TM Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Calm before the Storm (5)

TL: emptycube

Editor: Isleidir


{T/N: Bokdongee will be Lucky Charm from now on. Changes to previous chapters have already been made.}



A sense of relief spread and my stiff body relaxed.

“I saw the articles just now and thought we were in big trouble.”

“The results came out not too long ago. The timing was really close. Because articles were published faster than expected, the higher-ups were having a breakdown. Any later and we would have had to fight with reporters on the phone all night.”

“So is this settled? Completely?”

“That’s right. How can reporters believe the other side’s words and take their side when it’s already been revealed the photo’s fake?”

Well, that was true.

I smiled without realizing it.

This meant Pure Star Entertainment fell in their own trap.

If things went as they planned and they released that they had secret dealings with W&U, the public and reporters would be doubtful no matter how much W&U explained the photo was fabricated.

But now, it was the opposite.

The deal was nulled and the fact that the photo was photoshopped was exposed.

Even if Pure Star tried to tell people that Sung Dowon really did attend a sex party and that a married woman was present as well, they would doubt them. And these rumors with no credibility would be covered up like other malicious rumors.

Just what kind of expressions would those people from Pure Star Entertainment have right now?

Ah, right.

“Team leader, what happened with the problem with Pure Star?”

“The CEO and Dowon were supposed to look into it… No news yet.”


“Anyways, today’s event would just pass as a brief occurrence. Since it’s true Dowon went to that kind of party, nothing good will come out of it if the topic blows up even more.”

As I nodded, a thought suddenly popped into my head.

“Will it be okay to let a reporter I’m familiar with know about this?”


“She might be writing an article about Sung Dowon right now. She’s a probationary employee.”

Director Park said in the future.

That she received tons of angry calls from Sung Dowon’s fans after she wrote an article about him.

Although the incident hadn’t spread widely and there was a high chance she hasn’t written it yet, I still wanted to let her know. She was the greatest contributor to today’s events as things wouldn’t have proceeded so smoothly without her.

Though, she herself wouldn’t have a clue.

“Sure. They’ll probably see the news release, but it’s better if you let reporters you know directly. She’s a probationary employee?”


“You’re both young. Make her someone on your side. If you want to continue to do this line of work, you need at least one entertainment reporter who you trust.”

I saved Park Woojeung’s number the day I got her business card. I thought about saving her under ‘Director Park’, but decided against it in case it resulted in a misunderstanding.

The phone stopped ringing and I heard a tired voice answer.

-This is Park Woojeong.

“Reporter Park Woojeong?

-Yes, that’s me. Who is this?

“I’m Jung Sunwoo. The Neptune manager you met last time.”

-Uhh… Yes! Hello.

“Did you quit your job as a reporter?”

I asked because I remembered that she said she was going to quit, but there was no answer.

As expected, she didn’t quit.

-Haha, it’ll take me three hours to talk about every single detail, should we start? Or would you like to tell me why you called?

“Then, I’ll tell you why I called. I called because I was worried you might be writing an article about Sung Dowon.”

No answer again. Instead, I heard her flustered breathing.

What the, was she really writing it?

“Please don’t write it.”


“Sung Dowon’s article. If you already finished writing, please don’t publish it.”

-I… Ha. I know Sung Dowon is affiliated with W&U, but you should know as well. I’m a probationary employee so I need to write what my superiors tell me to. I don’t want to a speculative article without concrete evidence either…

“That photo evidence a certain press has. It’s a photoshopped image. And of course, there weren’t any deals either.”


“We request professionals to check and only now got the results. A press release will be sent as well. All the articles on the internet are going to get pulled. You could also be sued if you put up the wrong article.”

-You-you said you’ll send a press release?

“Yes. It might have already been sent.”

I heard her moving fervently and then her hurried voice.

-The press release hasn’t arrived yet and when I searched on the internet, there are no articles from W&U’s stance. Would it be okay for me to be the first to release it as an exclusive?

“An exclusive?”

-Please, please!

Would it be okay? Articles from other press companies would be released soon anyways.

When I looked at Team Leader Park, she nodded as if she heard Reporter Park Woojeong’s voice.

“Tell her to exclude the specific name and to write that someone from the company told her. That way, I have some leeway to work with. There are reporters who have close ties with our company and if they hear that an exclusive article with an interview came out from somewhere else, they are going to grumble about it.

I nodded my head and told Reporter Park Woojeong.

“I can’t have my name released, so please say that an insider told you and could you just end the article as if it was just a passing occurrence. It’s not a good event and I don’t want to blow it even further.”

-Of course! Thank you so much! I will call you later, drinks are on me!

Beep. She hung up.

Probably frantically writing an article?

After making the call, I started to realize the fact that everything ended well.

As I leaned against the desk and let out a huge sigh, Team Leader Park grinned.

“Since I said my thanks, I have to go back up and face the reporters again. There’ll be plenty of calls after sending the press release. Oh, right. Don’t go home yet, wait a bit longer.”

Team Leader Park pointed upwards.

“You never know if the higher ups will call for you again. If it wasn’t for you, this incident would have been big trouble. I can only express my thanks, but won’t they have something better? Look forward to it.”

Team Leader Park left a meaningful smile and went back up.

Something good…

My head filled with agitated thoughts before I clicked the refresh button. It seemed the PR team was working hard as I didn’t see any of the articles I saw previously.

Not long after, an article from G-Today, the place Reporter Park Woojeong worked, appeared.

[Exclusive] ‘Top Star A’ mega scandal? An incident brought on by his popularity.

