TM Chapter 110

Chapter 110: To Find a Path within a Fog (1)

TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir


While it wasn’t the timing I expected, there was nothing I could do about it.

Now that it had come to this, I decided to explain the situation regarding Nam Joyoon.

“A few days ago, when I couldn’t go with you for your schedule, I me-“


Im Seoyoung suddenly jumped and shouted. Her pale lips opened and closed. She even pointed at him with her trembling hand.

“Tra, tra, tra-!”



My brain stopped working. I never thought I would be called that.

“H-how could you do this?! How could you, oppa?!”

“Wait. Calm down. Just what did-“

“H-how can I calm down in a situation like this! Look how you say it so nonchalantly! Oppa, isn’t this to-too cruel? And they say there you can’t trust anyone in the world! You not even human! Damn world!”

So what kind of situation was this?

Why was she freaking out so much? Were my words something that could rile up a storm like this?

I was certain that the girls were clearly shocked. Im Seoyoung tightly held both my forearms and shook them while shouting about how I could have done this. If someone saw this, they might think that I sold my country off.

Lee Taehee and LJ didn’t look like they were going to stop her either. Instead, they were looking at me with severe expressions as though I had actually betrayed them.

And Lee Songha… Why was she so mortified?

While she didn’t freak out like Im Seoyoung, her state was even more serious. Should I say it felt like she might flop on the ground and slam at it at any moment? Or that it looked like she might transform into an evil spirit if I left her alone?

It seemed like she had something she wanted to say to me, yet for some reason, she seemed to be enduring it while crushing the plastic sports drink bottle in her hand.

I glanced at Lee Songha before asking,

“Why are you all like this? Say it so that I can understand why you’re acting like this.”

Im Seoyoung immediately shouted,

“I don’t like Son Chaeyoung!”

“… Same, but why are you bringing this up now?”

“Liar! If you don’t like her, why are you working with her?!”

“Who is?”



I frowned. Im Seoyoung paused. Her large eyes moved chaotically. Behind her, Lee Taehee and LJ had expressions that something was odd.

“Uh, oppa…”

“Hey, stop it, dummy. I don’t think he is.”

LJ grabbed the back of Im Seoyoung’s neck and dragged her back.

Lee Taehee asked,

“The new actor you’re assigned to, it’s not Son Chaeyoung?”

“No. Just where did you hear that from?”

“That is….”

Laughing absent-mindedly, Lee Taehee told me the whole story. Hearing it, I was more dumbfounded. I took out my phone and showed them what I saved Son Chaeyoung’s number, and this absurd incident came to an end.

“Seoyoung, what did you say to me? What? Traitor? I’m not even human?”

It seemed my gaze felt prickly as Im Seoyoung flinched as she read my mood.

“Ummm, oppa. My mind went blank, thinking that you were really bewitched by Son Chaeyoung. I really felt like the ground was collapsing. Since I wasn’t in my right mind, can’t you just act like you didn’t hear anything?”

“No way.”

“Euaah, I’m sorry!”

Im Seoyoung dangled from my arm. Still, it seemed the misunderstanding was resolved as her expression as much brighter than before, even if she was stomping her feet. Lee Taehee and LJ relaxed their tense shoulders and watched Im Seoyoung’s behavior.

“The person I’m in charge of is Mr. Nam Joyoon. He’s an actor I met on an independent film set a few days ago. Since he’s not in our company, this is my personal matter.”

When I brought up Nam Joyoon, I observed Lee Songha.

Fortunately, I stopped her from turning into an evil spirit. She was gradually returning to normal, though her expression was still complicated.

Our gazes met. She became surprised. Her eyes shook like earthquakes. Immediately, she lowered her head. No, she was covering her face with both her hands.

“Songha, why are you standing there like that? Was it because you thought it was Son Chaeyoung?”

“N-no. I’m fin- It didn’t bother me.”

“No way it didn’t, look at your face.”

“Really, it’s nothing.”

She pushed me away with her flustered voice.

What kind of reaction was this? If it wasn’t because of Son Chaeyoung, then was it because of Nam Joyoon?

