VS Episode 13 Chapter 2

Episode 13/Chapter 2: Traces of the Great War (2)

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There was ordering in the middle of the settlement of the battlefield.


They retrieved the corpses of their allies and confirmed that their enemies that were pretending to be dead were really dead or captured them.


All of these things were important, but there was one more thing that had to be done.


Retrieval of equipment.


Although it was regretful, the ones that had died couldn’t hold a weapon again. They couldn’t wear their armor, and it was the same for the accessories.


Due to that, acquiring weapons from the enemies and retrieving weapons of allies was an important thing.


‘This is a killing.’


Traces of the Great War. A part of the battlefield that fell into a crack of the world, as if testifying how fierce the battle was.


Thanks to that, this place wasn’t organized. It had stayed that way for close to one hundred years.


Amazingly enough, there were no corpses of the warriors of Valhalla nor the giants, monsters, etc. Because of that, Tae Ho could retrieve the weapons while feeling more at ease.


‘I just shouldn’t take the white-named weapons.’


There was also a capacity in Unnir. Even when excluding the white letters, which meant that it was a normal equipment, blue-colored words were just as numerous and at times, golden letters could be seen, which were more superior.


‘The brighter the color is, the better the equipment.’


There was a difference among rare equipment, just like there was an up and down in the cold water. Tae Ho put on a smile and then placed the weapons on the floor inside of Unnir.


“A bow, a shield, and armor.”


Tae Ho wasn’t picky, regardless of the type of equipment. Siri looked at what Tae Ho was doing with a dumbfounded expression and laughed hopelessly.


“Tae Ho, isn’t it a bit too much to take the broken weapons?”


It was an obvious question, as she didn’t know about the ‘Sword of the Warrior’.


“It’s fine. They all have their uses.”


Tae Ho shook his head with a merry expression and then took up a broken bow.


‘This belongs to Ullr’s legion.’


Maybe it was because the eyes of the dragon had become stronger or starting from the rare-ranked equipment, they all seemed to have their history that their respective legion was marked in it.


‘The colors of each legion are showing.’


In the case of Odin’s legion, there were many common weapons like swords and axes, but blunt weapons like hammers appeared in the case of Thor’s legion and firing weapons could be seen in Ullr’s legion.


Shields for Heimdal’s legion, handcuffs for Tir’s legion and armor for Freyr’s legion. Tae Ho took all those things and opened his eyes widely. It wasn’t only because he saw chronicle-ranked equipment, which was colored in gold, that was rarer than the rare rank.


‘Wow, there is also the legion of Freyja.’


She was one of the few Gods Tae Ho knew about in Norse mythology.


The Goddess of love and beauty and the one that was compared to Aphrodite in the Greek mythology.


‘Well, there’s also Idun’s legion here.’


It would be weirder than a legion of a Goddess even Tae Ho knew about to not exist.


[Freyja’s legions’ artifact]

[Belt of the Wise Man]

[Anecdote: The warrior that wears this belt won’t get exhausted,even after fighting for ten days and nights.]


It seemed like it was a magical equipment that increased your health and stamina.


‘It’s fun that the anecdote shows instead of the stats.’


Of course, you had to first equip the equipment to know of its abilities, but it felt good because it seemed as if it was connected to the saga.


As Tae Ho was looking at the Belt of the Wise Man, Siri approached and asked, “Tae Ho, what’s wrong?”


Tae Ho equipped himself with the belt and answered after he confirmed it.


“I was surprised that Freyja-nim had a legion. She really is the Goddess of beauty, right?”


Siri tilted her head at Tae Ho’s question and then realized that he was from another world and started to explain in earnest.


“It’s true that Freyja is the Goddess of love and beauty, but at the same time, she’s the Goddess of magic and war. Her position in Valhalla is also strong, to the point that she has a huge army, comparable to Odin’s legion.


It was something Tae Ho didn’t know well, but Freyja was a precious existence for Valhalla. She was one of the three Gods that had created the rune growth system, that could be said to be the core of the warriors of Valhalla.


