VS Episode 11 Chapter 1

Episode 11/Chapter 1: Unknown Sword Piece (1)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isalee

There were three hidden fountains on the roots of the tree of life called Yggdrasil.


They was the fountain of wisdom, Mimir, the fountain of envy, Hvergelmir, and the fountain of life, Urd.


The fountain that was the most mystical and hidden in the deepest part was obviously Mimir.


The fog covering the spring was dense. As they covered it in layers and formed a barrier, not even a Giant with hundred eyes would be able to see through it.


The cry of a dragon was heard from far away. It was the voice of the dark colored dragon, Nidhogg.


It was a wicked creature that could cover the world with its terrible poison but it wasn’t a problem yet. It wasn’t able to smell the honey alcohol of the spring because of the smell of the poison coming from its own body.


Booming sounds were heard along the cry. It was certainly Ratatosk that had come and busily went over the roots of Yggdrasil.


He had memorized the curses of Nidhogg he was to deliver to Hraesvelgr and was climbing Yggdrasil hastily. The booming sound became more distant.


Odin closed his only eye. He was seated below an ash tree he had planted himself and touched his eye patch with his rough hands.


He came to this place every day. Even after having spent a fantastic night with tens of beautiful ladies or having faced countless enemies on the battlefield, he always came to Mimir’s spring and waited for results like this.


Three beautiful ladies reflected off the surface of Mimir’s spring which was full of honey alcohol. They weren’t in this place, but the three sisters you could see were seated close to each other and were knitting.


These were the three sisters that divined the fate of the world.


The eldest, Urd, held the threat of fate and the middle one, Verdandi, knitted it earnestly. The youngest one, Skuld, just saw what her sisters did and stealthily unknitted the threads.


The past, which Urd could see, was unchangeable. The present, which Verdandi lived in, was filled with infinite possibilities.


And the future, Skuld, looked at what hadn’t been decided yet. It was just the possibilities drawn by the past and the present.


The three sisters divinated the fate of the world. Skuld whispered the future she saw over the surface, and the head of Mimir that was placed on a wide rock read the movement of her lips. He analyzed what they had predicted and translated it into a language is understood.


“Ragnarok is proceeding. It’s just going forward and not retreating, so on the day the world wolf wakes from its slumber the foolish yet wise Odin that is resisting at the front will become dog food.”


Odin didn’t even flinch at the insult. And the crow Munin, that was seated at his shoulder, also didn’t show any movement.


Mimir continued speaking.


“The space snake Jormungandr hasn’t died yet. It will be reborn before you find it and it will decide its fate along with Thor.”


The following content was similar. The story he had heard hundreds and thousands of times didn’t change.


“The fires of Surtur will set the world on fire, and the possibility for his happening is 10.000 of 72.972.”


The part the world would perish was the same. But at that moment Odin opened his eyes widely.


“What did you say just now?”


Mimir knew well which part Odin pointed. Because of that it didn’t read another part again and said with a clear voice.


“It’s 10.000 of 72.972.”


Odin stood up from his place. The numbers had changed. Actually, the numbers changing was a common thing. But it was important to what direction it changed to.


The possibilities of annihilation always became bigger. Although it halted for a moment, in the end, it kept advancing.


But right now, a change occurred for the first time.


The probabilities lowered. Although it was merely one in ten thousand, it had certainly lowered compared to before.


Odin approached Mimir’s head. It sat in front of a wide rock and faced Mimir.


he heard Nidhogg’s cry from far away. Odin raised his head and looked at the sky. The crow Hugin was approaching after having passed through the dense fog.




“Idun’s warrior Tae Ho. The merits you have achieved in this expedition are big. I will also tell Ullr so there will be a reward for you.”


As soon as they returned to Valhalla, Gandur faced Tae Ho and hit her chest. Tae Ho also showed his manners by hitting his chest and answered with a smile.


“Thank you.”


Tae Ho thought that it was a light greeting but Gandur thought differently. If Tae Ho wasn’t in this expedition they wouldn’t have been able to succeed. And the reason the warriors of Ullr’s legion could return alive was thanks to Tae Ho.


Because of that Gandur was sincerely thinking of requesting a reward to Ullr. Valhalla loved great warriors and they wished to receive a suitable treatment.


As soon as Gandur finished speaking, the warriors of Ullr’s legion gathered towards Tae Ho. The first one he said his farewell to was Siri.


“Take care, captain Siri.”


“Same goes for you.”


Compared to Tae Ho, that was completely healthy, Siri still seemed to be in pain. However, now that they had returned to Valhalla she wouldn’t need to worry that much.


“Tae Ho, return safely.”


“Farewell warrior of Idun. Next time, we will return the favor.”


Rolph and the other warriors also said their farewells and thanked him. Although he had been connected with Ullr’s legion without any coincidence, he really wanted to keep being with them.


“Okay, Tae Ho. Shall we also return?”


Everyone finished their farewells and as Ullr’s warriors returned after being led by Gandur, Heda grabbed on Tae Ho’s hands and said.


