TM Chapter 41

Chapter 40: Is it a miscasting? Or a divine move? (2)

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Seo Jijoon. Seo Jijoon might become the lead…

“But, the team 2 leader is opposing it so we don’t know how it will turn out.”

Since he was someone I didn’t expect, my mind became more complicated.

“Oh, right. The script. You need to take a look at it too.”


Kim Hyunjo took out a thick envelope from a desk drawer. I gulped down my saliva as I received it. When I opened it, I saw two scripts printed on A4 papers. They were the first and second episodes of Cat Guardian Ghost.

After many ups and downs, I finally held the script which had become a big hit in my hands.


I carried the script and shut myself in a meeting room.

After reading the two 50-page scripts, I let out the sigh I had been holding in.

It was fun.

Not one scene was boring. The lead and support, even the extras, all the characters seemed lifelike. It followed the fantasy romantic comedy genre while mixing in a complex, yet strong composition of characters as well as realistic dialogue.

I had only read the text, yet it felt like the two episodes were playing in front of my eyes.

The script deserved its praise as doing all the work as it truly was entertaining.

… Then let’s think about the situation again.

If I thought with the presumption that the lead would change, Seo Jijoon was definitely not a bad card.

From what I knew, strong candidates for the male lead were actors, Im Joowon and Park Hyemin. When looking at their levels, Seo Jijoon was the best.

The problem was that using a successful actor didn’t directly lead to success. Then, wouldn’t every drama that cast top actors become a hit?

The time when the ‘top actor effect’ worked had passed, now the key was how well they could digest their role.

How well they brought out the character’s charm.

They had to have decent acting skills, however, when an actor who could perfectly get into his character and a great script met, it would have an explosive synergistic effect.

The male lead in Cat Guardian Ghost had the outer appearance of an extreme perfectionist, but he was careful and shy on the inside. Although, in some ways, he may look foolish, that was actually his charm.

But the Seo Jijoon I knew was an actor who had shown a very consistent image up until now.

A cold, irritable elitist image.

Would an actor like that be able to properly digest this character?

Such a comical role?

… Damn, what a headache.


I thought about it by myself for a while before going up to the PR office on the fifth floor. Of course, I carried coffee in both hands.

“Team leader, have some coffee.”


Familiar faces poked out between the partitions. Team Leader Park grinned as she got up.

“I’m starting to used to you standing there like that.”

“I know, right? Although we’re happy since you bring coffee every time you come here.”

“What’s it today?”

I asked after drinking a sip of my coffee,

“Dramas like… Hwarang of Silla{1}, The Beast, The Odd Man, Couple’s Obligation.”

“Yeah, they were all successful dramas.”

“If their leading actors had been changed, would they still have been successful?”

Team Leader Park knit her brows as she thought before opening her mouth,

“Well, although there would be no end to it if we kept going on and on… in one word, it’s luck.”


“They could have failed or become even greater successes. Or else, why would they say casting is a gamble?”

“But if we’re talking the projects Sunwoo said, even if the leading actors changed, wouldn’t they still have been decent?”

The female employee added in while rubbing her chin in a serious manner.

“I mean, those projects had good scripts as their base. The directing was good too.”

“That’s true. No matter what we say, the script undoubtedly plays a large role. Unless the changed actor wasn’t terrible at acting or their chemistry with other actors didn’t work out,”

Added in the male employee.

Those were my thoughts as well. Just as I was about to open my mouth, Team Leader Park abruptly said,

“Cat Guardian Ghost. It seems you have a ton of worries about that project. We read the script yesterday, and it was fun. It was the most entertaining out of the projects I’ve read recently.”

“That’s right. The synopsis wasn’t very good, but I read the script without noticing time pass.”

“You brought Next K-Star on your first day, and if this drama’s a hit as well, there really is something up with you, Sunwoo. We’ll need to keep watch.”

Team Leader Park gave a meaningful smile as she prodded,

“But, about why you asked if a drama will be okay even if the leading actor had been changed. Is it maybe because Jijoon might go in as the male lead? Because you worry the project will become weird if he joins?”

“Is that true? Then who did you think will be the male lead? Kim Yeonsung? Im Joowon?”

“Ey, Jijoon is better than them. If they get can get Jijoon, the production side will be completely ecstatic.”

I briefly licked my lips before saying,

“I know that Seo Jijoon is a great actor. However, the male lead has parts throughout where he acts foolishly. And in reality, Seo Jijoon’s image is…”

“Ah, you haven’t seen Jijoon in person yet, have you?”

Team Leader Park suddenly laughed out loud. Even the two employees shook their heads.

“It’s not like Jijoon has no reason for wanting to do this drama.”


“If I were to say this in the perspective of someone who knows the person known as Seo Jijoon well, if he gets cast, I bet this will be a divine move{2} for the project?”

… A divine move?


Management Business Department Team 2.

A heavy air hung in the office where two people were sitting face to face with each other

“Jijoon, you weren’t like this before. Why are you suddenly so stubborn?”

The team 2 leader vigorously scratched his shaggy hair

“We already decided to film a movie this year. We only need to pick a scenario. Once you film a movie with cinematic quality, the title ‘Movie Star’ will be stuck next to your name, and you will be worth much…”

“Team leader.”

Seo Jijoon said in a calm voice filled with certainty,

“The scenario team leader gave me. The roles you suggested me saying that they fit me. In reality, I don’t really understand. You know I’m dumb. How can I act when I don’t understand the character?”

