Translated by Myoni

Edited by Yoni

When I was young, I was the kind of kid that would have to rip out the answer keys at the back of every workbook I bought.

If I didn’t, then when I was even slightly stuck on a problem, I would turn to the back of the workbook to steal a look at the answer. The solution and the solving process. I could never refuse that sweet temptation.

In fact, I was amazed at the kids who could resist that temptation.

How did they resist?

Anyways, that was when I was young. I was now at that age where I had no use for workbooks and I couldn’t steal a look at the answer keys to the problems I would face.


One day, I suddenly started to see the answer keys of my life.

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  1. Now this is awesome~!
    Unfortunately, there’s no romance T_T…

    Anyway, thanks for getting, picking up this~! I got tired of tkof easily… ~_~..
    So good luck~!

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