“In addition, Freyja-nim has transcended the legions and is the one that administers the Valkyries. She’s a really strong and beautiful Goddess.”


The reason the Valkyries could lead strong and valiant warriors to Valhalla was because they had learned Freyja’s magic.


And actually, Freyja was also the Goddess of disputes. War was needed to secure warriors of good quality in Valhalla. Making the Kings of Midgard of the mortal world fight endlessly was the task she had received from Odin.


‘It really is the Norse mythology. So the Goddess of beauty also fights.’


He thought that she was really Valhalla-like and on another hand, thought of Idun.


‘Could Idun-nim also be a fighter?’


He couldn’t imagine that sight at all but he thought that it would be possible. Because Heda and Rasgrid were both outstanding beauties and at the same time, strong warriors.


Tae Ho imagined Idun holding a sword and a shield and then checked Siri up and down.


“You also took quite a lot.”


Siri dodged his eyes, as if she was embarrassed and answered.


“We can’t leave the equipment of the Great Warriors alone like this.”


“You thought well. When you loot an item, it’s important to do it with a relaxed heart.”


It was important to just see the item as it was without looking at who had used this item or if you had any conscience.


“First of all, Tae Ho, are you really planning on going like that?”


Siri also checked Tae Ho up and down and said with warm eyes. That was because Tae Ho’s current fashion was really serious.


There was no way there would be something like harmony when he was wearing equipment from several legions that each had their own colors. It wasn’t only flashy, it might have been appropriate to say that he looked like a clown.


However, Tae Ho held his head high.


“I have to save space in the pocket. And also, the utility is more important than the looks. You shouldn’t also act like that and start wearing other things. Only then will we be able to return safely and you will be able to go to Anaheim with Rolph.”




Siri couldn’t refute, as those were right words, and then she started to equip the items she had in her hand rather slowly.


Tae Ho saw that Siri was becoming a mess in real time and then turned his eyes to his surroundings again. It seemed like looting earnestly had paid its fruits, because he couldn’t see almost any blue letters.


‘Are unique and epic ranked items really that rare?’


It was an obvious thing, but he also felt a bit disappointed. But it was then that it happened.




The Unknown sword piece started to vibrate. It was vague, but it seemed like it was pointing in a certain direction.


As Tae Ho approached that direction, the vibration became stronger and as a test, he went in a different direction and the vibration became weaker.


A smile appeared on Tae Ho’s face. He moved, following the strength of the vibration and then discovered rainbow-colored letters shining brightly.


[Fragment of an unknown equipment]


It was a cylinder shaped item, that had its top and bottom sliced off. According to each person, it could be a hilt or the handle of a shield.. It was that hard to be certain of its identity.


“Tae Ho? Do you have something?”


Siri, who had become as much of a clown as Tae Ho, approached him hurriedly. Tae Ho extended the fragment of the equipment.


“The Unknown sword piece is reacting…but it doesn’t seem to be a part of this sword.”


If it were, it wouldn’t have been a hilt, but a blade.


Siri just looked at the fragment and opened her eyes sharply.


“Perhaps it may have the same origin.”




“Yeah, origin.”


Siri raised her head again and explained after smacking her lips a few times.


“Tae Ho, I don’t know if you have heard of this, but among Asgard and the nine planets, one of them has already been destroyed.”


“Yes, I heard that from Heda.”


Because the planet that was at the forefront got destroyed, Asgard, Olympus and the temple became the front lines.


Siri nodded once and continued speaking.


“The survivors of the destroyed planet fought along with us, warriors of Valhalla, in the Great War. Perhaps, those pieces may be from the destroyed planet and not from Asgard.”


A weapon of another planet, not Asgard.


That was an understandable story. Because Heda and Ragna and even Idun weren’t certain of the origins of the Unknown sword piece. It made sense if it really was from another world.