Since she was an actress and listened to me, I did expect that she would be more concerned than the other girls when I told her I would be working with another actor. Still, her reaction was just too strange.

Tilting my head, I approached her. I could feel her agitation. Gripping the plastic bottle tightly, she stepped to the side. Then she hid between the new recruit, Lee Kwanwoo, who had been standing ready since a while ago.

“Why are you acting like this? Come over here.”

“I can’t. My face is really weird because I’m so uneasy.”

With the large recruit between us, we circled around twice like we were playing ‘catch the dragon’s tail’.

“Your face isn’t weird even if you covered with plastic wrap. So come out.”

“No. I can’t have my face like this at a time like this.”

Behind the new recruit’s shoulder, Lee Songha mumbled as if she was ruined.

After circling around a third time, I said,

“Just what are you saying? What kind of time is it?”

“There’s something like that. It’s important to me.”

I tried to understand her, but I couldn’t. It was too much for my mental state.

Should I just grab and pull her out? Just as I was thinking this, LJ asked,

“What are you two doing?”

“Ask Songha.”

It seemed that even the other girls found us dumbfounding as their expressions were odd. I let out a sigh and looked at the new recruit. Hiding Lee Songha behind his back, he didn’t move and simply blinked.

Seeing him like this was so irritating that I unknowingly clicked my tongue. The new recruit became stiffer.

Damn it. I was trying to maintain my image since he was my first junior, but it was ruined.

“Kwanwoo, move aside.”

“You can’t. Don’t move.”

Lee Songha immediately said. The new recruit, who was about to move aside, stopped in place.

“I told you to move aside.”

“Ah, you can’t.”

Only Lee Songha’s voice escaped behind the new recruit, who didn’t know what to do. I had no choice. Just as I was about to pull her out, Lee Songha turned around and fled in the opposite direction. She entered the gym, almost slamming into the door. I, no, everyone including me stared at the swaying gym door.

“Why do you think she’s acting like that?”

“You’re the Songha expert. How would we know if you don’t?”

LJ answered with narrow eyes.

Beside her, Im Seoyoung mumbled, ‘Is it that day? Are her hormones going out of control?’

“Go to her. I think it’ll be better if you went than us.”

Lee Taehee said while smiling faintly. I nodded and walked towards the gym. Then I suddenly recalled something I wanted to say and looked at the recruit.

“Call the agency and check the standby time for today’s university event again. Check if there are any changes.”

“Yes, chief.”

Patting the recruit’s wide shoulder, I added,

“Also, next time, if I tell you to move, move.”


I knocked on the women’s changing room. Hurried steps halted.

“Songha, what are you doing alone in there?”

“I’m changing.”

Even though she was hiding, she replied quickly.

“Really? Then I’ll wait, so come out when you’re done.”

“You can go on without me. I think I’ll be around 30 minutes.”

“Are you making your clothes?”

“That is… I think my underwear’s disappeared, so I’m looking for them.”

Her excuse was filled with determination to send me away first.

“Are you acting like this because I am going to work with another actor?”

“… A bit.”

Her voice flowed out hesitantly.

“You talked about scenarios and ate at your house. I was a little jealous that you seem closer to him than me. It’s okay. You don’t have to worry. I won’t bother your work.”


“So right now, I’m a bit, narrow-minded…”

“No, you’re not. It definitely is concerning. I felt a bit upset when you hid behind the recruit.”

“… Really?”

Lee Songha’s voice, which crawled on the ground, perked up. When I thought about how her ears were strained behind the changing room door, a smile unknowing hung on my face. I checked my wristwatch and said,

“We have two hours before your next schedule, should we talk about scenarios in the van? While time is tight, it might be a nice change of pace if we’re on the road…”

“I’ll go.”

The door burst open. Lee Songha walked out wearing everyday clothes.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

“That was a lie. Let’s go, oppa. We don’t have time to waste.”

Subtly avoiding my gaze, Lee Songha held my clothes and urged me. I grinned as I began walking.

Lee Songha followed after me with a bright smile.




Director Sung of Well-Made Production said,

“We received PBS’s Wednesday-Thursday national broadcasting schedule. We already sold right to YKTV in China. As soon as production is done, it’ll be released in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan at the same time.”

