TM Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Splashing while Riding a Sudden Current (6)

TL: emptycube / ED: Isleidir


Kim Hyunjo paced back and forth in front the meeting room with sunken eyes. How long had it been since the two had gone into the meeting room? The firmly shut door showed no signs of opening. There wasn’t even any sound flowing out from within the room.

The team 3 leader tapped the back of Kim Hyunjo’s knee with his foot while chuckling.

“Hey, why are you like that? Did you leave your babies by the shore? Did you give birth to them? Well, you did take care of them for six months. As expected, affection from nurture is stronger than natur-“

“Ah, hyung! Stop speaking nonsense. It’s already hectic.”

“What’s hectic? It’s not like they can’t act their age and constantly make trouble. It’s those two, do you think something will happen?”

“That’s true… It’s just my excessive concern.”

Kim Hyunjo scratched the back of his head.

“Excessive concern? Is Chief Kim worried about something?”

Team Leader Park asked while approaching them. Her eyes were filled with doubt.

“You should be dancing since Neptune brought home a trophy, what worry do you have?”

“Sunwoo and Gunyoung. It’s about sorting them out.”


Team Leader Park nodded her head as though she knew what he was talking about.

The three of them were discussing this matter when Kim Hyunjo, who had been constantly paying attention to the meeting room, paused. A strange sound was seeping from the room.

He took two steps towards the meeting room door. The sound became much clearer. Although the sound was distorted because of the thick door, he didn’t need to strain his ears to understand since it wasn’t someone talking.

“Hyung, someone’s laughing, right?”

“I think so? Is what they have to talk about so funny?”

“It’s almost like he’s laughing his heart out? I have no idea what they might be talking about.”

The three looked at each other with the same puzzled face. While they were looking at each other, the laughter, which came from one person, continued to ring outside the door. The faces of those who were listening turned strange.

Team Leader Park licked her lips and cautiously said,

“The meeting room next to it. This one.”

Her hand gestured towards the empty meeting room next to the meeting room.

“Since the meeting rooms are connected by a glass dorr on the wall with blackout blinds, if we open it a little, we can probably hear what they are saying… I’m just letting you know.”

“Still, to eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation. It’s probably nothing.”

The team 3 leader, who waved his hand, soon glanced at the closed door. Someone was still laughing. Rather than stopping, it seemed to get louder. It was odd even under normal circumstances.

The gazes of the three people met.

“It’s probably nothing, but let’s just check why…”

Soon, they quietly entered the meeting room next to Choi Gunyoung and Jung Sunwoo’s.


It was quite a sight.;

No, to be honest, it was a very worthwhile sight, seeing the traitor’s expression like that.

He didn’t expect this situation. His face showed he was taken aback and confused about the completely unexpected situation. I wanted to see his contemptible smile evaporate from his face for so long.

“What, what did you say…”

“Son of a bitch, you bastard. Son of a bitch.”

Before he was stuttering, but now he was completely at a loss for words. A cheerful emotion suddenly surged within me.

I smiled brightly before abruptly leaning towards him and saying,

“Hey, swear.”


“It’s not like I have that sort of preference, but I feel like it’ll hit me with 200% force if you swear. The fact that you were a real son of a bitch. So stop acting coy now that everything’s been revealed and swear.”

The more I talked, the more the traitor’s expression changed. Oh my god, his change of expressions was more impressionable than any wort of art. It was a pity that I was the only spectator. There wouldn’t only one or two people who would admire this with their mouths agape.

I leisurely propped up my chin and said,

“What, you said you’ve never met a guy more unpleasant and hateful as me? I’ve never seen a guy whose outer appearance is so different from his insides in my life.”


“Do you know how stressful it was to live every day while tense? I thought I would die from frustration. You were undoubtedly a guy who would backstab me if he had the opportunity, yet you didn’t stop for façade. Well, you didn’t have an opportunity, if you did, you would have done more than just backstab, isn’t that right?”

The traitor’s expression stiffened.

“If I let you listen to Taehee’s song and told you that I thought it would be a hit, you would have snatched the opportunity. Then you would have nonchalantly told me, ‘While I’m sorry, I can’t let an opportunity pass.’ Because you’re that kind of guy, right?”

There was no friendly, disciplined Choi Gunyoung. His face was splattered with displeasure and irritation. Wow, someone was looking at me like I was a bug, but to think that his gaze would make me this excited…

The traitor asked in an investigative manner,

“Which high school did you go to?”

I burst into laughter at his sudden question.

“Probably not the same one as you? Why? Was your talent in acting coy not as good as it is now? Well, if you were like this before, then it would send chills down my spine. It’s not like you were some promising sociopathic genius as a kid.”

When I said so while chuckling, the traitor’s gaze became even fiercer. He seemed like he would flip the table over if I provoked him a little more. Of course, I was hoping for that.

“Then what is it? Who did you hear about me from?”

“Are you the only quick-witted person in the world?”

The traitor revealed a twisted expression.

“I’m talented. My biggest hobby is, like you said, living with an outer appearance different from my inner self. But when the Neptune girls, the chief, team leader, and other company employees didn’t notice, you’re telling me that you figured it out? In such detail?”

He spoke about his black inner thoughts with his own mouth. The more he did so, the more enjoyable this conversation, if you could still call it that, became.

The traitor stared at me with narrowed eyes as though he was looking at my inner thoughts.

“Hmm, I don’t believe it. Unless you heard it from someone…”

It seemed he had some sort of idea.

I wanted to dig into his inner thoughts even further. Unlike other times, I felt like the shovel would go in deep this time around.

While he nonchalantly said that he was talented and how his façade was his hobby, it was clear that he was agitated inside. The fact that his nervousness came out through his expression and voice was proof.

