TM Chapter 93

Chapter 93: From Now On, We’re (2)

TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir


I did hope that it was something I would be good at.

However, this wasn’t right.

In front of someone who could actually see the future, though no one knew that besides me, either way, I felt taken aback after seeing the ‘Future Prophet’ card just lying in front of me.

The moment I slightly touched the card, almost in a trance, Producer Bae Junghwan nodded.



“Mr. Sunwoo will see the future today.”

How fantastic.


Leaving the room, I went down to the parking lot accompanied by a cameraman. Amidst the staff, who were bustling to prepare for the outdoor shoot, there were two vans of the same design but different colors.

When I opened the driver’s seat door out of habit, the two people who were already inside turned their gazes towards me.

One was Hwang Jaehyun, who I had talked to before. The other was the youngest character on ‘Now, We’, Im Joowon, an actor.

As soon as I greeted them, Hwang Jaehyun dropped his formal speech and asked,

“You picked a card too, right? What kind of power is it?”

“Ah, I can see the future.”

Jung Sunwoo. 28 years old. Future Prophet.

What should I say? It seemed like words had power. Once my biggest secret, which I had kept hidden for almost half a year and would continue to do so from now on, left my lips, I felt refreshed all the way from my belly.

Hwang Jaehyun and Im Joowon each had their own power. While I was listening to their explanations, other people soon arrived as well. The child actress Song Yuri, Lee Taehee, and Lee Songha, who sat next to me.

“Songha, what did you pick?”


Lee Songha replied with a proud expression.

“I can hypnotize one person and make him mine.”


“Yes, I just need to hypnotize that person and write my name on his forehead. I think I chose well.”

Seeing as she stared at my forehead after saying that, I had a feeling.

“You aren’t trying to use it on me, right?”

Lee Songha avoided my gaze and focused on something else. So she was going to.

“Why use that on me? What use will I be after you hypnotize me?”

“Hmm. This or that.”

So what were they!

When I told her to aim for someone else besides me, she looked at me with an expression that asked, ‘Why?’ While telling her that she would get more screen time and it would be more fun if she used it on a cast member, I heard Hwang Jaehyun’s voice from behind.

“Hey, relax.”

“I’m not doing anything.”

Now that I thought about it, Im Joohwan’s reactions were a bit weird. I could tell that his pretty face, which ignited women’s maternal instincts, was a bit stiff. He was also glancing at me and Lee Songha since a while ago.

Hwang Jaehyun waved his hand as he said,

“He’s just jealous. The lead male role for Cat Guardian Ghost was offered to him first. Mr. Seo Jijoon’s role. If he had done it, he would have been a big hit right about now. Since he kicked that away, how upset must he be?”

“Ah, really, hyung!”

Thinking about it now, there were articles regarding Im Joohwan before Seo Jijoon. Something about him being injured?

When I glanced at him, Im Joohwan was making an irritated face.

“I could have made it for the drama since it was a minor injury, but my company told me not to do it. Saying that it wouldn’t do well and that I should just use my injury as an excuse to refuse. The hell they mean by it wouldn’t do well? Damn company! They’re no use. After my contract ends, I’m going to leave it without turning back.”

“I’m slowly starting to look for a company too, sunbaenim{1}.”

Song Yuri, who was sitting in the middle, joined in while blinking cutely.

“Until now, my uncle managed my schedule, but it’s a bit frustrating. If I want to transform into an adult actress later on, I felt that I would need a company.”

The two went back and forth discussing a few management companies. They were all management companies that were famous in this industry.

Well, if it were those two, then almost all companies would welcome them. Im Joohwan was a star actor who could play lead roles on public networks, and Song Yuri was a child actress with outstanding potential, having received the Best New Actress Award at a film festival, which was unprecedented for a child actress.

My company would welcome them as well. The PR Team seemed to be constantly looking actors entering the free contract market. Should I try my hand?

“How about W&U?”

The two stopped talking once they heard my words.

