LE V1 (Main) C7-2

LE V1 (Main) C7-2

Chapter 7 – No one can stop her. – Part 2

TL: Eevee
Ed: Oer


This girl, she’s no stranger to negotiations. Leaving aside the fact I’m much weaker than her I ended up unconsciously thinking ‘that much should be alright?’ But there was one more thing that worried me.

“Do you have experience cleaning someone else’s ears before?”
“Come on. There’s no way I’d let another man touch a single hair on my body~”
“Not men but other people.”
“If they dare inconvenience this body then they should die.”
“Mm. Nope. Go back.”

She hasn’t cleaned ears before. And Pyongang is ridiculously strong. As long as there’s the danger of flesh and not wax coming out of my ears I can’t allow that.

“Why! Why! Why can’t I!”

Pyongang flailed around on the bed like a child. Is this that finisher that draws surrounding attention and makes the parent obey every wish!

But there’s no one to watch here except for me and Flute. I turned my head away and ignored her. If I keep watching her bust morphing like that then I feel like it’s going to be hard for me to get up. Or should I say it would get up on it’s own. The technical term being ‘pitching a tent.’

“If you don’t let me then I’ll take you by force.”(1)

Thank you very much.

How good would it have been if I was this popular in university. Having taken the tree(2) of the all-boys middle school, all-boys high school, engineering school, army, I wasn’t a Forever Alone but I’d only been in two relationships. Most of my time I was a solo, and I didn’t have any female friends. To the extent that the only woman that ever visited me in the army was my mother.
It was a very welcome threat, but it still wouldn’t be good.

“Alright. Since Flute’s already done one side, I’ll trust you with the other.”

Even if I end up digging flesh out of my ear, this is a world of magic. Even Morphon’s burns were cleanly treated, I’d suppose I’d be treated with magic or potions or something.


When I saw Pyongang get up smiling, it occurred to me that it would still hurt.

“Maybe I should think this ov….”

Ignoring me, she lightly – extremely tightly from my point of view – grabbed my shoulder and lay me on her thighs.

This is… nice.

When Flute did it for me, even though she said she was twenty-five, her body was still a child’s, so to reduce some of the burden I’d tensed my neck a bit, but I had no need to worry about that with Pyongang so I completely relaxed. Plus, her thighs were soft but firm like high-density latex so it felt really good. She was also giving off a sweet fragrance, although my active mind didn’t notice it.

This is a true lap pillow. As long as my ears didn’t start bleeding I’d almost wish to just stay like this forever. This was exactly why I don’t want to get close to Pyongang. Because I’d unknowingly fall for her. If I was thrown away when I had fallen for her that would undoubtedly be an irrecoverable hit. That genuinely scared me.

Scritch scritch

“Is something wrong?”
“No, nothing.”

She’s doing this a lot better than I thought. No, she’s actually really good at it. She refreshingly scratches away only at the ticklish areas to cleanly and painlessly remove the earwax.

So that was it. Pyongang was not only strong but she also had fine control over that strength. It felt like I discovered a new side of her.

“Do you like it?”
“Yep. Enough to think that this might be natural talent.”

There’s no reason to sell her short. I’m one to tell people ‘you did well’ if they do well. Things like mutual interest have nothing to do with this.

“Then I’ll do it for you every day~”
“It won’t come out if you do it every day.”
“Then I’ll make it come out every day~”

That’s one heck of a change of thought!
Make earwax for the sake of cleaning it out.
Something I did a lot in the army. We dug holes for the sake of filling them in.

“I was curious.”
“Hm? Ask me anything. I’ll tell you everything~ For a start, my three sizes are~”
“I’m not really interested in that.”

I’m actually really interested in that but I have no thoughts of asking you.

How does she even know words like ‘three sizes.’ It’s a familiar feeling, but when I’m talking with people, especially Pyongang, I don’t really feel out of place. If I had a conversation with people from the Joseon era(3) there would definitely be difficulties in communication, but it’s weird that I have no problems with talking to people here.

“Are you strong, Pyongang?”

Short and simple. Seems like she knew it herself as well. The problem was her standard.

“How strong?”
“I’d probably beat everyone but Sunang-nim?”

She was a munchkin of munchkins.

“Did you ever do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 10km run every day for three years? Or tried being a hero as a hobby.”
“No I haven’t?”

Well, she’s not bald.

“Even if you tell me that I’m not really feeling it.”
“Hmmm…. During the great war, I fought alone against the other three kingdoms’ main armies of 30000 by myself and annihilated them all except for three people.

I feel like I’ve heard this before.
Main armies, annihilation…

I turned my head to look at Flute. Flute nodded slightly.

“It was good I let her live. Because of that we got to meet~♡”

Pyongang was hugging me from behind and smiling, but my own head became complicated. In one word, one of the key reasons that Flute turned out like this was Pyongang. But no one blamed Pyongang. It meant that she was either that strong or held that much authority. Or this world truly did operate by the survival of the fittest.

Plus let her live, she says. That meant if she felt like it then she could have easily killed Flute as well.

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about me. I didn’t pick up a single wound. Wanna see?”

I stopped Pyongang from taking her clothes off and sighed. At this level she really is an amazing person among amazing people.(4) Human disaster. She said she was dragonkin so would you call her dragon disaster instead?

“But she was pretty strong herself. She blocked my attacks twice, you know? That was a first. Not even dad or big brother can do that.”

That means that you can finish off your dad and older brother in one or two hits. Pyongang, you fearsome child.

How on Earth was this munchkin a thing?

“I think it’s a pity that the Dawn Star(5) turned to a fallen meteorite as well.”
“That’ll do.”

I didn’t really feel any malice from Pyongang. Simply because Pyongang didn’t carry any goodwill or malice towards her. Would you call it ‘Out of mind?’

But I have no thoughts of digging up Flute’s wounds. Changing the subject might be the best thing to do here.

“So how did you get in here?”

As far as I remember, I asked for tight security so that no one would enter for a while. I even had that munchkin unit’s top three Nakran as a supervisor. But I wouldn’t think that it would be penetrated in a single day like this.

“I snuck in.”

Oh. Okay then.

I accepted that. That would be more than possible if it was Pyongang.

“So are you allowed to stay here?”
“Mm. Of course. Who would stop me?”
“I see.”

I stood up.

I had somewhere I needed to be.


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(1) As in, when a woman drags a man to her bed and ‘takes’ him… We’ve all seen enough hentai to know where this was headed.
(2) Gaming ‘skill tree’ metaphor
(3) The previous dynasty of Korea, lasted 1392-1897. Succeeded by the Korean Empire, which lasted till 1910 when Japan annexed Korea.
(4) Pun: the Korean word for ‘talented person’ 인재(人材) is also spelt exactly the same as 인재(人災) for ‘human disaster.’
(5) Lit. Morning Star of Dawn

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