VS Episode 12 Chapter 2

Episode 12/Chapter 2: Roar of the dragon (2)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Ren

His breathing was rough. From behind him, the fire and the light were fierce, and there was a path of flames in front of him.


The giant was big. Although it was smaller than the giant that appeared in Black Fortress, it still seemed to be tens of meters tall.


The giant in the middle of the broken pillar was covered entirely by the flames.. There were deer horns in the helmet that covered its head and parts of its body were covered by the armor that it wore..


It only took a few seconds for Tae Ho to close the distance to it. He could see and listen to several things in that short time.


The dark fairies screamed. Monsters started to appear from the rocks that fell alongside the giant. The warriors of Ullr’s and Odin’s legions rode like crazy and the burning fire let out black smoke that seemed as if it was screaming.


Tae Ho grabbed his Heavy Lance tightly. It wasn’t the time to be picky about things. He had to attack and then see what happened.


Siri increased her speed. Tae Ho aimed for the left shoulder of the slow giant. He executed the merciless and powerful Lance, charging before it could even do anything.




The Heavy Lance hit the shoulder of the giant. An explosion was heard and it stumbled back greatly.


But that was all. Siri, who was covered in the aftershock, flew past the giant, and Tae Ho released the Heavy Lance, which was partially destroyed, and then turned back to look at the giant.


He knew the moment he stabbed it, that he couldn’t damage it. And the first Lance he threw also couldn’t damage the giant. It had just pushed it through the shockwave.


The defensive aura.


The moment they clashed, its defenses broke. However, in that short moment, it weakened the power of the charging Lance. And even if that wasn’t the case, the giant was hard and even had armor on it. Counting that it had moved, it only had mere scratches on it.


Siri made a big turn. And then they could see along with Tae Ho.


The giant raised its arms instead of grabbing a weapon, like the giant at Black Fortress had. At that moment the ground started to shake.


A vortex of fire.


The wind, which originated from the arms of the giant, became one with the fire. Like that, it began to charge and burned down the forest.


‘My goodness!’


The giant wasn’t a warrior. It was a magician. Although it was something that could happen anytime, Tae Ho could only become bewildered.


The fire spreading in the forest became several times faster. Black smoke covered the sky and the dark fairies that were in the forest couldn’t even scream properly. They collapsed after breathing in the smoke, and the warriors of Valhalla now also had to fight against the fire.


A vortex of fire appeared again from the palm of the giant. The giant seemed to be trying to destroy everything in its surroundings, instead of concentrating on Tae Ho.


He had to stop it.


He had to grab its attention by whatever means.


[Saga: The Warrior’s Sword]


Tae Ho made the Heavy Lance again. It flew near the giant and then threw the Lance in consecution.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


The giant swung his hands, as if shooing a fly. The ground shook greatly and the fire spread to the surroundings. Siri raised her speed with all her strength.


Tae Ho passed over the wave of fire and thought. He hadn’t only thrown the Heavy Lance just to take its attention.


Understanding of its defensive aura.


The aura wasn’t as hard as he had thought. It simply dissipated after blocking the attack of the Heavy Lance.


But the problem was that it regenerated. Tae Ho calculated the timing it regenerated after three attacks to be about three seconds. Although it was short, you couldn’t completely take your time.


[Saga: The Eyes of a Dragon See Through All Things]


Siri turned once more in the air. Tae Ho looked at the giant through the eyes of the dragon. He could see a faint light in the middle of its chest. Although he couldn’t see the shape well as it was being covered by a triangular chest plate, he was certain that it had a weakness.


‘Tae Ho!’


Siri called for Tae Ho with all her strength. Tae Ho put more strength in The One That Can Handle Dragons and supported Siri’s flight. The wave of fire the giant was spreading became fiercer. Because of the dark smoke that covered the sky, Siri and Tae Ho found it hard to breathe.


How would Rasgrid’s side be fighting? When would reinforcements come? Would the fairies in the village be able to live? What about the warriors of Valhalla fighting below the Giant?!