Im Joohwan and Song Yuri stared at me. Just as my cheeks were heating up, Im Joohwan asked with a strange expression,

“Are you scouting us right now?”

I was about to reply while smiling when Producer Bae stuck his head in through the van window.

“Superhumans, are you ready to move?”

“What? Is this all? Where are the others?”

At Hwang Jaehyun’s question, the producer gestured towards the white van standing a bit away from us. Writer Song was there, explaining something to them, and I caught a glimpse of LJ and Im Seoyoung through the door opening.

Producer Bae spoke,

“Today, we divided you into two teams: the Superhuman team and the Researcher team. The Superhuman team has to be careful not to get caught by the Researcher team. Since superhumans are valuable test subjects, you will be dragged to their research lab if you are caught.”

Valuable what?

“Isn’t that too cruel? What have the superhumans done?”

I asked sincerely. I already had a nightmare where a mad scientist found out about my foresight ability and kidnapped me. I woke up after being bound up tightly and laid down on a surgical table.

With a brazen face, the producer stared at me as if asking what was wrong.

“This is the way of the world.”

“For a rated G entertainment show to take on such a world view devoid of hopes and dreams…”

“Well, the world has always been like this. Even kids know that.”

It was okay for kids to watch this program, right?

“Then before we head out, Mr. Sunwoo, please see the future.”

“How do I see it?”

“With this.”

The producer handed me a box the size of my head. Inside were a few different colored dice, and there were stickers on each of the six faces. The people at the back chatted noisily as they leaned their heads forward.

“You just need to throw the dice all at once.”

“Isn’t there some sort of chant when using your superpower?”

I almost swore at Hwang Jaehyun in front of the cameras.

When I imagined myself chanting, ‘Come out, future!’ while holding the dice, shivers ran down my entire body. No way. There was no way, right? If I had to do something like that, then I might really see a future where I die. This time, my cause of death would be out of humiliation for sure.

The producer glanced at me.

“If you want a chant, ‘Moon Prism Power, With Light-“

“No, I’ll just throw them. I’ll throw them right now.”

Without breathing, I threw the dice all at once. I heard someone sigh in regret beside me. When I turned to look at her, Lee Songha acted otherwise.

Hitting the walls of the box, the rolling dice stopped one after another.

“Now take off the sticker on top and see the event that will happen in the future.”

Following Producer Bae’s request, I began tearing off the stickers, starting with the red die.

“The Superhuman team will, in one hour, on the streets of Sinchon, with civilians, complete a mission.”

Haha, so this was what future foresight was. If the futures I had seen were even half as clear as this, I might have already become a chief. Licking my lips, I returned the dice.

Then we drove to Sinchon as the future indicated.

Of course, we played Neptune’s new songs loudly in the van.


“There are a lot of people because it’s the weekend. Everyone, be careful while on your mission so that there aren’t any accidents.”

Producer Bae asked us as soon as we came out of the van.

There were clearly a lot of people. Since it was the weekend, they had even restricted traffic. From the sidewalks to even the asphalt road, the entire Yonsei Street was crowded with people. Wherever I looked, I saw couples, and there were a lot of families with strollers.

“Uhhh! It’s Im Joowon!”

“Isn’t that the ‘Now, We’ team over there? Right? Hey, hurry up! They are filming something here!”

“It looks like Song Yuri’s a guest! Who’s that next to her?”

“Isn’t that Neptune? Oh, my god. Seeing their appearance in person… Amazing! Let’s go closer!”

People began to gather around us as soon as we entered the streets. Because of the filming staff, they weren’t able to come too close. All the women looked at Im Joowon and the men watched Lee Songha and Lee Taehee as their excitement heightened.

“I feel like we’re going to be squashed. The weather’s gloomy, yet they still came out on dates.”

“Still, it’ll be difficult for the Researcher team to find us because of all the people, right?”

Hwang Jaehyun shrugged at Im Joowon’s complaint. Then he asked Lee Taehee,

“We’re probably going to have to run today. How are Neptune’s athletic abilities?”