“Why is it important who I heard it from? Why? Are you worried that if your true nature was completely exposed, there would be difficulties in continuing your hobby in this industry? You should have hidden it better. Once secrets are shared between two people, it’ll quickly be shared to three, four-”

“Who was it?”

The moment he cut me off in irritation and asked, a name suddenly crossed my mind. A name that made me uncomfortable along with the traitor for a while. I licked my dry lips.

Should I throw out some bait?

In this situation, I wouldn’t lose anything by trying, but if it worked…

“Simon Lee.”


I could stumble across a big fish like this.

The traitor clenched his jaws. His momentarily wavering eyes became chaotic before he stared into empty space as though he would strangle Simon Lee immediately if he was there.

So, let’s see. Simon Lee knew his true nature.

I did suspect that there might be some scheme in the process of him persuading Simon Lee and getting one of his songs.

This was because, glossing over giving Neptune his song, he was too proactive when he said he would even help promote them on entertainment shows. That was why I carefully observed Simon Lee, but I didn’t have any traces or evidence to back it up.

Until now.

“… He’s much dumber than I thought.”

The traitor said, his teeth clenched.

“He desperately clung to me, telling me not to tell anyone, so I protected his dirty secret, yet he couldn’t control his own mouth, blabbering about me to others?”

At this point, I netted a whole boatful of fish.

He desperately clung to him, telling him not to tell anyone. Protected his dirty secret. This meant the traitor blackmailed Simon Lee with his weakness.

Even if I considered backstabbing me to be not so troublesome since I was his colleague, to blackmail someone like Simon Lee. This guy could go places. He wasn’t at the level of promising genius, he was already a fully-fledged sociopath.

The traitor stared at me with a twisted smile.

“You’re so talented. Simon Lee was probably careful because he had a lot to lose, how did you get him to speak? Did you get him wasted?”

“I am a little talented.”

“But I guess you couldn’t procure any evidence with your talent.”

His gleaming eyes narrowed like a snake’s.

“Anyone would have told a higher up already if they had proper proof. Yet they didn’t seem to know anything. Kim Hyunjo or the team leader.”

“Hmm, they don’t know yet.”

“Simon Lee will shut his mouth with a single phone call from me, and it’ll be difficult for others to completely believe what we say. As you know, I don’t look like someone who would do things like that.”

The traitor deliberately smiled brightly.

“Right. You don’t look like someone who would do things like that.”

“Sooner or later, I will leave this team. Concocting dirty rumors about you during that time is simple for me. Something like how you snatched away an idea I originally had or that I was constantly disregarded by you. Rumors like these spread quickly for famous people like you. It’s fun, isn’t it?”

His lips curled as though he was happy just thinking about it.

How astounding. He was unmatched in wicked childishness.

He was someone who would drive me crazy if he worked under me or act like he was chased out by me and forced to separate from Neptune if he left with my opposition.

During my stormy time in middle school, I didn’t see anyone with such a huge flaw in their character, yet to think that I would meet one after becoming an adult. The world was large, and there were tons of imbeciles.

“You will purposely alienate me to screw me over? Do you think I’ll just watch you?”

The traitor shrugged his shoulders at my words.

“I’m a poor fellow whose colleague got a promotion before me. The PR Team employee and even Kim Hyunjo, did you see the expressions they had when looking at me? I told you before, I’m skilled. With this advantage, I can definitely get others to listen to m-“

“Ah, an advantage? Like this?”

I fumbled through my pocket. The traitor’s gaze, which followed my hand, halted when he saw what I took out.

I showed off, humming, while checking my phone. A microphone was on the screen. The recording time kept increasing. When I pressed ‘stop’, it automatically saved as an audio file.

“Let’s see, did it record well?”

I clicked the file and moved the scroll bar to the end. The traitor’s unrivaled confession began to play. I pressed the share button and saved it to the cloud before saying,

“The audio’s quite decent. Smartphones these days are quite useful.”


The traitor jolted up from his seat. This time, I shrugged my shoulders.

“Why are you so surprised? Recording people is my hobby, didn’t you know?”

“You son of a bitch!”

“Why is it so exhilarating hearing you swear? But do you think calling me a ‘son of a bitch’ is enough? If I spread this audio file to the PR Team, chief, team leader, or should I just send a group message to the company communication network? Why? I could do that by accident.”

“Erase that right now!”

The traitor slammed the table hard, approached me, and held me up by my collar. Unconcerned, I smiled coolly because I liked how his angry face was filled with urgency without a trace of composure/

“Am I crazy to erase this? I already felt like I had eaten a box of sweet potatoes because of how the chief and team leader all complimented you, saying how you were a nice guy. If they hear this, they’ll probably fall holding the back of their necks. Do I need to prepare cheongshimhwan{1} or something beforehand?”

“You asshole, seeing you act like this!”

“Stop looking and just hit me, you son of a bitch. It might be nice to end this with a punc-!”

Before I could finish, his fist smashed into me. I realized I was hit when my chin turned to the side. Damn it, I bit my tongue.

I used my entire strength to kick the traitor’s stomach. He was pushed back along with the table. The chair that was also pushed aside crashed onto the floor. His fiery glare landed on me.

“You fucking bastard!”

He menacingly rushed at me, grabbed my collar and raised his fist again.

Just then, a weird ‘knock, knock’ sound joined in.

It was the sound of something being hit hard. Something like a wall.

The edge of the blackout blinds that were covering a wall moved as though it was pushed out by something. Then a slender arm, which looked to be a woman’s, suddenly appeared. The arm raised the blinds.

The owner of the arm was Team Leader Park, who had a dumbfounded expression.

Beyond the clear glass door, Kim Hyunjo and the team 3 leader were looking at me.

The team 3 leader forced a smile and said,

“What a mess.”


{1} medicine to help calm your nerves.


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