VS Episode 10 Chapter 1

Episode 10/Chapter 1: Ragnar Lodbrok (1)

TL: Tsubak

ED: Isalee

Tae Ho opened his eyes. This time he was in a comfortable room instead of the forest filled with branches and leaves.


Tae Ho enjoyed the soft and comfortable sensation of his blanket and heater before he thought of the things that had happened before he fell asleep.


He picked up an unknown epic item, retrieved the runes from the corpse of the Basilisk, covered the naked Siri with his hawk wing coat, and saw Rolph running towards them.




His memory became faint after that, but it seemed like he had taken an antidote and soon fell asleep.


‘Although Idun’s blessing stops the sleepiness, it just lets you sleep immediately.’


Tae Ho realized something meaningless and raised the blanket to check the clothes he was wearing. He felt good because he had been changed into clean clothes but at that moment realized something else.


‘My epic item!’


He still didn’t know about its properties, but it was still an epic grade item.


In Valhalla, they gave you ownership of the items you plundered from the enemies, except for special cases. So no matter what anyone said, the owner of the epic item was Tae Ho.


‘No, most of all, what if they threw it away?’


Just by the look of it, it seemed like a really old, broken, and useless item.


Tae Ho hurriedly raised his head and then let out a sigh of relief.


His clothes and items were on a small table next to his bed and the broken handle was also there.




As he let out a sigh of relief, he heard a voice next to him.


“You are fine. It’s a safe place. Did you have a nightmare?”


It was Siri’s voice that was low and calm and even had gentleness in it. Tae Ho turned his head to follow the voice. He could see Siri in bed just like him.


“Captain Siri.”


“You and I are both fine. I’m glad. Gandur and the others came at the right time.”


Siri put on a calm smile. Her soft look was nice to see but compared to usual she didn’t have strength in her eyes. It seemed like her lips were also dry.


“Is your body fine?”


As Tae Ho asked with a worried voice, Siri nodded with the minimal motion.


“Kind of. I think I will get better after resting a bit more. I’m also a warrior that has accumulated runes until now.”


Siri was also a superhuman.


As she was putting on that soft smile instead of her usual armor, rather than giving off the impression of a strong superhuman, she made you think of a beautiful but pathetic woman.


Tae Ho thought of Siri of last night.


‘Ah, no. Not this.’


Tae Ho erased the things that appeared in his head and then faced Siri after clearing his throat.


“I’m glad.”


“Right, it was a bit dangerous…..but it was a nice experience.”


Siri asked with her eyes as if that wasn’t the case and Tae Ho also nodded. They both felt that the comradeship between them had deepened.


“Um, Captain Siri. Where are we?”


As he asked this while looking at the room.


Siri slightly rose up and said, “It seems like a house provided by the Dark Fairy Congress. While you were asleep, Gandur came and told me about having controlled the situation.”


“With that….Did she mean the Mollo family?”


“Right, the first thing that should be made clear is that this expedition wasn’t requested by the Mollo family but by the Dark Fairy Congress.”


Tae Ho tilted his head at the sudden explanation but then widened his eyes as if he had realized something.


“Uh, wait. Did the Dark Fairy Congress catch the Mollo family’s mistake so they requested an expedition team from Valhalla saying that it was a request from the Mollo family?”


“Surprising. It’s just as you said.”


Siri kept explaining with wide eyes as if she was really surprised.


“It seems like the Mollo family was searching for something. They did discover some excavations….But it seems like they woke up some basilisks in the process or they were conserving the basilisks for some unknown reason and got caught by the other dark fairies families.”


“An excavation?”


“There are still many relics from the great wars in this place.”


Siri mumbled with a bitter face and then raised her head.


“Ah, if I speak like this you won’t know. Do you know about Ragnarok?”


“Um…..I heard Heda say that the front lines were adhering.”


“Right, but tens of years ago…. they say that when Ragnarok first started, there was a really big and fierce war. Actually, that is the reason why the front lines are now adhering.”


‘So they battled on a big scale but both sides stepped back?’


It was an understandable thing. There were also many cases of this in the mortal world.


Tae Ho nodded as if he understood and Siri continued speaking.


“The relics of the Great War are the traces left from that battle. Those traces remained on the several planets of Asgard that had Yggdrasil as the central axis.


The traces of the war where heroes that were as numerous as the stars had burned down.


‘Uh, is that also like that?’


Tae Ho’s eyes moved to the unknown sword piece. Perhaps that was a part of something a powerful hero used back then.


“What could the Mollo family have been searching for?”


“I wonder…We should investigate. Seeing that even a regenerator came out, we are certain that the Giants are behind this.”


Siri answered in a low voice and then finished with saying that the head of the Mollo family had disappeared and part of the Mollo family was taken away.


‘Could they have been searching for this piece of the sword?’


Whatever the case it was still an epic ranked time.


Thinking about it though, that didn’t seem to be the case.


Based on the circumstances, it was highly probable that the basilisks were sent by the Mollo family. It also that meant that they could control them.


The piece of the sword wasn’t stuck in a place like its stomach but it was between the scales. If what they were looking for was really the piece of the sword, then it didn’t seem like they would have missed it when they could control the basilisks.


“Tae Ho?”


“No, I was just thinking.”


It was when Tae Ho was about to change subjects.


“Captain Siri!”


“Siri, are you okay?”


“Your small face became even smaller!”


“You are so pale!”


