VS Episode 11 Chapter 3

Episode 11/Chapter 3: Unknown Sword Piece (3)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isalee

“That’s not a saga but a cheat.”




As Ragnar checked the strengthened Runefang and spoke with surprised eyes, Tae Ho smirked and agreed. It was also a cheat in Tae Ho’s opinion.


The original Runefang was blue-colored, which meant that it was a rare ranked weapon, but the item became epic ranked and its attack power and special abilities were also strengthened.


Although Ragnar didn’t know about the rareness or the attack power of the weapon like Tae Ho did, he did know how to distinguish weapons.


The difference between Runefang, which was simply made with the warrior’s sword, and Runefang that was made through using the unknown sword piece, was so clear you could distinguish it with a glance.


“Is it because he is from another world that he seems to think completely different from us?” Ragnar mumbled in a low voice. Warriors in Valhalla that could recreate the weapons in their previous life were common, but he had never heard of someone combining a weapon they were using and a part of a broken weapon to strengthen it.


“Ragnar, do you know what weapon this piece is from?”


Tae Ho deactivated the warrior’s sword and asked Ragnar. Ragnar then returned the unknown sword piece to Tae Ho and answered, “I don’t. There’s no way I could tell with just the hilt.”






“No, nothing.”


He hadn’t thought that Ragnar would know something not even Heda or Idun knew. While Ragnar’s expression changed to something strange, Tae Ho added, “It’s still unexpected. It seems like a part of a really amazing weapon.”


Yet everyone he had shown it to said that they didn’t know what it was.


“Can’t do anything about that. There are a lot of weapons that broke in the Great War. Actually, the God’s weapons that were as numerous as the stars disappeared along with the Great Warriors.”


The King of Gods, Odin, had prepared for Ragnarok for a really long time. When he said that the weapons and heroes that were as numerous as the stars, that wasn’t an exaggeration.


The Great War.


The huge war that had led to the present and the start of Ragnarok.


“Tae Ho, do you know about the hero, Sigurd?” Ragnar said with a complicated face and then made a gesture with his chin.


“Uh…..the owner of the God Sword? He even caught a dragon.”


He remembered seeing him in a game. Was he the origin of the hero, Siegfried?


Ragna frowned as Tae Ho got the keywords correctly.


“Hey, don’t you actually know about me?”


“Ey, I don’t. I don’t know. I haven’t even heard of you.”


Ragna frowned even more at Tae Ho’s answer but it was only for a moment. He returned to his serious expression and kept talking.


“There’s a rumor that hero Sigurd’s God Sword, Gram, was actually broken in the Great War. So it means that the Gram he is using now is a recreation of his saga.”


What he was saying was that although the unknown sword piece really was amazing, there was a numerous amount of equipment that broke down.


Tae Ho nodded silently and then asked another question.


“Ragnar, is a weapon that is recreated with a saga not as good as the original one?”


“That depends on each saga, but if it’s a weapon like Gram, there’s a possibility for it not to be as good. There are things like mystical powers that are in the weapon itself.”


A warrior wasn’t the only one that could make a saga. If it was a sword comparable to Gram, then you could become the protagonist of that saga.


“Hm, anyways, you are saying that there’s a possibility that this is a fragment of the God Sword, Gram.”


“Probably not, but there is a possibility. Although I’m doubtful of that, it will be more certain when you gather more fragments.”


‘Gather more fragments……..’


It wasn’t easy. Even if there were more fragments remaining it would still be a hassle to differentiate them.


What Tae Ho had now was the hilt. That meant that all the other parts were blades.


It would be almost impossible to guess the origin just looking at a broken blade.




Tae Ho had the eyes of a dragon. If he could find the pieces, it wouldn’t be impossible to identify them.


“Do I really have to go?”


To the Mollo family that was being delved into the Great War.


If there were other pieces, it was possible for the blades to be in the same place where the hilt had been discovered.


“Ragnar, do you know where Heda is?”


Ragnar pointed to the kitchen with his eyes in response to Tae Ho’s question.




Heda, who was still in the middle of cooking, placed down the kitchen knife on the cutting board with a thudding sound and asked, “You want to go meet Rasgrid?”


Tae Ho pulled his body back at the bloodthirsty feeling and then nodded.




“And the reason?”




Tae Ho told Heda what he had spoken about with Ragnar. Heda spoke in a rather relieved manner in response to his words that indicated that he wanted to go visit the traces of the Great War without justification.


