couldn’t feel any sort of evil in this fragment of Gae Bolg. It seemed like that was also the case for Ragnar that he pointed another thing instead of the danger of the geass.


“Although it’s only a fragment, if it’s Gae Bolg it should be strong enough in this state. And honestly speaking, it’s too excessive for the current you. You can say that it’s a weapon you can’t be sure you can cope with it.”


Ragnar wasn’t planning on taking the fragment from Tae Ho. But even so, it wasn’t that he was going to leave it alone.


“If it’s not a really important moment, don’t try to use it. Think of it as the last card you can take out before you grow up enough.”


“I understand.”


As Tae Ho answered seriously, Ragnar nodded satisfactorily and then loosened his expression.


“First of all, if this spear is really Gae Bolg…..There’s a high possibility for that Sword piece, so to say that hilt is also a weapon from Erin.”


It was quite a logical guess. However, Heda shook her head.


“That’s not certain. If it’s just like Tae Ho said, It just reacted after seeing Gae Bolg. That doesn’t mean that it’s from the same world, but it recognized Gae Bolg and told Tae Ho.”


This side also had some possibilities.


Although he wanted to just ask the sword piece directly, after he got out of the trace of the Great War, the sword piece was just silent.


Because of that Ragnar continued to guess something not certain.


“However, if it’s really a weapon from Erin….there’s a high possibility for it to be Caladbolg or Excalibur….What’s wrong with your expression?”


Ragnar looked at Tae Ho and Tae Ho yelled inwardly.




Although he didn’t know about Caladbolg, he did know about Excalibur. Wasn’t that the most famous and legendary sword in his world?


“You mean the Excalibur of the legends from King Arthur, right? The thing that was stuck in a rock.”


“So you do know about King Arthur…..”


Ragnar said with lukewarm eyes. Although his face showed that he was really discontent, looking at his expression it seemed like it really was the Excalibur he knew about.


“Erin has already been destroyed. As countless legendary weapons disappeared along with their owners….Even if the weapon of Arthur Pendragon appears there would be nothing strange about that.”


“But it is a bit weird.”


Heda stepped in. She looked at Tae Ho and Ragnar and then shrugged her shoulders and explained.


“If it really is Caladbolg or Excalibur, it means that it’s almost at the same level as Gae Bolg. But Gae Bolg rejected transforming into another weapon but this sword piece is accepting Tae Ho’s saga.”


“Mm, perhaps it may be at a lower level than Gae Bolg. Or it has no pride.”




As Ragnar said while smirking, Heda looked at him as if he was hopeless and Tae Ho also butted in.


“It’s not low ranked. I’m sure it’s the same rank as Gae Bolg.”


Because the two of them were rainbow colored. In addition, the both of them didn’t lose in brightness.


“Perhaps it may have a good temperament. Or it really likes you Tae Ho.”


Heda suggested a new probability. Looking that it could answer with yes and no in the trace of the Great War, they were sure that it had some ego so it wasn’t baseless words.


Tae Ho looked at the sword piece in a new light. Because if it really had an ega like Heda had said, it was a really thankful fellow. Because even if it was at the same rank as Gae Bolg, it was lending its strength to Tae Ho.


Ragnar said in a serious voice again.


“Tae Ho, listen well. There’s no coincidence in a meeting with a weapon. The reason why you have met with the sword piece and obtained Gae Bolg’s fragment was that you were fated. It could be said that it was a strong attraction. Perhaps, you may meet more fragments of other pieces of equipment.”


There was a high probability for fragments of pieces of equipment to be scattered in the world like Garmr’s soul fragment.


“A fragment of Gae Bolg and the sword piece. The both of them are now yours. However, don’t get swayed by the weapons. And don’t even count in luck. Grow strong enough so that the two weapons become suitable for you. Understand?”




Tae Ho replied sincerely. Maybe it was because he had seen Cu Chulainn’s memories that he could feel the weight in Ragnar’s words.


“Now, you can go to rest as we have finished the classifications. You don’t look good.”


