TM: Regular Chapter 62

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Hey guys o/

Here is the regular chapter of the week!

Also, I saw some comments on reddit and wanted to update you guys on the status of the raws.

The author has been on hiatus for a while now, however, since I’m enjoying the novel while translating and despite its hiatus, I plan on continuing as scheduled.

We still have a ton of chapters (140+) before we catch up to the author as well.

Hopefully, the author will return soon, however, if he does not, I’ll find a good place to end and let you guys know as well.

Hope you guys are enjoying and continue to enjoy Top Management as much as I am o/


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  1. ok! i also wondered about that,so thanks:)
    personally i would prefere you update all released chapters even if that end in the middle of an arc or the middle of a chapter,maybe you should make a poll about that when we reach chapter 150?

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