VS Episode 10 Chapter 2

Episode 10/Chapter 2: Ragnar Lodbrok (2)

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ED: Isalee

Ragnar Lodbrok.


The beginning of the Vikings, and a legend among the Vikings.


The most exalted warrior and explorer that went to the unknown and was an adventurer that did not fear challenges.


He had several wives. All of them were beautiful and gave Ragnar strong children.


Ragnar was a Dragon Slayer. He was a warrior that fought a dragon one-on-one to rescue a beautiful lady that was trapped in a tower.


He was strong, valiant, and wise. He was cunning expert on cruel wars, just like Odin, the King of Gods.


The warriors of Ullr’s legion started explaining about Ragnar Lodbrok even while spitting. Siri didn’t participate earnestly and she understood that Tae Ho didn’t know about him but she started to explain to him in excessive detail.


Tae Ho listened to all of that and put on a nonchalant face while he thought about it.


‘Um, so he’s a legendary king. Someone like King Arthur or Gwanggaeto. Well, is it fine to think like that?’


Even though he was an important character for the Vikings, it was the first time he had ever heard of his name. It didn’t reach him that greatly.


Heda spoke in a low voice as if she knew about Tae Ho’s thoughts.


“To say it with simpler words, he’s a superior ranked warrior.”




Tae Ho understood immediately because it was impossible to grasp even with the eyes of the dragon. Well, if it was just like he had heard until now, then he had to be at least superior ranked for it to make sense.


Gandur also added, “He was a top ranked warrior in his prime, but he has retired for several reasons.”




The ones that raised their voices this time were the warriors of Ullr’s legion. They seemed to understand why Ragnar was a superior ranked warrior instead of a top ranked warrior.


“If he showed his strength properly, you wouldn’t even be able to breathe.”


As Heda added this for the last time, she nodded with an excited face.


‘Anyway, in the end, he’s a really amazing person.’


The other things didn’t matter, but for Siri to make an expression like that made Tae Ho think that Ragnar was really amazing.




Why had Heda called him?


Tae Ho glanced at Heda and she slowly nodded. She looked at Gandur and said, “Um, Gandur. Starting from now I want this to be a thing for our legion. Can you help me?”


“Well, it’s not that I can’t. Would a barrier be enough?”


“Yes, thank you.”


As Heda nodded, Gandur took out a piece of rock from her pocket that had runes engraved on it. Heda took out the same thing and after they placed it in the air while facing each other, a faint curtain of light spread between Tae Ho and Siri’s beds.


As the room split in two, Heda placed down her rune stone and sat below Tae Ho’s bed.


“The reason I called Ragnar is for him to become your teacher.”




“Yeah, that’s right.”


“But if it’s a teacher, you……”


“You used the power of the God right?” Heda asked in a low voice. It wasn’t like she was blaming or reprimanding him but was asking just to make sure.


Tae Ho nodded instead of answering. Heda closed her eyes once and then put on a troubled smile.


“I kind of expected it. No, should I call it a hunch……Tae Ho, you are an existence beyond the standards for many reasons.”


But for him to really use it was another thing.


Heda opened her eyes slowly. She placed her hand over Tae Ho’s and said, “Me alone is not enough. That’s why I asked around a lot and managed to bring Ragnar.”


He wasn’t a warrior that belonged to Idun’s legion. He belonged to Odin’s legion and even if he was retired, the warriors of Ullr’s legion really admired him. That meant that he was a big shot among big shots.




The one that spoke was Ragnar. He was listening to Heda’s and Tae Ho’s conversation while leaning on the wall. He then twisted his lips and smiled.


“I still didn’t say that I would be responsible for your warrior.”


Ragnar’s eyes were smiling but at the same time they were emitting a dangerous light.


Heda looked up at him and then spoke as if she were provoking him.


“Yeah, but the world will change soon. You would really want to take care of him. Rather, you’d ask for it yourself.”


For Tae Ho who had only seen the gentle and soft Heda, the provoking Heda with sharp eyes was new.


Ragnar snorted and said, “For an inferior ranked warrior to use the strength of a God is really an amazing thing. But that’s it.”


Even Ragnar’s children could do that much. It was an amazing thing, but it wasn’t rare.


Ragnar looked at Heda as if he wanted an answer from her. Heda lightly grasped Tae Ho’s hands and said, “Tae Ho, I trust Ragnar. So why don’t you show him your saga?”


It was supposed to be a secret.


The one that had prepared the ring was Heda, but in the end, the one deciding to get in on it or not was Tae Ho.


Tae Ho turned to look at Ragnar and he nodded.


“If you do, then I also do.”


He still didn’t know what kind of man Ragnar was but he really did believe in Heda. He couldn’t even imagine Heda doing something that would harm him.


“Right, thank you.”


Heda stood up from her place and then gave a steel feather to Tae Ho and Ragnar. It was something Tae Ho had already used once.


A magical tool that could show his saga to the other person.


Ragnar gripped the feather as if telling him to try it. Tae Ho took a deep breath. Instead of speaking, Tae Ho instantly thought of his saga.


