Chapter 22: Which Drama will be a hit? (2)

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“Both the synopses are very interesting.”

Chief Jo nodded his head as if it was obvious.

“Right? You have a good eye. If there was just one that was really good, we could have just chosen that one, but since both are equally good, it’s troublesome.”

Well, they both would equally fail.

“I am a bit cautious to tell you this…”

I gulped down my saliva.

If we didn’t consider that I knew the future, I was a new employee that has been around for less than a month and they were long time experts that had lots of experience with dramas and movies. I really needed to explain myself carefully.

Good. Let’s try my best to convince them.

“Both have really good synopses, but there are some parts that concern me…”

“Oppa, just who is this?”

Son Chaeyeong cut me off and asked Chief Jo.


“He says there’s a part that concerns him. Just what kind of person is he that I have to listen to him pour cold water on my project I haven’t even started? Whose manager is he?”

“Neptune’s manager.”


Son Chaeyeong’s expression immediately grew worse.

“They aren’t actors, but singers. Idols. And I know their manager and this person isn’t him?”

“… He’s a new recruit that just started.”

“New recruit?!”

She crossed her arms and laughed as though she was dumbfounded.

“What knowledge would a new recruit have for you to bring him here? Are your senses deteriorating? Just listen to what he’s saying.”

“The truth is…”

This time, Chief Jo cut me off.

“He hit the jackpot as soon as he started working and has become Management Team 3’s Lucky Charm. So I wondered if there really was something like beginner’s luck and asked him. All for you…”

“Tell him to stop pouring cold water on my projects and to screw off. So annoying, really.”


The person synonymous with innocence turned to dust and scattered.

I knew that a big part of an actor’s image was made up. But to be told to screw off from an actress who I thought was so good that I went to see her movie three times at the theaters… It was quite shocking.

“You, go.”

Before I could recover from the shock, Chief Jo tapped my arm.

“I asked you to pick one out of the two, but why did you have to overrate yourself and piss her off?”

“… Then I’ll take my leave.”

I stopped myself from speaking anymore and got up.

Just do what you want.

Mermaid out of Water? I don’t care if that fails or not.

After being told to screw off and hearing that I was overrating myself, I had no mind or loyalty to convince them any further.


I didn’t go straight to the office but came back outside. Then I went to the coffee shop, bought some coffee and made my way to the fifth floor.

Until then I kept pondering.

Although it was already spilled milk, as long as I had this ability, these incidents would constantly come up.

Did I say it wrong? Was my method wrong? Then how should I have done it?

The elevator doors opened to reveal a refined hallway. On each side, the walls were filled with frames. They were the pictures of all the celebrities in W&U.

Son Chaeyeong with a bright smile, Song Dowon in the water gazing into the distance, among other countless actors that made up W&U.

There was even a frame with Neptune. An album cover with the now familiar faces clung together smiling. I stopped my steps in front of that frame before once again moving at a quick pace.

The PR team office was at the end of the hallway.

When I looked inside, I could see familiar faces between the partitions.

The two people I ate kalguksu with in the future. The female and male employee were sitting next to each other while typing on their keyboards. And behind them was Team Leader Park whose disheveled hair indicated something wasn’t going smoothly.

I quietly placed a cup of coffee next to them.

“Hello. Have some coffee.”

“Huh?! What is this? Why coffee all of a sudden?”

“I was just craving for coffee, what luck!”

Like I expected, their reactions were intense.

“I brought it here because I had a favor to ask you.”

Team Leader Park took her coffee and poked my back.

“I heard that you heard a few words from Son Chaeyeong just now? Is it about that?”

“How did you… Ah, this was the PR Team.”

“That’s right.”

“First, sit here.”

The male employee brought out a chair and sat me down, then massaged my shoulders as if giving me his support.

“Was it shocking? Son Chaeyeong was a child actress.”

As if he was cautious of his surroundings, he lowered his voice.

“She didn’t really have a time when she was unknown and since she was young, everyone around her spoiled her. That’s why her personality is like that.”

“She thinks she’s the best in the world and thinks her words are everything.”