“But of course, these are just possibilities. Perhaps, they may be an equipment that was used in the same legion. Or the owner of the piece of sword told you that the fragment was important.”


It was a thorough attitude that was so like Siri.


‘Let’s take it for now.’


There would be no change on the part that he would take it. Tae Ho put in the fragments of equipment in the now full Unnir and then raised his head and opened his eyes sharply.


“Tae Ho?”


“It seems like the time limit has come. The flow of the magic power is becoming rougher.”


Although this was a world where earth and sky were mixed and day and night were also mixed, Tae Ho could know instinctively. The night was approaching on the trace of the Great War. Just like he had told Siri, the flow was becoming rougher, so they didn’t have the leisure to spend more time there.


“Let’s hurry.”


They had already taken the equipment they needed. Tae Ho and Siri ran quickly, following the flow of the magic power.


After they climbed the hill they had regained their consciousness at, they saw a valley that was carved widely, and magic power was being concentrated at one point of the valley.


A cold, heavy metal was in the middle of that flow. When it was seen from far away, at first glance it seemed like a sword.


[Fragment of Garmr’s Soul]


White gold-colored words, that indicated it was a unique item.


There was a corpse of a huge beast near its surroundings.


“Fragment of Garmr’s Soul.”


As Tae Ho started to read it loudly, Siri flinched. Although you could find the name Garmr in several places, it was because there was the corpse of a huge beast in their surroundings.


“Hell Keeper Garmr?”


The watchdog that guarded Gnipahellir, the entrance of Niflheim.


It was when Tae Ho turned to look at Siri as if asking what that was, the world changed. Tae Ho and even Siri could feel it. Night came at the trace of the Great War. The flow of magic power that was gathered on top of Garmr’s fragment started to swirl.


A chill surged up from the ground. The blue wind that came from who knows where became one with the vortex, and the smoke gathered on top of Garmr’s fragment started to take shape.


It was a big and bad-looking black dog that was so big, it could gulp down a person with one bite. Its chest, which was dyed red because of the blood, was memorable.


Garmr, which had a transparent form, looked at the sky and roared. And then smoke surged up from several places and just as with Garmr, they started to take shape.


The traces of the Great War that had become separated from the world.


Because of that, the deceased ones couldn’t return to the place they had to. Even though close to a hundred years had passed, they were still stuck in this land.


As if it detected the body temperature of live people, Garmr turned to look at Siri and Tae Ho. The creatures that had been recreated in the ground did the same.. They exchanged gazes for a really short moment and then it started without any kind of signal. The monsters began to charge towards Tae Ho and Siri.


There were a lot of them. It would be good to describe them as a red wave. Siri groaned and took out her weapon, and Tae Ho pulled Siri towards his side. He grabbed Siri, who was flustered and had lost her balance, and then looked to someplace and whispered lowly.


“For Asgard and the nine planets.”


The whisper, which was mixed with exclamation, calmed Siri down. And then she could know. She cheered while in Tae Ho’s embrace.




“For Asgard and the nine planets!”


A cheer that was like a storm was heard from behind them. A green wave formed by letters that were as big as the red wave surged like a hail and passed by Siri and Tae Ho.


They also weren’t able to return.


And even though they couldn’t return, they hadn’t changed.


Warriors of Valhalla.


The heroes of the Great War!


They recognized their juniors,Tae Ho and Siri. They laughed pleasantly and charged and then clashed against the monsters that were glaring at the two people.


Siri, who had become excited and was blushing, took out her weapon as if wanting to fight with her seniors, but this time also Tae Ho held her back. Siri glared, as if asking why now, and Tae Ho pointed at the Hell Keeper Garmr and said, “We have to catch the boss.”


The fight between the warriors and the monsters was a dogfight. Then there was something their side had to do.


Siri realized what Tae Ho’s eyes were saying and checked the equipment she was wearing and made a chant.




[Saga: The One That Can Handle Dragons]


Tae Ho and Siri became one once more. The two of them passed over the battlefield and charged towards the Hell Keeper Garmr.


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