TM Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Is it a miscasting? Or a divine move?

TL: emptycube

{So it turns out the production producer of Pan Production is a guy… The author never indicated this until now.}



I put aside my worries momentarily and headed towards the Neptune’s residence.

I wanted to give Lee Songha the script as soon as possible. She needed to prepare for her audition, and I was too curious about what kind of acting would pop out if I gave this script to her since she had already made me anticipate her acting just from the short dialogue in the synopsis.

When I rang the doorbell after arriving, LJ opened the door with half-opened eyes. It seemed it hadn’t been long since she had woken up as her long, shining blond hair was tangled and sleepiness seemed to drip from her eyebrows which were of the same color.{1}

“You came?”

“Yeah. To give Songha the script.”

“She’s showering right now.”

LJ stretched her arms and said in a passing tone,

“The passcode is 828289.”


When I stopped in my tracks and looked at her, she scratched her neck.

“Next time, just come in by entering the passcode. We were thinking about telling you after a few months, but oppa doesn’t seem like a weird person. A robber, stalker or pervert. You aren’t any of them, right?”

“Umm. Probably not.”

“What is ‘probably’! I’m should just change the passcode!”

When I looked to where the sound was coming from, Im Seoyoung was lying on top of a giant rubber gym ball, belly side down. It was uncertain whether she was exercising or just lying on it.

Beside her, Lee Taehee was lying on the sofa and pressing the remote.

I exchanged greetings with them before sitting on the sofa as well. Not long ago, this place was unfamiliar to me like a new world, but now that I came here as often as mice to a food jug{2}, it felt like the sofa was my designated seat.

“Oppa, oppa, oppa.”

“Yeah. I heard you the first time.”

“Eh, there’s no sincerity in it if I say it once.”

Im Seoyoung fumbled as she pushed the gym ball forward and asked,

“What happened yesterday with Songha? There was something, wasn’t there?”

There was. A lot. There weren’t just one or two things that came to mind.

I concealed my prickling mind and shrugged my shoulders.

“Nothing much. Why?”

Im Seoyoung narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“I think there was. She came home all smiling yesterday. As if something good had happened.”

“Really? That’s odd.”

“That’s what I’m saying. And she had a bandage wrapped around her foot.”

Ah. We were caught.

I stealthily avoided Im Seoyoung’s sharp eyes. Lee Taehee turned off the TV and looked at me.

“She said it wasn’t much. Is she really fine?”

“They said it’s a slight sprain. As long as she looks after it properly, there should be no problems.”

It seemed they had been worried as their expressions relaxed a little.

Not long after, the sound of water coming from the bathroom stopped. The door suddenly opened, and Lee Songha walked out while drying her wet hair with a towel. Just like the day I first met her.

Then and now, the scene was great.

“Uh, oppa.”

Lee Songha came closer with a happy expression.

“Did you sleep well? Aren’t you tired?”

“This much is fi… My stamina is good. I even ate before I slept yesterday.”

Seeing her change her words in the middle, it seemed she remembered me saying not to say she was fine yesterday so I laughed.

I took out two envelopes from my bag. One for Lee Songha, and the other I copied for myself.

“This is the script for Cat Guardian Ghost.”


“Since you need to practice for the audition, let’s read it together.”

Lee Songha quickly grabbed the envelope and checked its contents. Then, she looked at the other girls before grabbing my arm.

“Let’s go inside.”


I was suddenly pulled into her room. From behind, Im Seoyoung snapped saying that she wouldn’t listen since she was being so cheap, but Lee Songha firmly shut her door.

I awkwardly looked around in the room I entered for the first time.

Hmmm…. Although I didn’t have any particular delusions of a girl’s room, I didn’t imagine it would be like this. It was very similar to my nieces and nephews’ room{3}. Instead of cute items, there were empty chip bags and crumbs on the floor.

When I looked at this disaster, Lee Songha acted as if she was cleaning it up before simply shaking the brown rug under her bed. Then, as if in a hurry, she took out the script, almost turning the envelope inside out.

“Please sit here. I’m going to read the script first.”

“Uh, okay.”

For a while, Lee Songha focused on the script, seemingly forgetting I was beside her. Her cheeks gradually flushed. She was surprised then serious and even smiled faintly. Since it was nice looking at the subtle changes in her expression, I waited without getting bored.