Tae Ho nodded but then he looked at the violet door that was connected to Svartalfheim. It was because there was someone that hadn’t come with them.


“If you are thinking about Ragnar he will come soon. It seems like he’s worried about what happened with the Mollo family. He said he would check on things.”


Ragnar Lodbrok. Tae Ho’s teacher that Heda invited.


“You said that Rasgrid was dispatched to the Mollo family right?”


“Gandur and Ullr’s legion was dispatched to hunt the Basilisks. Things like investigating are Rasgrid’s specialty.”


Now that the Mollo family, which they trusted in, had betrayed them they couldn’t leave the entire investigation to the dark fairies. Although they couldn’t meet in person, based on what Heda or Gandur said it seemed like Odin’s legion which was led by Rasgrid got dispatched to the Mollo family as if taking turns with Ullr’s legion.




Until a few days ago, she had stood on the same battlefield as him. He felt good even by listening to her name like this.


But it was at that moment. Heda looked at Tae Ho’s face that was remembering the battle of the fortress and said.


“Do you miss Rasgrid?”


He thought he knew how he should reply.


Because of that, Tae Ho answered with a calm face.


“Can that be as much as Heda, who I’m glad to see every day?”


“You do speak well.”


It seemed like that was the correct answer, that Heda’s steps became lighter.




There were some ships docked at the port. Looking that Valkyries and warriors were coming and going, it seemed like a small-scaled expedition like Ullr’s legion was leaving to an expedition.


After passing by the grand ships and getting on the wooden boat, Heda started to hum and prepared to depart. Tae Ho just looked at her and after the ship left the dock he asked carefully.


“Um, Heda. I have an item for you to check.”




Heda tilted her head while stirring the oars and then placed them down and sat in front of Tae Ho.


“What is it?”


“Wait a moment.”


Tae Ho loosened the pocket that was tied around his waist and took out the unknown piece of the sword.


“I found it in the Basilisk I defeated. I wonder if it’s a weapon from the great war.”


Although it was still an unknown item, it was still an epic graded one. If it really was from the great war, there was a high probability for it to be part of a famous weapon.


Compared to Tae Ho, that only knew one weapon of the Norse mythology, Valmont, Heda that was a Valkyrie would be able to grasp what the item was.


“Let me see.”


Heda’s eyes became serious as if she realized that it wasn’t a normal item. Heda raised the piece of sword carefully and started to inspect it thoroughly.


And how much time had passed? Heda raised her head with an exhausted face and Tae Ho pressed down his anxiety and asked.


“Do you know what it is?”


Heda frowned as if she felt sorry for having disappointed him and shook her head.


“Sorry, I don’t. The magic felt from the hilt…..It certainly isn’t a normal item but I can’t feel its property perhaps because of the aftereffect.”




“Whose God this item belongs to, or from which genealogy it came. Perhaps it may be an item made by the dwarves, which simply doesn’t have the power of the Gods in it.”


You couldn’t look at it casually just because a God wasn’t related to it. Of the several treasures of Valhalla, the ones that had the powers of God were rather the scarce type.


Even the strongest weapon of Asgard, Mjolnir, was made by using the God’s precious metal the Unt but basically, it was made by the skills of the dwarves.


“But Tae Ho, you somehow managed to find this. With the item in this situation, it shouldn’t even enter your eyes.”


“I was lucky>”


Actually, the rainbow-colored letters did catch his eyes.


Heda checked on Tae Ho and then said in a bright voice.


“Although it’s only a hilt, the magic it has is quite vast and it seems to be high quality. If we give it to a master dwarf of Valhalla, he may be able to put a new blade to it.”


“It certainly is unusable like this, right?”


As he asked implying if it was an epic ranked item, Heda thought for a moment and then answered.


“Umm….probably? But let’s not fix it that hurriedly. I will try to investigate a bit more. If we find the traces of the Great War, we may be able to obtain some clues. Perhaps, it may still be useful like this.”


“Then I will trouble you.”


“It’s something for a warrior of the legion. That’s the job of a Valkyrie.”


Heda smiled brightly and returned the piece of sword to Tae Ho and then grabbed the oars again. They could reach Idun’s legion shortly after because the currents were fast.


“We returned faster than expected so Idun may get surprised.”


Heda tied up the wooden boat and smiled. Even taking into account the time he was lying down on the bed of the dark fairies, Tae Ho had returned in barely 3 days. Tae Ho remembered something at what she had said and then smirked.


“What? Something good?”


“Idun said that she would give me a gift after returning from this expedition.”


She had said so. He thought that he would see her after some weeks but for them to reunite after merely 3 days.


‘She won’t say that she didn’t have the time to prepare anything because she didn’t have time, right?’


She was still a God.


Heda smiled without knowing that Tae Ho was thinking of bad things.


“Idun’s gift, I’m also expecting towards it.”


“I will show it to you first.”


Although they were the only ones.


Heda accompanied Tae Ho in front of the shrine like always and then stepped back.