“If that’s the objective then there’s another method. There’s something…….that arrived just in time.”


Heda cleaned her apron and then took out an order decree from a pocket on her waist.


“It’s Rasgrid’s reinforcement request. She’s calling for you.”


“Rasgrid called for me?”


“She wants you to check the scene.”


Rasgrid roughly knew that Tae Ho had special eyes because she was on the same battlefield as him last time. Tae Ho was also the one that had seen through the betrayal of the head of the Mollo family, so it was understandable for her to call him.


“How good. Can I depart right now?”


If he was called for that reason, then he would be able thoroughly check on the traces of the Great War.


As Tae Ho replied happily, Heda looked at the food she was in the middle of making and answered with a depressed voice. “You can go with the troop that has decided to join them. You will be leaving tomorrow afternoon so I was planning on telling you tomorrow.”


Heda spoke up to there and then said with a casual voice, “You know you can’t change legions even if Rasgrid seduces you, right?”


She brought up the subject from their last conversation.


Tae Ho answered ill-naturedly at Heda’s voice that was mixed with anixety.


“I will think about it.”




Tae Ho arrived in a hall after being escorted by Heda and then joined the reinforcement troop. He saw nice faces this time too.


“Captain Siri.”


“Nice to meet you Tae Ho.”


Siri welcomed him with a smiling face. However, there was another person denying the truth with his shoulders dropped. It was a weirdly familiar scene.


“Captain Siri, why is Rolph’s expression like that?”


“It seems like his promise to go to Anaheim was broken again.”


Siri laughed and said this with a funny voice. It seemed like Rolph’s plans for a break had fallen apart again.


‘Mm, if you don’t have any plans in the first place you won’t get disappointed either.’


Tae Ho realized a truth of the world that you couldn’t call particularly good and then clicked his tongue while looking at Rolph. While looking beyond Tae Ho’s back, Siri asked, “Before that, Ragnar isn’t coming with with you?”


“Yes, just look at me as a single person.”


Having deployed Ragnar to the last fight was a special case in the first place.


Siri was little bit disappointed but then smiled and said, “You alone is enough.”


“Treat me well.”


Siri smiled brightly perhaps because it wasn’t the time to stand on the battlefield yet. Tae Ho glanced at Siri’s back and asked, “The number this time is big.”


“The nature of this task is different. Excluding the faces you saw last time, they are all inferior ranked warriors.”


About thirty warriors were gathered behind Siri’s back.


‘Well, if they were just going to call numbers they wouldn’t have withdrawn in the first place.’


Tae Ho nodded and then looked at his junior soldiers. Of course, they all seemed to be his superiors when considering their amount of time in Valhalla.


The inferior ranked warriors looked at Tae Ho and each of them said some words.


“He’s the rumored warrior?”


“So that was the person who rode on a Valkyrie!”




Admiration and respect filled in the eyes of the lowest ranked warriors that looked at Tae Ho. Siri smiled faintly and said, “I also told them that you defeated a Giant and a regenerator.”


“Thank you.”


As Tae Ho answered, Siri, laughed again as if she was enjoying it and then looked at the warriors conversing.


She yelled, “Close your mouths and prepare to depart!”




The warriors yelled in a big voice and then lined up immediately. This time, Siri would lead the troop alone without any other Valkyries.


“For Asgard and the nine planets!”


“For Asgard!”


The warriors of Ullr’s legion walked towards the violet space door.




The Giant in the darkness raised its head. He was one of the five Giants under the Giant King Utgard Loki and was called the Giant of Darkness, Avalt.


Just like the chief gatekeeper of Asgard, Heimdall, Avalt could see beyond the natural laws from a sitting position. Because of that, there were few cases where he went outside the darkness he himself had made.


Avalt slowly moved his fingers. The nets spread over Asgard, the tree of life, Yggdrasil, and the several worlds connected to it looked just like spider on a spider web because Avalt was checking it through his fingers.


A voice was heard. A big moth that flew through the darkness whispered in Avalt’s ear.


It told him that one of the five Giants of Utgard Loki, Harad, the Giant of Strength, was moving.


Avalt rolled his fingers. Just as the loyal servant had said, Harad’s underlings were moving towards Svartalfheim.


He thought he clearly knew what Harad was thinking after Harad had sent his underlings towards the place that Avalt had his hands on.


The loyal servant didn’t ask what it was going to do. Avalt put no a small smile and rolled its fingers again.