It seemed that W&U’s press release was sent to a bunch press companies because a few seconds later, three more articles with ‘Exclusive’ in their titles were published. Then, not long after, the ‘Exclusive’ title dropped from their articles with the exception of Reporter Park Woojeong’s. It really was close.

As her article was hurriedly written, it was only a few lines, but it contained all the necessary details.

The fact that a press company almost created a controversy by releasing an article without confirming their facts and that the photo was a fake. The information about how the truth was revealed after W&U sent the photo to three professionals to confirm. Also, that the secret deal with large sums of money was unfounded.

There was even a sentence about me as the informant.

What seemed to be the press release which showed W&U’s public stance on this incident was added to the very bottom.

That they would request the cooperation of an investigative agency and take strong action against those who circulate or reproduce this malicious rumor.

When I refreshed again, articles about Top Star A had sprung up everywhere. There was more than a page worth of articles. Reactions from social media and entertainment-related communities were being uploaded as well.

-[Official] The photo that claimed to be evidence of Sung Dowon’s scandal turned out to be fake. Where did the commenter saying that he knew Sung Dowon’s personal life hide now? Please come out.

-He deleted his comment and booked it.

-Is there no way to make those guys who enjoyed and increased the controversy eat Gosomi[1]?

-That’s why we need to hear from both sides in cases like this before we criticize anyone.

-Poor Sung Dowon… I hope you think that this was just a mishap so next year can be great and forget about. T^T

-Wow, damn. Photoshopped image. *Shiver* They really have nothing better to do.

“It’s finally over.”

It felt as if a great storm passed by.  Though it wasn’t a storm that wreaked havoc in its path, but a thankful storm that brought me benefits.

I raised my head and looked up at the ceiling.

Something better… What would that be?

The first thing that came to mind were the words Sung Dowon said in that hazy future.

About asking me to be his manager.

Things went well, but what would happen from here on out? I could consider myself as Sung Dowon’s benefactor, but did that mean that the hazy future I saw would become a reality?

And I become Sung Dowon’s manager?


I ruffled my hair.

Not long ago, I thought I would have instantly accepted if Sung Dowon asked me to be his manager. He was a top actor that I dreamed of being a manager for and the schedule of girl group managers was too exhausting.

But now that I thought this could be a possibility, my heart didn’t feel relieved.

Because of Neptune.

If I accepted Sung Dowon’s proposal, then would that mean I would have to be separated from Neptune?

Of course, since we worked in the same company, we could see and talk to each other anytime. But if my assigned group or person changed, that would mean they would leave my hands.

If that was the case, then everything from them getting first on a music broadcast and gaining popularity, Lee Songha auditioning and getting the part as the interpreter, and even getting her to seriously walk the path of an actress.

All that would no longer be my responsibility and would fall onto the traitor, Choi Gunyoung.

That would be… unpleasant.

Very unpleasant.

Then what should I do?

If Team Leader Park’s words were right, then it seemed that the higher ups would give me something. Should I confidently ask them to let me be assigned to both Sung Dowon and Neptune?

There were many cases where a single manager was assigned to multiple celebrities so it seemed possible. Sung Dowon already had a manager and Neptune had Kim Hyunjo. Well, though I didn’t trust him, they had the traitor too.

Okay. Let’s do that.

Since I was going to ask them anyways, let’s resolve Lee Songha’s problem too. There was definitely something up with that lesson teacher. I needed to handle him first.

Then, once Lee Songha could brush off her trauma and was ready to flip the acting scene on its head, I could ask them to support her a little.

Ah, though I needed to discuss this with Kim Hyunjo first.

Since they were having difficulty casting for Cat Guardian Ghost and since they contacted W&U already, it didn’t seem hard getting Lee Songha an audition.

What was important was what role she would get.


As I continued my thoughts, my cellphone vibrated.

When I checked who it was, it was Kim Hyunjo.


-Are you still on the 4th floor?

“Yes. I’m in the office.”

-Then come to the elevator right now!

What was this?

When I left, still uncertain, the elevator was on its way up from the basement.

Was it Kim Hyunjo? Why was he coming from the basement?

Maybe Neptune was still in the practice room?

The elevator stopped on the 4th floor and its doors opened. Inside was a slightly excited Kim Hyunjo. Before I could open my mouth, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the elevator.

Then, he pressed the button leading to the 6th floor.

“The CEO is looking for you.”


Kim Hyunjo gave me a strange look before saying.

“Looking at the articles being published, it looks like the photo was really a fake. You really did believe it, didn’t you? I first thought you were just spouting things with the ambitions of a new recruit and thought you were some crazy person.”

“I told you I was quite sure.”

“Hey, then why didn’t you bet your hand on it?”

No, that was a bit.

“Right, do you know what happened to Pure Star? If you even get that right, you really have something.”

“We don’t know about that yet.”

Although, I am almost 100% certain.


When we got off the 6th floor, I saw Sung Dowon’s manager pacing back and forth. In the same place he was sitting with his head lowered like a sinner.

He looked at his cellphone once, then at the closed CEO’s office door. He looked back and forth until he saw us. His expression stiffened when he saw me. An unreadable complex expression passed by in a moment.


We greeted each other, but the conversation didn’t continue. Sung Dowon’s manager looked back at his cellphone screen. I turned my eyes away from him and grasped the handle of the CEO’s office.


[1] Gosomi is a snack in Korea, but the comment is a play on words. Goso (고소) is filing a lawsuit in Korean.


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