Tae Ho entered the shrine. After he took a few steps a familiar scenery spread instead of the darkness.


“My warrior Tae Ho.”


“Greetings to Idun.”


Tae Ho naturally kneeled down and expressed his manners. Idun, that was standing in front of an apple tree, looked down at Tae Ho and said.


“I received the report. You also raised great merits this time too. If it wasn’t you, we wouldn’t have been able to disrupt the plans of the Giants.”


“It’s thanks to your blessing.”


He had actually been able to defeat the regenerator thanks to Idun’s strength. He did yell Heda’s name unconsciously but Tae Ho was really thankful towards Idun.


Idun looked at Tae Ho that had answered calmly and then took some steps. She reached in front of Tae Ho and then lowered her posture and touched his cheeks.


“A regenerator isn’t an existence an inferior ranked warrior is supposed to fight. I’m really glad that you returned safely.”


Those were words that you could see the gentleness in it.


The light that was so strong it covered her face felt warm.


She touched Tae Ho’s cheeks once more and then said with a playful voice after turning back.


“First of all Tae Ho. They say you rode on a comrade? I heard she was a beautiful female warrior.”


“Um, that…..”


“I’m not scolding you. I heard everything from Heda.”


Idun laughed as if it was really a joke and then walked up to the apple tree she was standing at previously and then looked back at Tae Ho.


“I shall give you a gift as I promised for having returned and finished the expedition successfully.”


It was the time he had been waiting for. As vigor filled Tae Ho’s eyes, Idun laughed again and said.


“I have prepared two things. Choose one from the two.”


It was just like he had predicted. Even before Tae Ho could react Idun took out a white coat from the air.


“The first one is a flying horse wing clothes. If you wear it you will be able to transform to a horse that can fly through the sky.”


“A flying horse? Then a pegasus?”


Tae Ho didn’t know well about Norse mythology but he did know a bit about Greek and Roman mythology. A pegasus was a white horse with wings that the hero of the Greek mythology, Bellerophon, rode on.


Idun also seemed to know the name of Pegasus that she nodded.


“It’s a gift Olympus sent to Asgard long ago. I was wondering if you would specifically like it as you like riding on things.”


Idun said as if teasing him but Tae Ho couldn’t deny it.


Because it really was a flying horse wing clothes.


Tae Ho wasn’t planning on wearing it himself. That was something he should make a comrade wear it.


‘Captain Siri would be able to fly through the sky with that, right? And there’s also Rolph.’


The two weren’t the only ones. Anyone fighting with him as possible.


“Ah, no wait. Why should I even ride on Rolph?’


Rolph was left with a defeat and then Tae Ho started to think of the things he could do with the wing clothes. And Idun, that was looking at that Tae Ho, said casually.


“It would be good if you have it in case you get to fight with Heda.”




“This other thing is a pocket.”


Idun slightly changed subjects and she took a white pocket the size of a palm this time.


“Tae Ho, do you know about the treasure ship called Skidbladnir?”




It was a name he heard for the first time. He also wouldn’t have to know that it was a ship if she hadn’t told him.


“It can receive favorable wind anywhere and at any time and when you fold it, it becomes small to the point you can put it in your pocket. The children of Ivaldi made this ship after being asked by Loki, and this pocket was also made by them.”


Simply said, this was a high-quality item made by master makers.


“Everything you put in the pocket becomes small. So you are able to put in many things in it.”


“It becomes……small?”


“Right, my warrior Tae Ho. Can I borrow one of your items?”


As Idun extended her hand Tae Ho took off his hawk wing clothes and gave it to her carefully.




“Look well.”


Idun didn’t even fold the wing clothes and brought it to the entrance of the pocket. And then, surprisingly enough the wing clothes that were much bigger than the pocket began to shrink to the size of a finger and got inside the pocket.




Idun took out the wing clothes again as if this wasn’t all. She started to count slowly and when she counted up to three the wing clothes returned to its original size.


“Even after taking it back like this, it stays small for a moment. You can control the time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the items getting mixed because you can take out what you want directly.”


‘This is really like an inventory that appears in games.’


No, it wasn’t simply that. The function of shrinking it made him thought that there would be many situations in which he could use it.


“The name of this pocket is Unnir.”


Idun sealed the pocket prettily and then placed it on the air. With Idun at the middle, there were the flying horse wing clothes at her right and Unnir at her left.


“Now, pick one.”


Idun’s words were exceedingly cruel. To pick one of the two. She should have rather shown him one.


“No, whatever the case I’m lucky I get to even choose one.’


Tae Ho decided to think positively and started to think with a serious face.


Idun smiled again and said.


“My warrior Tae Ho. Don’t think too much. You will be able to get the other one after you raise another merit.”


Because Tae Ho was the only warrior that could receive a treasure.


Tae Ho thanked that Idun’s legion was few on people once again and then started to look at the treasures after taking a breath.


The flying horse wing clothes and Unnir.


Tae Ho made his decision.


< Episode 11 – Unknown sword piece (1) > End


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