The female employee complained. It seemed like the two had a lot built up. As soon as they started talking, Team Leader Park waved her hand and ended the conversation.

“Stop chatting, this is a company.”

She told me as well.

“Don’t go around talking bad about Son Chaeyeong just because you’re mad. Since she still is our actress.”


I never had that thought. Since she was going to fail her drama soon anyways.

Besides that, I was more interested in something else.

“Team Leader Park. Would I be able to get a synopsis?”

“What? That’s your favor?”


“Which one is it? What’s the title?”

“I don’t know the title, but it was written by a new writer, Hong Jumi. It’s from a cable network.”


Team Leader Park tilted her head as if she had heard something strange.

“I heard that you had some concerns about the good synopses Son Chaeyeong had, why are you suddenly looking for a cable synopsis?”

Since it was a drama that would later become a nationwide hit, even becoming a huge success in China, and all the lead and supporting actors got their lucky break.

What Son Chaeyeong had was something that only looked good on the outside.

“Let me ask you first. Just what concerns did you have about the synopses? I read them and found both were good.”

I wondered what I would say before opening my mouth. Half sighing, half speaking.

I probably wouldn’t be told to screw off here.

“The synopses were good… But, I heard some bad rumors about the director and writer. That they had something.”

“What? What was it? I haven’t heard anything? Is there a tabloid circulating?”

As soon as Team Leader Park asked with a confused expression, the two employees quickly searched the internet. Writer, director, among other things, but obviously there would be no results.

That was probably right. Since it said that it exploded during the filming.

“Who did you hear it from?”

“It’s hard to say, but it’s reliable information. I was worried that that might badly influence their next project.”

“Okay. Then what about Mermaid out of Water?”

“There are so many fans of the original work and they are hardcore, too. I was worried that the drama would be influenced by them and lose its direction. The fans are quite fixed on who they want to be cast. They might ignore Son Chaeyeong’s acting ability and unreservedly insult her by saying that she doesn’t fit well with the character and that she isn’t the one they wanted for the character. Since there have been many cases where that happened. There have even been cases where the fans turned their backs and the cast fell through.”

I thoroughly explained to make Team Leader Park and the employees understand.

Of course, I excluded the part about seeing it all in the future to avoid being taken as a mental patient.

Team Leader Park stared at me and laughed.

“You’re the type that constantly worries, right?”


“Of course, you can be worried. What do I do if there really is something going on with the director and writer of Time Slip and it affects the series? What do I do if the original fans of Mermaid out of Water abandon us? It’s fine to worry about that. But you can’t succeed if you’re afraid of failure. We’ll look into Time Slip. But why are you worrying about Mermaid out of Water? No one knows what will happen in the future.”

If I die, the cause would be frustration.

Jung Sunwoo. 27 years old. Died of frustration.

“The more fans the original has, the greater affect promotions will have and the fans could even be the driving force for the viewership ratings.”

Was this how the barber felt when he yelled that the emperor’s ears were donkey ears[1]?

At first, I sighed, but after I cleared my mind and thought about it, I could understand Team Leader Park’s reaction. If I didn’t have a foresight ability, I might have reacted the same way if some said those words to me.

Why do you worry before you even try? You should be thinking about doing well… Something like that.

I might be the only person who could see the future. Because of that, I might be limited in what I can do but I still couldn’t act like someone who didn’t know anything.

Anyways, let’s stop with the worries that no one wants to hear.

I stopped trying to make Team Leader Park understand and threw a bomb.

“Honestly, I don’t have a good feeling about Time Slip and Mermaid out of Water. And my senses are very good.”

Team Leader Park, as well as the two employees, laughed their heads off.

“Hahaha! Then do you have a good feeling about Writer Hong Jumi?”

“Yes. A very good feeling. I think that it will be a success.”

When I nodded my head, these people fell to the floor laughing. Okay, laugh as much as you want. If I could bring you happiness, that was fine.

That was that.

“I really want to read her synopsis; would it be possible?”

“Wow, it’s been a long time since I laughed that hard. I can get you the synopsis. As long as you are careful not to leak it out to the public, there’s no problem in letting you read it. But, you’re Neptune’s manager. There’s no one that acts there so what are you going to do with that synopsis?”