Next to him were the director and writer for the Korean-Chinese drama ‘Royal Family’. Besides them, Well-Made Production employees, well-dressed in suits, were looking in our direction.

Of course, beside me were Kim Hyunjo, the Team 3 Leader, and Lee Songha.

“How did Ms. Songha feel about the first two parts of the script?”

Writer Jang, a woman in her forties wearing fancy earrings, asked.

Unlike Writer Hong Jumi of Cat Guardian Ghost, who was a beginner, she was a famous writer with constant hits for seven years. Apparently, she was paid 40 million won{1} per episode or something.

As soon as their gazes focused on her, Lee Songha swallowed a piece of fruit and replied,

“It was so fun that I read it all on the spot. To be honest, I already read the script with Sun- chief oppa. Since there are two lead couples, the story is abundant, and since it’s romantic revenge plot, I was very interested in what happens next.”

She glanced at me as she spoke. When I nodded, indicating she was doing a good job, a relaxed smile hung on her lips.

Lee Songha continued by admiring the characters until her composed expression lit with excitement. Writer Jang, who was constantly evaluating Lee Songha with her gaze, nodded.

Director Woo, whose had a bushy beard all the up to his sideburns, asked the next question,

“Seeing Ms. Songha’s previous work, you seemed proficient in English, how’s your Chinese? Since your role is a global Korean actress, so there are quite a few Chinese lines.”

“I can hold simple conversations. I received lessons since my time as a trainee.”

The director let out an exclaim of admiration when he heard her answer. The Team 3 Leader added,

“These days, whether it’s idols or actors, expanding into China is vital.”

That was true. That was why I was cramming English and Chinese lessons whenever I had the time to use later.

“Then when does Neptune plan on expanding its activities to China?”

“We are planning on holding a fan meeting around the time Cat Guardian Ghost releases in China. The reaction in China is quite good since their album was a success and because of Songha’s drama.”

The expressions of those from Well-Made Production became brighter.

This felt good. Since the drama was produced beforehand, it was possible to adjust the schedule a little. If things worked out, we might even be able to film a movie concurrently. While I was thinking about our future schedule, Director Sung poured liquor in my empty glass as he asked,

“Chief Jung. Do you know how many Korean-Chinese dramas will be released this year?”

“I heard that there were seven, including Royal Family.”

“That’s right. So damn many. Our project has to do the best out them.”

After clinking our glasses, Director Sung chuckled as he said,

“Please work hard to make our project as much of a success as Cat Guardian Ghost.”


“I heard about how Chief Jung Sunwoo’s discerning eye is unbelievable. That Chief Jung’s words might be more effective than placing a pig’s head on a ritual table and praying for success.”

He only let me be after he heard that this drama would do well from my own mouth.

Even after this, the mood of the meeting wasn’t bad.

Then, not long after, Lee Songha was officially cast in Royal Family.




The evening of the day Lee Songha stamped{2} the Well-Made Production contract, I brought Nam Joyoon to Pan Production.

“Do I look weird?”

Nam Joyoon asked while we were in the elevator.

“You were staring at me. I wore clothes that suited the role since this was an audition.”

“No, I was looking since it suited you so well. If we were to judge by how one looked the part, we might not even need an audition. They might say that I actually brought a criminal instead of an actor.”

Nam Joyoon was standing, slightly leaning back, with his hands in his pockets.

He wore a black hoodie that easily covered his small head, and his hair was slightly ruffled. His eyes were half-closed. His sharp chin moved irregularly as he was chewing gum.

I unknowing exclaimed in admiration.

“The more I see you, the better you look. To be honest, I was interested in this role because it fit well with your atmosphere, but I was worried that you might not be immersed in the role because it was too crazy. You’re more well-mannered.”

As soon as I said this, the elevator doors opened. Nam Joyoon separated from the wall. Then he placed his arm on my shoulder and whispered like a man planning a crime,

“Don’t worry, chief. I’ll do well.”

The tips of his lips under the hood rose.

“I became human with age.”


{1} ~37,716 USD

{2} Stamps can be used in lieu of signatures


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