[ Saga: Immortal Warrior ]


It was the story of the dragon knight Kalsted, who was called the strongest existence in Dark Age.


The record of the world’s best pro gamer, Lee Tae Ho.


Ragnar opened his eyes widely. He, who was leaning on the wall, was surprised and fixed his posture immediately.




He was really out of words. He barely managed to say something after smacking his lips for some time.


“What did you use to do, bastard…..no, person. No, sir……..?”


He had barely managed to say the last word. Tae Ho looked at Ragnar for a moment instead of replying and Heda put on a nice smile as if it was as she had expected.




“It’s crazy for this to be possible.”


Ragnar continued laughing for some time after they left the house with Heda. He himself was a Dragon Slayer that had hunted dragons and was the owner of an amazing saga that made him the legend of the Vikings. However, Tae Ho was above him.


“You really are a peculiar guy.”


He had that amazing saga but he was merely an inferior ranked warrior. The imbalances also had its limit.


‘No, he’s becoming strong. And really fast at that.’


He was merely a lowest ranked warrior until recently. He became an inferior ranked warrior yesterday but he was already starting to use the strength of a God that was supposed to be used from the intermediate rank.


Ragnar was a legend among the Vikings, and because of that, he was an ideal warrior of Valhalla. He loved strong and exalted warriors.


Heda gulped dry saliva and then asked with a slightly nervous voice.


“Ragnar, how do you see it?”




“When Tae Ho’s saga becomes complete and he becomes as strong as his saga.”


Until what realm would he be able to climb?


Ragnar didn’t think for long. He answered almost immediately.


“At least like Sigurd.”


Dragon Slayer. The man had defeated tens of dragons when you could already become a legend by defeating only one.


He was the owner of God sword Gram, which Odin gave him. He was the partner of the beautiful Valkyrie Brynhildr and the golden king that held part of dragon Fafnir’s treasures.


Heda closed her eyes at the joy. She asked Ragnar once again, who had named one of the best warriors even among the top ranked warriors.


“What about the best?”


Ragnar didn’t answer this time. He closed his eyes again and then put on a playful smile.


“So I just have to teach that guy?”


“Not half-heartedly. You also can’t rush things.”


There was a warning in Heda’s eyes. However, Ragnar smiled as if he were joking.


“Still, you can’t be holding him like a treasure trove.”


Ragnar looked at Heda’s eyes. She was beautiful and simple, but that was the reason why she had gentle eyes. It was really different from Ragnar’s eyes, which mirrored the eyes of a wolf.


“I will entrust him to you,” Heda said with a sigh and Ragnar smiled and nodded.


“Right, I will take care of him.”


It has been a really long while since he had taught someone. However, he was an existence that made him want to do so.


“Now that I see, Heda, don’t you know anything about this case?”


Ragnar changed subjects. It was only for a moment, but he had faced basilisks, so it was natrual for him to be curious.


Heda let out a long sigh and said, “I still don’t know yet but I’m certain that the Giants are involved in this. Seeing that a regenerator appeared, it should be from Utgard Loki’s side.”


The one that first created the regenerators was the Giant King, Utgard Loki, who was also called as the Magician King.


“What were they looking for?”


“That’s something we should find out.”


They still lacked information. They had just started investigating Mollo family so they needed more time.


“Um, but Ragnar.”




Ragnar approached Heda and asked her. Heda looked up at Ragnar and asked again.


“So, what is the best you can think of?”


It was the question that he hadn’t answered.


Ragnar opened his eyes sharply and approached Heda a bit more. He whispered his thoughts in her ear.




‘He’s really my teacher……..’


While Heda and Ragnar were talking outside the house, he was left alone with Siri once again and then started to think of the things he had faced until now.


“Well, it seems like I will need some.’


Heda’s classes were mostly theoretical.


In addition, Heda was a Valkyrie. He didn’t know if it would be more effective than learning directly from a warrior of Valhalla.


‘A man Heda believes in.’


Tae Ho would also believe in him for now. He would be taught by a warrior whom Rolph and even Siri praised.


“First of all….”


Tae Ho mumbled in a low voice and then looked at the old and broken piece of the sword that was in his hands. If he looked with the dragon’s eyes, he could still see the rainbow colored letters that represented an epic ranked item.


‘I’m sure it’s an epic ranked but…’


He just didn’t know how to use it at all. How would he use a sword with only the hilt?


‘No, I’m sure there’s something. It’s a feeling.’


It was the senses of the pro gamer which was hard to explain.


[Broken and unknown piece of sword]


It wasn’t normal however he looked at it. Although this was only in Dark Age, there were no epic ranked items that could be used as materials. The materials to make an epic ranked weapon were all a rank below that: the unique rank.


Could it be the first epic ranked material?


Or did it have a value of an epic rank just like this?


‘The traces of the Great War.’


If that really was the case, then couldn’t it be a fragment of a weapon that a god-like existence used?


Tae Ho just touched the hilt. He looked at the rainbow colored letters.


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