“In our group, LJ is the best since she boxes as a hobby. Seoyoung practiced dancing since she was young so she’s good too. Songha, if you provide her with sufficient fuel, ah, if you give her food, she can move well.”

“And you?”

“I’m awful.”

Lee Taehee replied without hesitation.

“Awful? How are you at running?”

“I’ve never run since the physical fitness test during high school…”

Looking off into the distance, Lee Taehee took something out from her pocket and ate it. It was a ginseng jelly, a healthy food she received from a fan. Seeing her like this, Hwang Jaehyun clicked his tongue with an expression that read, ‘There’s no hope for her.’

“Producer, quickly give us the mission! So that we can complete it quickly and flee before the Researcher team gets here!”

At Im Joowon’s urgings, the producer handed out mission cards. On my card, it said to bring a same-aged couple.

“Taehee, what does yours say?”

“Buy two fresh fruit juices.”

Lee Taehee replied while looking around her.

“And Songha?”

“Mine says to bring a baby boy on a stroller.”

Fortunately, theirs weren’t too picky. Mine was the pickiest. While there were countless couples, I had to ask each of them to see if they were the same age.

I separated from the girls and went into the crowd of people. The cameraman assigned to me chased after me. I asked smiling couples for their understanding and age.

However, it felt weird standing amidst people who came to leisurely enjoy their weekend.

Should I say that I felt like I became distanced from this normal scene after living busily in the entertainment industry all this time? A sudden sense of reality overcame me.

On my next break, I must meet a friend or someone.

Resolving myself, I was about to ask my fourth couple.

“Hey, aren’t you Jung Sunwoo? Right? Jung Sunwoo?”

When I turned around, a familiar couple was looking at me. The one who clearly called my name was the man. I definitely remembered his face, but was he my university colleague? Or from high school? I couldn’t remember his name.

When I smacked my lips, the man’s complexion crumbled.

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember me?”

“Yeah, sorry. I have trouble recognizing faces.”

“Kim Taejong, man! Kim Taejong! But what are you doing these days? Did you come here alone?”

The guy, who just told me his name on his own, looked up and down at me while questioning me. Seeing as he was pulling his girlfriend’s shoulder in, it seemed he wanted to ask if I was single on this spring weekend.

A stronger sense of reality overwhelmed me like a tsunami.

“You used look after kids all the time instead of coming to the PC room{2}. Like some boy breadwinner with a bunch of younger siblings. Do you still look after them?”

“Well, something like that.”

I was taking care of some girls.

“Enjoy your life a little. We’ll be thirty soon!”

When Kim Taejong said this, his girlfriend tilted her head.

“Taejong, did I see your friend before? He seems familiar?”

“Hey, how would you have seen him if this is my first time seeing him in a long time?”

Rather than their conversation, I heard their casual speech{3}.

They were the same age! I quickly smiled friendlily at Kim Taejong and said,

“Are you the same age as your girlfriend?”

“Yeah, why…? Hey, doesn’t it seem like that cameraman is filming us?”

Kim Taejong suddenly tidied his hair as he looked behind me. The cameraman was still filming me from a little distance away. I was about to explain in detail to Kim Taejong and ask for his cooperation.


Lee Songha approached me from my right.

With a slightly smiling face and while carefully pushing a stroller. Behind her lush hair that fluttered in the wind were men who followed behind her like zombies, completely entranced.

“What are you doing here? I’m done.”

“Uh, I think I’m almost done too. I met someone I knew-“

“Did you get married?”

Kim Taejong suddenly said something ridiculous. He foolishly looked at Lee Songha and the stroller before looking back at me.

“D-did you marry? Did you marry th… that person? Is that your kid?”

“Are you trying to prevent someone’s chances of getting married?{4} That’s not it.”

“Right? Of course, no wonder. The kid didn’t resemble you. I was shocked.”