I was wondering about that as well.

How could I use it well?


The W&U CEO’s office.

CEO Baek Hansung, the Management Team Business Director and the Management Team 2 Leader. As well as Son Chaeyeong and her manager, Chief Jo, were sitting around the two synopses.

It was the place where they would make the final decision for one of W&U’s poster actress, Son Chaeyeong’s, new series.

Team 2 Leader rubbed his beard and asked.

“I think the police officer character of Time Slip is more appealing. What do you think, Chaeyeong?”

“I like Mermaid out of Water.”

“Really? Why?”

“Time Slip is IBC. I heard IBC has a lot of major series coming out next year. Then there will be plenty of outstanding candidates for the best performance award. For Mermaid out of Water, I will be the focus and since PBS’s lineup for next year is weaker than IBC, wouldn’t I be able to expect an award if the viewership ratings are high?”

CEO Baek Hansung frowned when he heard her words.

“How could an actress pick her projects for an award? You need to think about it carefully.”

“I did think about it carefully. I’ve been with W&U for so long yet I haven’t received the best performance award. I need to get it next year.”

Team 2 Leader laughed and coaxed her.

“Yeah, you need to get it. It’s time for our Chaeyeong to get the best performance award. This drama will be a definite hit so you just focus on acting and don’t worry about anything.”

CEO Baek Hansung who was drinking coffee nodded his head.

If Chaeyeong brought an absurd synopsis he would have resolutely convinced her against it, but the synopsis for Mermaid out of Water was pretty good. It was actually the best along with Time Slip out of the synopses that were currently circulating.

“Okay. Both the synopses are good and whatever one we pick will have its pros and cons, so choose the one you want to do most. With no regrets.”

“Yes. Byunghwan oppa, contact Mermaid out of Water and tell them I’ll sign.”

“Sure. I’ll make sure the conditions match your preference.”

The director who was only smiling broadly with no interference said.

“Good. I heard that Team Leader Park from the PR team was saying how there might be something with the director and writer of Time Slip and that they were looking into it. They said Team 3’s Lucky Charm told them. Although we don’t know if it’s true or not, it’s still concerning. However, since we chose to do Mermaid out of Water, we don’t need to worry about anything.”

Chaeyeong who was happily getting up became serious.


“Team 3’s Lucky Charm. He’s Neptune’s manager, why? Do you know him?”

Chief Jo read Chaeyeong’s mood and replied carefully.

“We saw him in the lounge a while ago. I asked him which one he thought would do better since it looked like luck followed him.”


“I don’t know, he looked at both synopses and abruptly said that although the synopses were good, there were some concerns.”

“I say! He said that in front of you and Chaeyeong? What a nonsensical fellow.”

“That’s what I said. He definitely has problems.”

“But what did he say he was concerned about?”

“Sorry? I-I don’t know. I didn’t ask him…”

Chief Jo was taken back and his words trailed off.

“You should have asked him. I’m curious.”

“Director. Don’t bring that up. I am still uncomfortable about it.”

Chaeyeong said unhappily. Team 2 Leader read her mood and loudly scolded for everyone to hear.

“Just because everyone is calling the fledgling, ‘Lucky Charm, Lucky Charm,’ he thinks the company is a pushover. Who’s that bastard’s superior? I think I have a talk with him.”


“That’s fine, that’ll do.”

When Chief Jo was about to answer, the director waved his hand and stopped him.

“Don’t do anything and just let him be. Since that team is doing well.”

“That kind of guy usually creates big trouble later on.”

“If a problem arises, I’ll take care of it then. Now, let’s get up.”

The director who calmed the situation was the first to get up.

Just when the director was about to exit the office after Song Chaeyeong, Chief Jo, and the Team 2 Leader, CEO Baek Hansung’s voice stopped the director in his tracks.

“That rookie. What was his name?”


“That Team 3’s Lucky Charm rookie.”

“Just what was his name? Jung… Ah, Jung Sunwoo.”

“Jung Sunwoo…”

CEO Baek Hansung mumbled the name a few times.



[1] Children’s tale.


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