Heda clapped and turned the mood to a good one. Although she was smiling, you could see that she was worried about Tae Ho.


“Now that I see, I am a bit sleepy.”


He did feel great exhaustion. This also seemed to be an aftershock of having seen through Cu Chulainn’s memories.


“I will deliver the weapons of the Great War. You should rest for now.”


“Thank you, Heda. For helping me with everything.”


Heda smiled brightly as Tae Ho expressed his gratitude.


“This is also the task of a legion’s Valkyrie.”


“Even so.”


“I also helped. I helped.”


Ragnar interrupted with an indisposed face and Heda laughed and started to load the weapons in the wooden boat that had arrived.




He did remember until he closed his eyes, but he didn’t remember anything else after that. He had slept without dreaming of anything.


It seemed like he had slept well that his eyes also opened rather easily.


“You woke up?”


As he turned to look, he could see Ragnar reading a book next to him.


“And Heda?”


Ragnar started to laugh at Tae Ho’s question and then pointed outside the door with his chin.


“She’s outside, it’s because of some guests. You woke up at the right moment.”




No one else aside of Ragnar had come to Idun’s legions residence. Tae Ho blinked and then raised his head.


“Ah, are they perhaps warriors of Idun’s legion…..so my superiors?”


“I’m sorry but no. However, they are good guests for you.”


Ragnar looked at the book he was reading and then pointed at the basin.


“Wash yourself and go. You will know then.”


Tae Ho finished washing his face roughly and then got out of his lodging. He could see Heda standing in the wooden dock without having to search for long.




There were quite big wooden boxes lined up next to her. Tae Ho asked naturally after getting closer.


“Did packages arrive?”


“Packages? Ah, it came from the other legions. Reciprocal gifts.”


Tae Ho tilted his head as if he didn’t understand but then said.


“It really came.”


He was in doubt but for it to really come. Tae Ho looked at the lined up boxes. Each of them had a symbol of a legion in the lid or a name engraved on it.


‘Wait a moment. That’s from Odin’s legion, that’s Thors…….’


While he was reading them one by one he heard the sound of a bell. He raised his head as he thought that it was a dispatch order but then Heda shook her head.


“It’s the signal of a ship approaching.”


A big ship was really approaching from far away. There was the sculpture of a big wolf at the front.


“Ullr’s legion.”


He couldn’t see any boxes belonging to Ullr’s legion. As the big ship anchored down, Heda said with a surprised face.


“Gandur? You yourself came here?”


She had her doubts when she saw a big ship, but for a real Valkyrie to come. Gandur snickered and waved her hand.


“Nice to meet you, Heda. And also, warrior Tae Ho. I came to keep the promise.”




“Didn’t I tell you when you defeated the regenerator? That I will tell Ullr-nim about your merits. I put in more thought into the gift.”


Gandur spoke up to there and jumped down the ship. Followed by her, a familiar warrior jumped down with a big sack.


“Captain Siri.”


“So this is the residence of Idun’s legion.”


Siri started to check her surroundings slowly after landing. It seemed like it was quite different to Ullr’s legion that she was amazed.


Tae Ho approached her and then threw a joke.


“Are you going to move to our legion?”


“No, that’s not it. I came to help Gandur-nim. I also wanted to see how the other residences looked.”


“Don’t be like that Tae Ho and come to our legion. I will get you a partner and also Siri. And I will also get you a wing coat.”


Gandur said hurriedly. Looking that she was looking at him with expectant eyes, it seemed like she still hadn’t given up on taking him to Ullr’s legion.


“Leave it.”


“I’m also okay.”


Heda and Siri answered instead of Tae Ho. Siri had especially cold eyes as if she felt betrayed by the words partner and wing coat.


“Anyways, this is the gift.”


Gandur changed subjects impudently and then gave Tae Ho the sack Siri was holding.


“It’s a stealth cloak. You do know about the stealth blessing right?”


He obviously knew. As Tae Ho nodded, a vague smile appeared on Gandur’s face again.


“You will be able to use the stealth blessing when you wear it. And it’s also a high leveled one at that.”