It just pulled the strings connected to Svartalfheim as if it was just going to look at Harad’s skills.




The place they arrived at beyond the door was the same as before. However, the only difference was that the one that came to meet them wasn’t a darky fairy but a warrior of Valhalla.


“I’m inferior ranked warrior Tostin of Odin’s legion. I have heard about your reputation.”


Tae Ho grabbed the hands of the big, red bearded warrior. It was a bit burdensome, but Tae Ho answered while smiling because his actions and eyes were filled with good will.


“I’m inferior ranked Lee Tae Ho of Idun’s legion. Nice to meet you.”


“Inferior ranked Siri of Ullr’s legion. I’m in charge of this group.”


Siri, who was in business mode, spoke with a hard face. Tostin looked at Siri’s group.


“Nice to meet you. I will lead you to the army post.”


Odin’s legion currently used the Mollo family’s village as a post. As they wondered how they would move up to there, Tostin had brought about 30 black horses.


The horse had glossy black fur, long legs and was also cool but Tae Ho unconsciously said.


“It’s rather normal.”


It looked just like a normal, regular a horse.


Rolph seemed to have regained his spirits as he laughed and said, “Is it disappointing?”


“A bit.”


‘It seems like I have also become a warrior of Valhalla.’


Although it was not to the point where he missed the Black Flash or the Rain of Steel.


As their departure was late and their transportation means were mere horses, it seemed like Tostin calculated two days for them to arrive at the post. Instead of being adept to the dark fairies, the warriors of Valhalla decided to set up camp and continued their journey early in the morning.


About two hours later, when the group was about to arrive at their destination, the sound of a horn trumpet was heard from far away.


At that moment everyone’s expressions changed. Tostin, who was at the front, turned to look back at everyone and yelled, “That came from the excavation site! We will increase our speed!”


It was certainly the sound that notified them of an enemy attack. Siri made a gesture with her hands and made every one of the warriors in Ullr’s legion take a battle stance.


After riding for five more minutes, they started seeing the excavation site. Sounds of weapons clashing were heard at the entrance of the cave as there weren’t trees and you could see the sky. Tae Ho, who was at the front with Siri, saw the familiar gnolls.


“Everyone take your weapons! We are going to charge through like this!”


As Siri barked her orders, the warriors took out their weapons one by one. Tae Ho also took out the unknown sword piece from Unnir.


The speed of the horse and the weight of that shock was a weapon itself. The gnolls that were gathered at the entrance couldn’t even fight properly were crushed on the ground or bounced off. It would be appropriate to say that they had pierced through the enemy.


Siri looked at her surroundings hurriedly instead of turning the horse. She could see several groups of gnolls. Although it was a wonder of how they had appeared, they were gathered in groups of twenty and Odin’s legion which was being led by Rasgrid was fighting inside the cave against a group of more than 100 gnolls.


“Captain Siri! Over you!” Rolph yelled. Siri raised her head hurriedly and saw that harpies were flying towards her like a flock of birds closing in on their prey.


It was too late for her take out her crossbow. Siri gripped the sword in her hand with more strength and at that moment, Tae Ho jumped on top of the horse.


‘If you obtained an item you should use it!’


Tae Ho yelled inwardly and then swung Runefang above Siri’s head. The runic letters on the sword started to shine, and at that moment, a surprising thing happened.




Flames covered the air. Fire shot out from Runefang.


The harpies flying towards Siri let out cries while being covered in flames. One of them had their wings burnt and fell among the warriors, and the remaining harpies flew upwards hurriedly and flew away.




Tae Ho, who had arrived on the ground, looked at his Runefang. It wasn’t epic ranked for nothing. The flames surging from the sword weren’t even comparable to what they were before.


“Ta-Tae Ho?”


Rolph stuttered because he was bewildered and Siri also widened her eyes. The lowest ranked warriors of Ullr’s legion had just seen him fight for the first time were in awe.


Tae Ho got on his horse again as if answering to their gazes and said in a low voice, “For Idun.”


The gnolls started to gather in one place. Tae Ho glared at them and activated his saga.


[ Saga: The Sword of the Warrior ]


Runefang disappeared and the unknown sword piece that was merely a hilt took the shape of a crossbow.


Epic ranked Thunderbolt.


Tae Ho pulled the trigger. Just like its name, it started to fire thunderbolts.


<Episode 11 – Unknown Sword Piece (3) > End


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