Just then, Lee Songha took in a deep breath as she closed the script.

“How is it?”

“It’s fun.”

I knew it. Looking at her figure which reminded me of a child who received a present from Santa on Christmas, even I was pleased.

“Then, should we go through it properly once? I will read the stage directions and your counterparts’ dialogue.”

I flipped to the page where Jung Haewon first appeared and read the stage direction without any trouble.

“Scene 17. Café. Night. Haewon sits in a corner with a haggard face…”

When I felt a strange look as I read the stage directions and the employee’s lines, I looked up. Lee Songha was looking at me with a surprised look.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re very good. You seem like a pro.”

“Huh? Ah… It’s probably because I read a lot of children books.”

Since each of my four nephews and nieces had their own distinctive tastes, this was a talent I had acquired by going around and reading them children books they each liked. From Snow White to the witch, there wasn’t a single children book character I couldn’t act out, let alone stage directions.

I never thought that it prove helpful like this.

“Now then, shall we start again?”


After finishing our first reading, Lee Songha stretched out, exhausted.

Her face still contained traces of the figure known as Jung Haewon.

Even though we had closed the script, I too was still immersed in it. When I regained my senses, my throat tingled. Now that I thought about it, I read all those long stage directions and dialogue without drinking a single sip of water.

When I went out into the living room massaging my neck, I was met with three people looking at me. Their looks were so intense I felt like I had to go back into the room.


Im Seoyoung approached me.

“We heard it from outside. Even though I don’t know much about acting…”

She glanced at Lee Songha’s room before asking quietly,

“Songha. Isn’t she quite good at acting?”



“She’s incredible at it.”

I could confirm it now.

Lee Songha was really good at acting. I couldn’t keep count of how many times I was surprised during the reading. Her talents weren’t simply focused in acting, instead, she possessed an incredible talent for acting. If that wasn’t the case, either my eyes were twisted or I was strongly biased.

I no longer worried or was uneasy about the audition. I wanted to get her to audition quickly. I wanted to show the director and writers, who were producing the drama, Lee Songha’s acting abilities in front of them. I couldn’t wait to see their expressions and hear what kinds of admiration they would say.

When I was thinking this, my phone vibrated.

It was a number I was seeing for the first time.


-Are you the person in charge of Neptune?

“Yes, I am Jung Sunwoo.”

-I am Pan Production’s Production Producer Park Sookyung.

His timing was incredible.

I walked to the sofa with quick steps and took out a notebook and pen from my bag.

“Hello, producer. I had been waiting for your call.”

-I called you today about the audition. When would be a good time?

“Since we just finished recording yesterday, we’re free until the day after.”

-We can’t do the day after tomorrow, should we set the date for tomorrow? Ah, also…

From the other side, the producer hesitated for a moment before continuing,

-And how would you feel about auditioning for another role besides Jung Haewon?

This wasn’t shocking. Since I was worried when I read the script as well.

The importance of the role of the Interpreter Jung Haewon was much greater than I anticipated. Unlike other supporting roles which were there to support male and female lead, this character had a clear narrative, and because of this, it required a complex range of emotions.

There was no production or director who would cast someone who had not even proved her skills, someone who wasn’t even an aspiring actress but a member of an unknown girl group, in such an important role without any concern. If there was, I would be more worried.

-I don’t know if you’ve read the script, but Jung Haewon is a difficult role.

“Yes, we’ve read it.”

-There are a lot of emotional scenes so it will be troublesome if the acting is awkward. Since Lee Songha is young, how about she auditions for easier and safer roles like a part-timer at the female lead’s work…

If I had received this call before I came here, I may have hesitated.

However, I wouldn’t now.

The reason why I focused on this role from the start was because I had learned that Lee Songha had acted in an interpreter role through my foresight. And I had thought that she should get the Jung Haewon role to reach that goal.

But now, I had better reasons.

First, the character Jung Haewon was just too good to give up.

Second, since Lee Songha had started to become attached to this role.

And, of course, I was confident that Lee Songha would be great for the role.

“Thank you, producer. However…”


“We want to audition for the Jung Haewon role like we decided.”


The production producer of Pan Production, Park Sookyung, held a duster and stood on a chair.  When he dusted the top shelf of a dusty bookshelf, clumps of dust fell like large snowflakes. Writer Hong Jumi, who had been filling a coffee pot with water below, coughed.