Behind Lee Songha, a young couple, who looked to be the baby’s parents, laughed while covering their mouths. I was about to explain the situation to Kim Taejong once again, but this time, I heard a commotion from my left.

“Oppa, I bought fresh fruit juice.”

Lee Taehee came out through the crowd holding a green juice glass in each hand.

Maybe it was because of crowd of people, but she approached me with unusually swift steps. She looked at Kim Taejong and tilted her head. Kim Taejong opened and closed his mouth before asking me,

“Hey, don’t tell me, she’s-“

“No. Whatever you’re thinking of, no.”

“Ah! Neptune!”

Kim Taejong’s girlfriend shouted out of the blue. Then she pointed at them.

“You’re Neptune, right? And, you’re their manager, right? The one who appeared on the New Year’s Special!”

“That’s right. We are currently filming ‘From Now On, We’re’. If you have the time, would you mind doing a mission with us?”

“Of course, it’s fine! Oh, my! What do I do?! I’m totally fine! We can just cancel the movie!”

“What? What’s Neptune?”

While I was explaining the situation to the two people in detail, there was a commotion behind me this time. Wondering who it was this time, I turned around and flinched.

I saw familiar faces. LJ and Im Seoyoung were running straight at us.

“Oppa! Stay there! Don’t run away!”

I understood the situation as soon as I heard Im Seoyoung shouting forebodingly.

“Uh, hey, we should run.”


I asked Kim Taejong and his girlfriend to wait a little, and we quickly scattered to avoid LJ and Im Seoyoung. I was wondering how we would complete our mission now that we had been seen.

Then, in front of me, an ear-piercing scream erupted amidst the crowd of people.

Then a second and third time. The screams quickly spread. At first, I thought Im Joowon was doing something. Or that the ‘Now, We’ team had gathered and were inciting cheers. I couldn’t think of anything else that could bring about such an intense reaction besides those two.

However, something was off. These weren’t happy screams from seeing celebrities. They seemed as though they were stricken with fear. ‘Avoid it!’ ‘Run!’ Screams like these that didn’t suit this place were mixed in as well.

“I think something’s happening over there? Uhh, why are those people acting like that?”

“What the heck! Someone’s going to get hurt!”

People around me murmured.

The screaming people ran in our direction as if running away from something. I figured out the reason a few seconds later. An old truck loaded with water bottles was rushing towards us. Through a street packed with people.

… Just what was that person doing? Was he insane?

A fleeing woman was hit by the truck. Screams erupted all around.

As if swaying, the truck turned and rushed side to side. People scattered like a swarm of minnows hit by a rock. An abnormal event was occurring in this place, which had been extremely normal only moments ago.

Wait, where were the girls?

I hastily looked around within the confusion. LJ and Im Seoyoung were far away, and Lee Taehee was a bit away as well. Lee Songha had abandoned the stroller and was hugging the baby.

She was in the direction the truck was charging at.

Without having the mind to comprehend the situation, I shot forward. Lee Songha, who was running away while hugging the baby, seemed to trip on something as she fell over. When she got back up, the truck was right in front of her.


Lee Songha looked in my direction. An unknown expression brushed across her shocked face. I ran forward and embraced Lee Songha and the baby. I heard the sound of tires scratching the asphalt.

It was going to hit us.

Just as I thought this, Lee Taehee suddenly pushed my back forcefully.


{1} I’d usually find an English equivalent, but in this case, since both Song Yuri and Im Joohwan are young, it felt odd calling Im Joohwan ‘senior’. Sunbae – senior in the same industry, work, organization, etc. Side note: Song Yuri uses a much more formal version – sunbaenim.

{2} PC Room/Bang – Places where you can pay to use the computer, mainly for games. This has been mentioned before.

{3} Casual speech is usually used by people of the same age. Even if they are close, you can tell who’s older by how they speak to one another. Ex. A woman may use ‘oppa’ when referring to her boyfriend who’s older than her.

{4} Specifically referring to Lee Songha.


{TL/N: Whew~ What a cliff~}


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