He felt stuffed. Firstly, he had to do something about the fire.. And to do that, he had to beat the giant first.


“Tae Ho! The dark fairies!” Siri yelled again with all her strength, but this time her voice was filled with delight. Tae Ho hurriedly turned to look where Siri was looking at. There were dark fairies gathering on the spot where the branch ceiling disappeared. They were all green colored and weren’t normal dark fairies.




Through the eyes of the dragon, he could see that magic was being gathered. The magicians started to make a chant, and the concentrated magical power began to fly towards the sky.


A sound was heard above their heads. Clouds gathered, and Tae Ho knew what was happening.


It was a downpour. Rain poured down on the giant and its surroundings as if a hole had been made in the sky.


The rain gulped down the smoke. It calmed down the fierce fire and it stopped the fire from eating the forest. It even weakened the fire that was coming out of the body of the giant.






The warriors of Valhalla cheered. But they couldn’t just be happy. Even though they were said to have bodies as strong as steel, compared to them, the dark fairies were too weak. The heavy rain was as threatening to their lives as the fire.


Rolph, who was watching Siri and Tae Ho fight, embraced a dark fairy child that had collapsed near him. His breathing was weak and his trembling body was cold.


They had to hurry. Although they would be able to win if they maintained this state and waited for reinforcements to come, countless dark fairies would die that way.


The giant turned towards the dark fairy magicians. It began to chant to attack them from far away and the dark fairies couldn’t leave their spots, even knowing that. It seemed like they were to maintain the downpour.


Other dark fairies were riding to that place with their horses. The giant threw a ball of wind towards the dark fairy magicians and some of them raised their staves at the exact timing. Something unable to be seen by the eyes barely fended off the ball of wind.




The wind broke the trees. Unluckily enough, some magicians that were near the tree got torn up by it, and there were even some that vomited blood.


Tae Ho breathed in. Siri staggered because of the pouring rain but she flapped her wings while gritting her teeth. Tae Ho whispered his tactic towards her.


It was too reckless.


However, Siri agreed instead of opposing. It seemed like they just had to be reckless to beat that giant.


“Let’s go!” Tae Ho yelled. Siri added her own saga while flying. She activated the ‘Wolf Witch’ and conserved her strength and stamina a bit more.


[Saga: The One That Can Handle Dragons]


[Saga: The Charge of a Warrior is Like a Storm]


Tae Ho also used his sagas in consecution. It was to make Siri’s reckless flight a success.


Siri flew towards the head of the giant as if charging against it. The giant extended its hand but Siri passed over it closely and then turned in a spiral. Siri’s back was headed to the ground for a moment, and at that moment Tae Ho flipped down Unnir. He poured down some things inside of it hurriedly.


They were two stones that were the size of a finger. The moment they got out of Unnir, Tae Ho chanted just as he he was taught by Heda. The rocks returned to their original size without having to wait three seconds.




Boulders the size of a person hit the head of the giant. Although the height they was dropped from was low and the giant was big – he couldn’t damage it greatly – it was enough. The defensive aura broke and Tae Ho jumped down from Siri’s back. His objective was the chest of the giant.


[Saga: The Warrior’s Sword]


He grabbed Runefang while falling. Then he made it emit orange flames, even in the middle of the heavy rain, and focused at one point. It was the part that was connecting the giant’s chest plate.




Runefang broke the connector. It left a small wound on the giant and Tae Ho ground his teeth. He kicked the ground slightly and also broke the lower connector.


The Giant moved its hand to hit Tae Ho and he twisted his body in the air. He kicked in the air once again and yelled.




Tae Ho transformed into a hawk. He spread its wings widely and then flew up.


“Tae Ho!”


Siri flew below Tae Ho. Tae Ho released his transformation after landing on Siri’s back and then looked at the giant. Thanks to the connectors of one side being completely cut off, the chest of the giant was completely exposed.


A huge rock that emitted a blue light was stuck in its chest. Tae Ho realized even without having to use the dragon’s eyes, that it was its weakness. And perhaps it might be the origin of its strength.