“Thank you.”


The stealth blessing had many uses. Heda was also happy as Tae Ho became sincerely happy, however, she turned to glare at Gandur.


‘It’s a bait in the end. In the end, the members of Ullr’s legion can all use the stealth blessing.’


That was right. Looking at it from the perspective of another legion, it was indeed a treasure. But you couldn’t call it that way inside of Ullr’s legion.


As Gandur became aware of Heda’s eyes, she also answered with her eyes.


‘It’s useful anyways. That’s enough. In addition, doesn’t warrior Tae Ho like it?’


‘Well, it is indeed useful.’


‘Right, and in addition that isn’t all.’


Gandur turned her eyes to Tae Ho and then took out a silvery rope from the sack.


“And this is a hunter’s rope.”


The tip of it was roundly tied up. Looking at it made you think of the ropes that cowboys had on them.


“Although it’s lower ranked than the cloak of stealth, it will be useful to you. If you tighten the neck with it, the strength and resistance of your prey will weaken. It’s a good item to catch a monster alive.”


“It’s just right.”




“I was going to go catch a wild gryphon. To use it as a mount.”


“A wild gryphon? Do you know where they appear?”


The last one that spoke was Siri. Tae Ho nodded and answered.


“Ragnar knows.”




Siri’s eyes started to shine. Tae Ho remembered something when he looked at Siri and then asked Gandur.


“Gandur, looking that she hasn’t returned to Svartalfheim, is captain Siri on a break?”


“Right, she rendered many merits. So compared to me, that has to return to the scene, Siri is on a temporary break.”


Compared to Idun’s legion, as there were many people in Ullr’s legion on standby, there was no need to be worried about when they would get called.


Tae Ho looked at Siri again and asked.


“Captain Siri, do you want to go with us?”


“To catch a wild gryphon?”


“Yes, Ragnar will also come.”


Ragnar treated Siri and the warriors of Ullr’s legion with delight. He wasn’t someone that would mind about one more companion.


“With, with Ragnar-nim?”


Siri’s voice trembled. Siri turned to look at Gandur when Tae Ho gave the nod. At her eyes that were begging for permission earnestly, Gandur laughed pleasingly.


“I allow it. An opportunity to accompany someone like Ragnar is rare. If you can catch a wild gryphon, it will also be of big helpt to Ullr’s legion.”


“Thank you.”


Siri smiled brightly. She had the face of a girl that received a concert ticket of the idols she liked.


“Thank you, Tae Ho.”


“I’m the one that should be thankful.”


In the end, Tae Ho was the one paying off the debts to her by telling her to accompany them. Although it was in battle and had taken into account the effectivity of it, Siri had let Tae Ho ride on him without any complaints.


Tae Ho still couldn’t forget when she wore the wing coat and chanted when she wanted to fight along the warriors of the Great War.






“If it’s about what happened on the battlefield, don’t let it affect you too much. If you need it from now on, I will wear a wing coat how many times you want.”


Siri said with a bitter smile. It wasn’t because Tae Ho had let her come with them but it was her sincere feelings.


“Thank you.”


Siri was really a warrior of Valhalla. As Tae Ho expressed his gratitude, Siri shrugged her shoulders as if it was embarrassing.




Then Heda let out a small voice. Thanks to that, Tae Ho realized that there was one more person to ask to and then hurriedly said.


“Said, you are fine with captain Siri coming with us, right?”


“It’s not that she can’t.”


Although she didn’t allow her as pleasantly as Gandur, it was still a permission.


Gandur forced her smile and asked Heda.


“Heda, when are you departing?”


“Tomorrow morning.”


“Then I will come tomorrow with Siri. As there are many people, we will go to the hall with our ship.”


Because the wooden boat of Idun’s legion was too small.


It seemed like Heda had realized the meaning behind that, that she glared at Gandur and Gandur urged Siri and got on the ship.


And the next day.


The ship of Ullr’s legion arrived in Idun’s legion one more time.


< Episode 15 – Alpha Male (1) > End


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