The warriors of Ullr’s legion entered the room and then covered the bed Siri was on and each of them said some words. They had worried faces.


Siri showed a smile to all of them and then glanced at Tae Ho.


“I’m fine. Be worried for Tae Ho too.”


Siri wasn’t the only patient in this room.


Regardless of Siri’s petition, the warriors of Ullr’s legion snorted.


“That guy is fine.”


“Yeah, there’s no need to.”


“Captain Siri, there’s no need to check on him.”


Even Rolph, whom he believed in, said this with cold words. Siri was surprised at the sudden cold treatment and was about to get angry, but Gandur was faster than that.


“Everyone, leave it.”


Valkyrie Gandur, who entered the room later, looked at Siri and Tae Ho once and then put on a smile.


“Warrior Tae Ho.”




Tae Ho replied reflexively and could guess the situation. The warriors put on a grievous face and Gandur burst out in laughter in the end. Then a voice came from beyond the door.


“It’s a meeting.”




He had his doubts but it really was Heda. She approached Tae Ho’s bed to check up on him  and then asked, “Are you fine? I heard that you were greatly hurt.”


“Idun’s strong point is that we are resilient. I’m fine.”


“I’m glad.”


Heda let out a sincere sigh of relief and the warriors looked at Tae Ho with envious eyes. Heda approached with her normal face, not seeming to notice their eyes.


“Stay still. I will bless you.”


It wasn’t strange as it happened at every meeting. However, Tae Ho got flustered and the warriors gulped some air.


Heda swiped back her hair and then softly kissed Tae Ho’s forehead. Tae Ho couldn’t say anything and that was the same for the warriors.


“Let Idun’s blessing be with you.” Heda gently said. Siri, who had seen that from the side, smiled bitterly.


“I know why they were making a fuss.”


“I wondered what you did at the meetings!”




The warriors increased their inputs after Siri. One of them turned to look at Gandur and yelled, “Gandur! Bless me too!”


“Go and wash. You stink.”


“Wah, wah. You are too much.”


The warrior was depressed and dropped his shoulders at the cold reply.


Heda shrugged her shoulders with a calm expression in response to all of their reactions.


“Why? This is a normal thing, right Tae Ho?”


“Heda, you did that on purpose, right?”


Heda stuck out her tongue and laughed before standing up.


“First of all, there’s someone I want to introduce to you.”


“Someone, to introduce me? Ah, is he maybe?”


Tae Ho thought of the person he saw before falling asleep that wasn’t here. It was that strong warrior he only knew the name of — the warrior that cut down the basilisk’s neck as if cutting through straw.


“Ragnar! Come in!”


Heda yelled towards the door.




“Is it that Ragnar?!”


The warriors of Ullr’s legion looked at themselves and blinked. Then everyone shared the same feelings.


“Wait, then is the person that fought with us……?!”


The warriors couldn’t continue speaking anymore. They looked towards the door with breathless faces and surprisingly enough, Siri also gulped dry saliva and looked towards the door.


One man slowly entered through the door. He was a really tall man with really long limbs. His face that displayed the integrity he had was handsome, and his golden beard was also cool. His hair, which was shaved at the sides, gave a strong and sharp impression.


But most of all, the thing that stood out the most was his eyes.


Green eyes. The eyes that had madness and mysteriousness in it, the two eyes that resembled a wolf.


“I will introduce you. He’s Ragnar Lodbrok,” Heda said, and at that moment the warriors exploded.


“Ragnar Lodbrok!”


“My god!”




“Ra-ragna Lodbrok.”


The last one was Siri. She flushed and stammered his name like a girl that was looking at her favorite idol — that was a look you couldn’t even imagine from her.


“Ohh! Ohhhh!”


The warriors of Ullr’s legion couldn’t even speak properly now. The man called Ragnar smirked towards the warriors and even blinked towards Siri.


Siri blocked her mouth with her hands and gulped air. It was a really unrealistic sight in many different ways.


Heda who looked just like usual, pointed at Tae Ho and said, “Ragna, this is our warrior Tae Ho. Tae Ho, Ragna.”


At Heda’s brief introduction, the warriors widened their eyes. They acknowledged that kind of introduction was enough.


However, the man, Ragnar, nodded slightly and then approached Tae Ho and said, “Right, I’m Ragnar Lodbrok. There’s no need for me to introduce myself, right?”


He finished speaking and looked towards the warriors of Ullr’s legion. The warriors of Ullr’s legion nodded as if they had become Tae Ho.


However, Tae Ho couldn’t participate in this flow because he was someone that only knew about Odin and Thor from Norse mythology. There was no way for him to know about its heroes.


He glanced at Heda but it wasn’t the atmosphere for a proper explanation. No, maybe it was, as he felt that it seemed like she wanted him to directly ask Ragnar.


‘Right, will he kill me then?’


Tae Ho decided himself and then looked at Ragnar. He nervously spoke with an apologetic expression.


“Um…..I’m asking because I really don’t know……but who are you?”


Who the hell is Ragnar?


At Tae Ho’s question, the warriors of Ullr’s legion dropped their mouths and Siri was barely able to stop the words that were about to come out.


As if this reaction was completely unexpected, Ragnar looked at Tae Ho as if he had taken a blow and Gandur blinked. Only Heda burst out in laughter soundlessly.


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  1. “Um…..I’m asking because I really don’t know……but who are you?”

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