Siri raised her speed with all her might. Tae Ho shot off Gant in consecution and scattered the whirlwinds.


He dodged the whirlwinds. Siri and Tae Ho flew up almost vertically and cold rain poured down on the two people. Tae Ho breathed roughly. He stuck closely to Siri and said, “Captain Siri, endure it. I will overdo it quite a lot, starting from now.”


Siri donned a forced smile. Instead of asking if what they had done until now wasn’t overdoing it, she steeled herself. She prepared for the last flight.


‘One hit, one kill.’


It wouldn’t work if he stuck to its chest and broke it little by little. He needed one strong blow after he broke down its aura.


So to say, an attack you could put everything on!


The golden aura that was being emanated from the Heavy Lance started to take shape. It started to form a whirlwind following the spear and at the tip of that, a brighter light of Idun was concentrated.


The strength of a God.


In addition to it, Tae Ho’s and Siri’s saga.


[Saga: The Charge of a Warrior is Like a Storm]


[Saga: The Arrows of a Witch Never Miss Their Target]


The Lance charging wasn’t an arrow. But the attack he would execute now would be able to be applied to Siri’s saga.


The powerful blow Ragnar had spoken of.


The strongest saga he could make right now.


[Synchro rate: 17%]

[Synchro rate: 18%]


His synchronization rate increased just by recreating the saga. It was obvious – because this technique was one that represented Kalsted’s first years!


[Saga: Roar of the Dragon]


Draconic Ballista!




It pierced through the earth. The explosion ringing through the skies was just like the roar of a dragon.


It wasn’t a simple charge. Another driving force was generated behind Tae Ho’s back. The golden light that appeared from between the thick lines of light was already a thunderstrike. It was a thunderbolt. Tae Ho and Siri became an arrow of death themselves.


The giant hurriedly created some wind and then broke it. Thanks to that, their path was shaken a bit but Siri’s saga supported it. They started to fly towards the chest of the giant in a rough line!


The strength of the God pushed away from its defenses. The shining tip of the spear stabbed the rock, and then it exploded along with it. The piercing strength of Draconic Ballista penetrated through the cracks of the rock.


A blue light shone brightly. It seemed as if the entire world was dying in blue.


Maybe it was his feeling, or it was actually that time moved slowly,. Tae Ho and Siri landed on the ground immediately and swam through the crack of the rock really slowly.


They didn’t know what had happened but Tae Ho was certain.


They had beaten the giant. They had defeated it.


Tae Ho extended his hand towards the center of the blue rock he had broken. Several kinds of runes became smoke and started to gather on Siri and Tae Ho.


And at that moment Tae Ho blinked. Time started to flow normally again. However, Tae Ho and Siri didn’t fall. A bigger blue light covered the two of them and the world turned upside down.




“Idun’s warrior!”


Rolph cheered while watching the giant fall down. And the other warriors also did the same.


However, Rolph became perplexed. He looked at his surroundings and his mouth dropped open with a pale face.


“Captain Siri?! Tae Ho?!”


The two of them were nowhere to be seen. He thought that they would fly again to the sky or land roughly, but it was neither.


How so.


Rolph looked at the sky with a stupefied face. He could only see dark clouds in the sky, where they had disappeared.




Tae Ho and Siri crashed onto the ground. Tae Ho bounced down and then rolled on the ground and Siri returned to her human form. Maybe it was because she used the ‘Wolf Witch’ in the middle that her clothes that were inside the wing coat were a mess.


But it wasn’t the time to worry about those things. Siri was unconscious and couldn’t wake up, and Tae Ho, who had barely remained conscious, let out a groan and struggled to get up.




The runes they couldn’t finish absorbing got sucked into their bodies after becoming red smoke.


Tae Ho approached Siri and lay her down. He sloppily used his lap as a pillow and then raised his head to look at his surroundings.


“Where is…this?”


A world that had day and night, and earth and sky mixed.


The scene, which could only be expressed that way, was spread in front of Tae Ho.


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