Top Management is BACK~

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Hi, everyone!~

I am excited to let you know we will be restarting TM~ YAY \o/

emptycube will be translating it as a side project besides his regular releases of SoJ! So TM will be on an irregular release schedule and SoJ will still be a priority for emptycube~!

emptycube is looking for someone to translate TM or co-translate TM with him so please apply to [email protected], if you are interested!

Hope you enjoy Chapter 27!


EDIT: It is Chapter 27, changed the title.

Comments 11

  1. nooo….
    crying >.<
    sadness!!! i like god of music better :((
    but as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    even though i am not following this series

      1. ehhehe i just like mc denseness with his harem *cough* artist..
        and how he use his knowledge to do ‘more’, not just following walkthrough blindly
        dunno for you,, but i can imagine the aura, watching susan boyle audition video 😉

        1. Well,I can imagine that yeah;) but I think TM is a lot more realiste,plot wise.
          I really like the headache the mc have when he try to understand the mess these visions are.

    Thank you for bringin back TM…
    It’s actually the series that brought me to this site at first so it’s really good seeing it tranlated again.

    I follow both TM and GOM so I can tell you that despite me liking both of them….TM kind of rules,
    I mean seeing the future and its possibilities Vs seeing aura of people singing there is no contest really it’s just that TM seems slower so…FUCK YEAH!!!!! TM is back!!!

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