“Jijoon, listen to me. That’s…!”

“But Cat Guardian Ghost. I think I can do well in that project. It’s fun as well.”

“No, even if you’re going to do a miniseries, why does it have to be on cable of all places? Huh? So many projects from public TV networks wanted you. You should know as well, no matter how well-made a drama is on cable, there are many that end with a viewership rating of 1 percent. Why are you trying to waste your time? Don’t you know how important this time is for you?”

The team 2 leader, feeling frustrated, thumped his chest as he attempted to persuade him. Seo Jijoon, who had kept his silence until now, suddenly frowned with his sharp eyes before saying,

“I did all the projects team leader picked out for me until now. I want to do what I want this time.”


“I’m sorry.”

Jijoon deeply lowered his head.

After a moment had passed, Seo Jijoon opened the office door and left expressionlessly. His long legs walked in long strides before he let out a small sigh and opened the emergency exit door. Lee Bongjoon, his manager, who had been sitting on the stairs, stood up.

“How did it go? Did you tell it to him straight?”

After closing the door, Seo Jijoon slumped down.

“Uhh, I think so. Ah, damn. I thought I was going to die of suffocation!”

“Still, it’s lucky you weren’t eaten by the team leader.”

“That’s why I asked you to come with me! How can hyung let your actor go into a snake’s den alone?”

“Since you’re the actor, you can go in and say it straightforwardly. If I went in there, I’d be fired. Would you like it if I was fired?”

“No, that’s not it…”

Mumbled Seo Jijoon as he licked his lips. Lee Bongjoon let out a sigh and said with a relieved expression,

“Anyways, it’s good that it went well. Even if you’re a bit stubborn, I think it’s good if you do this drama.”

“Right? You think the same, right?”

“Of course. I knew it the moment I saw it. This is a script meant for you. As well as a role meant for you. I even thought that the writer wrote it with you in mind, you know?”

“Ah, really… How is it that hyung and I think so similarly?”

“Hehe. That’s why I’m your manager.”

The two crouched down on the cold emergency stairs and laughed for a while. Then, as if he suddenly thought of something, Lee Bongjoon mumbled,

“If this is the case, I should meet with Team 3’s Lucky Charm. Since we might be filming together.”

“Lucky what? Who’s that?”

“Do you know Neptune from our company?”

“Uh… I think I’ve heard of them before.”

“He’s their manager. They say he’s the one who brought this project here. He asked the PR team for the synopsis and even requested for the script to put one of Neptune’s members in the drama.”

“Ah, really? Then, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have seen this script?”

“I guess?”


Seo Jijoon, who thought with narrowed eyes, opened his mouth.

“Hyung, I want to come with you when you go meet that person.”



Pan Production. CEO Kim Pansuk didn’t move as he stared holes into his cellphone. Production Producer Park Sookyung placed the bowl of jjajangmyeon{3} he had completely wiped clean down and said,

“CEO, your jjajangmyeon is going to get mushy. You should hurry up and eat it.”

“Do you think I can swallow jjajangmyeon right now? In this critical moment when Seo Jijoon is thinking about whether he will do our drama or not?”

“It’s not like the call will come faster because you’re staring like that?”

Director Shin Taekyun yawned as he joined in,

“The people from above are in a frenzy, telling us to quickly bring them Seo Jijoon’s contract. They say they are waiting with articles confirming his casting already written.”

“Haa… This is so nerve-wracking. So nerve-wracking.”

“I understand that that guy is good at acting, but will he fit with our project? Senior said you met him briefly yesterday.”

“I told you, I felt it that moment. If Director Shin and Writer Hong saw him, you’ll know what I mean. So we need to get him…”

CEO Kim Pansuk held his cellphone as if it was a treasure and slouched over the table.

Park Sookyung, who had been organizing the dishes, said,

“But, CEO. Was it Lee Songha? When should we schedule her audition? We promised to contact them so we need to decide fast.”

“Ah… that girl group? The one who’s acting for the first time?”

“Yes. For the role of the interpreter, Jung Haewon.”

Director Shin Taekyun, and even Writer Hong Jumi, who had her face in the bowl of jjamppong{4}, lifted their heads. CEO Kim Pansuk said in an awkward expression,

“Don’t tell me, if she fails the audition, Seo Jijoon won’t join or anything, right?”

“No. It’s not like we sent it with Seo Jijoon in mind in the first place. They contacted us because the member known as Lee Songha read the synopsis and wanted to audition for it. They say her manager actively suggested it or something? I don’t even know where he heard about our drama, but they say he was the first one to ask for the synopsis as well.”

“Then. Contact this grateful manager and ask him if she could audition for an easier role instead of Jung Haewon. Since the role of Jung Haewon will be difficult.”


“Although Jung Haewon is a supporting role, she is of great importance. And if they don’t have the acting skills, they will definitely not be able to get into character.”

Writer Hong Jumi, as well as Director Shin Taekyun, nodded their heads.

CEO Kim Pansuk said it again,

“If we cast a first-timer and if they can’t act, the actor and the project gets criticized. How can we ruin this great script with a miscast?”

“Okay. I will call the manager.”

Park Sookyung picked up his cell phone and got up.


{1} Hwarang is also known as Flowering Knights. They were an elite group of male youths in Silla.

{2} Divine Move – A non-obvious, inspired move that turns a losing game into a victory.

{3} Jjajangmyeon – Noodles in black bean sauce.

{4} Jjamppong – Korean spicy seafood noodle soup.


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