“It’s not like Seo Jijoon is coming, do we really need to clean?”

When Park Sookyung grumbled, CEO Kim Pansuk, who had been sitting sternly, clicked his tongue.

“They are coming from W&U. What are you going to do if they go back and say our office was a shithole? Also, even if that’s not the case, she’s the first celebrity to come audition. Won’t I lose face if our office is in this state? Hurry up, man. They’ll be here soon.”

“You already said that there was a 99% chance we won’t pick her for the role of Jung Haewon anyways…”

Two planning producers, who had returned from dealing with external matters, joined in.

“I also saw Lee Songha’s profile. Her looks were amazing? With those looks, even if she’s a little bad at acting, I don’t think I’ll switch the channel since it will be like watching a photo book or a commercial.”

CEO Kim Pansuk snorted as he retorted,

“Everyone and their mother can be a goddess on their profiles. Photographers are so skilled these days.”

“I saw their music video as well.”

“You only know when you see them in person. Don’t you know that 9 out of 10 girl group members, whose fans praise as having the best looks, are humiliated once they in a two-shot with an actress?”

“That’s true. Since they say actresses have their own looks.”

Park Sookyung nodded his head in agreement. Just then, the youngest producer, who had gone out to buy expensive snacks for the guests coming to audition, ran in.

“Wow… Did you all see? There’s a celebrity downstairs right now. I think she’s an actress.”

“Why are you like that? You said you were the assistant director of a movie. It’s not like it’s your first time seeing an actress.”

The youngest producer gulped down his saliva at Park Sookyung’s scolding.

“Senior, she’s incredibly pretty. There’s a halo effect from 100 meters away!”

That moment, the door opened again, accompanied by a thud.

A man and woman pair entered the office. Everyone in the office instantly realized the person with the halo effect the youngest producer had been talking about was the woman. Also, they understood why he made such a big fuss.

“Hello, I am Lee Songha.”

“I am Jung Sunwoo.”

The two bowed as they greeted them. Park Sookyung threw away the duster and greeted the guests.

“I am the production producer, Park Sookyung.”

He glanced at Lee Songha, who was in front of him, as he took out his business card. She brushed her straight hair, which had become ruffled when she bowed her head, with her white hand. A perfect face was revealed from below. Park Sookyung resisted the urge to whistle.

He had imagined a cheerful, lively person since she was a girl group member in her twenties, but instead, she gave off a calm, thoughtful aura. If he had seen her without knowing her identity, he would have surely assumed she was an actress.

She would be humiliated if she was in a two-shot with an actress?

It, instead, had come to a point where, if she was cast in a supporting role, he would have to worry about the female lead. Since it would be difficult to remain in a two-shot with her without decent looks.

“Please take care of us.”

Park Sookyung turned his eyes away from Lee Songha with difficulty. The man she had come with was holding out his business card. He was wearing a casual suit and a clean coat. His style wasn’t one that made you think he was a manager at first glance.

Although he possessed a tall, clean appearance, he looked a bit unfriendly. Only, his voice was gentle.

The words ‘W&U Management Business Department Team 3. Jung Sunwoo’ were engraved on the high-quality business card.

After they exchanged light greetings with everyone in the office including Kim Pansuk, Park Sookyung guided them to the meeting room where the audition was held. Three people went in along with them, CEO Kim Pansuk, Director Shin Taekyun, and Writer Hong Jumi.

As soon as the door closed, the remaining three people prepared coffee and snacks as they whispered endlessly. Of course, the bulk of their conversation was about Lee Songha’s looks.

Then, the youngest producer suddenly asked,

“The person who came with her looked young, is he someone high up? What’s his title?”

“There was only his name on the business card? He didn’t seem like a road manager. He looked too composed.”

“But, do higher ups normally come and see their rookies’ auditions? It’s not even a small company but from such a big company like W&U… Is she perhaps someone they are properly training and boosting? It looks plausible just looking at her appearance.”

“Then, she might be better at acting than we thought.”

They looked towards the meeting room door with curious expressions.

The audition was just about to start within the firmly shut door.



{1} She was very sleepy.

{2} I chose a literal translation. People used to store food (usually grains or plants) in jugs, and mice would frequent these jugs often to eat the food inside.

{3} I forget the room arrangement for his nephews and nieces so I just put ‘nieces and nephews’ room’. They have yet to appear in the story.


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